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[TRS] Pick My Units

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I don't know if anyone is gonna pick one, but whatever. If you do wanna pick one but don't know the characters, See here.

Lee, Ruka, Ezekiel, Narron, and Lionel = You can only pick one (and another in Holmes route) of these five units.

and I will not do the Krisheenu glitch or the Leteena event.

The final map allows 16 units with three mandatory units. so yeah.

Zeek, Enteh and Katori will not be on your team for long as they'll become unavailable later on.

1. Runan

2. Holmes

3. Shigen

4. Ruka

5. Raquel

6. Frau

7. Kate

8. Zachariah

9. Yoda

10. Roger

11. Mintz

12. Alicia

13. Sasha

14. Mel

15. Lee

16. Sierra

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Roger and Mintz.

Never played the game, but there's someone called Yoda. Use him. If he sucks, you can use his own line against him.

Think Galzus without axes or a defense ignoring skill, but joins with about a quarter of the game to go. He's really good.

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Half the reason I picked Lee was so the last pick would have to not be Lionel.

That and you needed another healer.

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I have finished the first five maps in this game so far. It's nothing special about the first map, I just visited all the houses with Runan for items while I'm waiting for the bridge to be lowered. After that, I took out the enemies using Runan, Kate, and Sasha. Once I finished Map 1, I get to choose one of the four units, so I picked Ruka as he's part of the PMU and moved on to Map 2.

On Map 2, Sasha and Kate are absent for the whole chapter, they'll be back after you finish this one. I just used Runan and Ruka to kill the enemies with the help of Raffin using Short Sword. Although I accidentally killed the boss with Raffin and his Needle Spear, I wanted to weaken him so Runan can get the kill and gain EXP. Ohyeah, before seizing, I recruited Plum and got the Lan's Mirror, which I should give someone else that item. I'm still recruiting the units even if they're not picked.

Now onto Map 3 which is the same location on Map 1, I find this map kinda annoying with all the enemie calaviers come charging to your army, I just waited for them to come closer and try to take them out. I let Runan visit a certain house with Narsus in it, so I can recruit Roger and Mel later on. Plus, visit the other houses for items like Knight's Proof, which I should be using that for Kate. After visiting the houses, I defeated the boss using Runan with his Rapier, taking him out in 2 hits. Now moving on to Map 4.

In this map, Roger and Mel appear as a boss, if you don't kill them, they can be recruited later on. Also, Raquel joins you in this map by letting Sasha visit her house, but before I do that, I let Ruka visit her house first so he can get a Hand Bow with 30 Crit. After 4 turns, I waited for Roger to go after Runan, when he get close, I surrounded him with 4 female units, so he won't doing anything as he doesn't attack women, then I went to seized the town.

Map 5, an indoor map. I finished it in like 3 turns, I think. Cause the boss moved closer to the army. I took out Dagon with Zeek, cause Runan and the others couldn't reach him. All that left was a few dark magic users (I don't know their classes). NPC mages took out all the Dark Knights. I let Runan kill the last one and cleared the map. I'm about to do Map 6 , I'll be back later. and If you wanna know the turn counts for each Maps then you're gonna have to wait until I finish the game.

Current level/stats

Unit	Level	EXP	HP	Str	Skl	Spd	Def	Mag	Luck	Wlv 
Runan	11	11	27	10	6	9	6	0	7	9
Kate	5	21	23	7	10	8	7	0	2	8
Sasha	7	2	18	2	3	8	3	3	8	7
Ruka	7	82	22	5	8	11	2	0	2	9
Raquel	11	48	24	12	16	16	7	0	8	17

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