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HHM LTC Magic-users Only Playthrough


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Well, this is exactly what it says on the tin. I'm going to attempt to beat Hector Hard Mode for the first time, BUT using only magic-users, and within the lowest number of turns possible.

I had originally planned this kind of run for FE6, but I found out that you can only get two Guiding Rings before Ch16 secret shop. That, along with the not-very-decent-on-hard-mode magic users the game had to offer made me scrap the idea, though I decided to revive it now, in FE7, mainly out of boredom and curiosity.

I'm pretty new to the FE metagame in general, so forgive my obliviousness if this kind of thing has been done before. Also, I've never done LTC before, so this is actually my first try in that respect as well. This is mainly an experiment on my part.


1. No savestates. :(:

2. Non-magic units may be used as crutches only until I obtain the first Guiding Ring (in Ch18, I believe). Afterwards they are no longer allowed to participate in battle AT ALL.

3. Thieves are allowed to steal and lockpick for the entire game.

4. Magic units may only recue/be rescued by other magic units, and vice-versa (ex.Priscilla may recue Pent, but not Hector, while Marcus may rescue Hector, but not Pent).

5. Nils and Ninian are banned.

6. All gaiden chapters must be visited except 19x, 19xx, 23x and 32x (because screw Kishuna).

7. No Arena allowed.

ME UNITS!: Serra, Erk, Priscilla, Lucius, Canas, Pent, Nino, Renault

I've already beaten LHM (but I completely forgot to record the turncounts), and have just finished up Ch13. It was pretty easy, I just made Marcus run up to the boss while Lowen ferried Hector to the throne. For Ch11 and 12, I just ripped off dondon151's 0% growths run, so credit to him for those two (and soon to be 13x too, because damn FoW). I winged Ch13 by myself though, and beat it in 5 turns, but I couldn't recruit Guy or save the mine village.





Serra--------3.45---18----4---6------8------7----2------6---*as of end of LHM

Ideas, comments, advice and suggestions are appreciated, being a newbie who desperately needs some. Also, while I'm still not entirely sure, I'll probably end up recording this playthrough, though of course only starting Ch14, when I get Erk back.

Stat displays are confusing....

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Well since you're new to HHM, I'd advise using this:


I'm not new to HHM and I still use it. Very useful.

As for the stat posting thing, I do mine like this:

Unit stats:
Hector----11.75-29--12---7---8---7--13---4--82--27---------Axe A---------Eliwood C
Lyn-------11.17-22--10--13--13--10---4---4---2---1-Sword B------------------------
Eliwood----8.00-22---9--10---9--11---6---0--33--18-Sword B----------------Hector C
Marcus*----3.34-32--16--16--11--10--10---8--47--27-Sword A Axe B Lance A----------
Oswin-----11.73-30--14--10---6---4--15---3--41---9---------------Lance B----------
Matthew---10.53-23---9---7--18---8---6---2--43--12-Sword B------------------------
Florina----9.29-30---9--14--12--12---5---4---4---2---------------Lance B----------
Wil--------8.55-24---9---9---8--10---5---1---4---2-Bow C--------------------------
Dorcas-----8.39-34--11---7---7---6---4---0--11---4---------Axe B------------------
Erk--------8.17-23---6---6--11---3---2---9---4---3-Anima C------------------------
Guy--------7.51-26---9--14--16---7---6---3--28--15-Sword B------------------------
Serra------7.23-23---5---7---9---7---3--11---3---0---------Staff B----------------
Bartre-----6.89-33--11---5---3---6---6---2--28--13---------Axe D------------------
Lowen------6.60-27---8---6---8---5---8---0--31--13-Sword D-------Lance D----------
Rebecca----6.58-19---7---9--10---6---4---2--32--16-Bow C--------------------------
Sain-------5.68-23--10---5---7---6---7---0--10---4-Sword D-------Lance D----------
Kent-------5.30-23---8---7---8---4---6---1---3---0-Sword D-------Lance D----------
Priscilla--4.48-16---6---6---9---8---3---7---2---0---------Staff C----------------

I don't know how to use the spaces properly, but using "-" seems to work just as nicely, makes it look good too, I think. Up to you if you want to use it as well.

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Train the hell out of Priscilla. Doing any LTC run without horses = no bueno. Also, sell all your weapons after Dragon's Gate and buy as many tomes as you can.

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While I have a million excuses for not updating, which none of you are interested in, I finished up Chapter 13x and 14, and have worked out the strategy for 15. I've been trying for the past few days to upload the vid of 14, but youtube's a bitch and it isn't working, so meh.

Anyways, beat 14 in 5 turns. Tried to get less than that, but Marcus or Erk or someone else kept dying. I made oswin kill everyone on the very right, while marcus and erk took the cavs on the left and everyone else cleaned up everything that didn't die in one hit to the Almighty Marcus and took care of the pirates. Lowen went shopping and stuff. And I'm an idiot for not checking this chap's shop for ranged weapons, so I'm down to a hand axe and half a javelin for 15 and 16. :dry:

Forgot to check stats, but I remember Erk only got stat ups in hp and spd. Good enough, if it weren't for the fact that everyone else got 5 statups or something when they leveled up...

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