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A little help here...

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So, my (family) computer can't display wallpapers... I've literally been searching an hour (thatsalongtime!) for answers... Everything I found didn't work. (Well, either that, or I wasn't doing something right.)

Oh, the computer's a Mac... running on XP. (I guess we're more comfortable with Windows... and old Windows OS.)

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Maybe it's a virus... ... ... ...?

Is there a virus that specifically prevents you from putting up wallpapers?

'Cause that's the only problem I've encountered.

It's a computer behavior referred to as a sense of self.

Try putting up wallpapers that reflect who your computer is, rather than who you are. Respect your computer.

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The only thing is... the computer's not putting *any* wallpapers up.

Only colors work.

Screensavers work fine.

Everything works fine.

Only wallpapers don't.

Sorry I was just throwing an offhanded comment.

I actually have a "problem" similar to this, where I currently have a blank blue screen instead of the wallpaper I added. However, once or twice (on shutdown/startup, or other times I reboot the desktop) my wallpaper shows up again for a second.

I'm guessing if I tried to put up my wallpaper again it would fix it, but I actually like it fine the way it is.

Ya, I just tried to put up a new desktop background, don't have the same problem, can't help.

(I think Minister Foss likes looking into blue skies better than into blue eyes.)

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