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Hello everyone!

I've been coming to this site for FE news for a while now, and I figured it was time to properly become part of the community. :)

I've played, and beaten, Awakening. I'm currently going through Sacred Stones and plan to eventually start Shadow Dragon.

My favorite FE characters are Chrom, Lucina, and Eirika.

Other games I like include: Zelda, The Sims, Mirror's Edge, and the Portal games.

(I really don't know what else to say... sooo I guess that's it!)

Thank you for reading! ^__^

P.S. And I will make sure to read the rules in their entirety.

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Welcome! You should try even more of the games after you finish up with Sacred Stones and Shadow Dragon! I'm sure our lovely userbase here will supply you with suggestions :P

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It is an unofficial rule that you must be a Shadow Dragon fanatic on the forum :P:

Welcome~! I. . .can't really tell much about you from your favorite characters.

Thanks for welcoming me! Sorry, I couldn't think of much to say at the time of the posting... Um, I'm in High School, I like to draw fan art, I hope to visit Japan some day, either there or England. I would love to work with video games, computers, electronics, etc. I enjoy writing... but I tend to get writer's block at the worst times. Like now.

(I probably will become a Shadow Dragon fanatic, considering I've heard many good things about it from people...)

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I didn't like Shadow Dragon much. I found it pretty bland and uninteresting to play, especially when compared to the FE game that was released before it.

But Sacred Stones is one of my favourites of the series.

So hi welcome.

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HI, Trinity~

New to the FE series, huh?

Well, better late than never.

Then... welcome!

I tend to get writer's block a lot, too. Just in more important things... like tests. Not on forums, though. There are always things to say on forums.

Shadow Dragon was sort of... meh. Its unlocalized sequal, on the other hand, was worth playing. A lot more worth playing. And harder~

Anyway, again, welcome to the Forest, I hope you have a nice stay~

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