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Airship's To-be-fic-ified Playlog [Chapter 4 Here I come...!]

Some questions before I get this rolling.  

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  1. 1. Rules Look good?

    • Yes
    • No [Post with suggestions]
  2. 2. Morgan: Before Chapter 14 or After Chapter 21

    • Before Chapter 14
    • After Chapter 21
  3. 3. Include Premon?

  4. 4. The "Anna Arc" (Para 2-4), When?

    • Before Chapter 12
    • Before Chapter 14
    • Before Chapter 14- Include Noire (A Shot From the Dark)
    • After Valm (Will definitely include Noire)
  5. 5. Angle Viewpoints based on Stage Heroes?

    • Yes- Increases characterization
    • No- May increase confusion

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Here ye be mah "Canon" (quotes for a reason) run.

But, wait, I said "Gimmick" in the tags. I mean it.

Long story short, I -am- something of a Fanfic author, and here is a bit of an ambitious project: complete "novelization" of FE:A. How? Well, May be based on true events, and PME-TMN Practice Means Everything-Theory Means Nothing.

Well, yes, that's the trick. And part of the point of this Play log...

Rules of the Run:

  1. Hard- Classic. Lunatic(+) is far too masochistic and dumb for me to write about! (No one wants to know how Frederick beats everything, and how Water Robin destroys all the badguys.) and it doesn't exactly make sense for random brigand myrm to be able to solokill Chrom. But death means drama, although I'm playing to avoid it...
  2. Ironman. Only Lucina gets a second chance at things, because she's hax, but she's already on her second roll. Also, 0 HP = DEAD unless you're evil. (Note, I can and -will- kill off people who die in game in the result, even if they don't die canonically, I.E. Frederick or Lissa.) (Yes, worst comes to worst, I'll even kill off Lucina :( ) This rule comes to a close after Chapter 25, discounting Bonus Box Paralogues.
  3. No Undermanning. Essentially, I'm playing as though I have a deploy minimum of "Whatever the Chapter's deploy limit is". This rule comes to a close for the post-chapter 25 grinding phase, and excludes Paralogue 23 (Which I'm going to put a "deploy minimum" at 20).
  4. Renown... Only logical things (basically, I can guess at Robin getting a hold of a Second Seal out of the Shepherd's "warchest" in the lead up to Chapter 5, but not say Gradivus) (Expect that Bullion to happen early though), and I can only get at it if its Logical to do so at that point in the story.
  5. Bonus Box Items. I will probably let every single one of them appear. (Note, for instance, the Luna Lance is Sumia's. (Headcanon: The Luna Lance is in fact, not the Luna Lance of FE2, but rather the lance Sumia and Cynthia were making- this is why it's Sumia's canon weapon, as seen in her official art)) but they won't happen early.
  6. Streetpass Teams Exist. I won't mention a dismiss, but if I buy or fight, it will be logged, and implemented. (Streetpass teams are sorta canon, if you note: they're soldiers from another world/timeline, sorta like you are in Future Past.) They will under no circumstances be recruited however.
  7. DLC Chapters. These will happen, once each at various points in the story, where it might make sense (Likely will start with some S1 in the "two year gap" (I.E. while the game says otherwise, it'd be between Ch11 and 12.)). I will not likely use the rewards (I.E. no random All+2 or Paragon, No Dread, No Bride... Limit Breaker doesn't exist.), until past Chapter 25, where upon, I'm going to grind everyone to kingdom come. Except Gold Pack, which won't be mentioned at all, except for maybe Infinite Regalia. (Because Deadlords...)
  8. Spotpass Teams. They're Einherjar. For me to summon a Spotpass Team, I must have defeated the Einherjar in an Outrealm, so I have its card. (So I can't say, summon Arvis near the start, but after beating him in Lost Bloodlines 3, I can.) Chances of me mentioning them is little though. I might summon Raydrik or Gharnef for a Mire or two, but not till later (and I probably will not mention that I did that.) They will under no circumstances be beaten up for EXP.
  9. Risen Skirmishes. FORCED (I.E. Risen Spawn, I must defeat it!) if Feasible (EG Not between Ch 8 and 10, unless the Risen spawns on chapter 8.), and Reeking Boxes do not exist, at all. (Except in the post Ch25 Grinding Phase, because really)
  10. Annas. Completely allowed when feasible. They are, after all, just the "Secret Shop" of Awakening.
  11. Paralogues. I will be doing -all- of them, just when feasible. (Like finding Owain near the start of the Valm Arc) This does include the Spotpass Paralogues. (I will -likely- go with the Valkyrie Emm theory- makes a bit more sense than her outright living.) [Note I -may- grind a bit to unlock Morgan's Paralogue before embarking on Chapter 14, or I may wait until after Chapter 21, not sure yet]
  12. Barracks. Events will be checked. Some may be logged/implemented.
  13. Staff/Dancer Abuse Not Allowed. As much as I want to kick myself for this. Rescue Staves exist. Cherche grinding with them doesn't. Olivia will not be frantically lapdancing a billion times for nothing but EXP.
  14. Each Chapter/Paralogue/Xenologue Will have a "Chapter Challenge". I'm going to try to complete each of these, the amount of objectives will vary based on the map. Skirmishes may or may not have them. (Feel free to suggest challenges, but outside of certain defeat commander maps, LTC challenges will largely be ignored.)


These Pairs are fairly set in stone unless someone dies (or someone gives me legit enough reason to de-headcanon them)

  • Chrom/Sumia
  • Robin/Lucina
  • Lon'qu/Lissa
  • Vaike/Miriel
  • Stahl/Sully
  • Ricken/Maribelle
  • Gregor/Nowi
  • Virion/Cherche

  • Henry/Panne

  • Kellam/Cordelia [Feel free to point out why not, but Frederick/Cordelia isn't really an option unless I'm given objective evidence]

  • Yarne/Nah

Anything else will come to be on its own, unless someone wants to point out others (back it with evidence if you can. This is a more "story" oriented run.). I do plan on pairing everyone though, and am open to suggestions.


I'm going to try to avoid it, but options are still up there. I'm not going to outright say I'm going to reclass, but I'm not saying I'm not.



Build: 1

Face: 1

Hair: 1

Hair Color: 1

Voice: 1


Name: Robin

Birthday: October 22nd, as space radiation.

Fanfic Link

I suppose I should first post this:

Howl to the Future

(Up through Chapter 3.)

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You probably don't need to grind to get Robin/Lucina much to marry as long as they get a lot of supports in the other children's paralogues.

It doesn't take grinding to pair Robin with Lucina (I've done so several times, including on my L+ run)... unless I'm doing so before setting sail for Valm. Which is up in the air- I might do it, I might not. I've really got two spots for Morgan's Paralogue: Before Chapter 14 (So that way I've got Morgan early enough, and can pull a bit of shenanigans) [This will require grinding (or skirmishing at the least)... unless I shove all of the non-child Paralogues that open earlier to after Chapter 13 as well (as I'd only have Kjelle, Laurent and -maybe- Yarne's (his is a tad harder, and I'm not exactly looking for deaths), and use a Seed of Trust (Although that renown one -is- reserved for them) or two ], or after Chapter 21 (which -may- come off as slightly heavy handed against Lucy due to her just nearly killing Robin, only to there shortly afterwards, meet her daughter with him...)... (Now that I think about it, I'm kinda preferring the latter.)

This is actually pretty interesting if you write and play at the same time lol

Good to see it's catching some interest :D

That said, flow is simple:

Play Chapter->Log->Write Fic->Upload->Next Chapter->repeat.

...I suppose though, this does mean that if you know of this topic, you've got a slight cheat sheet. (Well, if you spot me raging, you know someone's dead.)

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Is Olivia not going to be paired? If you want to pair her with someone, Donnel, Henry, Kellam and a few others are still available I believe. Oh. Same for Tharja, too. You did mention that those who aren't mentioned are unpaired, but I thought I'd mention it because you said that you'd be doing all the paralogues.

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Is Olivia not going to be paired? If you want to pair her with someone, Donnel, Henry, Kellam and a few others are still available I believe. Oh. Same for Tharja, too. You did mention that those who aren't mentioned are unpaired, but I thought I'd mention it because you said that you'd be doing all the paralogues.

I'm going to try to pair everyone, unless death stops me (And it shouldn't. Hard isn't exactly the hardest thing out there) but for anyone -not- mentioned, I'm unsure as to who they'll be paired with. Characters like Cordelia, Panne, Olivia, Tharja don't really have much in the way for a suggested pairing, neither do any of the kids (outside of Lucina).

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Hmmm... Well, Kellam is often suggested to go with Panne for optimisation... And some people like FrederickxCordelia. OliviaxHenry is apparently nice, but only the Japanese supports. The English ones aren't as good. The only time I pair characters because of their supports is in the Avatar's case. Otherwise, I optimise.

It's your decision, friend. *Pats shoulder*

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Are you going to novelize the supports, too?

I'm going to weave a few supports in there. [And likely all of Robin and Lucina's supports with each other. (Although I'm likely going to add to them)]... I'm wondering exactly how I'll handle it though. Might do separations, might do fast chapters... dunno. (The bigger issue with this is not going to be the supports, it's the fact that I can write 2000+ words for like two kills, which may slow my progress to a crawl.)

Gaius and Olivia. They just fit together. I would have preferred Virion, but oh well.

Might do. (I personally haven't seen Gaius/Olivia): But I -am- looking for cases with more than just their supports, but I doubt there's any more than the ones I've already spotted. (All of the ones above have that (EG: Gregor/Nowi has OA together, Chrom/Sumia has "lovebirds" and a rigged Facebook Poll, Robin/Lucina has Chapter 21 scene.)) I have Virion with Cherche because she's his servant and has been faithful to him for years already, and this isn't just in their supports.

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I shalt see...

I still have Cordelia, Tharja, Panne to worry about on top of Olivia.

Oh, and the kids.


I also do not want to leave Henry unpaired (And no, it won't be with Tharja. Doesn't make much sense for such a powerful caster and Hexing master like Henry to be Tharja's ***** and not be able to deflect her hexes, where he can deflect others.). Poor guy commits suicide if you do, and that's just uncool. (I kinda was thinking to pair Henry with Panne- due to that whole wolf (laguz/taguel) thing.)

[Half of me wants to avoid Fred/Corde as well, simply because SazukeEX supports it, and unlike Vaike/Miriel doesn't support it with evidence.]

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I wonder if Gerome's gonna just end up dead in this run.

...due to reasons.

Yeah, reasons.

Because he's probably not even going to get a chance to talk to her before your MU marries her.

I'm going to avoid killing people, TYVM. If he dies due to tactical blunder, he dies, but so can anyone. I'm not aiming for it.

I may hate the crap out of that pairing with a passion that burns hotter than the blue star Lylat, but I'm not going to kill off characters for it. And considering I like Gerome/Severa and Gerome/Noire....

On the other hand, the latter bit is true, thanks to math:

And let's see, 8 battles to a marriage, (7 in the case of Robin/Lucina due to Seed).

Chance of him even being recruited before they wind up together is virtually zero. (Cherche joins Chapter 12, Gerome's chapter is in Valm... More than likely a post-Ch 21 Morgan, Lucina will marry Robin immediately following Gerome's paralogue if I'm crazy.)

(Also, bad day, there, Rey?)

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He supports R x C actually

Or so the claim is. With how much he goes on about Robin/Lissa, I highly doubt that.

Any way, I'mma get started on this project... tonight likely.

Seems I -am- going to log and write up Premonition. (Even though it's always going to be that pair up Robin and Chrom and move on turn 1. Stab Validar in face with Silver Sword on turn 2. Done. thing that it always is.)

I'm likely going to fuse it with the Prologue, and keep it rather short. Premon's important, but at the same time...

(Also note that I do not care about turn counts, although I will post them in the logs as per a reference.)

(I should probably poll this, but I was thinking to rotate my viewpoint slightly (Third Semi-Limited is just how I write, but I can change focal characters) in the fic result based on the "heroes" of each chapter...)

Also, I should probably edit the first post:


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Well, if you're avoiding contradicting supports, Ricken/Maribelle's pretty contradictory.

It's slightly contradictory- I'll acknowledge. It's not completely hole-blowing like others (*cough*MU/Lissa*cough*), and the couple itself has a bit more too it than others- I do tend to weigh non-support scenes significantly heavier. (Which, given Ricken's intro... he's well, blatantly in love with Maribelle).

...Anyways, time to get this show on the road.

Wait a damn second...What to title this thing? Fire Emblem Alternative? Wait, no that was what I dubbed my L+ run a while back (and a planned "amv" using this thing. (That I may eventually stop being lazy and actually put together)) (Eh, it's still a possibility)....Howl to the Future?(Ok, less ML Puns) (I shalt call it "Howl to the Future")

MU's Birthday as decided by the 3rd Random Number from Random.Org:

Month: October

Day: 22

*note: Unless the project winds up dropped, or otherwise, I'm going to do something with that...*


Turn 1 Player Phase.

Pair Up Chrom-> Robin, moved right.

Switch, Equip Silver Sword.

Turn 1 Enemy Phase.

Validar makes snide remark and does nothing because he can't.

Turn 2:

Chrom-> Attack Validar.

Chrom hits Validar for 20 damage.

Robin does not Dual strike.

Validar attacks, and misses because who cares.

Chrom finishes Validar off.

Stage Complete.

Heroes: None

Total Turns: 2/2


Turn 1: Player Phase

Pair Up: Frederick->Chrom

Pair Up: Lissa -> Robin

Move-Chrom to right of Myrmidon. (Switch to Fred: Unequip Silver Lance) Attack using Falchion: Chrom deals 15 Damage.

Robin moves to below Chrom and finishes the Myrmidon.

Enemy Phase

Left Barbarian attacks Chrom. (no damage)

Right Barbarian attacks Robin. (5 Damage)

Mage creeps up closer.

Turn 2: Player Phase

Robin finishes Barbarian that attacked Chrom.

-Level Up-

(Near perfect, Everything but Magic)

Chrom attacks the Mage (16-7 Trade)

Enemy Phase:

Barbarian Attacks Robin (4-10 Trade)

Mage Attacks Chrom (7 Damage) [Chrom's HP now critical, but he's not really in any danger]

Turn 3: Player Phase

Robin Bronze Swords the Mage, killing him.

Chrom finishes the Barbarian and Shinies (EXP)

Turn 3 Enemy Phase

-Nothing Happens-

Turn 4 Player Phase

Lissa Heals Chrom

Chrom transfers Fred for Robin

Turn 5 Player Phase

Lissa Chrom again, maxing out his HP.

Turn 6

Chrom and Robin enter Myrmidon range, Robin switched to lead.

Lissa heals Robin.

Turn 6 Enemy Phase.

Myrm attacks Robin, dealing 3 Damage, and is killed via hit+Dual strike.

(Level Up (Robin): HP, MAG, SKL, SPD)

Mage attacks Robin 5-14 (7x2) Trade.

Turn 7 Player Phase

Chrom takes point and Misses the Mage (96%), making it a 0-9 Trade :[ (Thank you, Anna. Because 0.28% is totally a thing.)

Lissa heals Chrom or the Enemy would kill him on Enemy Phase. (Avoiding Fred usage if possible, here)

Turn 7 Enemy Phase

Myrmidon attacks Lissa (3 damage)

Mage attacks Chrom (9 damage)

Turn 8 Player

I finish the mage with Robin, because screw Chrom and his missing with 96 Hit.

Lissa Heals Robin.

(Level Up: HP, MAG, SPD, LCK, RES)

Turn 8 Enemy

Myrm attacks Lissa (3)

Turn 9

Chrom attacks Myrmidon

Lissa Heals Chrom

Turn 9 Enemy

Myrm attacks Lissa (3)

Turn 10 Player

Chrom finishes the Myrm

(Level Up: SKL, SPD, DEF)

Turn 11:

Chrom moves to Shiny and switches.

Robin finds a Gaius's Confect.

Lissa moves up.

Turn 12:

Robin moves to edge of boss range and equips his Thunder tome

Turn 12 Enemy

Double Miss Exchange. >:|

Turn 13 Enemy

6-9 Trade

Turn 14

Lissa Heals Robin

Turn 14 Enemy

Enemy misses Robin hits for 0-9 Trade.

Turn 15

Robin Perfect Kills Garrick with his Bronze Sword (7 Damage)

Level Up (HP, SKL)

Stage Complete.

Heroes: Robin and Chrom

Total Turns: 15/17

...Yes, I'm slow as a slug, and I heal every bit of damage I can when I've got to worry about a healer. (Staff abuse = Rescue spam pretty much to me, seeing as how other staves(warp, return) don't exist. Healing is healing)

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I know this is double posting, but I think it's fair use of it.. I mean this is a playlog, and it is mine...

First off: The fic form of the first two (Premon/Prologue) is up.

Secondly: I decided on Kellam/Cordelia via GameFAQs poll. [Note, Ignore the actual poll results, and scroll to the last post. (-1 from Fred because Sazuke, +1 Kellam due to a vote change, and -1 to the joke options.) Ended in a tie (Fred and Kellam, both at 9). Tiebreaker goes to "Against Sazuke".]


[spoiler=Chapter 1]

Special Challenge: Level Virion

Turn 1 (Player)

Pair Up Lissa -> Robin

Move Fred towards left fort.

Move Chrom to Lower Fort

Attack Fighter with Robin.

Turn 1 Enemy

Fighter attacks Robin and dies.

Mercenary attacks Robin.

Turn 2 Player

Sully/Virion Get.

Pair Up: Virion -> Sully

Move to above Robin, and Switch to Virion. Kill Mercenary. (CRITICAL (1%): DIE WITH MAGNIFICENCE!)

Frederick: Move down and block enemy from reaching Virion.

Chrom Move down, and attack Mercenary. (Risky move, but if it plays out...)

Turn 2 Enemy

Archer attacks Robin

Fighter attacks Fred for No Damage

Fighter attacks Robin (7:12 trade)

Fighter attacks Robin (6:12 trade) (Robin Critical HP)

Mercenary attacks Chrom (4:9 trade) (Merc 1 HP)

Turn 3 Player

Chrom moves up to next to Robin and uses a Vulnerary.

Virion kills Fighter

Frederick lances the full HP Fighter (plan of feeding another kill to Virion is shot. Too much damage in that round to keep this up.)

Robin trades with Virion and uses the Elixir.

Turn 3 Enemy

Fighter who took the fort heals to 16 HP.

Archer attacks Robin for 4 damage... Robin counters with a Critical (Checkmate!), and over kills the dastard.

(Level Up: HP, SKL, LCK, RES)

Fighter on the fort attacks Robin (6:10 Trade)

Mercenary attacks Robin and dies (dealt 6 damage though)

Turn 4 Player

Robin runs like a little girl.

Virion kills the remaining Fighter

Chrom and Frederick let the boss reach the fort.

Turn 4 Enemy

Boss attacks Virion (6:8 Trade)

(Level Up (Challenge complete): All stats except LCK and DEF)

Turn 5 Player

Lissa heals Virion

(Level Up: SPD, DEF, RES)

Turn 5 Enemy

Boss attacks Lissa (Why he do that? On Lunatic, he usually would attack Virion. W/e)

Turn 6 Player

Lissa runs out of boss range and uses a Vulnerary.

Frederick steals Robin.

Virion attacks the boss. (10 + Sully Dual strike (5)) :5 Trade

Turn 6 Enemy

Boss attacks Chrom (6 Damage)

Turn 7 Player

Fred switches to Robin

Robin transfers Fred to Lissa.

Pair Up Robin->Chrom

Chrom takes the fort

Virion moves and attacks (10 + Sully Dual Strike (5)), boss misses.

Lissa heals Chrom

Turn 7 Enemy

Boss Range 1s Virion (6 Damage)

Turn 8 Player

Lissa heals Virion

Chrom kills boss.

(Level Up: HP, STR, SKL, SPD, DEF)

Stage Complete.

Heroes: Robin and Lissa

Total Turns: 8/25

(+Bonus Points: Virion did indeed level, which is good, because I have to actually use him this run, because I'm pairing him with Cherche.)

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