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Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

Fire Emblem Fan

Which GBA Lord is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

    • Roy
    • Lyn
    • Eliwood
    • Hector
    • Eirika
    • Ephraim

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Ephraim's called out on being shit at anything that isn't fighting though.

See the chapter where you fight Oswin for a good example.

Granted they could have done significantly better at making this bite him in the ass, but it's something.

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I love powerful yet feminine leading ladies so Lyn is right up my alley. Eirika was too much a damsel imo and what I liked about Lyn is that she started off a bit of a minor character. IIRC we didn't know she was a noble for several chapters so seeing her in the light of both a tribal fighter and later a noble lady was a very satisfying surprise.

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I like Ephraim for his confidence and ability to back it up. It reminds me of George Patton.
Hector gets a runner-up because he issimilar to Ephraim, but is immature. Which makes sense in that he is in Uther's shadow for most of his life.

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Lyn, Hector and Eliwood share the vote for me because their greatest strength imo is how they play off each other as a power trio, and they're my favorite lords in the entire franchise as a result. Lyn is a nomad turned noble woman and she has this strong and feminine character where she is neither too tomboyish nor too dainty (though I don't mind either as personalities), and she plays off well as the middle ground between Eliwood's kind nature and Hector's impulsiveness. Hector is of course awesome for just breaking the typical FE lord mold by being violent and brash, plus basically growing like an armor knight on steroids. Eliwood is at a glance your typical FE "noblebright hero" sort of guy, but what separates him apart from the others is how the game actually goes into his morals and explores them, and a large part of that is because he has Lyn and Hector to bounce off of, so his personality doesn't exist in a void, and that really makes him more relatable and likeable to me. If I had to pick one though, it would have to be Hector: he stands well enough on his own and is the keystone to bringing out the best in Eliwood's character, and the entire idea of Hector's story is fantastic because it lets us see the story of a Noblebright hero through the perspective of someone else. Hector's loyalty and friendship with Eliwood and the extent which he goes for his friend and understanding his weaknesses and shortcomings and trying to lift him up is one of my favorite things in FE7.

As for the other GBA lords...

Eirika is nice, I like daintier princessy types, and her love story with Lyon was delightfully tragic, but she's generally just not as well fleshed out as Lyn. Ephraim is a boring dullard who has too much plot armor and growths that are too good for his bad stat caps, aside from his supports with L'arachel he's honestly not that interesting of a person and is like a shallow mix of the more superficial elements of Hector and Eliwood. Roy is a boring sack of cardboard shit :V

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My favourite lord would have to be Eirika.

I mean her stats and growth rates are great,

it's almost sure that she will cap both skill and speed.

and she should be able to defeat the final boss with only two hits or three :P

(Let's not involve Roy into this, Sealed Sword is way too overpowered) 


I mean... Eliwood's and Roy's stats are almost the same but... Roy is much more younger

so I've come to the conclusion that Eliwood is a wuss.

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Lyn's cool but kinda irrelevant. Erika's alright but makes some dumb decisions. Roy and Eliwood are both milquetoast as fuck. Ephraim is the biggest Gary Stu in the franchise. 

Hector as the musclehead military genius with a soft center is more appealing to me than the alternatives. Plus, the idea that he's actually the one who discovers what Nergal's whole deal is, and not the more diligent Eliwood, was always interesting to me. 

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I like Eirika, Hector and Ephraim but I gotta go with Eirika.

She's the first GBA lord I played as and I quite like the journey she goes through. Sure, she make some dumb decisions but those decisions where understandable from an emotional viewpoint and she does end up fixing her mistakes.

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My favorite lord is Ephram because he has insane bases and growths making him easily one of if not the best character in sacred stones. Plus he basically just goes into enemy territory nearly soloing everything he can. Including entire castles. He's a badass

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Eirika > Ephraim > Eliwood = Lyn > Hector > Roy


The twins are my favorite here, Eirika wins only for a micro point...

I think Eirika is a very solid lord, she is not soooo broken and still be usefull in some situations. I like that balance.

And I cant choose between Eliwood and Lyn. 

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I like Ephraim,

Ephraim > Roy > Hector > Eliwood > Eirika > Lyn

I find Ephraim pretty cool and he is always broken for me. I'm a bit biased towards Roy because i main him in smash.

I also find Lyn kinda bland and forced.

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Wanted to expand on my statement
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