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Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

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Which GBA Lord is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

    • Roy
    • Lyn
    • Eliwood
    • Hector
    • Eirika
    • Ephraim

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Ephraim's my favorite, Lyn and Hector comes close.

First of all, he's cool design, personality, and he uses a LANCE!!

I just feel like lances don't get enough love in FE, the only class that is lance-locked are knights and their not even 2nd tier! (f*ck cavaliers)

I think that the next FE should have playable soldiers (how did it get removed again?)

Lyn is actually quite good but trading away Crit+15 for Bows is... underwhelming (unless bows get buffed). And Hector's kinda cool too (Armads).

I think it goes like

Ephraim > Lyn = Hector > Eirika > Eliwood >>> Roy

Eirika gives the impression of being... helpless, Eliwood's just a typical noble hero-guy, and Roy's....

You say you like Ephraim partly because he uses lances, yet you don't seem to like Eliwood, who also uses lances...

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Ephraim > Eliwood > Hector > Eirika > Lyn >>> Roy

Ephraim has always felt fairly unique to me in that he's a bit more pragmatic and somewhat detached than other lords in the series, which I liked a lot as it felt like a nice contrast from Eliwood in the previous game. And then you add in his great potential battle-wise, everything just added up to make him my favorite GBA lord (and FE lord in general).

Shame about Roy though, I wanted to like him since I mained him in SSBM and boy did I try to like him, but I felt nothing for him the entire time I played FE6. His father was a lot more likable and memorable to me.

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For me it's

Eirika > Eliwood > Lyn >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roy > Ephraim=Hector

I much prefer characters that are written with flaws, insecurities, and actual development than the perfect out of the box type that the latter group fall into. Ephraim/Hector/Roy are introduced as strong characters with no flaws. They're apparently excellent at everything like war tactics, battle, and don't grow whatsoever. They're no different from the start of the game to the end of the game, they're just the perfect guys that fit the perfect hero mold and I don't find them interesting at all. Roy is less stellar than Ephraim/Hector as a unit but still he's a 14 year old with lots of tactical genius? That doesn't make any sense to me :lol:.

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In my opinion:


(Not a great explaination, but it's good enough...I hope)

Lyn has left a major impression on me since my first playthrough of 7, not to mention she's a unit who's not only a dodge master, but also a hard-hitting crit master (especially with Florina support).

Ephraim (for the Gba lords anyway) is close behind Lyn. Maybe not character wise, but pretty close. He's my second favorite lance user (first being Nephenne).

Hector already gained points from me for being a powerhouse (and kinda a tank too), but he's a guy you would like as a friend. Hector is a pretty cool guy.

Eliwood and Eirika are kinda on even plain for me. Both are pretty good units and as characters are good, but don't stand up to the other 3. I favor Eliwood a bit higher though, since he seems more capable on by himself than Eirika at times (and in the Beginning of Binding Blade, if not for a cold, he would've handled a group of bandits ...by himself. Something I can picture him doing).

Roy is like Eliwood, but a bit less of what makes Eliwood good. Him as a unit can go either way, good or bad (thankfully, he's been pretty good for me). Also, he doesn't have much in character development, so there isn't much to know about him unless you see his supports (more or less).

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Probably Ephraim, then Lyn second. Ephraim was always a pretty useful unit, and his route... well, wanna go defeat the Emperor, the one who has (he thinks) killed your father and ransacked your country?! Or wanna go skip off to Rausten and tell them to be careful not to get their stones destroyed?

Lyn was also a good unit, with nice stats. Also, her bows actually came in pretty useful at times.

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For me, it's Hector > Eliwood > Lyn > Roy > Ephraim > Eirika.

I'm not a big fan of Eirika, just because she's so irredeemably stupid sometimes. Handing the stone over to Lyon is defensible, but it still irritates me every time.

I wouldn't consider it defensible, because of what L'Arachel says at the beginning of the chapter in question.

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I feel like there's a distinction between how much I like them as characters and as people I use to fight, but I tried to consider that both as I ranked them. I like all of them, for the most part, but this is how I ordered it. I might be slightly biased, I realize. I tend to root for female characters. Especially Lyn.

Lyn > Hector = Eirika > Eliwood > Ephraim > Roy

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Eliwood is my favorite GBA lord in terms of character and growths. Gameplay wise he's not super powerful, but he's hardly weak. Storywise, I feel like he's a good character as he doesn't have any particular obnoxious attributes and is a genuinely nice guy that never comes across as *too* nice.

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I just love Roy for his character, he's such a bright tactician despite his age, and he always remains calm which allows him to take wise decisions. Besides he does not lack courage either, (he isn't called hte "Young Lion" for nothing).

On top of that I got a STR blessed Roy the last (and only) time I played FE6.

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Hector cause I like his personality(And he is hawt).

I also like Lyn who to this date is my second favorite female main character after Lucina.

Ephraim and Eirika are pretty much on the same level.I don't love them but I don't hate them either.

Eliwood and Roy can go off with their dragon brides cause I don't give a shit about them.(Yes I do ship Roy with Sophia)

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Hector is the man!

I love his personality, design and he's a trustworthy unit in my runs! He's the reason why I started liking axes so much.

Eirika being a second favorite because I love her personality and design too even if Ephraim is a better unit. Eliwood is in third place, Lyn is the fourth, Roy is my fifth and Ephraim is my least favorite (even if I still like him).

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In terms of character

Eliwood = Hector > Lyn > Ephraim = Eirika >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roy

Eliwood and Hector are such good companions to one another, they're literally best friends and they compliment each other nicely. Honestly if Hector wasn't there, Eliwood probably wouldn't be as a good as a character, but again, the two really help make the other's character stand out.

I really like Lyn, I had a huge bias for her before I even started played Blazing Sword, but she doesn't get a lot of screen time to build character outside of her Arc, she's still pretty relevant, I just wish they did more with her. As is, she feels like Lucina (or is it that Lucina feels like her?) in the sense that they lose their importance quickly.

I don't have enough experience with the twins to make a real opinion about them yet...

And as for Roy... I've seen enough of him to have pretty strong feelings against him. Of course, this could all change when I actually play his game, but as is, I'm not too fond of him.

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