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Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

Fire Emblem Fan

Which GBA Lord is your favorite?  

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  1. 1. Which GBA Lord is your favorite?

    • Roy
    • Lyn
    • Eliwood
    • Hector
    • Eirika
    • Ephraim

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I loved the supports in blazing sword since the games are similar I would assume they are fairly the same and you would think with lilana roy would get some development in their supports. But either way I couldnt care more or less about him nor do I have plans to play his game cause he just never interested me

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Hector da best.

For me, character-wise, it goes Hector > Lyn > Ephraim > Eirika = Eliwood > Roy.

Unit-wise, it goes Hector = Ephraim > Lyn = Eirika = Eliwood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Roy.

Either way Roy blows.

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Roy is my favorite because...well, let me tell you a story.

When I was a young lad of five or so, I noticed an advertisement for Super Smash Bros. Melee in a magazine, which piqued my interest. I wanted it so badly, but alas, I was too young. An old friend of mine's brother let me borrow his Super Smash Bros. 64 game pack within the next year or so, and I played it and fell in love with the game.

About three or four years later, my parents finally bought me SSBM, and I was giddy as can be. It was a HUGE step-up from SSB64, and I loved it within the first few minutes of gameplay. Within about a month, I unlocked about 5 or 4 unlockable characters. I soon unlocked a sword-user besides Link and Young Link, a blue-haired prince named Marth. He left me mystified, and with questions galore: Who is he? What series is he from? Is he even a character? And what on earth is this awesome music track that's playing in the background? I decided to use him in single-player mode to get some info on him from his trophy, and when I first beat the mode I was using him in, yet ANOTHER obscure fighter with the same BGM appeared: Roy. Just as with Marth, he left me mystified and wanting me to find out more about him. I used him in Classic mode and got some information about him: he was from the same game universe as Marth, but from a different continent and time period, it seemed.

Shortly after I found about ROMS from an old friend of mine on Newgrounds, I tried out Blazing Sword and was instantly hooked, both onto the game itself and the Fire Emblem series as a whole.

And that is why Roy is my favorite GBA lord and my favorite FE lord ever. Sorry, Sigurd and Lyn.

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Ephraim, no contest. He's just freaking awesome and I love his battle animations. He can take entire castles with just a few men! He's one hell of a leader.

Eliwood is pretty alright though. The others bore me mostly. Though Hector's interactions with Lyn sometimes crack me up. :P

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It used to be Lyn but after reading the FE8 script so much because of editing the game...


Eirika starts out really inexperienced and all and she gradually grows to be more badass. She even tells Novala to shut up. Lyn i like because swords and bows are cool together and she's a really fun glass cannon. Also mani katti and sol katti. Hector comes up next because he's cool. Ephraim is next because i dont like the next 2.

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hector because powerhouse dudes with big axes make me hard - that he has such a fun personality and great stats is just gravy on top

the others all attracted me in one way or another, but never left any lasting impressions. not a fan of eirika, though, she bored me.

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This is kinda difficult to decide, considering there's a total of six lords on this poll, but only from three games.

But if I had to decide, it would be:


I'm excluding out Roy because I haven't played Sword of Seals before XP

HOWEVER, when considering personality, I really have to go for:

Eliwood>Lyn>Hector>Ephraim>Eirika (yeah, I have no love for Eirika. She reminds me of one of those peacemaker type of people, but is all high-and-mighty about it. She's just annoying. Of course, that could also apply to Lyn as well, but she's second due to nostalgia XP)

Again, I'm excluding Roy for the same reason.

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As characters: Roy > Hector > Eirika > Eliwood > Ephraim > Lyn

As units: Hector > Ephraim > Eirika > Eliwood > Lyn > Roy ;_;

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Ephraim > Hector > > > Lyn > Eirika > > > > Roy > Eliwood

Eliwood is so lame, it's not even funny. His son, Roy, is equally as pathetic. I've only place Roy higher than Eliwood because of that boy's sick looking armor in his FE13 art. Eirika is not /bad/ per se, but there's nothing particularly enticing about her either. Lyn is arbitrarily higher than Eirika. Really it should be Lyn=Eirika but meh.

Now Hector. Hector is amazingly awesome. Not only does he wield an axe like a boss, the dude is hilarious. Probably my favorite lord from FE7. He's got balls, and he's got the power to beat the crap out of whatever he feels like.

Ephraim takes my number one spot by virtue of being the lord of the first FE game I played, otherwise it'd probably have been Hector. Regardless he's the only lance lord I know of so he's already awesome right there, his design is great, and the fact that he's out with like just three other guys attacking Grado just makes him a boss in my book.

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GBA Fe lords are like my children. I love them all.

No really though,I honestly like all of the FE Lords. In terms of units I'd have to say that Ephraim is the best, with Hector as a close second. But as characters I do think they're all mostly cool(though I do slap myself upside the head with some of the stuff Eirika does).

Eliwood is so lame, it's not even funny. His son, Roy, is equally as pathetic. I've only place Roy higher than Eliwood because of that boy's sick looking armor in his FE13 art.


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