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Favorite Elite Four members and Champions?


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Kanto: Definitely Bruno. Such a badass. Lance is awesome, too.

Johto: Read above, though I like how mysterious Karen is.


Sinnoh: Bertha, I guess? Didn't like any of the E4 members of this region too much, though I do like Cynthia.

Unova: Grimsley is pretty badass. I also like Caitlin.


Champions: Lance and Steven definitely. And as I've said before, I like Cynthia. Iris is okay, too.

What about you guys?

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Kanto: Lance and Bruno. Bruno being kickass. Lance is amazing.

Johto: Lance as champion was amazing. Koga doe.

Hoenn: Drake and Steven. Drake is...Drake and Steven is fossil extravamaniac, and has an Skarmory.

Sinnoh: Cynthia was amazing, 10/10. And Flint....Yeah none of the E4 stuck out for me.

Unova: Alder and Grimsley. Yeah I don't like Iris. Alder was a WAY cooler champion. Though Iris's boss theme is amazing and rainbow road. Grimsley was because, #Darktypes

Kalos: One. Word. SIEBOLD

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Kanto: Lorelei


Hoenn: eh. Drake via PoE I guess.

Sinnoh: Eh... Lucian, I guess.


Kalos: Siebold obv.

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Kanto : Lance, though they all needed better movepools

Johto : Lance, though Karen's alright

Hoenn : Steven, the rest are uninteresting at best and Wallace as a Champion is terrible after all the water

Sinnoh : Flint is pretty cool

Unova : Grimsley, but Alder, Marshal and Shauntal are nice too

Kalos : Siebold

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Steven Stone geologist~! and Drasna!!

I kinda don't know the Gen 4 Elite Four and it's been a while so I've forgotten a lot of the other Elite Fouristses so I guess those two are all I can contribute =3

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Kanto : Lance. just awesome

Johto : Lance again

Hoenn: always liked Drake

Sinnoh: didn't really care about the E4 in this one. Flint i guess

Unova: Grimsley!

Kalos : Siebold

Champions: gotta say Steven, Lance and Blue were my favs

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Flint is my favorite! Because he's really fun and he's a Fire type guy. ^^ And he uses Infernape, Rapidash, and Houndoom, three of my favorite Fire types. :D

I also like Lance, Cynthia, and Malva. Lance is just cool, Cynthia is just cool, and Malva is another fun Fire type trainer. ^^

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Kanto: Lance, mainly because of how batshit crazy he is in adventures.

Johto: Dat Koga Tho.

Hoenn: Sidney, I like his design.


Unova: Marshal, IMO He is the toughest as well.

Kalos: Drasna, I really liked the atmosphere of the chamber and her essence of enlightenment.

Champion: Gary Blue Green Screw it! Cynthia.

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Kanto: Lance

Johto: Karen

Hoenn: idk, Sidney I guess

Sinnoh: Aaron

Unova: Grimsley

Kalos: Malva and Siebold

Champions: BLUE/GREEN/RIVAL/ETC, Lance, Steven, Cynthia (pretty much everyone)

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I cant recall the names of most of them but I'm going with Bruno. I mean quotes like "We will grind you down with our superior power! Hoo hah!" and "Fight as hard as you can 'till you faint!" are the best.

Do you think they paid Blue more money to be a gym leader(because they were down one)? I mean he should be where Lance is in Gold/Silver. He was the previous champion before Red. Unless something happened during the what 3 years in between the games?

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Kanto: Agatha she shows old people can even make it to the Elite Four

Johto: Will,simple because Cravats=cool.

Hoenn:Phoebe,because her pokemon type was extremely unexpected.I remember thinking she'd be water then being entirely wrong.

Sinnoh:Aaron since he is some new,an Elite Four bug Pokemon trainer.

Unova:Grimsley,he seems awfully cool and collected,and he reminds me a lot like Joshua (FE 8). Talking about luck, a lot and playing with chance.

Kalos:Easily Siebold...


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Let's see here... E4:

Kanto: Meh.. Lance because I'm boring

Johto: Koga does Yoga

Hoenn: The ghost one whose name I can't remember and DRAKE

Sinnoh: Lucian

Unova: Catilin and Grimsley

Kalos: Siebold and Drasna I guess

Steven and uhhh Diantha

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Hoenn: The ghost one whose name I can't remember

it's phobe anyways E4

Kanto Lorlei

Johto Karen

Hoenn drake

Sinnioh Lucian

Unova : marshal lynch mothafuckas

Kalos the water one whose name I forgot like previously said Kalos e4are forgettable

Champion is obv Cynthia

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Kanto: Lorelei - For some reason, I just liked her the most. Her design and Pokemon diversity. (Bruno, two Onyxes; Agatha, two Gengar and Haunter; Lance, two Dragonair and Dragonite.)

Johto: Bruno and Koga. They're much better here than they were in gen I.

Hoenn: Phoebe. I just like her. (Even though she has two stupid Dusclops.)

Sinnoh: I absolutely hated all four here (in DP). Platinum improved the E4, but DP left an permanent scar. I could never get over Flint's team's idiocy.

Unova: Since gen IV, I never particularly like E4 members. I didn't hate gen V E4 like I did gen IV, but... it didn't leave an impression on me.

Kalos: Same here, although Siebold was pretty bro, and I loved Drasna's Celestic Town reference.

Champion: Hm... hard one here. Iris, Diantha, and Alder are definitely no. I don't really like Lance too much either. Blue, Steven, and Cynthia are my favorites. Especially the last two, because DAT BATTLE MUSIC!!!

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