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I found myself sleep-talking last night


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I would wake up a few times in the middle of the night. I was talking in my sleep and I was semi-concious of it...and I don't remember what I was saying. It was nuts. :awesome:

Of course, this is nowhere near my first time sleep-talking. I have a long record of it, just don't remember being concious of it.

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My brother told me that he was trying to wake me up once and I responded by telling him: "hey, there's a murderer outside."

Edit: one time when I was trying to wake him up he kept saying "what do you mean" over and over.

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Marth, don't eat those pickles. They're mine.

I said this in my sleep once if my sister is an accurate information source. Cue surrealistic drawing of Marth sitting on a raft looking at a giant building on an isolated island labeled pickles while something called Aliens for Pickles steals pickles from a ship destined for that island. Yep.

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