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does anyone else dislike Justine Courtney? AAI2 topic (spoilers in the thread, you have been warned)

HF Makalov Fanboy Kai

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sure she helps you out near the end of case 4 and is on your side in case 5, but i don't feel like it fully redeems her illegal actions and general bitchy attitude in earlier cases.

i guess i'd feel better about her if she got some kind of slap on the wrist for her actions in those two cases but she never does.

with that said Sebastian is Debeste new character in my opinion.

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i know, but i don't like how she kinda gets off the hook without even a slap on the wrist for what she does early on

i mean if she got even a small scolding that would've been enough for me.

You have to remember these people are the highest officials in the entire court system. They can get away with it however they like considering there is always some form of corruption in any high end district attorneys whether it's politicians and judges.

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Courtney is perfect but I'm not altogether fond of her characterisation in case 5.

i never got to play this game.

then why are you reading the thread


get the patch

it's actually surprisingly quality

(I don't have the link on me though)

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