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Who do you plan to use for your mains for this game?


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As well as who are you mains?


Let's see...

My mains are

-Captain Falcon

I'm probably 2nd best with him. Use to his fighting style as he gets a fair amount of speed and power as well as an ok recovery.

-Princess Peach

Am best with. I'm just used to her fast hits in the air as well as her glides.


His fast firing pistol along with rapid kicks and a good recovery with a jetpack makes him great to use in my book.


His fast hits and dodges along with counter make him worth using. Although, he has been nerfed in Speed thanks to Lucina's appearance.


I'm used to moving and attacking with him although, he really can't combo without hitting the basic A button with no directions.


Used to PK Fire along with Yo-Yoing along with using a baseball bat whenever they are just recovering off the ground. PK Flash is good for when they are turtling and are far away.


He is slow, but I actually can combo with him as again, the basic A button mashing is the only way to get him going.

Not Mastered yet, but is a Vet


Want to master this guy as I was pretty good with him in Melee.

Who I want to master with the newcomers and have more mains....


I just love his battle style that he throws potted plants with dash attacking, attacking with Turnips with up and down+A hits and using a cactus rocket for those that are chicken to face him head on. Plus, chopping down the tree is good timing mostly when they are recovering from the air as sometimes you get a small pile of wood that you can use as a weapon after the tree is chopped down. I just love this guy as it is another positive reaction (Like with Marth/Roy SSBM) even though that I have never played his games before. I'm going crazy with him especially using nature and balloons(For awesome recovery) at his disposal.


I like to mostly SPAM with the A button along with using directional+A attacks to get him going. His Special though needs to be timed, or it will fail. He uses a mat to send the opponent in the air, then does Night Slash for his Final Smash.


I'm used to Spamming her forceshield to repel projectiles along with attacking with her angel wings. It's good to set her up by charging the wand and using A+directional attacks. Her recovery allows her to fly for a short time, or by teleporting into the frey. I want to master her because she's a fucking goddess. Duh.

-Little Mac

He's awesome at ground combat. But...one mistake may make him done for as his recovery is probably most terrible in the entire series. But...he can combo better than some fighters although he will have some trouble hitting smaller folks like Villager, Pikachu, etc. I still want to master him, because I've played his NES game and all around like the boxer.

-Dark Pit

Like Pit's darkside. I like characters that have dark sides of themselves. Using him should be easy as he fights just like Pit.

-Duck Hunt Dog

He's very useful against slow movers like Ganon and that you can easily spam with guns and TNT giving your opponents a hard time to take action. Plus, his recovery is quite good as his duck carries him to safety.

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There's been like three threads on this topic. xP

But Ike and Luigi will always be my top two mains. Robin, Toon Link, and Duck Hunt Dog will be my main secondaries.

I saw one of them in search and it's like several months old. July. -.-

The Duck Hunt Dog is easy to use, you just SPAM with TNT along with B+B+Directional pad makes him pretty dangerous against slow movers like Ganon.

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they took out iceclimbers smash is dead to me

Wii-U is our only hope for that. =]

Please put them in that game, Sakurai. Please. He's already tested them in the Wii-U version and he said that they're working to perfection in it!

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These will probably be my initial go-to fighters, but I may well expand. Or I may just focus on 2 or 3, and get as good as possible with them.

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There are so many characters I want to get good at playing as that I don't even know, though Marth/Lucina and Samus for sure, Link, probably cause of the demo, and I'll put an effort into learning Shulk above the other newcomers probably.

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I'll definitely be playing Ganondorf/Lucina/Peach/Little Mac

Anything beyond that is unclear, though I'm gonna try out Shulk, Robin and Ike (again) to see if they can be mains

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Veterans (Mains): Luigi

Newcomers (Planned Mains): Robin (Male), Mii Gunner (My Mii)

Veterans (Secondaries): Bowser, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario

Newcomers (Planned Secondaries): Shulk, Bowser Jr. (Ludwig, Larry, Morton, Iggy), Pac-Man

Other (Who I'll dabble in/play as at times): Mega Man, Dark Pit, ROB, Mr. G&W, Duck Hunt, Wario (WW & Classic), Other Mii Classes (My Mii & Other Miis), Ness

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Mains (Veterans): Peach, Zelda, Zero Suit Samus, Ness

Secondaries (Veterans): Ike, Mario, Pikachu, Link, Dr. Mario, Marth

Originally, Mario, Link, and Pikachu were NOT my secondaries, but the demo has really made me better with them, so I'll count them. And Dr. Mario having the Mario Tornado is 10x better than the FLUDD.

Mains (Newcomers): Rosalina, Dark Pit

Secondaries (Newcomers): Little Mac, Palutena, Robin, Shulk, Lucina

I say Dark Pit, but not Pit, because of design. I like Dark Pit a lot more than regular Pit, and his Final Smash (in my opinion) would be easier to kill with. Plus, I already main ZELDA, and his FS in pretty much the Light Arrow, so I'll be used to it.

And then there's the ones that I'll probably play as from time to time. But not that often.

Wii Fit Trainer, Jigglypuff, Bowser Jr., Toon Link, Samus, Kirby, Villager.

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Wii-U is our only hope for that. =]

Please put them in that game, Sakurai. Please. He's already tested them in the Wii-U version and he said that they're working to perfection in it!

I wouldn't get your hopes up on that. If memory serves, he said there would be no roster differences between the 3DS and Wii U version. I imagine they might be implemented as DLC after the new 3DS and XL are released if it can handle them.

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Main Choices:
Shulk, Villager, Pit, Dark Pit, Lucina, Palutena, Fox, Little Mac, Ness, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Ludwig

I'm sure I'll find some that click, but without prior knowledge of how they play in my playstyle, It'll be hard to say.

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Veteran Main: Kirby, Capt. Falcon, Ganondorf, Pit, Roy

Veteran Secondary: Pikachu, Link, Jigglypuff, Marth

Kirby, Ganondorf, Pit and Pikachu were characters I used in Brawl. Everyone else was used in Melee. I say Marth, knowing that he's been nerfed, but I heard he got better since the E3 demo.

Newcomer Main: Shulk, Greninja, Palutena

Newcomer Secondary: Mega Man, Villager, Robin, Dark Pit

Most of the newcomers here are because I'm interested in seeing how they play and how they differ from other characters.

I might try to play the rest of the entire roster as well from time to time.

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Mario - Absolutely loving his playstyle from the demo. His increased attack speed gives him great potential for combos. Also, that forward-air, man.

Lucina - Always loved Marth's playstyle, but I wasn't fond of the precision needed to properly use his tipper.

Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles da bess He seems to have a balanced setup as default, but I can see those Monado Arts making him incredibly hard, but rewarding, to play.

Robin - I just like the idea of breakable tomes so you can't spam them, really.

Ike - Not the best 1 v 1 character, but he's great in Free-For-Alls, and I managed to main him in Brawl for 3 years; not giving that up now.

ZSS - I enjoyed her playstyle quite a bit in Brawl.

Link - I've always mained Link, and it seems like he's gotten the buff he needs to be viable.


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Probably something along the lines of

Mains: Link / Sheik / Lucina (or maybe Marth, or both) / maybe Zelda / maybe Tink
Secondaries: Lucario / maybe 'Zard / maybe Kirby / maybe MK / maybe Mario
Looking to try: Shulk / Robin / Rosalina / Greninja

[spoiler=so like this I guess]IgLhaRR.png

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I'm mostly excited about the newcomers, I'll admit. I plan on maining Robin, with Rosalina and Lucina and DHD as back-ups, and probably Ike, who was my main in Brawl (along with Pokémon Trainer).

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