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Fire Emblem memes

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This is a forum to post FE memes related to any of the games. Whether it be a joke about the amount of clone characters in a game, or just something stupid like "Takumi plop" or something. You may post whatever under certain conditions:

  • No Knoll Roll spamming...
  • No reposting
  • Use common sense and don't post anything possibly/intentionally offensive

But anyway, just enjoy!


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Denning is like the original Fire Emblem meme. He's a meme inside the context of the game, repeatedly vapidly until the original context has no further meaning. He's coincidentally the best character in FE7.

Gheb was pretty memeful back in the old days. GhebFE is basically MemeFE, after all.

3-13 Archer

Glass, Batta the Beast

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