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Characters from Other Games as FE Classes


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Self explanatory. I was wondering what classes some characters from other games I've been playing would be. Any thoughts to some of your favorite non-FE characters?

Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Myrmidon/Samurai or Merc?

Riki (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Berserker

Squall (FF8) - Mercenary

Genji (Overwatch) - Ninja

Balthier (FF12) - Hero

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Genji (Overwatch) - Ninja

Yay for Overwatch! I actually have a plethora of ideas for an Overwatch crossover! I like choosing promoted classes so...

Genji - Master Ninja

Hanzo - Sniper

Mercy - Falcon Knight

Pharah - Wyvern Lord

Zenyatta - Sage/Onymoji

Symmetra - Mechanist

Bastion - Ballistician (he being the actual ballista)

Roadhog - Berseker (RIP clothes)

Ana - Adventurer

Lucio - Bard

I know this post isn't OW exclusive, but if you have any more ideas let me know! I think I want to make a drawing series.

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Mao (Disgaea 3) Grandmaster (FE13)

Kain Highwind (FF4) Wyvern Lord (GBA)

Add (Elsword) Druid (FE8)

Silvi (Agarest Generations of War) Falcon Knight

Mercedes (Odin Sphere) Sniper

Here's a few i thought of.

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I actually had a few ideas for the Mega Man Zero characters' classes.


Zero- Mercenary > Hero or Bow Knight(Canon class is Hero)

Ciel- Shrine Maiden > Priestess or Omyoji(Canon class is Omyoji)

Harpuia - Samurai > Swordmaster or Master of Arms(Canon class is Swordmaster)

Fernir- Wyvern Rider > Wyvern Lord or Malig Knight(Canon class is Malig Knight)

Leviathan- Spear Fighter > Spear Master or Basara(Canon class is Spear Master)

Phantom- Master Ninja(prepromote)

Copy X- (boss)Master of Arms


Elpizo- (boss)Dark Knight


Crea- Maid(prepromote)

Prea- Priestess(prepromote)

Copy X MK II- (boss)Great Knight

Armored Omega- (boss)General

Omega Zero- (boss)Hero


Neige- Trombodor > Strategist or Maid(Canon class is Strategist)

Kraft- Bow Knight(prepromote)

Dr. Weil- (final boss)Sorcerer at form 1 > Silent Dragon at form 2

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Hmm... alright!

I'm gonna be assuming I don't get to make up new classes for any characters, and I'll skipping over characters I can't really fit into Fire Emblem classes.

These classes will be chosen based almost entirely on how well the functionality of the class matches up with the abilities of the character in question within their own native game!

(In order to avoid spoilers, the true names of certain characters may not be used!)

[spoiler=EarthBound Beginnings/MOTHER]Ninten — War Monk (comes with a Club rather than an Axe)

Ana — Mage → Sage

Lloyd — Either Ballistician, or Apothecary → Mechanist

TeddyFE3!Berserker Swordmaster but with Berserker stats Hero

Pippi — an Apothecary with good bases, absurd physical growths, and Point Blank who just completely obliterates everything

The Garrickson Baby — Pupil (level 1)

[main antagonist] — The glass-cannoniest Sorcerer you can imagine (assuming he doesn't have his protective measures in place. Taking the sequel into account, he may also have both Counter and Magic Counter)

[spoiler=EarthBound/MOTHER 2]Ness — War Monk (comes with a Club rather than an Axe)

Paula Polestar — Dark Mage → Sorcerer (FE3DS)

Jeff Andonuts — Either Ballistician, or Ninja → Mechanist

Poo — Mage Fighter

Porky Minch — Apothecary → Mechanist

[spoiler=MOTHER 3]Lucas — Villager → Great Master (somehow; slow, tanky, and comes equipped with a Stick)

Kumatora — Mage → Sage

Duster — Ninja → Master Ninja

Boney — Perpetually-transformed Wolf Laguz (super speedy!)

Flint — Villager → Master of Arms (but really bulky and strong)

Claus — Villager (FE2) pre-timeskip, Grandmaster post-timeskip
Hinawa — Civilian
Salsa — Dancer, weakness and fragility and all

Fassad — Merchant early on, Sage when you're actually fighting him

King P — Mechanist but his puppet is really big and he rides inside it

Every Magypsy — NPC Sages strong enough to solo the whole map but who infuriatingly just sit there doing nothing but occasionally using those super-weak joke healing staves on your party members

[spoiler=Final Fantasy IV]Cecil Harvey — Ironically, a very tanky, physical-slanted War Monk

Kain Highwind — Soldier/Spear Fighter → Halberdier/Spear Master; Great Master after becoming a Holy Dragoon

Rydia — Is "Summoner but with Anima instead of Dark" an option?

Tellah — Sage

Edward Chris von Muir — Bard

Rosa Joanna Farrell — Shrine Maiden → Priestess (FE14)

Palom — Mage → Sage

Porom — Cleric → Bishop

Edge Geraldine — Ninja → Master Ninja

Fusoya — Archsage

Golbez — The bulkiest Sorcerer you can imagine

[spoiler=Final Fantasy VI]Terra Branford — Mage Fighter, Manakete, or Nohr Noble

Locke Cole — Thief → Trickster

Celes Chere — Mage Fighter

Shadow — Ninja → Master Ninja

Cyan Garamonde — Armor Sword → General (Sword-specialized)

Setzer Gabbiani — Physical-slanted Butler

Strago Magus — Druid/Sorcerer (because Blue and Dark Magic are both gimmick-based)

Relm Arrowny — Diviner → Onmyoji

Umaro — Brigand/Barbarian → Berserker

Gogo — Freelancer/Chameleon

Kefka Palazzo — Druid/Sorcerer

[spoiler=Final Fantasy VII]Cloud Strife — Mercenary → Bow Knight (because horses = motorcycles or something; I dunno)

Aerith Gainsborough — Diviner → Onmyoji

Red XIII — An always-transformed Beast Laguz of some sort?

Yuffie Kisaragi — Ninja → Master Ninja

Vincent Valentine — Sniper, or Bow-specialized Assassin

Sephiroth — Grandmaster or Mage Fighter

[spoiler=Chrono Trigger]Crono — Myrmidon → Swordmaster (shifts over to the Tactician → Grandmaster class line after learning magic)

Marle — Shrine Maiden → Priestess (FE14)

Lucca — Apothecary → Mechanist

Frog — Mercenary → Hero (becomes Mage Fighter after learning magic)

Ayla — Brigand/Barbarian → Berserker (Even though she's technically an unarmed brawler; it fits thematically)

Magus — Druid/Sorcerer

[spoiler=Tales of Phantasia]Cress Albane — Knight (FE1) → Great Knight (Sword-specialized all the way)

Chester Burklight — Archer → Sniper

Mint Adenade — Cleric → Bishop

Claus/Klarth F. Lester — Diviner → Onmyoji

Arche Klein — Dark Flier/Falcon (very magic-focused)

Suzu Fujibayashi — Ninja → Master Ninja

[spoiler=Tales of the Abyss]Luke fon Fabre — Lord

Tear Grants — Shaman/Dark Mage → Druid/Sorcerer (FEDS)

Jade Curtiss — Basara

Guy Cecil — Myrmidon → Swordmaster

Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear — Archer → Priestess (FE14) (Somehow. She'll make it work)

Asch the Bloody — Tactician → Grandmaster

Master Van — Grandmaster

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Balthier (FF12) - Hero

I honestly feel like Balthier would be a thief or a ballistician. When are we gonna get a proper gun-wielding class, IS?

Final Fantasy Tactics

Ramza - Mercenary/Hero

Delita - Cavalier/Paladin

Digital Devil Saga

Honestly, everyone would either be able to transform into a manakete or beast race given the circumstances in-game, however:

Sera - Shrine Maiden/Priestess

Heat - Fighter/Berserker

Argilla - Mage/Sage

Gale - Tactician/Grandmaster

Cielo - Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord

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Not a game, but...

[spoiler=Fullmetal Alchemist]Edward: Tactician/Grandmaster with a red color scheme

Alphonse: Obvious Knight is obvious, although a Knight with high Spd and Mag but lower Def and Skl would be kinda cool.

Roy: Probably GBA!Sage or a Henryish Dark Mage (in other words no skintight see through cloth for Colonel Mustbang). Also a personal that makes Fire-type Tomes stupid powerful.

Riza: Obvious Sniper.

Alex: Idk whether he'd be a Fates Berserker or an Awakening Warrior, both fit him well, but I suppose Bows are closer to his form of alchemy than hand axes so I guess Warrior. Actually maybe Oni Chieftain with no breastplate, just the pants? That would look a lot like him actually.

Olivier: Swordmaster or very sword oriented Hero.

Wrath/Bradley: Actually Great Lord in Awakening would be good for him, with the Rapier. Otherwise Fates!Swordmaster with a Prf dual-wield Rapier.

Envy: Freelancer, Freelancer, Freelancer.

Lust: Spear Master, maybe? Idk

Sloth: Awakening Berserker with no skill to be had or Faceless.

Pride: Grima but with shadows instead of a giant dragon lmao

Greed: He strikes me as an early game Mercenary boss with broken capped Def.

Greedling: Swordmaster with a Prf weapon that boosts Def by like 20 or some crazy shit

Hohenheim: Sage.

Father: Sage sprite and model, broken ass final boss weapon and stats.

Scar: GBA Assassin (looks wise) with a monstrous Crit but low Hit Prf sword.

Kimblee: Strikes me as more of a Sage than a DM.

May Chang: Cleric?

Izumi: Super high stats Sage but every weapon she equips has the Devil effect.

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Oh, lemme do some from Etrian Odyssey Untold!

Also, I'm not doing specifically Fates classes.

Highlander, aka self insert: Halberdier or Spear Master.

Frederica Irving, no relation to Lloyd Irving: Sniper (Closest thing to guns, although ESRB would say otherwise...)

http://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=34278&Title=Fire+Emblem+Fates%3A+Conquest <- read through this.

Simon: War Monk, but with Swords.

Arthur: Mage or Sorcerer (Basically, he can't heal)

Raquna, aka the best character: General.

Maybe some EO2U?

Knight of Fafnir, aka self insert 2: Hero

Arianna: Great Lord

Flavio: Sniper (Actually uses a bow this time)

Bertrand: General

Chloe: War Monk, but with Swords (She's not the same as Simon)

How about the classes?

Just EO2 for now.

Alchemist: Sorcerer.

Dark Hunter: Swordmaster.

Landsknecht: Swordmaster/Hero hybrid

Survivalist: Sniper

Troubadour: Rallybot (Buffs party).

Medic: War Monk with really bad strength issues.

Ronin: Swordmaster +.

Hexer: Sage (Inflicts statuses).

Protector: General.

Gunner: Sniper + Crit Bonus

War Magus: War Monk but with swords and L O R E.

Beast: General, Swordmaster and Cleric all in one (Jack of all trades, master of none).

Just for fun, some of my favorite EO3.

Sovereign/Prince(ss): Lord with rally skills.

Arbalist: Literally just a Ballista.

Farmer: Farming Midori.

Ninja: Ninja.

And one from EO4:

Dancer: Assassin with both passive buffs and rally skills. Well, from my point of view anyways.

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Yes, my time has come!

[spoiler=Resident Evil]

Leon: Merc-Hero

Claire: Merc-Hero

Chris: Fighter-Hero

Jill: Sentinel

Sherry: Villager-Master of Arms

Jake: Merc-Hero

Piers: Sniper

Helena: Pegasus Knight

Ada: Adventurer

Carla: Master Ninja

Agent: Ninja

Hunk: Thief-Assassin

Albert Wesker: Sorcerer

Alex Wesker: Sage

Sheva: Swordmaster

Barry: General

Moira: Wyvern Rider

Steve: Swordmaster (because dual-wielding)

[spoiler=Devil May Cry]

Dante: Hero

Vergil: Swordmaster

Nero: Merc

Trish: Sage

Lady: Fighter

Sparda: Trueblade

Truth be told I've been thinking about the Resident Evil ones for a long time. I even have secondary classes for most of them.

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Legend of Zelda

Link (Bow Knight)

Zelda (Grandmaster or Master Knight)

Ganondorf (Dark Knight)

Sheik (Ninja)

Impa (Master Ninja)

Lana (Mage)

Cia (Summoner)

Volga (Wyvern Lord)

Wizzro (Dark Mage)

Zant (Grandmaster)

Ghirahim (Swordmaster)

The Mysterious Murasame Castle

Takamaru (Samurai)

Aosame (Swordmaster)

Akasame (Master of Arms)

Ryokusame (Dread Figher)

Momosame (Master Ninja)

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[spoiler=Metal Gear Solid]

Solid Snake: Mercenary->Hero
Big Boss:Great Lord

EVA: Adventurer
Naomi Hunter: Cleric-> Bishop

Grey Fox: Dread Fighter
Meryl: Soldier -> Halberdier
Otacon:-> Villager-> Mechanist
Raiden: Myrmidon-> Swordmaster

Mei Ling: Falcoknight
Colonel Campbell: General

Kazuhira Miller: Tactician->Grandmaster
Liquid Snake: Hero
Revolver Ocelot: Bow Knight
Sniper Wolf: Sniper *DUH*
Psycho Mantis: Sorcerer
Vulcan Raven: Warrior
Vamp: Assassin
Solidus Snake: Wyvern Lord
Fatman: Oni Chieftain

Fortune: Dark Flier
The Boss: Paladin

Volgin: Berserker

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Maybe some EO2U?

Knight of Fafnir, aka self insert 2: Hero

Arianna: Great Lord

Flavio: Sniper (Actually uses a bow this time)

Bertrand: General

Chloe: War Monk, but with Swords (She's not the same as Simon)

I personally think that Flavio would probably fit better as an Adventurer, given that Adventurers have pretty good speed, and if I remember right the Survivalist class has access to some very limited healing skills.

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[spoiler=SaGa Frontier]

Red=Hero (Pre-promoted)

Blue=Mage -> Sage


Gen=Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

Roufas=Mage Fighter

Annie=Mercenary -> Hero

[spoiler=Live A Live]

Sundown=Outlaw -> Bow Knight

Oboro=Ninja -> Master Ninja

Masaru=Fighter -> Warrior

Pogo=Brigand -> Berserker

Oersted=Mercenary -> Hero

[spoiler=Valkyrie Profile]

Arngrim=Mercenary -> Hero

Lawfer=Soldier -> Halberdier

Aelia=Manakete or Soldier -> Halberdier

Grey=Sword Armor -> General

Llewelyn=Archer -> Sniper

Badrach=Outlaw -> Adventurer

Jun=Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

Mystina=Mage -> Sage

[spoiler=Riviera: The Promised Land]

Ein=Mercenary -> Hero

Fia=FE4 Troubadour -> FE4 Valkyrie

Lina=Archer -> Sniper

Cierra=Witch or Mage -> Sage

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I honestly feel like Balthier would be a thief or a ballistician. When are we gonna get a proper gun-wielding class, IS?

I kind of just said that because of how he's always referring to himself as the hero of the story, thought it'd be kind of funny.

Anime/movie/TV show characters are allowed as well, so here come some anime characters xD

Here are some more idea I had.

Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles) - Sage/Onmyoji

Togame (Katanagatari) - Tactician

Black*Star (Soul Eater) - Master Ninja

Link (LoZ) - Bow Knight

Zelda (LoZ) - Priestess

D.Va (Overwatch) - Ballistician

Selphie (FFVIII) - Cleric

Fran (FFXII) - Sniper

Emonzaemon (Katanagatari) - Swordmaster or Assassin

Rydia (FFIV) - Summoner or Sage

Edge (FFIV) - Master Ninja or Assassin

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I personally think that Flavio would probably fit better as an Adventurer, given that Adventurers have pretty good speed, and if I remember right the Survivalist class has access to some very limited healing skills.

Oh shoot, you're 100% right. I totally forgot Adventurer existed.

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The love for Etrian Odyssey is real. I love it!

Why not some Tales of, while we're at it?

Emil Castagnier (Symphonia: Dawn of the New World): Dread Fighter

Marta Lualdi (Symphonia: Dawn of the New World): Maid/Priestess

Lloyd Irving (Symphonia): Swordmaster (give him Sunrise/Hagakure)

Colette Brunel (Symphonia): Priestess/Maid/Kinshi-Knight

Shina (Symphonia): Master Ninja/Basara

Milla Maxwell (Xillia): Grandmaster/Dark Knight

King Gaius (Xillia): Swordmaster

Ludger Will Kresnik (Xillia 2): Swordmaster/Hero

Judith (Vesperia): Spear Master

Yuri Lowell (Vesperia): Hero

Edna (Zestiria): Sage/Onmyoji

Lailah (Zestiria): Sage/Onmyoji

Mikleo (Zestiria): Sage/Onmyoji

Luke fon Fabre (Abyss): Hero/Lodestar

Guy Cecil (Abyss): Swordmaster

Natalia (Abyss): Sniper

Jade Curtiss (Abyss): Professional Troll Basara

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  • 1 year later...

I play a lot of Overwatch and i come with some classes idea for the current cast, im not sure about some characters so all your ideas and suggestions are welcomed

Soldier: 76
Lord (Sword) → Lord Strike (Sword, Lance)
Lord (Axe) → Lord Blackwatch (Axe, Black Magic)
Lord (Bow) → Lord Udjat (Bow, Staff) 

Barbarian, Fighter (?)
Ninja (Shuriken) → Master Ninja (Shuriken, Sword)
Mercenary (Sword) → Bow Knight (Sword, Bow)
Wyvern Rider (Axe) → Wyvern Lord (Axe,Lance)
Thief (Dagger) → Trickster (Dagger, Staff)
Myrmydon (Sword) → Swordmaster (Sword)

Archer (Bow) → Sniper (Bow)
Black Mage (?)
Mage (?)
Fighter (?)
Archer (Bow) → Sniper (Bow)

Cavalier (Lance, Sword) → Paladin (Lance, Sword)
Cavalier (Lance) → Great Knight (Lance, Sword, Axe)
Knight (Lance) → General (Lance,Axe)
Barbarian (Axe) → Berserker (Axe)
Beast class (?)
Fighter, Class with a high Resistance  (?)

Troubadour (Staff) → Strategist (Staff, Anima Magic)
Cleric (Staff) → War Cleric (Lance, Staff)
Pegasus Knight (?)
Monk (Light Magic) → Bishop (Light Magic, Staff)

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