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Ideas for new supports?


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I recently got and figured out how to use the Fates text simulator and I'm looking for some ideas to write using these characters.

I'm not sure if I'll ever post the things I make since they'll be awful, most likely, but I at least want to write some supports in my free time

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I have actually created a Takumi X Kaden support, but not a lot of people seemed to like it, even though I did my best on it. Maybe you could improve it...?




I know the text is super big but they're pictures and I didn't want to redo it all again...

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I really wished Elise and Forrest had a support chain.


*I want to see supports like Asugi and Ryoma, also Forrest and Odin. Child of retainers talking to their dad's boss and royal children talking with daddy's retainers.

*Azura and Camilla not having a support makes zero sense

*Charlotte and the Hoshido male royals, we all know Charlotte would have gone for it.

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Some ideas:

-Shura with Saizo and Kaze, relating to Kohga, Mokushu, Kotaro and the twin's father.

-Shura with Azura, relating to her kidnapping, ending with an S-Support.

-Reina with Orochi. I can't think of what it'd be about, but they're Mikoto's retainers, and Reina needed more supports.

-Scarlet and Ryoma.

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-Gunter + Felicia/Flora: Come on, they worked together for years and after Corrin joins the war they don't speak a single word with each other...

-Jacob + Flora: See above

-Shura + Yukimura: they worked previosly together (Yukimura devised the plan to kidnap Azura)

-Anna + Charlotte: They both like collecting money (for different reasons)

-Reina + Peri: Bloody Dou

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We're missing a support between Azura and Camilla. :O

How about a fashion related support between Oboro and Selena?

These already exist. Unnasuming venusaur made them

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Oboro with Forrest! Not as a mother, and of course only C to A supports, but I would like to see both of them talking about the different type of clothings between nations

And what a bout Niles x Orochi? I wanted so bad of let them get married... But no :(

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1.) Scarlet w/ Xander or Leo - I know everybody loves Ryoma x Scarlet but I would like some supports between the Nohrian princes to delve more on the city of Cheve, along with their views on the situation. There is no need for S-rank.

2.) Flora w/ Saizou - Perhaps, talk about how they are the elder twins and have a distinct need to protect their younger siblings, but subtle hints of insecurities surface through conversation, ending with understanding and a certain kinship. Maybe even S-rank. #NoFloraxJakobSRank

3.) Reina w/ Hinoka or Tsubaki - I feel like Reina would be the captain of the kinshi knights brigade and she perhaps helped either of them when they were trainees. It would focus more on character and world-building.

We need more cross generational supports.

4.) Shura w/ Nina - Maybe Shura is a well-known thief in the underworld and Nina wants pointers from him. The support would start off more humorous but turn a bit more solemn as they get more in-depth about the things Shura had to do in order to keep hope for his nation alive.

5.) Shiro w/ Hinata - The fact that these two are relatively similar makes me vexed that they don't already have a support with each other.

Also, I want a lot of the ones already suggested.

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Any combination of Yukimura, Shura, and Azura - as stated, Yukimura and Shura were involved in the plot to kidnap Azura, so it's gotta be kinda awkward having them in the same army. All C-A.

How about some supports using the amiibo units or bosses? If I'm not mistaken, the simulator includes those folk.

- Marth and Lucina discussing their relation. C-A

- Robin and Lucina discussing their previous journeys, and this new land. C-S

- Anna trying to make a profit off of Marth's fame. C-A (C-S?)

- Ike and Effie discussing the importance of mooskles. C-S

- Haitaka and Kumagera discussing their decisions to defect to Nohr. C-A

- Midori and Candace talkin' 'bout their... less than fortuitous meeting. C-A

- Maybe some C-S and C-A supports for Corrin and the amiibos/bosses?

I wish I knew how to actually use the simulator, but the Japanese characters makes it very difficult for me. Are they ever gonna update it with English letters and localized names?

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