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Hey guys! As some of you may know, Vestaria Saga Part 1 was released recently. Since I've done (okay, started) LPs for both Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga, I thought it was only right for me to also try an LP of this game. My LP completion rate is 0%, but hopefully this will be the one that I finish. Besides, it can only help that I'm starting my fourth year of university tomorrow and will most likely be very busy for the next 8 months.

Some links:

The general Vestaria Saga thread: this includes the download link for the game as well as more frequent and up-to-date playlogs of the game.

SF's Vestaria Saga info page: a lot of info on game mechanics and links to the official website

The official Vestaria Saga website

I'm not going to go into exhaustive details about the game mechanics in this LP- I'm trying to keep the time I spend as much to the playthrough itself and less on rehashing stuff you can read in the links above for yourself. I'll go into it only as much as is necessary to talk about my opinions/impressions about things such as characters or maps. It's mostly going to be just screenshots- after trying a video-style for my TRS 0% LP, I realized that it's not that interesting to listen to someone (even if that person is me) talk to themselves for 10 minutes, and plus I wasn't showing any fancy way to play the game or anything.

And now, onwards! I've already completed Chapter 1. It should hopefully be up later this evening.

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Hey guys! As some of you may know, Vestaria Saga Part 1 was released recently. Since I've done (okay, started) LPs for both Tear Ring Saga and Berwick Saga, I thought it was only right for me to also try an LP of this game. My LP completion rate is 0%, but hopefully this will be the one that I finish. Besides, it can only help that I'm starting my fourth year of university tomorrow and will most likely be very busy for the next 8 months.

I know that feeling lol. I'm at something like 5% myself (1 completed, too many started).

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yeah I finished a few drafts but those don't really count

Chapter 1 will come tomorrow. I started the writeup but I'm super sleepy so I'll have to finish it tomorrow. In the meantime, a spoiler...


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Chapter 1


So after some typical opening BS I skipped, here's one of the first screens of dialogue. One of these guys is our lord, and as you might have guessed, it's not the cool looking guy on the top; it's the dorky looking guy on the bottom. His name is Zaid. The name of the guy on the top is probably Zeke, but this is what the google translate of his profile on the official website reads:


Expositions it is. He's Zaid's older brother, and the military commander of their kingdom, Meleda. Some more people show up in this conversation but we'll get to them a little later. The gist of this conversation is Expositions telling Zaid to run away and escape with Expositions' fiance, Atol. To help him with this, Expositions sends a bunch of units with Zaid. Now the map starts, so let's first start with some character profiles.


Here's our lord and saviour, Zaid. Zaid's stats aren't that good, but he's level 1, so we'll forgive him, and besides, he also has 6 Mov. He has two weapons, one of them being his Prf, called Lord Asral. His Prf is bonkers, as you'll see later. He uses the Common Sword weapon type, which is important because there are several distinct sword weapon types in this game. He's got a few skills. Commander gives a Hit boost to surrounding allies, Fatal Attack adds his Technique stat (the equivalent of weapon level) to his crit rate, and Divine Protection, which gives him a Luk*2 chance of surviving a fatal attack. All in all, seems pretty decent.


Here's Atol, Expositions' fiance. She's a priestess, of course. She has Charisma, giving an Avo boost to surrounding allies, and also has Divine Protection. She can use only Staves, which surprised nobody I'm sure. Fairly standard healer overall IMO. Clerics with story significance are pretty common in Kaga games.


Our next character, our earlygame Cav, Troy. His stats aren't great considering he's already Level 4, but much can be forgiven for having a horse. He also has Adept, which is nifty on a Cav. He can use Common Swords and Common Lances. I'm probably going to use him a lot.


Our next character is a Knight, called Prodi. He can use both Common Lances and Throwing Lances. I get what they're trying to do, giving the Knights 1-2 range while the Cavs don't have any, but it doesn't make up for a 3 Mov difference. He has Adjacent Escort, giving adjacent enemies +3 Def, and Diligence, giving him 1.5x EXP. Those are pretty good skills but 4 Mov blehhhh pass.


The Barth to Prodi's Bors, Kaga decided fsr that we needed not one but two earlygame Knights. The official website has him translated as Bonaseru, but I'm going to make that Bones, which sounds way cooler. Bones has 5 levels and a few points of everything on Prodi, but I don't think his skills are as good. He's got Shield Tsukai, giving him a Technique% chance of blocking a physical attack, and Yell, which increases his crit rate when he's under half HP. Not sure by how much but it doesn't really matter.


Expositions is also here, albeit as an NPC, and is as baller as you would expect. He stays fixed on his starting spot all chapter and is basically just there for you to wet your pants looking at his stats and skills.


Anyways, this is a first look at the map. It's pretty big, as tends to be the case in Kaga games. There's more that's not shown in the picture- a few boats in the water in the bottom right. The objective of the map is to escape on those ships. Of course there are a bunch of Pirates in the middle, because earlygame FE map. There don't seem to be any glaring out-there mechanics like BS's hexagonal grid. The first turn, I just move everyone ahead. Atol in the back of course. I also visited a house and got a 100 of something.


A look at the boss. Eyepatch gets him points but he's kind of nondescript other than that. For some reason there are two other pirates with portraits in this chapter, other than the boss. I don't know why.


Here's a shot of getting 100 of something from another house. I guess they all give the same thing. You can also see in this screenshot that Troy and Zaid are ahead of everyone else and in position to get attacked by a bunch of units. Long story short, they all attack Zaid, Zaid has the Lord Asral, and he ORKOs all of them. The Lord Asral has way more Mt and Hit than Zaid's other sword. Hit rates are a little low sometimes in this game so its 125 Hit is actually super useful. It also gives Spd bonuses or something because later on, Zaid went from not doubling a unit to doubling it when he switched to the Lord Asral.


This is after Zaid ORKOs the boss. I'm actually not sure what happened, because he attacked him 3 times even though he has no extra-hit skills. Must be something the Lord Asral did.


The boss-fight gets Zaid the first level of the game. Str/Skl, a very auspicious start...


The pirates actually attack the ships waiting for you. This is actually the pirate's second attack on this ship- the first missed. Or rather, the Ship dodged it. But he hits this one. The ship captain gets mad or something I guess? Starts talking.


I had a choice here to attack this Thief with Zaid or keep him moving along towards the Pirates. WHAT DID I CHOOSE???


I chose the first, but chose to move to the Thief's other side. I could have attacked him at a pretty good hit rate with the Lord Asral but I burned through a lot of uses already so I just used a regular sword. I missed.


and, uh, then I realized that moving Zaid to the Thief's other side left Atol open for an attack... but then it didn't matter. The Thief chose to attack Prodi over Atol. Can you imagine being so bad you get attacked over a Cleric???


I took this photo a little late (it's really difficult to take snapshots of scenes in this game; the snipping tool takes too long and I'm too lazy to take screenshots and crop the rest of the screen out for every picture) but basically you can see there are just two ships now- one of them just sailed off even though it was nowhere close to running out of health. COWARDS


Troy gets to the village and gets some sword. It's a little better than his starting sword.


Atol leveled up. Way better level up than Zaid 8/10. Kind of spamming her staff even when it's not necessary but YOLO


I get Zaid to the spot between the ships and there are no extra commands (the three shown are Item, Convoy, and Wait) there even though I thought it was escape so uhhh I choose Wait but it does nothing. I guess it's just rout.


just a pic showing Garan, the advisor. His hair looks kind of stringy tbh


I finally kill the Thief after 1 billion misses because the Knights are fucking terrible. Also didn't help that he used an Herb in the middle to heal himself.


I kill the last enemy, another Thief, who has a 1-use sword that he drops? dunno what it does but the chapter doesn't end so UH

I decide to go for the funky signpost looking thing directly above and to the left of where the ships are. That does end up being the escape point but after Zaid escapes the map still doesn't end. WHICH makes me realize that everyone has to escape, even though I hadn't been moving Atol and the Knights toward that point. As I start moving them all towards that point, another ship runs away.


I swear to god if the last ship runs away here




yay money but this doesn't seem to be a lot...

after the map...



anyways this writeup is kind of bad I gotta admit. I took shit pictures; I'll take better ones next time hopefully. My timing was bad even for stills. I might just consider recording and taking shots from there but it sounds like a lot of effort.

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Is the second knight's name supposed to be Bonsell? I've heard that name before and it sounds extremely similar.

Also, I'm assuming you meant "adjacent allies" and not "adjacent enemies" when you were talking about Adjacent Escort. And if so, HOLY COW. Lily's Poise on a TANK? Yes please!

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