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Tearing Saga Bosses and NPC Versus Save File


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- This is a Tearing Saga save file that contains all of the Bosses Characters and almost all of the NPC, there are 53 characters. (which I mistyped 153 in the readme.txt)
- All stats are gotten from the game.
- All Weapons and usable Items are in the storage.
- Some characters got a higher stats than they have in game because they are available in versus mode and they are stronger or a similar character with the same class appears in versus mode.
- Weapons are given based on my personal taste
- Some NPCs just have an unique overmap model,in battle their model will be default according to their classes.For example: Richard (if he is mounted), lacks an unique battle model, so the original model will be loaded.On foot both of his model works fine.
- The evade bonus category is broken for some character which I can't do anything about it since a hack that makes their nickname shows up correctly does it.
- Unfortunately the game doesn't load portrait for characters that are not originally in your party.
- This doesn't include characters that you can recruit and stay with you until the end.

- Zahaak or Azi Dahaka silences ALL OF THE ATTACK,render the user invincible.So the fix is open TRS Modify,go to category 5 from left to right,select Zahhak and change "Dark cannot Counter" to "Cannot counter".It will makes change to your iso so use ECCREGEN program in Data folder to fix the Error-Correction code image file for console usage.You will have to set your locale to Chinese in order for all features of TRSModify to work correctly.

* The following things may or will corrupt your save data, so read it carefully:
- DO NOT put any of the dragons,or the monster, or some characters who don't have a portrait as leader (first slot).You'll get a Broken File after saving,it is easily solved by not using them.
- Black Rain is bugged in Versus Mode, it is usable on Turn 5 of the game so the computer will use this and end the battle immediately.You'll be given 2 options: to restart the chapter or to quit.If you choose to restart the chapter,the game will freeze.If you choose to quit,the battle ends in a draw regardless of the result.
- If there are more than 2 dragons in the same map there will be graphic corruptions in some of them.
- I don't know if you can use the Save Staff to save mid-battle but this is just not recommended.

- How to use it:
+ If you are using an emulator drop the memory card file from the folder "Memory Card Image" to your memcards folder.You may have to rename the file if necessary.
+ If you are using a PSX or a power user then I have 2 folders "Single Save File" and "PS1 RAW Save" for you to try things out.Unfortunately my PS1 broke and I never transfers save to real PS1 memory card before so I can't help you.You can try to paste the save from "PS1 RAW Save" folder to the root of your PS1 memory card on a PS2 with Ulaunchelf.

- The files in Reference Data is for researchers and hackers who wants to transfer the characters by using Cheat Engine or Artmoney to their save game.

Download link:


TRSModify Download link:

<removed download link since I try to stay away from sensitive stuff like ISO patching, etc etc
without the tool you can still use the save and its feature, just not being able to attack while someone use Azi Dahaka>

- Credit:
+ DragonMaster for making TRSModify

+ AcTiny for TRS Hacking Tutorial

+ socnau from danlamgame for the save that I downloaded and used,

Update: 988 downloads now in Apr 19, 2024. Thank guys.


- Have fun,


And the TRSModify options:



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Added name of the author to credit
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I've wanted to know for so long which face sprites belong to all of the different unused characters. Thank you very much for doing this!

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On ‎21‎/‎05‎/‎2017 at 2:34 PM, Emperor Hardin said:

Late, but if I can ask, do unplayable classes dismount? If not, are they unable to move indoors?

Unplayable class cannot dismount.However most of the unplayable character has an unique instance of a playable class.So they can dismount.As far as I can remember.The only one who can't dismount is Julius since his classes are unplayable.So he cannot move in door.

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On 5/22/2017 at 4:17 AM, eatrawmeat391 said:

Unplayable class cannot dismount.However most of the unplayable character has an unique instance of a playable class.So they can dismount.As far as I can remember.The only one who can't dismount is Julius since his classes are unplayable.So he cannot move in door.

What do you mean by "unique instance of a playable class", sorry I'm a little confused there? Do you mean like how  classes like the enemy Dark Rider and playable Dark Knight exist?

Edited by Emperor Hardin
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On 24/5/2017 at 10:05 AM, Emperor Hardin said:

What do you mean by "unique instance of a playable class", sorry I'm a little confused there? Do you mean like how  classes like the enemy Dark Rider and playable Dark Knight exist?

Well if you look at Shion,even though he is unplayable,his class is a Dragon Knight,while he has a unique model(look different  from any playable Dragon Knight class),he can dismount.

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On ‎8‎/‎1‎/‎2017 at 9:18 PM, 12fretsjourneyman said:

Off topic:  I've been messing around with TRSmodify for a while now.  Is there any way to reposition player's deployment slots and enemy units in each chapter?  What about accessing the unused skills in the game?

You can't position any unit with TRSModify.You can only do that with Cheat Engine or ArtMoney but that tutorial is in Vietnamese and isn't mine.


Unused skill probably does nothing but I haven't tested them.

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I probably will never have time to make a new version out of this due to my carrer/life choice
So I'll give instruction in case anyone want to improve on this work

Relevant expertise is to know how to use cheat tool like ArtMoney or Cheat Engine on a PS1 emulator on PC
Anyways if you don't have the exp, the process to search for an address is:
1. Scan for a value
2. Change the value in game
3. Filter for the changed value
4. Repeat until you have the address you want

Knowing C is a plus, but if you don't know C programming language you can do trial and errors.
It will be a time-consuming process.

Step 1: When you load the versus save, go to the place to manage party. 
Step 2: To hack a character open the stat window of the character 
you want to hack and search for '4 bytes Integer' value, using this formula to find the address: 
- (First Slot Weapon ID) + (First Slot Weapon Durability * 256)
for example if the character's inventory is:
- Weapon
1. Luna       | 30
2. Iron Sword | 50
3. <empty> 
4. <empty>
- Item
1. Fruit      | 3 
2. <empty>
3. <empty>
4. <empty>

The first weapon slot is Luna with a durability of 30, and Lunar weapon ID is 25
So you should scan for:
25 + (30 * 256) => 7705 (4 bytes Integer Values)

Step 3: Make a save state

Step 4: You probably will get multiple results, for each of the value try replacing with '7681', 
2 case will happen:
- Case 4.1: if your character first weapon changed into an 'Slim Sword' with durability '30'. This is the correct address. Proceed to step 5
- Case 4.2: if your character first weapon didn't change, restore it back to the original value because you changed the weapon for other characters, when in doubt reload the save state from Step 3 and try again

Step 5: When you get the chracters' base address in RAM, you need a Calculator with Programmers mode, to do the math in HEX mode (base 16), so let's suppose the character base address is 0098AA8, if you add 4 it will make 009BAAC, because human counts from 0 to 9 in base10, but in base16, we count from 0 to 16, with 10=A, 11=B, 12=C, 13=D, 14=E, 15=F
Let's call the base address BASEADDR
[Character structure]
- Character avatar: BASEADDR - 3  (3 byte int)
=> see character.txt for existing character avatar
=> value from 0-16777216, but not all is used, trial and errors is needed to get correct avatar
=> a value of 0 means no avatar, it means that the character's portrait will be generic solder based on their existing class
=> however you cannot make a non-portrait characters a leader because you will get a Broken Save on saving

- Character gender: BASEADDR - 8 (1 byte int)
there are only 2 values, 1 for male and 1 for female, you can extract it from the available characters

- Character name:   BASEADDR - 4  (1 byte int) 
=> value from 0-255, see character.txt for existing character name ID

- Character class:  BASEADDR + 3D (1 byte int) (if not working try subtract 3D)
=> value from 0-255, see character.txt for existing character name ID
=> please note that the class affects the stat

- Character stat:   BASEADDR - 18 (8 bytes value)
=> all of character stats like attack, def, magic, however they are not stored in 0-256 range format, they use something like C bitfields to store all of the stat in 8 bytes range, so 1 byte might contain data for multiple stat fields

This is the most tricky part of the hack, what I'll do is to apply Step 2 but when the character is in Battle/Gameplay Mode, get the character base address, hacking the items to be the Stat Boost potion, making them all 99, then boost the stat up to the desired value using the in game Potion, then copy the value of that character stat as reference (also making sure the current HP matches the max HP).

- Character skill:  BASEADDR - 10 (8 bytes value)
Hacking the skill is not as hard as you might expect, there are 8 bytes, which means there are 64 bits, and each bits contains 1 skill, so example:
- Skill ID 1: 1
- Skill ID 2: 2
- Skill ID 3: 4
- Skill ID 4: 8
- Skill ID 5: 16
- Skill ID 6: 32
- Skill ID 7: 64
- Skill ID 8: 128
- Skill ID 9: 256

=> Skill ID N: 2^N

So if I want my character to have Skill 1 and Skill 2, I will simply add them up:
1 + 2 = 3
It's been a long time and I forgot the skill ID, Skill 1 and Skill 2 refers to the HP Stealing and the 5 Attacks Skill, they are always the same so it would be nice if someone could document them

- First weapon:   BASEADDR     (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256)
- Second weapon:  BASEADDR + 4 (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256)
- Third weapon:   BASEADDR + 8 (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256)
- Fourth weapon:  BASEADDR + C (4 byte int) => formula is Weapon ID + (Durability * 256)

- First Item:     BASEADDR + 10 (4 byte int) => (don't know if this is correct, but should be nearby the weapon address), same formula as Weapon
- Second Item:    BASEADDR + 14 (4 byte int) => (should be first item + 4)
- Third Item:     BASEADDR + 18 (4 byte int) => (should be first item + 8 )
- Fourth Item:    BASEADDR + 1C (4 byte int) => (should be first item + C)

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with your edit, make a save
Step 7: Go to party placement menu and scan from top to bottom, make sure when you pass through (ex: hack coverage) all the characters, the game won't crash. if the game crash then start from previous save
Always make backup of the saves before to prevent this issue

Step 8: Then repeat with the next character.

The old save is still available for download. Here are some ideas:
- There is no bow user in this save, unless you mount Barca
- There are a lot of soldier class unused
- Making each country has its own commander and soldier class
- 5/6 NPCs are not in there

Good luck

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correct typo
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