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The Unsung Heroes of Fire Emblem

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1 hour ago, Armagon said:

Don't forget the Leather Shield Mercenary.

That guy is a real bro. Doing his part for team bad guy in Zofia. 

Lets not forget the lone female sniper in FE7's Eliwood getting Durandal level. And Crimean Valkyrie of FE9

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Let us not forget the "brave" group of villagers in Paralogue 3 of FE13, Led by Herp Derp the Villager himself. His skill in battle will not be forgotten.

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Let us also remember the brave soldiers of Caelin and their attempts to fight off the Laus invasion.

even if they literally needed to be carried, they still did their part.

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Shoutouts to the Thieves that risk their lives, only to open chests containing nothing but a Vulnerary and then getting killed by one of my units (and dropping said vulnerary on death), therefore saving me the use of one of my valuable Chest Keys.

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