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I used to go to dances, and even became quite a hit sometimes (got voted best dancer my senior year, not that I'm bragging).

I retired after I dislocated my knee at a Halloween dance that year. Now the only reason I'd go would be if I was convinced to do so anytime soon.

... though I likely wouldn't go anyways. All the music played at dances nowadays is rap. >_>

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Dances = awesum. They're always filled with hugs and happiness. And slow dancing is nice if you like a girl and wanna get some aloone tiiime. XD

I usually don't see the point in dancing until time has passed. Then I get past my "This is stupid" phase and have fun dancing with my pals. It usually helps that most of my friends are girls, so I nevar get lonely there :3.

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they're ok. I can't dance to save my life. High school dances were.... interesting for me

The college dance parties are...very interesting. People go nuts and start jumping about and stuff :blink:

It put me off...

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