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Doctor Seuss Mafia - X-Site Summer Invitational (Day 5 - *YLO)


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2 minutes ago, SB. said:

I'm SF and am going to forget over half of your home sites by the time the game starts.

Pretty sure you're one of those people I played with once before.

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19 minutes ago, Ryker said:

Sidenote: I've heard this playerlist is the shit. I GREATLY prefer playing in a group of solid players, so I'm really hoping this game lives up to expectations. I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it.

(Also, ily Spank)

Yes it is. Good to see you again.

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I feel like a shit because this is Serene's Forest and my flair is Roy, who is far from the best character in Fire Emblem, but I've played this character competitively in Melee. If I was gonna do that to myself for this long, I can't betray my boy.

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3 minutes ago, Ryker said:

Be real. You've heckled everyone in everything I've ever played with you.

Lol true but I only heckled him a little last time and then I just town read him as town and then he turned out to be scum 

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