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  1. Oh, dang. ##Vote: @Makaze You always were the Jin to my Mugen. Touché!
  2. I read along at parts and thought you may have been scum at parts, it would have been fun to trade walls
  3. not in but swag EDIT also plz policy lynch amphy for the injustice i suffered that she now immortalized in her sig
  4. If you had to assemble a 7-man pirate crew including yourself with players from EIMM/SF, who would you choose and what would their roles/jobs be?
  5. Remember for next time we get half the playerlist wanting to win the game with Refa.
  6. Ah, Xinnidy. The most physically attractive man/woman in the world is your lover. However, they have no personality and you must choose one SFers personality to implant into the husk (had to pick an appealing word there) to bring it to life so y'all can start your life together. Remember you live with this person, confide in them, sleep with them, and spend a great amount of time with them. Who do you choose and why? What are some traits of theirs that make you want to choose them? If Kim, Kitty, and Sylv were hanging off a cliff without the power to lift themselves up, and you only had time to pull one up before the rest fell, but you still DEFINITELY had time to evaluate who you were consciously going to pull up, who would you rescue and why would you let the others fall to their demise? If you had the time and resources to take up 3 hobbies of your choice, which would you choose and why?
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