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Famitsu 3rd Preview: New villains, Weekend activties, Ashe and Lysithea


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18 hours ago, Ertrick36 said:

You can't really fault the classes being opened to the other gender for those units sucking, it was just the units were poorly designed and you have to chock it up to the people who designed them in the first place.  Subaki sucked not because he was a male pegasus knight, and Rinkah didn't suck because she was a female fighter, but because the developers thought it'd be "balanced" to make physical units with shitty strength and weird weapon options.  It was especially stupid in Rinkah's case because the stat is in stark contrast to her physical appearance of a super ripped woman with hardened abs.  I'd just say the devs had their heads up their asses in those units' cases.

 And in Charlotte's case, she was designed pretty much exactly like a traditional FE axe fighter.  It's more a testament to how awful the template is (at least in a FE game like Fates) than how bad the idea of a female fighter is.

I guess I can't. But still, out of the units I mentioned, the only one that I could consider passable has problems existing. 

Her case isn't helped by her being underleveled. To put things in perspective, she comes in at level 10 in chapter 13. Conquest stops using unpromoted units in chapter 18, and thus I'd prefer to have everyone I'm using promoted by then. On top of this, one of the chapters in between is one where only Corrin, Gunter and Azura are usable. The result? Someone who needs a LOT of attention to be usable (I dare say she requires more effort than effing Mozu).

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17 minutes ago, Sentinel07 said:

By the way, the classes we got revealed this week (Thief, Priest, Pegasus Knight, etc), are these part of the classes unlocked at Level 10?

Correct, they are Intermediate Classes

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I like how the 3 Lords, lord promotions, are based of their nations emblems, Red/gold Edelgard (Adrestian emblem: golden two headed eagle with a red BG ), Blue/silver Dimitri( Faerghus emblem: Silver Griffon rider with blue BG ), Claude is bit odd, its Dark Gold( The centre of Leicester emblem is darken gold ),which is why Claude's Lord colors are are my least favorite, its too monotone, in comparison to Edelgard and Dimitri.

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