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So, I'm playing GTA4


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I know a lot of people don't like the game, but this is entertaining nonetheless.

So I'm in the subway, and unlike other people who play this, I don't go around killing everyone on the street just to kill them. I actually try to avoid that.

But anyway, I'm in the subway, and this homeless guy comes up to me asking for money. And I have about half a million, so I figured I'd give him some.

Unfortunatley, I must've been facing the wrong way, and I threw the money onto the tracks.

Then the bum, starts walking towards the money, and walks onto the tracks. He gets the money, but as he comes back, a train pulls into the station.

And here I am on my couch, laughing my ass off, and feeling awful.

Then the train pulls out and I get my money back.

So this topic is dedicated to that bum. Who risked his life for money.

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GTA4 is not about helping people. It's about driving into a parking lot, taking every parked car and putting them side by side, lighting the one in the middle on fire and watching the fireworks.


I really dislike GTA but when I do play it, I try not to kill everyone, just the objectives.

Althoguh Lyle, this story was fucking awesome.

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