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Can the Awakening rite be done in other worlds?

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The Awakening trio in Fates make a lot of neat references and callbacks to Awakening in Fates, and a particularly interesting line of dialogue can happen if you give Laslow the Emblem Shield accessory, to which his response is that he can't perform the Awakening. But is that really the case?

If he isn't Chrom's son, he obviously can't do it. But if he was, that could mean that he's either:

  1. Too self-conscious about it, and he really doesn't know if he can perform the rite or not
  2. Successfully BSing you
  3. Legitimately can't do it because he's in a different world

That last point leads me to my actual question(s): Could the Awakening be done in another world? Are there any such instances in the series where a similar rite is performed to similar effect?

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2 hours ago, indigoasis said:


  1. Too self-conscious about it, and he really doesn't know if he can perform the rite or not

I think the first explanation fits very well with how a Lucina - Sibling support goes in Awakening, so I am inclined more to believe that is what he means. The Awakening ritual does need some divine dragon's help as a conduit, although as the Awakening DLC shows it doesn't have to just be Naga filling that role (as Tiki does at the end of that one), and from what I remember, the Dragon that gives Izana his prophecies is described as a Divine Dragon, so it might be workable.

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