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Hey y'all! I haven't posted on SF in a long time, but recently had the idea to make a community-based Top 5 Units for this game, since it seems to be pretty up in the air depending on who I'm talking to at a given moment. 
For this list, give me your ordered list of the 5 units you consider to be the best units in the game, and I'll post results in the future once I feel I have a good sample size (I'm also polling multiple Discord servers about this.)

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11 minutes ago, Saint Rubenio said:

re we talking objectively best or favorites? Because my answers will change drastically depending on that.

Objectively best. Though favorites are always fun to see on the side.

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You can really tell which is the one I actually like lol

5. Raquel

This pick I'm not as sure about, but... honestly, I love this unit too much and I do feel there's an argument that can be made for her. She is completely broken, brings a broken bow that might as well be her prf and murders everything forever - or she would, if she didn't leave things at 1 HP. This, however, I would argue is a strength. It allows you to easily give units like unpromoted Narron or Sasha the kills that they need to become obscene, or get infinite money with Maerchen more easily, or train your favorite meme more easily. The possibilities are endless! Plus, if you need something dead fast, guaranteed 1 HP is about as good as 0 HP. Paragon allows her to keep up for a very long time despite her inability to kill humans, too. A great asset with irreplicable utility, even if she falls off somewhat in the late stages of the game.

4. Raffin

Starts with decently solid bases and a pony that will take him as far as he needs to get his wyvern. Then he becomes arguably the best flier in the game and all you need to do is let him exist. A wee bit more mundane than the others on this list, but still, amazing unit that requires zero investment and delivers pretty great returns.

3. Renee

Dibs on warp. And if that wasn't enough, she can also kill half the monsters on the map is she feels like it. She makes the lategame bearable lol

2. Early Sierra

Infinite movement, access to sylpheed, infinite movement, five or six exclusive tomes - among which is nosferatu, infinite movement, did I mention infinite movement? Sierra's one and only fault is her shaky base stats. Save a few statboosters for her and she's all set to destroy - and unlike the likes of Narron or Raffin, she can be anywhere she likes, any time she likes. Slightly subpar availability is the only thing holding her back a bit.

1. Early Narron

Give him a handful of levels, which is easy this early on. Could even be pulled off in time for chapter 3's knight crest. Then you give it to him the first chance you get and that's it. Game won, go home. Kid becomes Seth. In a vacuum he's perhaps a little worse than Sierra, only because he can't exist everywhere and can't use sylpheed, but he compensates by existing for the entire game. Just about. It's insane how lopsided the Verje choice is.


Destroys everything with his unparalleled sass, conscripts/manipulates half the playable roster into the army, beats the stronger lord unconscious with a single punch and tells him to stop crying and get godslaying after he goes through the most traumatic event of his life. The game would be ten times worse without him.

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This was a tough choice, but I guess I have five here in the order I thought of them.

Siera - Putting the Warp skill in a players hands is incredibly powerful.

Shigen - His personal sword prevents him from dying. You literally have to try to kill him off...

Plum - She learns to dance, eventually, but even before that (if you chose Lee the first time around) her personal defense staff is solid too, letting you half damage to a unit for an entire map starting from chapter 3 onward.

Rishel - His personal tome with its +10 defense is something I always found to be very powerful, and useful (the 1-3 range is just icing on the cake). That +10 defense covers the biggest issue with mages enemy phasing, and it has the range to counter anything that isn't a siege weapon.

Narron - I am a bit uncertain about this one, as it takes a fair bit of investment before he breaks things, but as soon as he promotes he becomes a combat monster


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1. Raffin. Near-complete availability, excellent bases, and he gets to fly. He's basically DSFE Jagen / Arran with better long-term potential.

2. Sierra. I'm a little iffy on putting her so high because of availability, but she's just so ridiculous. She can save you a Warp charge in boss-kill maps, lets you Warp-skip a bit both before getting the Warp staff and on the route you don't send Renee to, and can sling Sylphid around. Shigen dying is really handy.

3. Plum. Dancers need to go high, IMO, but she also gets the Enarmour staff, which lets you do some stupid things with unreasonably high durability. And she joins at the end of Map 2, so that staff is available for most of the game.

Beyond these, it's a bit trickier. Zieg does a lot of early combat better than anyone else, but his availability isn't great, and lots of units compete with him for at least adequate combat. Narron is similar, with better availability but a worse start (and getting him early costs you the Enarmour staff, which is bad). Renee has the Warp and Physic staves, but not much else, and her availability is worse than Sierra's. Lionel could be an extremely useful unit if his Mov growth triggers - 26B is nightmarish to LTC without a high-move infantry unit - but he also has to grow into it, and he isn't guaranteed to become godlike like Narron. Sasha's combat is good enough once she gets going, but her training arc is worse than Narron's if you want to get to Paragon. And of course Shigen doesn't die unless you want him to. Holmes has numerous overpowered bows available to him, plus thief utility.

I think Zieg, Narron, Shigen and Renee are probably the ones competing for the last two spots, but I'm not super comfortable picking just two of them. I guess Narron and Shigen have availability on their side, so let's go with that:

4. Narron

5. Shigen

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