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  1. Zelda, SMT, Xenoblade, Astral Chain and Bayonetta are the other series I like to play. This reminds me I should replay Bayonetta 2 in the next 10 day because Santa Rodin.
  2. Well flying Nino will be my bonus unit until I get Jaffar. I think team 1 will be: Nino, Clair, S!Fiora and S!Takumi. Team 2 will be: Jaffar, Hardin, C!Erika and Arden.
  3. I like this banner, but I am in save mode right now since there are no new unit types on this banner. I love this Jaffar and I don't have a green dagger unit so he will be a new type for me. I will free pull colorless because of Elice and Marth, but if no colorless then red because young Zephiel is neat.
  4. If it is THs I really hope that Ferdinand is the TT unit, because dang it I want my husbando. I have no I idea here, but I am going to go with my safe guess and say Yarne and Xander. I hope I am wrong though and it is THs.
  5. Well, unless the seasonal banners have a new unit type or one of my favorites on them I am going to start saving for a while. I am happy to see a new heroes banner at the start of next month.
  6. Kelpie is my favorite mythical being. They are water spirits that can be a horse or take human form (mostly male).
  7. If this would get Elphin in to FEH I would be all for it. I want a just Grooms banner with only guys on it I don't even really care who.
  8. Well I caved and used the ax quest orbs on the new banner and I pulled my first Echidna at 4*. I am really going to stop on this banner now, since I should save for whenever someone I really want gets in. Even though this banner has not given me any 5*s it has given me two wanted ax users so I am happy.
  9. Well I have been wanting to pull green so I can get Ross, so this banner was my chance. Used the tickets and 46 orbs and the highlights are: 2 -atk,+hp Rosses, one python merge and the rest was junk. Even though I did not get any 5*s I am happy since I have Ross and can start him as a merge project down the line and Python has a merge. I am going to save orbs now.
  10. GF units in the offensive is the best thing like others have said. I have B!Roy with Cordelia in that position and they do great. My defense units are: +10 Lukas with Naga, +10 Kaze with Sothis and +10 Ares with Eir. My structures right now are: Muspell pyre, Life's jewel, Heroic banner and Askran seal. So far no deaths on highest difficulty, but who knows once it get harder.
  11. OH! I wanted to say I like the design of the fairy prince we see for two seconds during the book IV part. I hope he is a really part of the story with dialogue and impact.
  12. Well Peony looks nice and getting her free is great. I am glad I can finally save some orbs after the mythic banner wiped me out.
  13. Joan of Arc. She was so badass that the king sold her out to the enemy to prevent her from being made queen. For men I have to say: Leif Erikson. He found America before the Spanish did and he did not cause any lasting harm to the natives.
  14. They like to drop trailers the last day of VG it seems like. the last few have been like that, so I figure tomorrow will be the day.
  15. I like all the mods on SF so this is hard. I flipped a coin and vote for Integrity.
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