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  1. Free pull on the solo skills banner gave me my first Lethe with a +spd,-res nature to boot! I am always happy to see new units when I pull.
  2. Yeah I find the whole month thing annoying and dumb, I feel like they should have had it so that you walk around one day a month and set what you want people to learn then the rest of the month is devoted to battles and you can pick which ones you want to tackle first. It would have made more sense.
  3. Well I used some of my 248 0rbs on the brave banner because I have no self control. I pulled B!Eliwood who had to be -atk,+spd and a random myrrh merge and have 128 orbs left for Naga. I free picked Alm so I have the boys and hope I get the girls later. Now back to saving until Naga at the end of the month and I hope she comes home quickly.
  4. Well this was nice to see, even if I do like Tanith batter. Lance flier is over saturated, but I do like Sigrun so I will build her, though +10 will have to wait until my other grail projects are done. Looking forward to that atk tactics seal. I will decide my teams tomorrow after I pull on the brave banner, but B!Alm is my free choice so I will probably use him first then switch to someone else.
  5. I sent Hardin and Merric on the second one and on the third one I sent Catria and Ogma again since they seem to get along.
  6. Free Karla today and since this one was also -atk I merged and now have a +def Karla.
  7. Sent Ogma and Catria. They were the first two that came up.
  8. Well I finally got a Hardin on my free pull so I now have the dark emperor, but sadly he has to be -atk,+res. I am still going to use him since the only other DC lance armor I have is B!Hector.
  9. The more I think about it, I have decided to just pick Alm for free so I will finally have a version of him. I will only be doing free pulls on this banner since I really want Naga, so all my orbs will be saved for that. Plus the braves will be rerun a lot and will be in the general pool so I can wait for another banner.
  10. I don't plan on doing too many pulls on the CYL banner since I really want Naga on the legendary banner. Hopefully we get some tickets so I can have a little bit better chance at Alm or Miccy. I just hope the TT reward unit is Not Masked Marth because they don't have any fodder and if they have to rerun a TT unit at least give me some decent fodder. I am just kind of in save mode until Naga comes back, since a complete flying dragon team is one of my goals.
  11. Well I answered my own question because I had bad level up and restarted my BL playthrough. Even with completing Lorenz's paralogue he does not show up at the school in the first 2 chapters of part 2. I will have to see if he shows up later. On the other hand I recruited every student sans house leaders and Hubert. Feels good since I plan to take a break from the game once I complete my first playthrough.
  12. All I want from another dancer banner is Elphin. I know in my heart the likely hood of that happening is slim to none, but a girl can ream.
  13. Well none of my favs are on here so I can save orbs for other banners, Caspar or Felix would have made me pull, but no luck for me.
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