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  1. I think the trailer will be Wednesday since last several end days for VG have had the trailer on the same day, plus Thursday the game will be updating.
  2. Mila is cool and I will free pull colorless but I have to skip the banner since I still want B!Nailah. Too bad they made Mila an infantry dragon, I was hoping she would be a flying dragon since her artwork always has her with wings.
  3. @Jotari and @DefyingFates I know I am being bad hoping that, but I think her refine can still be really good without it. I just get a bit worried when they give refines to units I have built up with expensive fodder because if their weapon is really good, but it can't use my original build I feel like I wasted that fodder since I am for the most part F2P.
  4. Well Myrrh will get hers right away, I just hope it doesn't have DC built in since I gave her DC and I will be mad if that ends up being a waste of rare (for me) fodder.
  5. Well, I live in the desert so it is hot and dry right now and some plants are blooming so I am sneezing a lot. In another two months we will start our rainy season, which means wet humid days for days and that gets to me since the sky will stay gray for days
  6. Well these new reruns are very nice, though the 4 banners on the list don't interest me much, I do hope Nil's banner gets rerun with tickets at some point since I still don't have him. I don't use twitter, so I just hope people vote for a good banner like the FE 8 one.
  7. I read to escape so I don't read nonfiction unless I have to, an I read a lot. Anyway my personal favorites are a really long list so I will narrow it to my to 5. In fantasy my top two favs are Hexwood (by the same author as Howl's moving castle) and Sunshine by Robin Mckinley. As to classics my top two are To kill a Mockingbird and Persuasion (by Jane Austin). As to sifi my favorite series is Vampire Hunter D, but I can't pick which one in the series is top of the list.
  8. Black Knight for sure, I always go with my favs.
  9. I made the choice of deciding I wanted F!Lyon so I did the 40 pulls so I could get him as the free choice, only 5* in the pulling was my first Ranulf and I am leaving the banner with a 4.00% pity rate because I have who I wanted and Brides is calling me. On the Brides banner the only notables so far are: G!Rafiel at 4* who I already 5*ed and was very happy to pull and my first Forrest. I am going to keep trying for B!Nailah and Duo!Miccy and Sothe, I am more likely to get Miccy since I have had a total of two green orbs show up so far in my pulling.
  10. This one I found really funny. I am the cook in my house and my dad is a major complainer about whatever I cook. I sometimes think about giving him a lump of charcoal for his meat with the hottest peppers I can find just because he complains endlessly and with no really reason other then to be a pain in the neck, everyone else who has eaten my cooking has liked it. I would so be like P!Leo and throw cyanide sandwiches at the enemy.
  11. Video games, fantasy books, manga, anime, type one diabetes, music that I like, my animals, mythology and history.
  12. Yeah I like them both a lot, I just happen to like Elffin more. Rafiel and Nailah are my favorites from Tellius so seeing Rafiel added to FEH made me really happy. I am to the piont of any version of one of my favorites in FEH is better then none and I don't care as long as I get a version of them in the game.
  13. I will use OG!Nailah, Keaton, Velouria and Ranulf for the first team. I hope I can get B!Nailah and G!Rafiel from the banner but I probably won't get them til after TT starts. G!Hinata looks like fun so I will build him at some point. Seals are OK, but nothing I will use a lot which is nice since I have a few seals I need to finish forging.
  14. Well rip my orbs, Nailah and Rafiel are a really really want for me. Rafiel is my favorite heron so I hope good luck this time since the last two times I have gone for units I haven't managed to get them.
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