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  1. Well my pulling for H!Hector and Lilina have netted me: Bantu and Mercedes both new, +atk versions for my new bases of Ares, Roy, Marth, Brady and Seliph, and my sole 5* so far has been Tibarn who is +spd which was better the my old +hp one so new base. I am sick of seeing Stahl, Chrom and Solieil over half my pulls have been them. I have already used all the TT orbs. I just want 1 H!Hector and Lilina and then I am going to save. I hope that they come home soon so I can stop seeing the same 3 4* red units over and over again.
  2. Thank you for your words, they mean a lot! I can eat some sweets I just have to know the amount of sugar in it so I can give insulin for it. Type one is my cause I guess, so every time I have to deal with uncaring people it can make me mad. Especially when diabetes jokes are fair game and those jokes spread misinformation that make type ones be in a jam because of it. I personally believe that every health issue deserves support and understanding and should not be made a joke.
  3. @Light Strategist I was being a bit sarcastic, because IRL I am a pretty easy going person. I would never really punch somebody in the nose for saying stuff, but yes I have had the rest of the things I have said happen to me IRL. It is just really hard being a type one diabetic right now, because no one cares about how if something happens to screw up the calculations I make with my meds I can die and anyone that doesn't know me very well would not call the paramedics until it was too late.
  4. The thing is I explain until I am out of breath, but no one cares. I have never gotten an apology for the stuff people have said even after explaining. I have tried non aggressive means for most of my life to no affect. I have had it with being the "nice" and"bigger" person, I want to be able to use my fists to do something since people Hate type ones so much it drives me crazy because the uncaring has been causing people like me to die.
  5. Some times. Other times people will say dumb stuff like "a shot makes it all better and you don't need a cure" among other things. I just get very frustrated because of it and want to teach those people a lesson.
  6. I want the legal right to punch people who make fun of type one diabetics in the face, and after that they have to take a class that teaches them what type one is an why it is a life threatening illness that deserves support from healthy people. Either that or they have to donate $10K to finding a cure. The amount of hate I have gotten for my immune system attacking my pancreas when I was 3 years old could fill a library, so anyone that makes fun of the thing that has almost killed me more times then I can count needs a punch to the nose.
  7. Well I will be using OG!Hector on an armor team until I get H!Hector and Lilina. I might do horse emblem later to SP grind Rolf who is probably going to be my bow cav merge project down the road. Need to decide who is going to be on the teams, since I started HM grinding recently it will be interesting to use my lesser used units.
  8. Well now I can use the app without problems, but it went directly to the game without the update screen. Edit:now it updated. Looks like it fixed the field quests now for me they are changed to defeat an enemy and plant a crop. I will be able to plant dragon flowers after the reset so I will get the orb then.
  9. Me too. I am going to wait half an hour and then try opening the app then.
  10. Brave Redux has been at the start of November in the past.
  11. My phone is almost out of memory so no pics, but I finally have 2 5*+10s. My first is +atk Kaze who has: spd refine barb shuriken, drawback, iceberg, fury 3, cancel affinity 3, atk smoke 3 and his SS is def ploy 3. My second 5*+10 is +atk Lukas with personal weapon refine, swap, bonfire, steady breath, quick riposte 3, spur def 3 and the fierce stance 3 SS. My third will be Ares who is at +5 with a neutral nature right now, I am hoping I get a +atk one soon and I just need 100k feathers and he will be ready to go.
  12. I don't have twitter so I won't do the quiz, but I hope that we well get the rewards.
  13. You are you and I support you for having the will to be able to live your life and to come out as who you truly are. Life is hard enough without having to hide who you are, I hope you can now move forward and just be you without the stress of hiding a part of yourself.
  14. I love Hector so I'm pulling for him, have yet to decide who will be my back up if there are no reds.
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