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  1. I will be pulling colorless since I Missed Shinon on his debut banner and Corrin and Leif I don't have either. Green will be my backup, getting both girls out of the way makes me happy since I would like some more mythics from the mainline games for a change.
  2. Video game companies no, though I tend to only play Nintendo, Platinum and Atlus games since those are the games I like so I stay away from the game companies that do things that might make me mad anyway. As to other companies yes I do stop buying things from them if they do things that go against my personal code of ethics. CVS is a big one on my list and I had to choose between them and WalMart this summer for who I would be getting my insulin from, WalMart won that round hands down. Any company that spreads lies about type one diabetes or otherwise causes people to make fun of and or not help a type one when they have an emergency are companies I refuse to have anything to with, yes there are companies that have done this in the past and I have a list but it is long and I won't bother listing it all out. My choice is my choice and as long as I have free will I choose to only buy things from companies who don't make me mad.
  3. My granddad had a microwave that could cook meat and that is how he cooked most of his meals. Anyway I will be with my wonderful mom and my very annoying dad, as well as four dogs, one small black cat and one old gray horse. I will be cooking the turkey and everything this year since my mom doesn't want to do it anymore. The dogs and cat will get some turkey and the horse will get carrots.
  4. The problem with favorites is the disappointment of them not being on a banner. There is always next time for Elffin to be added and at least the longer I wait the better his stats will be when he is added in the game. I managed to pull a Guinivere and she is fun I am happy with her.
  5. Well I had to take some time to get over the ever present disappointment of no Elphin on the banner, but this is still nice. Galle is the one I am most happy about, even though he is a lance flyer and we have tons of those. I will pull blue with the tickets but I am skipping since I am low on orbs.
  6. Well this will be interesting I will have to think about who sounds like the best to use for a bit.
  7. I hope it is FE 6 and they finally give me my favorite FE character Elffin, as long as I get him in FEH I will be happy. I have been waiting 4 years I really hope my wait will finally be rewarded.
  8. I am hoping Binding Blade and I really hope Elphin is the demote. Gale GHB would make me very happy as well.
  9. @Othin and @NSSKG151 You guys have a point, I was just guessing but you both could be right since FE 1 has had 2 banners + Xane added to the game already this year. I was just making a lazy guess, but I won't be surprised if I am wrong.
  10. All this talk about new heroes banners reminds me of my thought that the early December new heroes banner has a good chance to be an FE 1 banner since the FE 1 remaster release comes out on December 4th and they will probably do something to promote it. I do agree with people saying that the next one could be FE 8, though.
  11. Well legendary Dimitri was a bust the only notables from the banner are F!M!Corrin, Thrasir and Ilyana all new. I will quit while I am ahead and hope Dimitri shows up next time he is on a banner.
  12. Well I finally get to dust off that +1 OG!Lyn I never use for this, I will team her up with Virion, Geese and Darros since they are closest to capping HM. Hopefully I get lucky on the banner, Navarre and Zihark are characters I really like. Seals are nice and I am glad they don't take a bunch of coins to upgrade since I still have a backlog.
  13. I really don't know what all would make this a great FEH channel for me, but some things I would like are: barracks increase HM increase increase on dragonflowers earned (I don't care how they do it but players need more) increase on weapon refines per month, we have a lot of staves to get through and it will take forever at this rate The other thing I would like is if they gave us Frayr for free at the end of book 4 since I don't see him selling all that well, plus there are 3 OCs not counting book 5 OCs that are coming. I know this is a pipe dream, but I wish it would happen.
  14. Russell Stover sugar free sweetened with stevia raspberry dark chocolate is my absolute fav. I really like Russell Stover sugar free dark chocolate to begin with, but the raspberry filled ones are the best.
  15. He is one of my mom's favorite actors and every movie I saw him in I at least liked, it is sad to find out he won't be in any new movies.
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