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  1. I am hoping either Lyn or Seiros win this since they are the two who I want most. with these match ups I personally hope the banner is: Seiros, Lyn, Freyja and Dimitri. Edelgard would be fodder for me and her fodder is the worst of the lot for me if she had DC instead of DW I would be fine with her winning this thing, but sadly that is not the case.
  2. It is brave Edelgard in the VG not legendary. The first round winners will be on the banner in the second half of March.
  3. I don't mind it if it is not over done. My main problem with overly catering characters is if their outfits make no sense, like Camilla who would have been the first one to die on a battle field with that armor. 3Hs did it best IMO since there was fanservice, but it wasn't overboard and made sense.
  4. Well I will be going with L!Dimitri for the first round because I don't want the fodder B!Edelgard has to offer. I am really hoping for Seiros or Lyn to win this thing.
  5. I agree with you 100%. Skyward Sword is my least favorite game and while I did beat it, it was a royal pain playing it left handed. I never could complete some of the side quests and other "filler" content because the controls were too touchy. I was really sad when I saw the direct and how Nintendo once again said who cares about left handed players. The sad thing is I feel Zelda probably has a higher left handed fan base the most games, since Link being left handed was the reason I got in to Zelda and I have met other fans that are the same. The only good thing about the HD version of Skyward Sword is that there is going to be an option to play it like in hand held mode so you won't have to use the motion controls at all if you don't want (I rarely use motion controls) so there is that.
  6. I think it is decent, I have pulled Ike, Siegbert, Minerva and Luke so far. I like that as a mostly F2P player if I pull on a skills banner year 1 units won't break my pity rate and they can show up when I pull for new units. I have a hard enough time pulling for certain 4* and 3* units (Ferdinand and Nanna are still sitting at +8) so adding them into the 4* pool would have been more annoying for me, since I would want Takumi and Hector, but there are other units I don't want to see all the time so I feel this is a good balance.
  7. SoV could use the Cipher DLC girls of which there are three Emma, Shade and Yuzu and I would personally be fine with them being added in. I honestly see that happening since they are an option to have more female units.
  8. Bayonetta 3, SMT V and SMT III remake release dates are the only things I am hoping for here. BotW 2 is possible and something I think will happen. I can dream about an FE 4 and 5 remake, but that is a dream and one I won't hold my breath for. Anyway I am trying to keep my hopes in check and in the realm of might actually happen.
  9. I am going to guess Awakening since it has been awhile. My wanted banner is TMS and that is mostly to get the game done since it really only has one banner left and I want FEH to get it over with.
  10. Well in the VG I will go with whoever is against B!Edelgard because I have her and I don't want another free copy (I took her as the spark). For me I will take anyone who isn't B!Edelgard, but I hope Duo!Lyn or Seiros win this since they are the two I want the most.
  11. Thanks for this, I needed to read something positive. I made chocolate for my parents since I don't have anyone right now and I wanted to do something nice for them. I wish everyone a good day today and I hope that the sun is shining where you are.
  12. My ballot went like this: 1. Harmonized!Veronica 2. Duo!Lyn 3. Seiros 4. L!Chrom 5. L!Corrin 6.Freyja 7. Duo!Lyn I would have voted for more duos and harmonic heroes, but after the midterms I decided to only give votes to units in the top 8 that I don't have. I personally hope the winner of this will be Duo!Lyn or Seiros since of the top 8 at midterms they are the two I would like to get the most.
  13. I have been voting for only legendary and mythic heroes since the midterms came out and will keep doing so for my last two votes.
  14. Well the tickets on hero fest gave my my first Shinon who I have wanted since his debut, I am so glad to have him since he is a personal favorite. I ended up spending 30 orbs as well as the tickets on the Valentines banner and ended up with my second F!Byleth and my second B!Micaiah. Now I have to sit on myself and save orbs for the HR banner at the end of the month.
  15. Not a fan of seeing brave units in the top 8 since I have them all. If L!Edelgard changed places with her brave version I would be happier. I can't understand why people would rather have another copy of a brave when they could get a free duo or harmonic hero. I get it people voting for favs, but I have more trouble with L!Edelgard then B!edelgard and L!edelgard has better fodder as well. I think I will change my plans a bit and vote only for people in the top 10 who aren't braves because dang it I am going to be mad if B!Edelgard takes Duo!Lyn's spot on the banner and blocks me from getting her.
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