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  1. I am glad to see more then just one or two people like Itsuki enough to +10 him. Sorry I haven't responded I haven't been feeling all that well today so I have been slow doing things, but I am feeling a bit better now.
  2. Welcome to the make Itsuki +10 club, which now has two members. Itsuki is the only Falchion wielder I like enough to want to +10 so I will be merging him up as well.
  3. Brave heroes ticket gave me flying Olivia today! I am so happy with that since flying dancers are wonderful, her ivs are -hp,+spd so she is good to go for me. the Blazing Sword banner gave me a 5*Rath +atk,-res with the tickets and I also ended up with a 4* Altena +spd,res so that was nice even though I spent 45 orbs on the banner trying for Nils I am going to quit with that since I only have a 3.25% pity rate and I am scared to get Fiora since I don't really need her. Hopefully Nils will pity break me some day since he is the only male dragon I don't have.
  4. I would love this banner since Geitz is the last Blazing Sword character I really like that is not in the game. Plus Fargus GHB would be great.
  5. Dang if they really made that Tellius banner with Sephiran on it and Ashnard as the GHB (please give me a male sword dracoknight pretty please) I would be so happy. I would also really like that Awakening banner if it was like the list because Priam.
  6. Well my week has be utter crude in real life this week, thankfully the Three House DLC seems to have made my luck better. It took me all the TT orbs but I finally completed Ryoma emblem with a +atk,-hp HS!Ryoma on Thursday, and today I free pulled V!Hector -atk,+spd sadly but I will still use because Hector is a fav and my free pull on the BHB banner was M!Byleth which is great because DC fodder! I just hope my luck will still be good when Nils comes on Monday because I really want him.
  7. I always look forward to FBs and it is my major HM grinding place since it is not as boring as RD. I still wish they would do belts and capes and not just headwear.
  8. I am happy to see Nils and Heath but Anyway I will only be using the tickets and those will go blue or green if no blues since I would like Nils, but him being in the general pool means I will get him at some point.
  9. I really don't want Edelgard since she is in the general pool and doesn't have good fodder. I would love any of the rest since other then M!Sothis I don't have any of the rest and would love any of them. I think I will go with Duo!Alfonse or L!Azura for starters.
  10. Butlers are highly popular such as Black Butler, pretty boys are popular as well but they have to have more to them then just being good looking to slay the rankings, bad boys are good as well. My personal husbando is Sanzo from Saiyuki, but that is more a case of I just really connect with his character as a whole. I think in terms of "deres"yanderes and tsunderes are the most popular since those two are the most common I see in the manga and anime I like. The loyal type is probably the highest which is why knights and butlers are so high. Some girls like the "flirt" character, but not as much for a husbando as the loyal type.
  11. Well I think I am just going to save up for that March 5th banner since it might be Three Houses just in case Felix or Ferdinand is on it. I also need to be ready for whenever H!Hector comes back.
  12. This is my view. My main problem is the QoL stuff and the ads. I have sent feedback about both and I will not be buying anymore orbs now because of this as well, not that I bought enough to really make a statement but I will still make my stand.
  13. Yes these are all a thing. Girls have their favorite types just like guys do.
  14. My first team dies on the final map because that map loves to have 4 out of the enemies on it be blue so team 2 with Surtr comes in to clean up.
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