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  1. Well according to IS Elffin counts because while being story important apparently only Larum actually exists. My salt shaker full of salt not counting, Anri from Shadow dragon lore would be my pick of course from what I remember of the cut scene with him in it we only see his back.
  2. @Sunwoo I sent feedback about this as well. I really get a bad feeling about this and the chances of less popular characters getting in now with things like this are now even worse then before. I sent it in under characters so I don't know if that was the right place to put it, hopefully enough people will send feedback in this time to make a difference like with Ayragate.
  3. Ugh, that is not a good thing, but at least I won't be pity broken by alts I don't like.
  4. Sigh, not too happy about this banner since only 2 new characters added to the general pool (unless the new unit type is not like rearmed heroes). I can just see this preventing Elphin from being added next Binding Blade banner among other male characters that they will decide to not add. I guess next month will tell if we have to always give up 3 banner slots a banner to alts instead of actual new characters, or if they will be nice and only take 2 new characters from those waiting for them. I am not feeling good about the way new heroes banners are going, my only hope is that they start doing like the last TT and add in new characters that way on every seasonal banner because every playable character deserves to get in to Heroes at some point.
  5. Thanks @Ice Dragon! Ok @Jotari I have added them all to the list.
  6. @JotariOther then TMS Tiki I don't remember those others I will add them if you could tell me which games they are from.
  7. @Ice Dragon and @Diovani Bressan Ok I will add them, I was writing that half asleep which is why I said let me know who I missed.
  8. I was just taking a look at what dragons haven't been on the Halloween banner yet and here is what I have come up with: Heroes: Nifl, Muspell, Askr, Embla and Ymir Shadow Dragon: Medeus, Gotoh, Bantu, Brzark, Xemcel, Khozen and Nagi Binding Blade: Ein, Jahn, Fae and Idunn Awakening: Nah and A!Tiki Fates: M!Kana, F!Kana, Lilith, Garon and Anankos Engage: M!Alear, F!Alear, Lumera, Veyle, Nel, Rafal, Zelestia/Zephia and Sombron Radiant Dawn: Nasir and Gareth Three Houses: Flayn and Seteth Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE: Tiki Fire Emblem Warriors: Velezark If I missed anyone let me know and I will add them to the list. As to who I think is likely I think the Kanas and probably M!Alear are fairly likely. I really feel like it will be all dragons again since we still have a bunch to go and that has been the theme for several years now. I was just trying to get an idea of who has a shot and they aren't running out of dragons anytime soon.
  9. I kind of hope Alcryst wins on the male side since I personally truly like him, though my votes will be going to Elffin and I pray to Naga he finally gets in the game next year because I am still salty about the last Binding Blade banner. As to females I think Ivy is the one to beat since to me she was the best female character from Engage and it looks like from what I have seen many people agree with me. I honestly don't really care that much who wins my main goal is to get Elffin in the game and has been for several years.
  10. @Ice Dragon thank you for your analysis, I think I will take your advice since I am not in need of anyone here Robin sounds good.
  11. Thanks. I guess I will wait a bit before picking for others to test these guys out.
  12. All right is there a clear cut winner here for the free pick? I am skipping this banner since there are no favorites of mine here, so only using free pulls on the banner. None of these units scream must have to me, but I really don't know who to free pick so some advice would be great (and before anyone starts talking about picking for fodder I don't do that since I am F2P).
  13. they had to put Mercedes on a banner before CYL, they just had to. I have every Blue Lions student and I'm not going to stop now since I am not too interested in CYL since no one I really like is on it I may not spark it since I will just free pick the strongest and be happy that. The forma soul and the special heroes tickets are the best freebies to me, here's hoping I can finally get spring and summer xanders for my collection. I hope L!seliph will get a good refine now that he is remixed I hope he ends up usable now since he was always kind of meh mine just sits in my barracks gathering dust.
  14. Well this is easy since the is only on guy Ephraim all the way it is.
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