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  1. Ok I have a question on Yuri, I have a +res copy and of course the free neutral plus one I turned in to a manual that was also +res. I am thinking of merging since I like Yuri and I have other units with his good fodder if I need it. Anyway I wanted to know if +res or neutral was better and what I should give him for an A skill.
  2. If Dimitri and Felix are nice I will get them. I am so glad to see more affordable options coming out since $200 is out of my price range, but $50 is reasonable.
  3. Dimitri means must pull for me plus this banner has a harmonic which I use more then duos so looks like the second summer banner will be the one I skip. Please oh please let my luck be good and Dimitri comes home quickly.
  4. Micaiah and Claude are it , the bird and hair are dead giveaways. I wonder if there is a chance of S!Volug? I used to think he would be good on a summer banner, though who knows if IS feels the same.
  5. So no one has been talking about the Three Houses " a hero rises" yet? Anyway I will post here since I haven't found the thread if there is one. I voted for S!Ashe first since he is the one I don't have but really want. I think I will go with Dedue and Yuri as my other options since they both have good fodder, though I am tempted to vote for S!Dorothea but since I have her harmonic it wouldn't be that useful to me. As to the rest of the channel seems ok I am happy Askr is male (finally another male on team "good") and seeing Limstella in especially in Pride month is great.
  6. Oh I understand why I was just assuming that if Elphin gets added he would be the F2P friendly dancer for Binding Blade because I know he isn't highly popular and thus him being grail or 4* makes the most sense. I also agree with you that there are several games that lack a F2P friendly dancer or in TMS's case any dancer for that matter.
  7. Well I have to say I am still mad Larum is the freebie unit, if she was on the banner I could safely avoid her but no they have to give annoying girl taking my favorite unit Elphin's place in the game 2 versions while Elphin is still not in. After this my dislike of Larum has reached an all time high. I know I know Elphin wouldn't fit in on this on this banner but dang it I would have no problem with this TT unit choice if Sue was in place of Larum. Anyway I will be trying for Roy and Lilina.
  8. I know I am being silly but I remember @Zeo asking to be told when the sun glasses are back so I am doing that, I don't know if they will see this or not but at least I tried.
  9. @Ice Dragon and @Xenomata Ok then since I always tend to forget about supports so looks like Lilith is out. Honestly from what both of you have said it looks like Gustav would work best for my playstyle. I will plan on getting Ninian on the banner rerun then. Thank you both for the help.
  10. Ok so I can't decide who to free pick. I pulled Rhea but that was it and now I am at 40 summons. I am torn between Lilith and Ninian I can't decide who would be more useful to me. Red flying dragon with better everything or another good dancer. Anyone who has the 3 I don't let me know who you think is best, if Gustav is really good I could pick him.
  11. I will go with my fav here and go with Perceval first. If he goes down then I will go with Seth.
  12. For the Fallen banner I would love it if they gave us Morva or Vigarde I would love both, but I figure one is probably all I can hope for. I figure Brave and Fallen banners will be the same as with the 4* new heroes in that they won't get an ascended hero just like they don't have a 4* focus unit.
  13. I will be going Blue Lions first because it was my favorite route in 3Hs and I will be going Female Shez / Female Byleth because I always use Female avatars. I will probably do Black Eagles as the second playthrough since it was my 2nd choice on favorite path.
  14. Well not having cable or streaming services I have been watching over the air tv. The nice thing is with digital channels we have more channels then when I was a kid. Anyway I have been watching; Assuie Gold hunters which was a rather fun watch that let me zone out which I really needed. It was nice seeing people working hard for what they earned. I did find a place online to watch Saiyuki Reload Zeroin which I need to finish, since I wanted to watch it all in one go since it is only 13 episodes. I have watched the first 2 and it is a heck of a lot better then Gunlock which was a terrible take on the manga. Being a huge Saiyuki fan any new content is great so I am happy. Avatar the Last Airbender there is a channel from Mexico that has SAP which lets me watch it in English, Spanish dub of American shows tend to not be all that good. My friend loved this show and would tell all about it when it was originally on. It is great to finally see it and I am enjoying it and I can see why my friend loved it so much.
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