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  1. I know how hard it can be seeing family get sick and I am glad to hear that your dad will be ok. family relationships can be really hard to deal with I hope you can find what works for you and not have any regrets in the long run.
  2. I just wanted to let people know how I was doing. We finally had my dad's service Wednesday which I had to be in charge of since my mom caught a cold and couldn't go. My dad was a Mason so he wanted the Masonic service and that almost didn't happen because the person who was supposed to do the service also got sick so I had half a hour where I thought I was going to have to do everything. Thankfully his lodge had someone else who could do the service. Anyway I am just happy it is done and my dad can now be a peace. The one nice thing about all this was I got to see my big sister again after 14 years and meet my sister in law and we have reconnected so I am happy about that, I also saw a cousin and his wife who I hadn't seen in almost as long as my sister. All in all I am trying to stay upbeat because my dad would have wanted me to try and my mom needs me to be the upbeat one right now. I am just trying to remember the good times and leave the bad ones in the past. I will always miss my dad, but I know he would want me to keep going so that is what I am trying to do.
  3. I am going to guess Volug and Elena because those are the two I think of, but I'm probably wrong.
  4. Well since Priam made it in my votes will now only be split 3 ways instead of 4. I will be voting for Elphin, Yashiro and Volug.
  5. 8/20 is ok I guess. my list won't change the 12 left are the last units I really want in FEH.
  6. Well, I am probably the only one here looking forward to Priam. I need one of my favorites in the game. I know a lot of people aren't happy about him being in, finally something nice has happened after my dad dying. I really needed this.
  7. I have always thought Elphin would make a neat mummy for Halloween. Winter Basilio would be fun and he would really get in to character of being jolly and giving presents. Ninja Priam would be a nice fit for him. Summer Volug would also be nice.
  8. I had full supports in my last Blue Lions 3 Houses run (I also recruited everyone possible) and did all side quests and got the dropped weapons from monster battles that were versions of the regalia in Shadow Dragon (those were a pain to get). In Radiant Dawn I did the transfer file and beat it twice to get the extra content about Soren. Anyway yeah it is possible 100% a FE game, but it takes me at least 2 playthroughs to do it.
  9. Thanks everyone. I have been crying on and off the past day. Sadly due to covid we can't have the service for three weeks. Right now I am just trying to keep busy so I will be tired and be able to sleep. I think my sister is taking it harder then me in a way since they didn't talk much. I guess being able to comfort others is helping me cope, plus my dogs (who are also upset) and my cats are a comfort. I have to keep an eye on my mom because she has a very hard time crying, so I am trying to be with her as much as I can because she hasn't really expressed her grief yet. The good thing about today is my mom was able to find the file with the picture I took of my dad before he got sick, which I thought I had lost.
  10. This is about the only place I am active online so I am making this thread. My dad just pasted away this morning from stage 4 cancer. I just hate this so much. I have to be strong for my mom but it is really hard. Anyway I just wanted to let SF know in case I don't respond to quotes or stuff like that.
  11. I agree with above poster that Soren had more hate towards the Laguz in both games he is very nasty to them. Shinon is nasty to everyone and while love him or hate him he is at least the same across the board to everyone. I personally like Shinon, but that comes from me enjoying someone calling out Ike on things. Anyway I will be pulling for Shinon and maybe M!corrin.
  12. Well the first one on my list would be my number 1 favorite Saiyuki it would have a pretty big roster and it could adapt to a fighting game very well Trinity Blood could be interesting and the art would be lovely. Trigun would be fun and I would love playable Wolfwood. Bungo Stray Dogs would be really good and if they gave me playable Yukichi Fukuzawa I would be one happy fan girl. One other I would like to see for the artwork would be Black Butler.
  13. I am going to do a long shot guess here, but Itsuki could be a blue tome. Of course do I think it will happen no since TMS has only gotten one banner and no alts. Anyway Itsuki is the only "Lord" left without a legendary alt. Like I said though this is a long shot and one I don't see happening anytime soon.
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