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  1. I beat hard and lunatic with horse emblem team of Hrid, Walhart, B!veronica and L!Ephraim. I used a guide for infernal because I am lazy and I wanted those 2k feathers ASAP. I already 5*ed Cynthia and she will be my firesweep lance flyer since I haven't built one yet, she may not be my favorite flyer but she is decent.
  2. I have them on B!Louise right now, but I think regular Lukas will end up with them once I finish FB.
  3. This is a good FB I am liking the supports. I have to say I want to give Brady a big hug because his supports are making me cry.
  4. Well it looks like at long last I can save my orbs and I plan to do so til the brave banner. I wonder if we will get two summer units with TTs this time since last year the reran Masked Marth on one of them and with the grail shop I don't see why they would rerun TT units anymore.
  5. Free pull and the tickets gave me a Kaze merge, a second Rhajat and a -atk,+def Brady! He may not have the best stats but I got best Awakening kiddo and on one of the free pulls so I won't complain.
  6. About what I thought it would be. But dang new Zelda hype and since it is reusing things from BOTW it will hopefully be out quicker then a brand new art design Zelda. Still I am bummed about no SMTV news and I am starting to think it is not coming.
  7. Every studio Ghibli movie, but my top of those is When Marnie was there I shared a deep bond with my grandfather so I was crying so hard at the end of the movie but I loved it. I also love Saiyuki requiem the motion picture and Black Butler book of Atlantic.
  8. Yeah I thought it was Freya at first too, but once I started reading Norse myths I found out it was named after Frigg. Tuesday is named after the Norse god Tyr (Odin's brother) and Wednesday is named after Odin. @vanguard333 I haven't seen those videos but that sounds really funny. Of course Loki being the trickster god plays in to why Thor ended up wearing a veil and dress.
  9. With the datamine in Heroes I saw a lot of talk about Norse myths and since I have read a bunch of them I thought I would make a topic about them and give some info. Thor dressed up as Freya to to get his hammer back from the king of the ice giants who stole it to try and get Odin to give him Freya. Loki went with Thor and helped him, in fact it was Loki's idea to sneak in as women to get the hammer back. Friday is named after Odin's wife Frigg not Freya. I am just putting these two up first if people have questions or comments about Norse mythology then we can talk about it here.
  10. Ooh my favorite Awakening kid finally got into Heroes! I always really liked Brady so all my free pulls will go to trying for him, but I really need to save orbs so I won't be spending for him. Also the first male staff user added to the general pool since Lucius! I have to skip this banner because I don't have orbs, but I am quite happy with it because no alts.
  11. Double HM sounds great since FB is one of the places I grind HM. I hope the supports are decent I have really been liking FB here lately.
  12. Ooh I get a shot at Karel which makes me happy! I wonder if I can also manage to snag some other units I don't have? I don't care much about the music thing since I play muted. HM increase is good I can max my favs all over again. I really hope the banners are here to stay since it would be the best of both worlds and I would get a chance to get units I don't have and DC fodder. New mode sounds OK any way to get free orbs is alright to me and the the 20 orbs are nice too.
  13. Well team Bartre it is since I have him. I actually changed my lead from V!Lilina to Kaze since colorless can be hard to get.
  14. Well as long as I can blast through and get all the personal rewards like with RD I am fine with this mode, even if it is just another rehash. Edit: I meant GC.
  15. I just do 1 AA run a week on the easiest levels because I don't care about AA that much since there are no orbs or grails involved. It may take me longer to get stones for refines, but at this point I am running out of units to use stones on since most of the refines I want need dew instead.
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