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  1. I am also going to guess SoV, but I would like Awakening for Priam.
  2. Well this is about what I figured, but I was hoping for Morva instead of Orson. Oh well, being the huge Dimitri fan that I am I will be going for him, too bad L!Sigurd(who refuses to show up and I am giving up on) and the kid banner took my orbs so I probably won't spark.
  3. Finally took a look at what the update is going to bring and I am very happy. I need that last Nanna merge and another merge for Ishtar would be great, so the Ephemeras are really good for me this time. DC weapon refines are finally coming and my Xander and Camus are both ready and waiting. I Am also glad to here save skills are gone from pawns of Loki because boy can they mess up a run.
  4. At least Deirdre left Seliph with good people who did take care of him, unlike Ethlyn who literally took her little girl on to the battle field which lead to Altena being raised by her parents killer. I see Deirdre as a victim she was kidnapped and mind wiped, even if she did end up remembering Seliph she couldn't just escape and go to him since she would have been hunted down and that could have lead to Seliph being killed.
  5. I am going to go with Innes since he is my favorite here, Minerva or Lyon as my other picks.
  6. Sweet well behaved for dogs and cats. My pit bull (who is about 6) is actually the best behaved of my dogs, she doesn't jump on stuff or throw fits and she will lie at my feet just to be with me. The three boys two of which are mutts and one of which is a German Shepard (all 3 are over 10 and should know better) jump on me, throw fits when they want things and love to be pests. My cat is a sweetheart just like my pit bull so they are my favorites.
  7. Thank Naga Innes is free and Lyon is the 4*, though Lyon being here means that I have to pull for him. Duo!Eirika would be nice, but infantry swords and lance flyers are the two unit types I don't need so I think I will wait until the double special heroes for them.
  8. If they give me young Seth and young Innes I am going to cry because my orbs will be gone. Here's hoping they finally give us the busted Seth we deserve. Anyway I agree that looks like Tana and Innes.
  9. Well I am liking the direction the villains are going, but the soul erase thing not so much since it is a dumb plot point.
  10. Honestly I am not hoping for much since COVID messed up development time a lot last year. I just want Bayonetta 3 news and a release date for SMT V, anything after that is just a nice extra.
  11. I would love a tea party banner with Jakob on it. I wonder if this one will have a harmonic in place of the duo, since next month is brides which makes more sense for a duo instead of a harmonic hero. I am just hoping to be able to save so I can spark on the fallen banner in May.
  12. I just want Morva. If he is on it I would be happy. Yashiro would also work but Anyway Fallen Heroes banners are ones I look forward to since the art is always good and they are different from other banners.
  13. Well since Uther and Geitz aren't here I will skip. I need to save for the fallen heroes banner/golden week.
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