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  1. Know it's an old post, but to save anyone else time in the future here is a complete visual list of all the portraits in the game and their pointers. I didn't make it, just consolidated them, whoever made it seems to have ordered them by family. I just added the generic portraits to complete it. (Oddly a FE3 one makes it in, the only FE3 hold over I have found in FE4) https://imgur.com/a/0Gg4aHi
  2. I started messing around with FE4 again recently and looked in to the unused sword skills a little more (they got no names in-game, but fans, and the site, call them "holy sword" and "darkness sword"). I did some tests and the activation rate is the same as the other sword skills, that being whatever your skill is (I made a character's skill 100 and they activated 100% of the time, 50 skill and it was ~50% of the time, etc.). The description for the holy one is *slightly* off while the description for the dark one is completely off. They holy one adds +20 _attack_, not +20 _damage_. This results in it giving +40 damage when critical hits activate (as the +20 is applied before the critical x2). In addition, unlike while attacking, the defensive side is always -20 damage, critical hit or not. The dark one is not a damage multiplier, but actually an exact clone of the holy one (+20 attack and -20 damage taken), the only difference between the two is the color of the graphics. The description of both should read something like "Increases attack by 20 and lowers damage taken by 20." I know the skills are unused, but if the site is going to list them as it does, I figured the info should be correct still. If proof is needed I can upload a video. Edit: Also they do not activate with other sword skills and unlike Sol and Luna can miss.
  3. Random question out of nowhere. Does anyone have an event offset list? Particularly ones that generate stats or items, I mean the player weapon ID itself, for example Arvis giving Sigurd item 1C (I forget what it is, but it's irrelevant to the point) instead of 0A (the first silver sword), though event data in general is welcome.
  4. For clarification, It's not an arena style fight, two units going head to head on a map, so charge can still activate. I made this really quick video to kind of show what I am doing, it's not particularity great since I made it in a few minutes without any sort of editing (cutting out death fade outs/screams, music, etc.), it's a 2 minute sample just to get the idea across. The reason for topic creation is, I wanted the most powerful variants of a child characters to be the ones taking part.
  5. You reminded me of an important thing, factoring in stat boosts from conversations which I had forgotten. Weapons are not maxed kills to keep the skill somewhat unique. Though your dreadlord comment gets the idea, each character is going to be going against not just the dreadlords, but the whole cast, rounded out to 100 (All player, all plot-relevant NPCs that appear as a unit Eldigan, Arvis, Arion, etc., generic bosses that have unique stats and skills, such as Boyce.) The reason I think Nihil will be of more value here than the base game is because about 1/5 of the enemies you encounter have some sort of skill it negates, and that increases if they are a class that is weak to a certain weapon. One example of this is Sigurd with the Tyrfing equipped actually lost to Chagall of all people because he landed two knight killer hits thanks to a lucky great shield. I think the note you made with Tinny is interested, switching to Elwind is won't be a huge deal since it is only six damage lower, and the amount of doubling (she will have high speed) will more than make up for it. For some reason I was remembering wrong and thought Mage Fighter had pursuit (maybe since every other "fighter" does). Bolganone may be useful in a select few fights. I think for Lana Lewyn may still be better since the high priest has atrocious speed, adept + crit increases the chances (though I haven't done the math completely). As for Lester a killer bow is an option as well and I find it's commonly making it's way on to the contenders, though shifting weapons is allowed for times it's more beneficial. (The killer bow has 3 weight instead of eight). The other mounted kids mentioned make sense, though if you see the combatant list you may change your mind about the Nihil thing, I'll give the list. Some simply won't matter (For example I don't see someone like Lester killing someone like Shannon, Nihil or not) but it will certainly be useful in others. Here is the combatant list... (It will be a mix of localized and unlocalized names since I don't know all of them) Sigurd Noish Alec Arden Azel Lex Finn Quan Ethlyn Midel Aiden Dew Jamka Ayra Dierdre Holyn Lachesis Lewyn Sylvia Beowulf Erin Tailtu Claude Bridget Eldigan Young Arvis (Sage) Byron Lombard Reptor Andrei Chagall Mahnya Radney Rodalvan Mana Dimna Tristan Oifaye Julia Feemina Amid Johan Johalva Shannon Daisy Jeanne Ares Linda Laylea Asaello Hawk Sharlow Hannibal Seliph Larcei Ulster Lana Lester Delmud Fee Arthur Patty Leaf Nanna Tinny Leen Faval Ced Corple Altena Danan Ishtor Vampa Blume Travant Lideel Arione Hilda Old Arvis (Radically different in combat from his sage form, so he gets in twice) Roberto Boyce Brian Scorpius Ishtar Meng Manfroy Julius (Chapter 10 version, +5 magic, no nihil, only 2 characters even have a chance otherwise, Dierdre & Julia) Mus Bovis Tigris Lepus Draco Anguilla Equus Ovis Simia Gallus Canis Porcus Zeus All level 30 (for bosses not yet level 30 I made a formula to get level 30 stats) And remember everyone has access to any weapon they can use, so it will change stuff up a lot. I have only tested it with Sigurd (well not yet the children characters because I am still figuring them) and there has been some surprising outcomes both losing to some I didn't expect (such as the aforementioned Chagall) and getting some odd victories in. The rules so far (feel free to criticize/add something). Attacker chooses weapon before defender. Due to OP as hell holy weapons, plus the way FE4s quirks when it comes to counter mechanics, this works better. Attacker goes first in the case of equal attack speed (For example Sigurd and Byron both have 22 AS, Sigurd went first) No rings/bracelets allowed, the only exception is Zeus since he is sort of a unique case. I think I layed the rest out in an earlier post. EDIT: Grammar
  6. I'm working on a project for something, not doing a play-through, so I guess *technically* it could be considered a ROM hacking sort of thing, but my question doesn't really belong there since it's not about the modifications themselves, and more gameplay elements (which anyone who plays the vanilla game can give input and opinions on). That is why I am looking for solely battle performance. Imagine what would be the strongest if forced to fight strong opponents 1v1 on plane tiles. As I said in my first post, fathers are not limited to one pairing and siblings are not bound to the same father. I am looking merely for the strongest 1v1 combat for each child character at level 30. While this isn't exactly what I am doing, I guess a good way to get an idea across would be which father would each kid benefit from the most of forced in to an arena gauntlet sort of situation. And there are no limits, so Ced, Arthur, and Corple can all use Foreseti. My main question is for the kids who don't really have an obvious answer (those who can not inherit holy weapons or game breaking skills, such as Nanna, Lester, etc.)
  7. Sort of working on a little project at the moment. I am looking for what most would consider the best father for each child (Also I don't know all the localized names, so forgive me if I use a few older versions). The rules for this... 1: Siblings don't need to have the same parent. You could do caster guy x Aiden for a better Lana, and physical guy x Aiden for a better Lester. 2: The father isn't limited. So Lewyn can be the father of Arthur, Corple, and Ced who can thus all use Forseti. 3: No limitation of weapons. As long as the kid has the rank to use it, they can, regardless of if it's even obtainable/limited in number/can be inherited. 4: This is factoring in only combat at max level. Things like availability, movement, staff usage, and similar do not matter. 5: Rings/bracelets are banned. So there won't be any "With <x skill> ring, so and so would be amazing!" kind of scenarios. Just base skills and ones that equipped weapons provide. 6: Opponents are going to be competent, not -10 attack speed knights and bandits or whatever, so for example adept may be preferable to pursuit on a character that is normally faster than generic enemies, but not against bosses or whatever. I know a couple are extremely obvious, such as Larcei having Holyn as a father for Balmung access. But I would be interested in input for others. So far it's looking like Lewyn for every caster child since he gives access to Forseti, or tornado for the minor blood children (or Elwind for Lana). Holyn for Larcei, Ulster, Patty, and Leen. The first two because Balmung, the later two since they kind of require Luna to actually kill anything. Alec for most of the rest ones due to rounded growths that usually result in capped stats, or only off by 1-2 points, and the powerful nihil skill. Though more detailed analysis and other opinions are welcome. I ask since I need to add them as static characters (i.e. what non-children characters and enemies are) rather than dynamic ones.
  8. Yep it's fine, will give me time to finish it up anyway.
  9. Seems my memory was awful after all. So what does that leave? FE5? I remember FE8 had axe fighters but I don't remember if they were Grado or bandits. EDIT: Also for the initial question before being derailed, most main lords use swords, so it's to have them not be at a disadvantage I suppose.
  10. I thought the first chapter was Begnion with the bandits appearing in like 2 or 3. Or am I recalling wrong? Been a bit since I last played it.
  11. Yeah but generic bottom of the barrel soldiers are (both statistically and plot related) just as bad as the bandits most of the time. FE5 and FE10 have you fight Freege and Begnion occupation forces. I haven't played FE14 so I am not sure if that one has a bandit first chapter or not.
  12. I apologize to butt in, but I think this may be the most appropriate place to put this currently. I have encountered a bit of a bug in the second generation. Leif seems to have low HP growth. Their growths *should be* above 100% (I have rechecked inheritance formulas to be sure) yet they constantly miss getting HP on level ups. At first I thought to check to make sure it didn't overflow, the growth was nowhere near 255%, but I thought *maybe* the game did that at 128 like some (despite the fact FE4 doesn't have negative growths), but then remembered in the base game you can have growths higher than that. So I have no idea what the cause may be. This is not the arena bug, it's happening on the main map. For an example, using the growths in my patch (different from base game). Ethlyn has 70% HP, Quan has 100% HP, minor Baldo and Noba give 10% each, therefor Leif should have 140% HP growth. And as stated before, he's missing HP on level ups. Anyone have any ideas? Can you run our of RNs on the main map like in the arena? EDIT: Ignore this I figured out the issue when I looked at the memory, seems if base growth (no holy blood factored in) exceeds 128 it resets. Leif had 7% HP growth because he should of had 135% (135-128=7). I was thrown off because I was using Ethlin's base for him when I calculated it (Altenna gets the major Noba so I just assumed she got Quans growths as well without thinking). Edited out the Nanna part since it was just the RNG screwing around, kind of odd she missed HP 8 times in a row with 95% growth.
  13. He survives Alvis' troops incinerating everyone at the end of chapter 5 (I assumed, because...) then end up getting killed by Manfroy. Holsety revives him (in the intro cut-scene, using the Valkrie staff, not sure if for convenience or there is any relation), or at least his body, and possesses him to aid whoever may stand up to Loptous (Which is Seliph). I am going to assume that, unlike Loptous and Naga, the tome itself is not required because no matter who the tome is passed down to, Lewyn's story remains the same and the child with it doesn't really have anything special other than an OP as hell weapon.
  14. On the 2nd list (hacks/modifications) It's "Fire Emblem 4 Remix" by camus the dark knight. Not the most creative name, but it fit since was mostly just fixing FE4 qualms everyone had (a couple examples would be near-useless weapon types or pursuit being required to double) then ramping up the difficulty since the base game is pretty tame. Basic idea was to make game play a bit more interesting than having a couple mounted units tear through the entire game. If you think replacing it should be better I am fine with that, be sure to put a disclaimer it doesn't work with the newest translation patch. Maybe some time I will look at the code of the latest patch and see what is conflicting and causing crashes and potentially update to work with it (I am assuming both use the same blank space for new code, and that is in conflict), but it's not the intent currently. Last I checked it still works with the old one (J2E & Twilkitri one), though I always did work on the base game since the old translation patch had a few wonky issues, so I can't be 100% sure.
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