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  1. Goodbye

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    2. twilitfalchion


      Thanks for all the good times.

      I wish you the best, friend.

    3. Sooks


      Goodbye Draggy! I wish you the best, and hope everything is okay. You were a great friend, and I think we’ll all miss you.

      And I echo Benice’s sentiment as well, of course.

    4. lightcosmo


      Draggy, you helped get me into the Neptunia series, and for that, I'm grateful! I wouldnt have had such a blast without you introducing me! 

      Thanks for alot of amazing times and support!

  2. Just dropping by to say thank you all for the good times.
  3. Yes. XD Teehee So this is what unit creation in SRPG studio looks like? Neat! Worth noting is that Musse is basically what people meme'd Edelgard to be like when Byleth was announced to have the role of a teacher. Which of course, I used to my advantage and made this: No regrets. That they truly are. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't entirely fond of the lategame.
  4. Oh, that's nice! Thank you! ^^ That is indeed already better than Conquest in that case. Though... I'd consider pretty much anything better than Conquest, to be honest.
  5. It's your favorite game. It happens! I could write walls of text about Nights of Azure, too. If people cared, that is Oh! Well, in that case, I will retract that statement about it!
  6. Discredit Cold Steel all you want: This never gets old. xD --- Ah, yes. Playing Berwick Saga. That thing I gave up on because PS2 emulation is complete horseplop on my system. Come to think of it... A lot of games and game series that are beloved around here, I'm... not exactly fond of Xenoblade 2 wasn't for me, neither in its gameplay, nor entirely in its story (it was good until Chapter 6, then it just lost me completely for some reason) The Trails series didn't grab me at all in the end, and not even Sky FC saved it for me. I still haven't finished it, and I confess, I don't really feel like doing so, either. Fates Conquest is by far my least favorite game of all time. At least with Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux or Persona 4 Golden, two other candidates for my least favorite game bracket, I can still at least say that the combat, music and partially the story were good/interesting enough, even if the dungeons (in Strange Journey) and characters for the most part (in Persona 4 Golden) were complete garbage. With Fates Conquest, aside from a few very minor things, such as neat skill ideas (although those do not apply solely to Conquest, but Fates in its entirety, and while I absolutely do not like the characters, which turns me off from ever playing it again, Birthright, at least, I found kind of fun to play), I struggle to find a single good thing to say about it. Then again, this also applies to the mainline Pokémon games. But those didn't nearly frustrate me as much as Conquest did. In fact, there was a time when I liked these, but nowadays, I'm like "Why?" And Berwick Saga is one of those games where reading about it made me go "yeah, this won't be for me in all likelyhood." After dropping FE4 and FE5, the name Kaga alone makes me anxious about it, but the final nail in the coffin for me was that it was compared to Fates Conquest, gameplay-wise. The comparison "like Fates Conquest", even when it's meant as praise, is about as foreboding a sentence to me as someone saying "hey, is your nuclear reactor supposed to be making that noise?"
  7. Is incorrect. She's just one of my favorite characters.
  8. Also, random music post of the day: I want to play Dynasty Warriors 7 for the music alone... but my stupid PS3 doesn't work anymore, and the PS4 has no backwards compatibility, which is a huge Richard Relocation on Sony's part.
  9. Banned for chugging Mega Potions. That stuff is rare! ... until you can buy them, anyway.
  10. This guy is nasty. I always have trouble when he's on a stage, so I don't blame you at all for this. And now you can imagine my... face of joy when I found out what I have to do to get Wang Yuanji's Mystic Weapon. Chapter 3 - Battle of Tong Gate: Defeat Nezha in 6 minutes within the start of the battle. On Hard or above. With a character whose attacks don't stun enemies ever. I mean, I like Wang Yuanji ever since Warriors All-Stars... but there are better characters for killing officers. "Just don't get the Mystic Weapon", you might say, but there is an achievement that asks you to get all the Mystic Weapons, and if possible, I would like to get it. Though I most likely won't be able to do it until I've maxed her out or at least got her some much better weapon skills. Yeah, that too, definitely. Though if a character has somewhat effective specials, you can mitigate this at least somewhat, but it does hurt a lot. Ma Chao, for example, lives and dies by his C2/3-EX combo (in my opinion, at least)... which he doesn't get until the level 15-20 mark you mentioned, meaning until then, his moveset will be nearly useless. Which isn't a very good first impression he leaves, since he's the first character you control. Coincidentally, the level 15-20 mark is also when many enemies stop one-shotting you with their specials. But getting there is a pain sometimes, particularly when you're low on Growth Points (which you usually are, because the story mode stages usually don't give out a lot of those - not enough to effectively use more than three or four characters, at any rate). Oh, this is very interesting! I'd be down for it! Looking at the date in which this supposedly took place, this would open up the possibility of exploring some late Wu stories, which the series is a bit lacking in, as Wu's part in the story ends at Fan Castle or Sun Quan's becoming an emperor; they only appear again briefly during Zhuge Dan's rebellion and that's it. Even in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Wu's history from Sun Quan becoming emperor of Wu to Zhuge Dan's rebellion is summed up in one paragraph. But reading up on what happened there historically, that opens up incredibly interesting possibilities to tell stories, and to add more of a tragic note to Wu's downfall because of Sun Quan becoming loopy in his old age and not listenting to his advisors anymore. Not to mention more opportunities to add female characters, as Sun Quan's daughters, Sun Luyu and Sun Luban, had a pivotal role to play during the many inheritance disputes. They wouldn't even need to introduce a new mother for them, as they are Lianshi's daughters, reportedly. Since you mentioned them: The funniest thing about Baosanniang and her husband is that those two are essentially a very old example of fanfiction. --- Also, good morning, everyone!
  11. I really liked the alchemy system as well. What I am most looking forward to, however, is simply the exploration and the areas, because Atelier Ryza's environments were downright gorgeous. I'm looking to get Persona 5 Strikers, as well, since it's a Musou-style game and I liked Persona 5 a lot. As far as gaming in 2021 goes otherwise, though, I'll probably be catching up on older games I've missed so far, just like last year. As far as I know, there aren't too many games coming out this year that interest me, either.
  12. Time really does fly. It feels like yesterday when the game was first announced. I'm very much looking forward to it!
  13. Oh right! It's that time already! Nice! And in the spirit of Atelier...
  14. *Fuhahahahahaha intensifies* Worship me and die Enuma Elish! Not very long. I got the Platinum trophy for Fate Extella Link and "only" took 50 hours to do so. I'd peg the main story at... maybe 20 hours if you play all the stages once? For the first game... I actually don't remember how long it took me to beat that one's main story, but it couldn't have been a lot, since it's only six or seven chapters/battles per route, and there's three routes total.
  15. Know the mercy of the King of Gods Indra, open your eyes! This single strike is extinction itself Burn it all down, Vasavi Shakti! If there's one good thing that came from Apocrypha, it's Karna. Also Mordred. And Siegfried. Also, Fate Extella Link 2 when? XD Musashi Miyamoto is in the wrong class, too, then. xD
  16. F indeed. XD Huh, interesting! I had thought it'd be more than that. Now I know what I can do over the weekend! ^^
  17. I still need to watch Madoka. It's not that she's a bad character or anything, but she kinda, well... (Danganronpa 1 spoilers) I need to watch Madoka XD Okay then!
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