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  1. Super excited to start this and play it through! Will keep you posted with any new bugs.
  2. hopping back onto SF after a long hiatus to play and really enjoy this game. great work! i'm also reporting a bug that you can find in this private video: https://youtu.be/KH6JEmrblU8 basically, when I enter Melkaen Coast for a skirmish, the character that's in slot 2 sees a MASSIVE debuff to major stats. the same is true for other slots, but slot 2 gets the worst end of the stick. the debuffs disappear when you retreat.
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem on v2.32 But all other problems I outlined are fixed. Thanks, and hope you can work out what seems to be the final kink! I'll follow up with other minor, non-gamebreaking errors once I finish.
  4. This patch is wild. I'm loving it. But... For me, once I try to get to the preparation screen of Chapter 20 (darkling woods), the game freezes and it never takes me to the prep after all the cutscenes. Additionally, Wyvern Lord axe animations cause the game to crash. I've turned off Cormag's animations for now, and that's fine; but I'm pretty sure there are animations out on the open source you could just port into the patch? Also, for me, Chapter 19 was ENTIRELY BLANK. No enemies. No reinforcements. No boss. I just spammed the "Wait" command for 13 turns. Probably wasn't an intended feature to give the player a free chapter of what is probably the hardest chapter in the game.
  5. Dyamond

    FE4 FG version

    This may be a silly question, but I'm busy atm and won't be able to get around patching/playing this for a bit. Is the hack compatible with the English translation patch? Or maybe it's like Binary which has data written over the English translation codes so it's not compabile? I haven't seen screenies of it so I can't tell.
  6. The game crashes the moment I accept Chapter 19x. Here's a folder with the savestate. It should be accessible to all. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rvhdfknz9nj3937/AABZTB7pR0CSE0YRKKFiFnvPa?dl=0
  7. I did it, I finished Ephraim Hard Mode At least now we know this game is beatable.
  8. Got to Chapter 15 Eirika Hard Mode. Ran into above issues. As a result, I found it to be even more disgustingly difficult than possibly every Ephraim Hard Mode chapter, maybe because the previous chapters were all such a breeze compared to the Ephraim chapters. So I'm re-restarting the run and doing the Ephraim route (this time I'm gonna do it RIGHT) r i p s a d b o y z
  9. 3) Yeah, you're right. I'll leave that to rest for now haha 4)
  10. Got to the final chapter of Ephraim's Route, Hard Mode. Couple of thoughts:
  11. may be a silly question, but what's the basis for a "finished hack"? is it just that the whole game is playable from start to finish, regardless of the status of in-between content (e.g. support conversations)? if so, i think MageKnight404's FE7 hack would be considered a finished hack, right? or is MK not giving permission to put it up on the board?
  12. the original FE games never really hinted at homosexuality within supports; same-sex pairings can have a lot of potential if done right that hetero couples wouldn't have access to
  13. surely i'm not, yo just that your boldness is moving good to know you've got other recreational hobbies than trolling the fandom with chaos mode
  14. In response to above comment: You don't need to have a savestate. If you just press the "L" button, the cursor automatically strafes to the next character in the unit line, and you are able to move it freely and continue with the game. I also assume you're talking about chapter 8, not 10. Chapter 8 is technically the tenth chapter of the story, since there's a prologue and 5x. Midnight Sun was incredible, Alfred. Keep at it.
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