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  1. Thanks. Fellow Lyn victim... But it's Lyn, so I can't even get too mad... Thanks! Thanks. But huh, I thought you had LEirika... No wonder you haven't done Eirika Emblem clears yet. Three Reds still doable Nice. Do you have the entire set of first year Brides now? Mine's finally complete...
  2. Bio: Second pic: Convo: Lore post 1: Lore post 2: If you're curious, the JP name of the sword is "Sword of Tentei", lit. "Sword of the Celestial Emperor". Or just "Sword of God".
  3. Can't. Gotta pick one of the two, so there's not really a winning play I guess. It'll be three years in a week or two... I've foddered one Bride Lyn before, so it's more like 10 to 1... Thanks man. It's a flawed system for sure. Also why did you attack my Bridelia, Rezzy I've whaled for Bridelia... But the Bride Lyns sort of just come. I've gotten her from free pulls and yolos and in relatively high rates.
  4. @Alexmender @Rezzy @mcsilas @mampfoid @LordFrigid @JSND Alter Dragon Boner FINALLY. AFTER THREE YEARS AND MAYBE LIKE 2000 ORBS. ONE. (I've definitely hit 1500, but not sure if I've truly climbed up to 2000 yet) +Spd -Atk, oh well. Maybe I'll get two in another three years. Also, I can reach +8 on Bride Lyn now (unfortunately?)... I wonder if I'll get any more of either before the banner goes away. Btw, recent pulls: From a ticket. +Res -HP, gonna be fodder, not sure to whom yet. A week ago from the leg banner. A good girl! +Res -HP too, but I'm definitely using her a lot from now on.
  5. After the recent update, it seems the site likes to automatically change certain inputs into emotes for me. "C:" will turn into a smiley face thing, like this 😄 and it's really annoying when I'm just trying to do something else. However, I don't see an option in settings to disable this. Is there a way that I've missed? If not, I'd appreciate if one was added.
  6. Damn reinforcements. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Cynthia Red Mage Fighter Cleric Mercenary Archer
  7. Yeah, I've been talking to people on Reddit, and that's probably right... Yeah, I know. It's just that the status is usually connected to being eldest, and I didn't read the rest before typing.
  8. Well, what it said could be taken as eldest son I guess, though it's not very specifically that. I was careless with it.
  9. My best guess when it comes to Sothis' line about both sides of time being revealed is that Byleth will be shown the truth of what happened ages ago with Seiros and Nemesis etc., instead of any time travelling between the two parts.
  10. Hype level pretty high now. But still keeping it under check in case of Fates 2.
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