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  1. I guess it's basically just a free damage boost that's almost permanent, but I'm wondering how Catria's Atk stat will look like. It's definitely not as unfair as true damage, of course, not being able to just punch through people boosting over your offense.
  2. Huh, shrimp in clam chowder? I don't think I've actually ever had that.
  3. Based on the wording in both JP and EN, Astra Sword actually isn't going to do true damage... Which may or may not be terrible.
  4. @Zeo That's pretty expansive. Maybe one day Serra will catch up to Matthew and A Support him! Well, I just thought it might be fun to have multiple builds to pick from. I have different sets on some of my favs.
  5. @Zeo I much prefer Hilda of the two axe units. Edelgard is better in some dimensions with higher Atk and physical bulk, and forcing doubles is clearly strong, but Hilda is overall more flexible with workable Res and a real Spd stat, combined with some team support as well. I don't know if you've ever mentioned this, but how did you decide on members for the Morgan and Serra teams? Did you just pick Heroes that complimented the star well, or was there some kind of theme? Seeing Matthew end at 3 HP is... honestly a bit rare, I think? Herons are so good. I honestly think they're the best Beasts. These are pretty great thumbnails for these clears, btw. Pretty cute. Do you plan on getting him Death Blow 4?
  6. Nice one @Zeo. I'm getting washed by the gacha lately myself, though.
  7. Flowers are scarce on purpose, because pulling a new unit from new banners is 40 flowers.
  8. @Zeo Nice Neph man. Glad you got her. I got an Ishtar myself, but she's -Spd. It's a bit sad that Neph is straight up better than Bridelia, just after I finally got her this year...
  9. @Hilda I looked away for a while and the SI has gotten even more amazing. It's great that you've managed to make these Askrs work with their Prfs even in Abyssals. This is probably the first time I've seen Alfonse's Special refine anywhere, and it destroyed Thrasir. @Alexmender My Kagerou and mage Celica actually used to be S Supported. I guess Kagerou still has great synergy with Celica, hmm? Eirika strong as ever. I actually wondered if this map would give you trouble, since Panic is an element, Thrasir is fast and Killing Intent makes it an even bigger issue, and the blue armor is going to be an annoying presence for Eirika. Looks like you figured it out well without issue, though. I forget, has an Abyssal map featured The Cleaner yet? Nice Hilda clear too. I actually tried my Hilda early on, but the strat I was employing led to her always being debuffed or under 100% HP before fighting Thrasir, and thus getting doubled. @LordFrigid Hmm, wow. So now you have all the colours covered. Celica Ophelia Thrasir. I guess Nino could've done this, but Blade tomes don't count.
  10. The main theme (instrumental one) is actually my favourite piece in the OST. I wish they used it for the opening movie instead of Lady of Hraesvelg, but whatever. By extension, that makes Apex of the World one of my favourite map themes. In terms of map themes, though, gotta go with Chasing Daybreak as my favourite. It's just epic and a wonderful shift in tone that just sells the time skip so well. That and its pre-skip arrangement are one of my favs too. I honestly wish the intro drum part in the cutscenes were part of the actual pieces too, though. Playing this right before Between Heaven and Earth makes it so much better imo.
  11. I think Eirika is a better choice. Her route has a more cohesive story and explains a bit more about the lore, in addition to being easier. A good choice for a first run.
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