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  1. I guess it's a matter of perspective here more than anything, since we can agree on Jeritza being strong. I wasn't really saying that he doesn't have time to change him around, but that his availability holds him back too much. He can't contribute to the early and midgame at all, which are often harder than the endgame in pretty much every FE since by endgame all of your other units have had time to grow and have their builds finished. It's true he's very good during the endgame, but it's likely that so will most of your other units, so in terms of contribution I find it hard to say he adds a lot.
  2. I feel like Ferdinand should be rated much higher, maybe just under Sylvain. Their growths are almost the same, and they both have access to Swift Strikes which makes both of them really valuable delete buttons post-timeskip. The only difference is that Sylvain is stupid easy to recruit with FByleth, and his existence grants access to Lance of Ruin. The Lance of Ruin isn't really locked to Sylvain though; since Ferdinand has a Crest, you could give it to him too, and the Gautier-locked Art isn't really that important anyway. I'd argue that Ferdinand has a way better personal skill for Maddening too, since hit rates can be shaky against the fast enemies, and especially pegs. I also feel like Dorothea deserves to be higher/Constance deserves to be lower, as I'd probably rate them pretty close to each other. They both have a siege spell, but overall Constance's spell list is much worse than Dorothea's. No 2-3 spell (Dorothea has Thoron), Fimbulvetr has unreliable hit (65%), and Constance's only valuable Faith spell is Rescue. You have to build Constance's Faith up to B to get Rescue too, whereas Dorothea gets her prize of Physic at C and doesn't need anymore investment in that skill. Constance's personal skill is also pretty mediocre, as it can't be controlled by the player, and she doesn't gain much from the Spd/Def/Res boosts anyway. Dorothea's is at least useful throughout the whole game, and can be planned around. Main advantage Constance has is that she has boons in the mounted skills instead of banes like Dorothea, I suppose. I guess it depends on how much you value Dark Flier over the other benefits Dorothea has, but since mage combat drops off really hard anyway I find Dorothea's better support to be more valuable. I think it makes sense that Jeritza isn't in the upper echelons. There's simply not enough game time for him to do stuff that your existing units can't already do, and the things that are broken about him don't have time to matter (DC from class, Darting from Flying etc.).
  3. @LordFrigid Caeda squad activated. Poor Seliph. @Diovani Bressan Marth helped Marth out a lot with the buffs lol. Invisible buffs are always handy when Panic is in play. Nowi is definitely LSeliph's natural enemy, and he couldn't do anything about it. @Alexmender Oof. Hilda could take a nap this time, and Tsubasa could go practice dancing or something instead. They weren't needed at all. @NSSKG151 Damn, the Annas destroyed. NYAnna and Apotheosis Anna didn't even need any sustain. Cool Morgan, too. Daughter of Anna, perhaps? @Hilda Welp, that was just plonk city. No chance in hell from Seliph. @DLNarshen How many resets did it take for Julius to say the scion line? Also, Julius is Light blessed too, so he is the real Scion of Light This LHB definitely was perfect for you. Julius' last stand with Ishtar, except Kempf didn't die at Norden Line. And instead of the 12 Deadlords, the true key to victory for Grannvale was Narcian all along. If only the Lopt Sect was able to summon him, but maybe they didn't have Grails. Your units are really strong, and it was nice seeing Julius duel and ORKO Seliph. @Landmaster Damn, Palm Staff really makes Elise a monster. Patty (the thief) was so fast, yet she easily killed him. I was fully expecting you to use Nowi for this one, but Mirabillis was a pleasant surprise, even if she was just a buff bot. LSeliph's gimmicks can't activate against a Razzle Dazzle, so that was gg. @Unknown Gamer11 Nice theme team. Don't see Jagen a lot, but Distant Ward is definitely the A skill for him with his big Res. Gordin is pretty strong. @Zeo @mcsilas Here's mine. Wasn't too hard, just had to perfect the positioning and stuff a little bit. I got a little bit stuck halfway, but turns out I just had to go in harder.
  4. It's a joke, like every thread title I make. FE4's final chapter is called "The Last Holy War".
  5. He's on a horse but is an EP unit, so there's only one way this can go for him in this. Also, the enemy units are likely based on FE4 gen 2 units like this:
  6. Ah, I see. Actually now that I think about it, I think I ran into Maaka before...
  7. @Maaka Is this you? Sothe LAzura Cherche YMarth? This was AA, so I didn't get to add you. Also I gave you the win lol.
  8. They watched happily and peacefully. Poor Sully. Her only chance of victory down the drain. Yeah, she's a goddess for AA. I rely on her a lot. Mirabillis is cute, so that makes sense.
  9. @Diovani Bressan Bram is definitely great in Abyssals, where the enemies' inflated stats only make him stronger. Very impressive showing from him and Lyn. @Maaka Quick and painless this way. Duo Hector's beam is so broken lol. @Landmaster Damn, turn 1 kill on Ryoma... That basically made the whole Guidance gimmick with the axe armor fall apart, very nice. Eliwood and Raven are both speed demons. This one was pretty intense, especially since I didn't have access to any mages or many options in general (never built a Nino lol). Managed to pull it out in the end. There were more sensible ways I could've killed Ryoma, but this is what my 2 am brain shat out. Song is sung by Ninian's Japanese voice actress, so I decided to go with that. It's like she's singing in the background during the fight like Azura did. @Ice Dragon lol
  10. Close Foil Spendthrift Norne is pretty good. Too bad I didn't have orbs to spare for a Midori, and I only have one Norne lol. they're wrong Oh, I thought that was what you were going for lol. Why did you bring them, then? Just because you like Mercie?
  11. Yeah, the Res boosts are definitely way better. Wish I had Pusle Smoke for her, but I only have it on Sophia and WCecilia for now.
  12. Yeah... I guess if I merged her more and thought about the build harder she could handle magic enemies a bit better, but that's for later. Lol the Firs with the moustache and beard. Brilliant. Smart use of Hit & Run. She is quite powerful, and I'm quite happy with her. Saizo is powerful too... Both of those vids were just sad. Saizo left all his Mercy in the back. They were proud. Damn, Anna destroyed them all too. That reminds me, Apotheosis Anna had Dragonskin, so that's basically what Close Call is here... Stahl and Sully weren't ready indeed. I love her voice as well. She sounds gentle outside of battle, but is really cool in battle. Ooh, nice theme team. Too bad Kent and Sain aren't in the game yet. That was smart to back off and let the Awakening cavs handle the two Brave weapon cavs first, since they're definitely the biggest problems. Nice job by Sully, I used her a lot early in the game when she was still a 4* and there was no SI. Her Draw Back was useful. @Karimlan Well, this was truly a map that didn't deserve 100% attention lol. Especially with powerhouses like Palla and Cherche there. I wish I had a Palla too. Nice DB4 on Cherche though. Lol, same. Saddest part is that if I had more Altena merges (or actually just changed her seal to something else) the healer would just get one-shot, and not even she would have had a chance. Well, that was definitely easy for this team. Only the Blue Mage did anything of note by hitting Siegbert, but it wasn't enough. You should definitely build yours too, she's very useful to have around. So combat Mirabillis is going to be a recurring member like Nowi? Too bad she didn't drop to 3-4*, would've been really nice. What's your Norne build? I've been watching Vtubers a lot lately too... It's kusozako, though
  13. I would agree that this is a weird and bad way to add difficulty if they were applying deployment restrictions to new Hero Battles... But they're not. They're putting restrictions on older, easier Hero Battles to give older players a new challenge. And again, you lose basically nothing for not being able to do it except maybe getting a bruise on the ego.
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