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  1. @Some Jerk Ah yes, the broken dead people. Hel doesn't care that much about eating the chip damage I suppose, though she didn't get to do much without the opportunity to Mystic Boost for most of the fight. Definitely an atypical strategy for you, given how you usually rushdown with Silvia. @Diovani Bressan Hm, I guess Laevatein's refine is useful for this kind of scenario, when you can't really afford to bring buffs for her externally or something like that. @NSSKG151 It's ok, we can pretend it's New Year's Gunnthra. +31 Atk on Anna is quite wild. Not surprising that she was the star. @Landmaster Goats and little girl. Good play with Harsh Command to get rid of Thrasir quickly. I tried to fit in a goat on my team, but it didn't quite work out. A mix of new toys and old units with new toys here.
  2. On the other hand, I don't have many important ideas for Grails. Nice Tanas being taught by a teacher. Funny how YTana and OG Tana both talked about Innes treating them like a kid.
  3. Probably just because you just didn't Enemy Phase as much. It's definitely not an "edge case" thing, if you're doing so. It's certainly faster to clear the Death Knight out, I'm pretty sure. Just a bit riskier. Rally Luck is mostly useless, but thinking Rally Def/Res is useless is... huh? Even if you don't like playing Enemy Phase, it just seems like common sense that they would be good, considering it's 4 less damage taken per combat, and you're likely to fight multiple enemies in one EP. Rally Dex isn't super duper important, but it does make hit rates better, which can be shaky vs some enemy types such as Pegasus Knights. Making a unit a Rallybot doesn't really compromise their utility that much, imo. For a unit like Ignatz, who has mediocre combat in general and really no EP to speak of, he will have absolutely nothing to do if his debuffing shots aren't needed on that PP, so may as well give him something to do.
  4. Rallies are super important in Maddening early game. They're still good later on, especially as you can slap more Rallies onto someone to make them a Rallybot. But early game it really helps you close the gap between you and the super buffed enemies. In my Maddening run of GD (which I still haven't finished actually), the first time I encountered the Death Knight I decided to bait him out to me since he moves from his tile, and my Byleth only managed to not get doubled because of Ignatz's Rally Speed. Promptly deleted him with a group effort so that I could control the center. I also like to Rally when I'm doing Warp shenanigans. Helps the warped unit hit thresholds for ORKOing the thing I want removed, or the boss itself.
  5. @Landmaster I was honestly a little bit surprised you don't have any Traces yet for your Elises. Good luck on that in the future I suppose. Gravity made a fool out of Otr. @Sasori Well, Otr sure charged forward at an inopportune time lol. @Alexmender Reject Altina, substitute smolrika @Some Jerk Oh hey, nice Frenzy. That certainly screwed Otr up. That turn 2 was wild too. @Xenomata Damn, nice +10 BMarth. He sure is busted. As long as there's no Panic Smoke around. Though, nothing could've stopped you from bringing Ashera if you have her. A SINGLE STRIKE A SINGLE STRIKE A SINGLE STRIKE @NSSKG151 @Diovani Bressan Something a bit different from me again.
  6. The website works for me: https://www.pegasusknight.com/wiki/fe13/?会話集/支援会話 Everything under the 無口 categories are what you're looking for.
  7. @Landmaster Oh, nice Myrrhs being babysat by Duessel. Someone has to take care of Julia after all. @Some Jerk Oh, you bought two Formas huh, nice. L'Arachel was tempting for me but in the end I didn't really need her. @NSSKG151 Oh yeah, Marisa counted as an honorary Anna. Her refine is quite good. Trace on L'Arachel is really helpful. @Diovani Bressan LEph's refine and remix were both pretty good. Galeforcing and healing, just like how BCelica does it. Very powerful. @Sasori Not that often a girl shows up in your teams. Don't think I've seen you use Ewan as much as other boys, but I see you've given him some love as well. Here's mine I guess. Nothing that special.
  8. I've been using BMarianne with ninja Lyn in AR, and it works quite well as long as I don't mess up my positioning. Summer Freyja kinda screwed me over for a bit as well, my luck from late May to July was absolutely terrible. Luckily I managed to get one +Spd -Res SFreyja in the end. I have DC fodder for her, but I'm going to pair her with Far Save Henriette in AR. I don't have Flow Refresh for Ingrid and my Ingrid is also -Atk, so screw that lol. Apparently despite everything, base kit Eirika still loses to Bonfire FEdel, so there is some merit to giving her Windsweep I think, just depends on your team. I'm inclined to keep her B anyway because Canto is helpful for turn 1 hit and run. I just don't know if I want that team to be full-on offense or to have her retreat behind a supertank yet. It's ok, maybe her Brave version's refine will be good so she can join these girls. It was hard to get her up top, but Eirika does control the bottom and left side really well. Not that I needed it. The walls and trenches are restricting for Elise and Bath Elise, but nice to see you managed to apply them defensively very well. Pulse Smoke to remove Miracle was quite clutch. Maybe I'll swap between Marianne and Nyx as Kagero's replacement... Damn, 0 damage from Micaiah on Lyon. Very powerful kid. My first thought was that you were going to blow right through Micaiah's damage reduction with Innes, but that wasn't even necessary. The map kinda just falls apart after that. Y'know, maybe if I invested in some WoM, I could've one turned as well with a similar strat. But I was lazy. @LoneStar Oh, I didn't see your earlier clear. Must have just skipped past the spoiler. We had a similar idea with Marianne indeed. YTana truly goes wherever she pleases with that teleport. Didn't even need BCatria's duo skill on the one turn.
  9. @Some Jerk Well, not much to say. Smooth sailing since forever. @NSSKG151 Nice Ninja weapons. Too bad there isn't a Ninja Bow or anything, not that it mattered. @Alexmender Halfway to +10 already on Eirika, nice. Mine is only +1, didn't get very lucky and didn't have the orbs to spark twice (sparked Marianne first). I inherited Galeforce and Windsweep onto mine, but haven't really come up with a team for her yet in AR. Hard to get a grasp of what I need to complement her right now. @Sasori Giant beam of light from the sky vs giant beam of light from the sky. Looks like you won that exchange easily, though. Guinivere's healing is so handy, too bad mine is -Atk. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan I didn't expect this to be that easy but it kinda was, and I didn't feel like trying for a harder clear.
  10. @NSSKG151 Fates Anna when? Nice +10 Silas and Kaze. I'm surprised you've kept Barb Shuriken, but can't go wrong with slaying sometimes. @Some Jerk Ah yes, I remember this Midori. Some of those one-shots were dirty. Surprising how far a +0 -Spd Lilith took you. @Wanda Ayy, Kagero. Always good to see her, especially since I don't get to use her nearly as much nowadays as her refine has slowly fallen behind again. I guess this map is older, so she has no problems, though. I opted for Nyx instead this time however. @Diovani Bressan Oh, that kind of one-turn, huh. Nice. Saizo still going at it. I love Nyx. Didn't really make use of Trilemma or anything here. I think back then I just Celica'd this map and didn't use my brain.
  11. @Some Jerk Spirited Spear is a good addition to Eldigan's kit. The dancers kill stuff despite everything as usual. @Sasori Welp, colour me impressed, good shit Boey. Kinda funny that he was running from a blue dragon the same turn he tanked Ullr lol. @Alexmender Nice HildaMari. Definitely makes Altina even more busted. @NSSKG151 Do I have memory loss, or is this your first time putting on music? Anyway, nice Flashing 4s. Doubled Ullr quite easily. @Diovani Bressan Yeah, Ayra is great for Galeforce now too, even if it isn't her strongest set. I guess Byleth still works. Is there a particular reason that the mage had to die first at the end? I might have just forgotten about the passives. @Landmaster Bath Elise has the perfect answer to disgusting green Near Save fridge. Speaking of Elises, Maribelle's new refine is pretty neat. Does she count? Was pretty busy with the end of my semester, but things are winding down. Brought out the good ol' team, except Kagero is now replaced with better Kagero. Sorry girl.
  12. @Diovani Bressan Nice Resp fairies. I didn't get Doot, but she looks cute. Too bad Dark Aura hasn't aged well. Kinda funny seeing Alm with a Slaying Axe. @Landmaster I could easily see this map being an Elise solo, especially if you ran Absorb+ instead. Decided to do something for this one. Azuras only.
  13. @Some Jerk At least Eliwood managed to dent Grima, but she got most of her health back by the end of the turn. RIP. @NSSKG151 Nice one turn. Somehow, I completely forgot to even try Cordy for my own clear. It's been a while since I've used her, sadly. Still can't pull Dive Bomb. @Diovani Bressan Cool Nowi. I gave my own a few tries, but mine's build is really Def leaning, which ended up biting me in this map. FMMorgan broke as usual. @Landmaster HNowi looks so fun. Wish I had one of her. I'm honestly a little bit surprised you didn't have a fancier Nowi build, but I guess she's only an honorary Elise. Was really busy earlier in the month, now I have a small window of breathing room, but it's probably back to the grind in a day or two.
  14. Dieck really surprises me with how bulky he is on EP. I guess Brunnya is a relatively not as good in PvE compared to some other options. She's got a good mix of bulk and firepower, but not really enough of either on her own sometimes. I wish I had a Guinivere still, she does so well. Also, your video reminded me that Sophia didn't get Apocalypse, which disappointed me. Would've been cool to have the Apocalypse and Aureola users fight together like this.
  15. New Topics only has this one from you today, must be a slow day
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