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  1. @Diovani Bressan Nice Resp fairies. I didn't get Doot, but she looks cute. Too bad Dark Aura hasn't aged well. Kinda funny seeing Alm with a Slaying Axe. @Landmaster I could easily see this map being an Elise solo, especially if you ran Absorb+ instead. Decided to do something for this one. Azuras only.
  2. @Some Jerk At least Eliwood managed to dent Grima, but she got most of her health back by the end of the turn. RIP. @NSSKG151 Nice one turn. Somehow, I completely forgot to even try Cordy for my own clear. It's been a while since I've used her, sadly. Still can't pull Dive Bomb. @Diovani Bressan Cool Nowi. I gave my own a few tries, but mine's build is really Def leaning, which ended up biting me in this map. FMMorgan broke as usual. @Landmaster HNowi looks so fun. Wish I had one of her. I'm honestly a little bit surprised you didn't have a fancier Nowi build, but I guess she's only an honorary Elise. Was really busy earlier in the month, now I have a small window of breathing room, but it's probably back to the grind in a day or two.
  3. Dieck really surprises me with how bulky he is on EP. I guess Brunnya is a relatively not as good in PvE compared to some other options. She's got a good mix of bulk and firepower, but not really enough of either on her own sometimes. I wish I had a Guinivere still, she does so well. Also, your video reminded me that Sophia didn't get Apocalypse, which disappointed me. Would've been cool to have the Apocalypse and Aureola users fight together like this.
  4. New Topics only has this one from you today, must be a slow day
  5. @Some Jerk Wow, Zephiel. That's a rare sight nowadays. Interesting strat with leaving things alive on purpose to weaken Naga in the long term, good thinking. @Diovani Bressan Ah yes, my favourite FE6 unit, Catria. I'm impressed you managed to fit WCecilia into a 1-turn somehow, though. I foddered my Larum to Duo Lyn a few months ago (worth) so I had to run no dancer. @NSSKG151 @Landmaster @Sasori @Maaka @Alexmender
  6. Melia is Ashera confirmed I'm gonna save to try and +10 FCelica sometime this year maybe. Ross with the double smash, nice (and his dad's beard!). Double Tana good as usual. I tend to think of the fallen versions as separate entities while the other alts like summer and Valentine's are just costume changes. Fallen Morgan is pretty great, I finally dropped Cherche from my flier team. Now that Brave Celica doesn't need healing, I haven't had as much need for staff Vero, so this mage Vero is nice. I have enough manuals to +7 staff Vero right now though, so maybe I can get her to +10 one day. I actually mesesd up because the music started like 2 seconds before I originally wanted it to but I didn't catch the mistake during editing (the part where it ramps up is supposed to line up with Enemy Phase turn 3 starting). It's been bothering me a lot but I no longer have the video file lol. Wow, OG Claude. New Gungun is also really powerful, and her new B works perfectly with Claude's weapon. Nice Bride Catria. She seems quite good for these one turns. I spent about 60 orbs or so but didn't get her or any of the others. You should've thrown in a Dimitri or something, then that "boring" clear would become a theme clear lol.
  7. @Xenomata Mhmm yes, fellow +10 Belica user. She is definitely good for picking off things quickly for this map. @Sasori RIP the babbies. Gordin certainly destroyed Ashera easily though. @Alexmender Baby Eirika is defintiely strong, but maybe because you don't have any merges yet, she doesn't feel as solid and reliable as your other two Eirikas yet. Maybe you'll get some more copies in the future. I'm definitely jealous about that Ingrid, though. I didn't manage to get her but didn't want to spend too many orbs on that banner. @NSSKG151 Ashera rams her face into the powerful mage tank that is NYAnna. She never stood a chance. @Landmaster Getting rid of the green fridge early on is so good, even if it means making Ashera move immediately. I guess at that point she's merely moving closer to her death by Elise. @Diovani Bressan I really wanted to use my Felica in an Abyssal, so Belica took a break this time.
  8. @Alexmender CHEESE @Some Jerk Ah yes, the most broken motherfucker to ever walk the earth. And only +1. @NSSKG151 Nice Raven. Have been seeing him a lot less nowadays. @Maaka @Landmaster @Sasori Lyn
  9. @Some Jerk Babzura sure stole the show there. Impressive. @Alexmender Yeah, I figured Tsubasa would be able to destroy Sigurd. Once the lance cav couldn't kill anyone it was over. @BoaFerox Canto sure is helpful for positioning. Any luck on more Tana merges? @NSSKG151 Well that's certainly rare for you. Was surprised that lance Anna tanked Sigurd's special so well. @Sasori A new kid joins, hm. And with really good coverage too for this team. Maybe he'll be a regular from now on? The Ruse + Smite maneuver was pretty cool to break out of that blockade. @Landmaster Well, Gravity is certainly something. Can't move four spaces when you get locked down like that. I didn't really think about that before clicking the vid, but I guess that was a breeze in the end. Little girls put big Crusader man in jail. @Unknown Gamer11 Damn, that was a wash. Ewan just facetanking like that was definitely not what I was expecting. Smart to use HMia. @Diovani Bressan Ooh, Petrine. Very nice. There's something funny looking about Alm with a Hammer. @Hilda I was wondering if Sharena would just tank Sigurd on turn 1, but I guess that would've been too much to ask. She still did pretty well against him and the other enemies. @Maaka I got stuck in essay hell for the past two weeks (7 short ones and 1 long one, fun) and I finally got time to breathe a few days ago. I had a bunch of other stuff to catch up on so I put this on hold for a little bit, but here I am. Sorry about the other maps I didn't reply to, but to be honest there's a limit to how entertaining some of those really easy BHBs can get. Anyway, here's my super late Sigurd vid.
  10. This one actually took some thought for once, for a BHB.
  11. Thanks. You'll get there. Japanese can be tricky. Sure, though I don't think it does much. You'll get notified when I post I guess? Which isn't very often anymore. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Very nice clear. Rein's still got it, especially with his new Resplendent. Very impressive showing from Seliph. At least Kagero still has NFU access over Kagero so her A skill doesn't need to be Impact. Yay Minerva! Azelle's Prf sure is strong. With how strong the effect is, I half expected him to double Dagr, but I guess that's too much. One-shotting her is still good. @Some Jerk Yeah, the armor is annoying as hell. Babby Azura didn't have trouble though, I guess. I was wondering how Silvia was going to handle Dagr at all, but makes sense that it's better to just blast her with magic. Maybe next Abyssal they'll have a Near/Far Save tag team like they did with Henriette and Gustav. It's been a while since I've seen your Nowi. I was expecting YMarth to make an appearance, but guess not. LLeif has those bases covered. @BoaFerox Celica good. Yeah, I don't feel bad about bringing out cheap stuff when they're using Saves. I had been eyeing Odd Tempest for a little while now, and I managed to snag an LDimitri easily on the AHR banner, luckily. He was +Res -Atk too. I was wondering if you were going to throw SFir into the sword fighter to proc Save and start the map in that fashion, but this works too. I don't think I really go for tanking strats in Abyssals very often. Even before I used Celica + Kagero for everything I used a lot of Galeforce for these. There's just so many enemies. Axe Elise with Bolverk? Rare that Mirabilis got kills indeed. Glacies hits hard. I didn't expect that either, but works for me to keep Double Lion up. Not that it really mattered at that point in time. NYAnna is definitely your star unit, yeah. I don't remember ever seeing you use Slaying Bow though, unless I'm just forgetting. That's nice with Deadeye.
  12. @Matrograde Nice clear. I tried to use Shamir myself, but ran into a bunch of problems and dropped that idea. Looks like you figured it out. @Hilda Odd Recovery sure is helpful. Gives so much more breathing room. Alfonse destroyed Dagr. @Xenomata Nice team there. Witch Nowi's refine is a lot of fun, and Grima is pretty much immortal. My Summer Linde has been collecting dust, sadly. @Alexmender Dominance broken @Landmaster @NSSKG151 @Sasori @Maaka @Some Jerk @Diovani Bressan Looks like I'm early for once. Saves are cheap and unfair so I busted out my own cheap shit.
  13. @Maaka Nice Lex. Was surprised to see Dorothea there for a moment before I remembered why. @Some Jerk Knew you weren't going to struggle with this one. Ninja Katana was really one of the best toys for you, I guess. @NSSKG151 Wow, Attack of Reinhardt. Featuring Ayra. I hope to get DC on my Ayra sometime soon as well. I don't really need more sword DC in particular, but I like Ayra and her refine is so good. Mystic Boost seal is definitely a great choice (just like my BCelica set, huh?). It's funny watching two cavs and a flier huddle around a woman for protection. @Diovani Bressan Things looked a bit rough for a while there, pushed up against the wall, but good thing Dorothea saved the day. Nuking Roy is always a solid idea. @Landmaster Wow, that's a nice Silva. Shannan is quite reliable vs anything physical and has a lot of firepower to boot. I love Ishtar's refine, but I couldn't quite run her. I think I need more merges. Sorry for not responding to the GHB and BHB stuff lately. It's hard to find motivation to do anything special with them when they're so easy, and I end up forgetting about the threads. Here's my clear though. Got pretty hard carried by Julia.
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