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  1. It's ok, it'll just cost more grails I guess. Don't think I've ever seen you use Cake Cutter SBartre before. Very impressive that Bartre managed to quad Claude, all things considered. Poor Fir left in the back as usual. She actually didn't outspeed I think because Catch activated fully, but I didn't do the math in depth. She just Double Lioned her way to victory anyway. Nice exact kill on Claude. OG Elise's firepower never ceases to amaze. I guess we are just that cultured lol. Stop copying me tho, you copied me so hard our Hanas even said the same Special quote for their first activation I love my WHilda. It's the only Hilda I will ever have a shot at +10ing probably. She may be too lazy to move, but Azura is strict and makes her work. Norne is pretty damn strong. Didn't expect her to take out Claude so soon. I haven't gotten to building mine since I can't pull Spendthrift and failed to get Plegian Bow. Ruptured Sky is so handy. The update for the in-combat stat boosts made the UI really messy, but I guess it's worth it when you get to see just how much is being piled onto your favourite unit, case in point Eirika here. Glad you figured out how to not get murdered by Claude. I assume the play was to make sure everything on the right side died first?
  2. @NSSKG151 I honestly thought Jill was there to beat Claude up, but he must be too fast for her. NYAnna is indestructible as always. Did you get Plegian Bow? @Some Jerk Impressive showing from Silvia. You've made her go quite far. @Diovani Bressan Huh, Freyja. A welcome surprise. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Jamke made short work of Claude with that Brave Bow. Seliph is so tanky. @Sasori So the orphan boys couldn't handle the Abyssal? Or did you just want a change of pace? Either way, LLeif and BDimitri are strong, but Gordin and Siegbert earned their place. This seemed like a terrible time for Kagero again, so this time I'm basically my Arena core, with two units that I finished building in the last two months. @Landmaster @Alexmender @Maaka
  3. @NSSKG151 Nice flier team. Jill is really destructive, but so is Elincia. @Diovani Bressan Dominance OP. Wish I had a Bride Miccy. @Flying Shogi Nice Laguz (and half-Laguz). Tibarn + Naesala is such a deadly combo. I wonder who the green one will be, since Reyson is just a dancer. @Maaka Nice WoM Miccy. But imagine if the cav was one tile off to the left @Landmaster BIke busted. Did Yune ever count as an honorary Elise? Here's mine. Decided to not use either Altina.
  4. @Sasori Mama! Sure wish I pulled her. @Diovani Bressan Brave Sword YMarth and Slaying Lance Seteth are pretty funny. @Maaka Nice to see that SFir is a staple now. Now we need Karla to get a refine. @Landmaster smh should've padded Mirabilis' kill count Not worth the effort.
  5. Apparently I was wrong earlier and they do actually have 反曲弓 in Japanese. I looked around and saw they do write it that way in some books and product descriptions of actual recurve bows. 曲弓 is also apparently a real thing, and it's basically a recurve bow but the tips don't curve forward (so halfway between a regular bow and a recurve kinda). Still though, I honestly don't think reading 曲 as an individual kanji is bearing much fruit here. I also have yet to see anyone use it to mean pleasure. I've never really thought very hard about these weapon names honestly, but they tend to describe the user instead of the weapon I guess. Just slapped on there to sound cool.
  6. Oh right, I forgot about the Impact. I remember seeing it in older vids now. Sealed Falchion definitely breathed new life into her. It's such a good weapon now.
  7. The term 反曲弓 doesn't even exist in Japanese; they just say recurve bow in "English". 曲 can also mean indecent when read as "kuse" I guess, but I'd also buy that they borrowed the Chinese term without being too rigid about it. Could be both meanings at once, even, but it reads slightly weird to me to have it be adjective-adjective-noun instead of just 邪な being the adjective and 曲弓 being a compound noun.
  8. Seiros is probably the strongest Abyssal boss in a while. That's a shame. +10ing her was easy for me since they kept rerunning her back then. Maybe you'll have a shot at getting more regular Lucinas from the new 4* chance. Mini Merric also doesn't have to worry about counterattacks, which is really nice. I love Shamir. I don't really plan on merging her up or anything but giving her Deadeye was a great idea.
  9. I'd like to point out that 曲弓 may just be referring to Nina's bow being a recurve bow (反曲弓 in Chinese):
  10. @NSSKG151 Wow, OG Anna got to shine for once, even if it is using TA against a blue boss. Still quite impressive. @Diovani Bressan Naga is perfect help of course, but Hinoka was a surprise. I imagine her aura was very important for ORKOing Seiros. @Alexmender Definitely didn't think Altina would just punch straight through Seiros like that, even with Naga's help. Broken. Hilda and the others did a great job kiting and getting rid of threats. TA NFU Hilda definitely hard counters Seiros. I can hear her complaining about doing all this work again. @Sasori Everyone in nice hats, I see. All made by Forrest, maybe? I didn't manage to get Doro, only Katarina, who I'm happy about still. Ah, the new kid, Asbel. To be honest, I feel like he's not actually better than YMerric or anything, but he did pretty great here. Dorothea's debuffs are nice. @Landmaster The toilet paper was for Mirror Impact, I assume? Quite a lot of firepower coming out of these Elises. Quite impressive that you didn't even need to kite around like most people, just went head on across the bridge. @Some Jerk Leanne's passive healing really helps. Really had to squeeze all the bulk out with this kind of team. @Maaka Wow, I thought Bartre was going to kill Seiros, but Fir finally gets to shine and impress her dad. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Wow, I don't think I've seen anyone use Jamke in these before. Cool editing with the Rain and Thunder versions too. @LordFrigid Procrastinated on trying the map, and quickly found out I don't really have the means to damage Seiros with my usual stuff unless I brought some kind of cheese, but I wouldn't have enough firepower for other stuff. Also haven't bought the dancer Elincia manual with toilet paper yet. Decided to just go with something different in the end.
  11. I'll be getting on Marisa I guess. Don't care much.
  12. @Landmaster Do you have Mystic Boost on your OG!Alm? He's kinda hard to use even with it, honestly, but he can be pretty strong. Whatever though, Celica better. I guess I'm in the minority here of not having a +10 FDoot lol.
  13. I guess someone in IS must really like him. Not complaining though, I like him a lot. He's more interesting than some of the other old man characters in the series imo. Yaas Winter Hilda. I managed to get enough copies to +10, but haven't gotten around to farming feathers yet. Boey still proves to be a good tank, especially with the help of three pink twintails. I liked seeing the last red mage suffer -17 Atk and -13 Def. Overprotective father murders everything in a 10 tile radius. I hate seeing him as an AI opponent. My auto battles all lose to him too. Hm, nice kitsunes. Especially the one with wings. Must be some special breed. Grats on the +Spd NYKaden. Are you going to +10? Same here. Always reliable. Freyja, Tana and Azura, with Hector to pulse. A cultured team. I've yet to see a +10 one, but yeah, that's scary stuff. Elise rolled her cute face all over this map. Not much to say other than it was sad for them.
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