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  1. @Xenomata Wow, nice Nina. Honestly she and Ophie should get an alt soon. Watching that 99 damage + special turn into 62 damage vs Xander is pretty funny, but also sad. @Sasori Raigh having horseslaying was definitely handy, though not even he could one-shot through all that damage reduction. Siegbert took down his dad with the help of his friends(?). @Alexmender @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @BoaFerox @Some Jerk I'm early for once. Decided that the slayer of little sisters should get some punishment from them. That being said, none of the little sisters used are on the thumbnail.
  2. @Landmaster That's a cool Archanea team. Wish I got LCaeda myself. Was a close call there with MKris, luckily the AI is dumb. Nice Nowi family team too. I was wondering if duo Myrrh was going to be there, but guess she's not needed. The bottom was looking a bit scary for a second there. @Some Jerk Not surprised but still impressed @ the Corrin clear. @BoaFerox All the Caedas, and also Minerva. I was wondering if this was going to involve EPing with baby Caeda, but quads work too. I'm surprised Marisa had to actually do something despite the Tanaforce. I want some Spd Smoke fodder too. Walhart doubling LCorrin is quite something. Maybe I will get to merging him someday.
  3. Does it work if you set up his field and then swap to a partner that's paired up with him? I guess maybe he could enable some fun combos like that if the field doesn't just go away.
  4. @BoaFerox Wow, that's a lot more damage on Myrrh without a quad than I expected to see, honestly. Also hi Lyn.
  5. @Xenomata Hmm, impressive stuff with Cain. Definitely don't see him very often. Walhart is the perfect partner, sorry Abel. @Sasori Oh boy, Roy is definitely bad news for Myrrh. That being said, the rest of the map seemed to be a tough challenge for your boys, mostly in terms of positioning. Good work. @Some Jerk Can't believe Bride Larum didn't come out to play. FNinian is quite something though. Tanky with respectable damage still. @Landmaster Mhmm yes, Trace. Very strong. I can see how this map is rough for this team, but you managed. Mirabilis getting a kill is a rare sight. If Elise Resplendent comes, then maybe I can finally get an Elise. The only version of Elise I own is the action figure that comes included with Ninja Corrin. @Diovani Bressan Nowi is impenetrable especially with Elimine. I also kinda tried to use my own Bride Catria for a second because I finally got one the other day, but lol she does nothing to Myrrh. @Yggi Jamke with Deadeye put Myrrh away. RIP. @MagicCanonBalls Nice Hapi, don't see her around much. I forgot she was super effective against dragons. @Alexmender Late because lazy pretty much. Also I bought Elden Ring last month and things haven't been the same since. Not much to talk about except FLilith. Giving Belica NFU is great, but if I manage to get another one in the near future I want to give Belica Spd Smoke 4 as well (unless it gets on someone else). Double Lion Belica with NFU and damage reduction. And 7 healing post combat. Gonna be toxic in Duels.
  6. @Diovani Bressan Damn, Nott really managed to ORKO Mila like that. That's crazy. Ninja Igrene is also quite the carry, swoocing around. Looks like fun. @Landmaster The Freyjas did well controlling the left side, thought it got close. Crazy how Nott can just stand in there and not die. Nice Bride Sophia too, I sort of wanted her but I decided to just dip after getting Cecilia. The other Sophias are quite powerful too, of course. @Some Jerk You think Eldigan might get replaced by Bride Larum? Just slapped mine into one vid. Took a while because I didn't have time earlier.
  7. I wasn't really certain based on just previous trailers, but it seems like unique Musou attacks might be a thing if you put characters in their "canon" classes? Especially notable with Bernie's and Doro's.
  8. At this point I play out of loyalty to the series.
  9. @ the "preferred classes" thing, from the Japanese wording it sounds like there might be some sort of system that makes characters better/worse at some classes, perhaps as a replacement for skill prowess? It could be nothing and just that these characters will naturally do well in these classes because of their stats or whatnot, but guess we'll have to wait for more information about the mechanics.
  10. It's pretty much a direct translation. He didn't say "Musou" if that's what you're wondering lol.
  11. Huh, seems like magic just works completely differently in this game compared to Warriors 1, with cooldown time and stuff. I've been a little bit absorbed in other things and seeing the absolutely pointless things they've been putting up on Twitter hasn't gotten me excited either lol... I think I missed a few posts the last few days. The SF Twitter picked them up so good on em.
  12. I think they actually broke their own canon here... Fallen Lilith seems to be based on Lilith from Hidden Truths, when she was still a pawn of Anankos. But back then she shouldn't have had this fish-dragon form yet, as it's a power granted by the Astral Dragon Moro. Maybe they'll make up some shit about how she went back to Anankos, but if they don't then they pretty much just forgot how their own character worked lol.
  13. It was what he was meant to do. Back to Roy instead of a babysitter I see. His damage output was a bit disappointing here, but he was good as a tank so that the orphans could do their job. I wonder when LRoy's remix is. I grabbed Ninja Naginata but mostly went for EP skills since I didn't have good fodder for my Kris at all. Savage Blow isn't cheese, it's strategy. But yeah, I thought this might be rough for you, what will all the trenches, high Res enemies and Medeus himself. Pretty hard to kite him on this map. You really need some Lethality and Trace in your life. For all we know, maybe Marth descended from Azura. Either way, she was there to kill Medeus with her song. Lol, guess Medeus is destined to just lose to Marth no matter what he looks like. @Some Jerk That got quite hairy near the end, with all those clerics still alive and Medeus baring down. Luckily this team is strong Res wise. Honestly thought Larum was going to roll up with the Dragonslasher, but I guess Courtly Fan is more flexible.
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