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  1. Had to do it, with all the upgrades I've made recently.
  2. According to someone on reddit, the dialogue for Serious Mode actually in the English version game files, but not sure if it can be activated yet. Welcome to the arena.[.][A] Oh! It's you again.[.][A][Clear] I've lost a lot of gold[.] thanks to you...[A][Clear] If you want to continue,[A] we're going to have to do things differently.[A][Clear] I'm going to prepare some[.] more challenging foes.[A]
  3. The video is here, by Kuya. In Japan, it's been a long-time rumour that the Arenas in FE7 and 8 have a "Serious Mode" that can be activated, changing the Arena organizer's dialogue (important distinction) and upping the challenge. Simply winning continuously doesn't activate it, and as there was no obvious way to make anything change, it was often dismissed as internet BS. Well, this guy spent five whole years researching this, and finally managed to discover how to activate it. Of note, the author says he checked with someone overseas and found that this wasn't in the English versions of FE7/8. To activate it, you have to win four Arena matches in a row, then on the fifth fight onwards, soft reset any time between your unit landing the killing blow (confirmed victory) and getting paid. If the trick is successful, you'll be taken back to your unit landing the killing blow on the enemy, except you'll notice that the enemy's HP should've changed, as well as your damage, hit rates, etc. That's how you know Serious Mode has been activated. Once it's been activated, the Arena handler's dialogue changes when you send the same unit to the Arena again. He says: ここは闘技場だ。おっと、またあんたかい。 This is the Arena. Oh, it's you again. あんたにゃ損をさえられてるからな… You've made me lose a lot of money... これ以上やるなら、こっちも考えがあるぜ。 If you're gonna keep going, then I have an idea. それなりの相手を用意させてもらう。 I'll prepare some worthy foes. Once Serious Mode is activated for a unit, it's permanently active on that map, even if you concede, which is how it's different from the regular Arena grinding power ups. It's possible to triggger Serious Mode on multiple units per map, but using the author's method, further units may take more than 5 wins to trigger it, so you have to keep performing the trick on wins until it works. The enemies themselves aren't particularly stronger than just winning Arena consecutively normally, though it does up the baseline strength of the enemies even if you lose your streak. On Sacred Stones Hard, which has harder Arena enemies than FE7, the author's Joshua fought a Wyvern Lord with 98 HP/27 Str/29 Skl/27 Spd/0 Lck/11 Def, which as far as I know is possible to encounter with just regular grinding. If you're attempting this trick on your own, note that the stat shifting when triggering Serious Mode can actually cause the outcome of the fight to change because of the differing hit rates etc. Based on the fact that this feature isn't in the overseas versions when localized FE7 had made changes such as restoring Lyn's Sol Katti animations, the author thinks this is simply unused content that can be accessed through unconventional means, and not a bugged feature. Since FE8 reused a lot of things from FE7, it probably got ported into that as well.
  4. @BoaFerox Damn, nice flame Tana. Doubling Shez on this map is no small feat of course. That Feud certainly helped. I didn't quite expect Summer Tana to kill the blue dragon like that either. I'm jealous of your +9 Lyn. Mine is +2, and not really for lack of trying. Hoping I can get to +7 or so at least with Engage AHR.
  5. I managed it without killing Shez turn 1 before with a different team but couldn't replicate it somehow. She will only become more invincible.
  6. Dual-wielding Hana was honestly a big reason for why I even went to pull for Ganglot. The thing that impresses me the most about your clears is how much HP you often end up trading away on your units early on, yet still make it out just fine.
  7. @Xenomata I actually can't believe that clean one-shot on Shez by Yune. What the hell. @Diovani Bressan Lol, Armorslayer BMarth. Doubling Shez is impressive. @Sasori Showing off a few Arcane upgrades, huh? The way Caspar holds the scythe is amusing. Forrest was very clutch on turn 5. @Landmaster I actually had a different strat at first but I somehow forgot how to do it.
  8. The Switch doesn't really have good graphical capabilities, just a lot of the popular games tend to have good art direction that masks this problem.
  9. I hope to merge fire Lyn to +10 someday. Oh right, there's a new Tana now. Her dance button is pretty useful for these.
  10. Excited for elementary school next year?
  11. @Some Jerk That was quite the scare on turn 4, but it turned out okay. This team is surprisingly tanky. @Diovani Bressan Hmm yes, blue Marth helped out quite a lot. Interesting YMarth build. @Landmaster Wow, Elise managed to double Veronica. That's quite something. Seemed like a rough time but made it through. Congrats on the Elise resp, by the way. Haven't been around lately because I had to deal with moving and then starting a new job. Things have just started to settle down a bit more for me. Since I haven't been making videos, I haven't shown off this stupid shit much, but this is what I've been using a lot lately.
  12. It's hard to say if this will be another "pick your country" game or not but I sure hope it isn't and is just one big group together. That one cutscene with everyone fighting a giant horde gives me hope that we're done with the consistently botched choice thing.
  13. Wild how even Marth feels the need to lie to Alear lol. Wonder what kinda fucked up shit happened in the past.
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