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  1. @Some Jerk Babzura sure stole the show there. Impressive. @Alexmender Yeah, I figured Tsubasa would be able to destroy Sigurd. Once the lance cav couldn't kill anyone it was over. @BoaFerox Canto sure is helpful for positioning. Any luck on more Tana merges? @NSSKG151 Well that's certainly rare for you. Was surprised that lance Anna tanked Sigurd's special so well. @Sasori A new kid joins, hm. And with really good coverage too for this team. Maybe he'll be a regular from now on? The Ruse + Smite maneuver was pretty cool to break out of that blockade. @Landmaster Well, Gravity is certainly something. Can't move four spaces when you get locked down like that. I didn't really think about that before clicking the vid, but I guess that was a breeze in the end. Little girls put big Crusader man in jail. @Unknown Gamer11 Damn, that was a wash. Ewan just facetanking like that was definitely not what I was expecting. Smart to use HMia. @Diovani Bressan Ooh, Petrine. Very nice. There's something funny looking about Alm with a Hammer. @Hilda I was wondering if Sharena would just tank Sigurd on turn 1, but I guess that would've been too much to ask. She still did pretty well against him and the other enemies. @Maaka I got stuck in essay hell for the past two weeks (7 short ones and 1 long one, fun) and I finally got time to breathe a few days ago. I had a bunch of other stuff to catch up on so I put this on hold for a little bit, but here I am. Sorry about the other maps I didn't reply to, but to be honest there's a limit to how entertaining some of those really easy BHBs can get. Anyway, here's my super late Sigurd vid.
  2. This one actually took some thought for once, for a BHB.
  3. Thanks. You'll get there. Japanese can be tricky. Sure, though I don't think it does much. You'll get notified when I post I guess? Which isn't very often anymore. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Very nice clear. Rein's still got it, especially with his new Resplendent. Very impressive showing from Seliph. At least Kagero still has NFU access over Kagero so her A skill doesn't need to be Impact. Yay Minerva! Azelle's Prf sure is strong. With how strong the effect is, I half expected him to double Dagr, but I guess that's too much. One-shotting her is still good. @Some Jerk Yeah, the armor is annoying as hell. Babby Azura didn't have trouble though, I guess. I was wondering how Silvia was going to handle Dagr at all, but makes sense that it's better to just blast her with magic. Maybe next Abyssal they'll have a Near/Far Save tag team like they did with Henriette and Gustav. It's been a while since I've seen your Nowi. I was expecting YMarth to make an appearance, but guess not. LLeif has those bases covered. @BoaFerox Celica good. Yeah, I don't feel bad about bringing out cheap stuff when they're using Saves. I had been eyeing Odd Tempest for a little while now, and I managed to snag an LDimitri easily on the AHR banner, luckily. He was +Res -Atk too. I was wondering if you were going to throw SFir into the sword fighter to proc Save and start the map in that fashion, but this works too. I don't think I really go for tanking strats in Abyssals very often. Even before I used Celica + Kagero for everything I used a lot of Galeforce for these. There's just so many enemies. Axe Elise with Bolverk? Rare that Mirabilis got kills indeed. Glacies hits hard. I didn't expect that either, but works for me to keep Double Lion up. Not that it really mattered at that point in time. NYAnna is definitely your star unit, yeah. I don't remember ever seeing you use Slaying Bow though, unless I'm just forgetting. That's nice with Deadeye.
  4. @Matrograde Nice clear. I tried to use Shamir myself, but ran into a bunch of problems and dropped that idea. Looks like you figured it out. @Hilda Odd Recovery sure is helpful. Gives so much more breathing room. Alfonse destroyed Dagr. @Xenomata Nice team there. Witch Nowi's refine is a lot of fun, and Grima is pretty much immortal. My Summer Linde has been collecting dust, sadly. @Alexmender Dominance broken @Landmaster @NSSKG151 @Sasori @Maaka @Some Jerk @Diovani Bressan Looks like I'm early for once. Saves are cheap and unfair so I busted out my own cheap shit.
  5. @Maaka Nice Lex. Was surprised to see Dorothea there for a moment before I remembered why. @Some Jerk Knew you weren't going to struggle with this one. Ninja Katana was really one of the best toys for you, I guess. @NSSKG151 Wow, Attack of Reinhardt. Featuring Ayra. I hope to get DC on my Ayra sometime soon as well. I don't really need more sword DC in particular, but I like Ayra and her refine is so good. Mystic Boost seal is definitely a great choice (just like my BCelica set, huh?). It's funny watching two cavs and a flier huddle around a woman for protection. @Diovani Bressan Things looked a bit rough for a while there, pushed up against the wall, but good thing Dorothea saved the day. Nuking Roy is always a solid idea. @Landmaster Wow, that's a nice Silva. Shannan is quite reliable vs anything physical and has a lot of firepower to boot. I love Ishtar's refine, but I couldn't quite run her. I think I need more merges. Sorry for not responding to the GHB and BHB stuff lately. It's hard to find motivation to do anything special with them when they're so easy, and I end up forgetting about the threads. Here's my clear though. Got pretty hard carried by Julia.
  6. Yeah I definitely missed that. Guess Fodlan got "standardized" then.
  7. LCelica, BMicaiah, BLysithea and a few others have Prf tomes with no sprites, but not sure why Solon still has a book.
  8. Their babysitter isn't much older than them this time. And I think Asbel himself might be an orphan too, though I forget if they ever mentioned his mother at all. Nevertheless, he shred Claude hard. Even got the final kill. @NSSKG151 Good luck on pulling the bow later then.
  9. It's ok, it'll just cost more grails I guess. Don't think I've ever seen you use Cake Cutter SBartre before. Very impressive that Bartre managed to quad Claude, all things considered. Poor Fir left in the back as usual. She actually didn't outspeed I think because Catch activated fully, but I didn't do the math in depth. She just Double Lioned her way to victory anyway. Nice exact kill on Claude. OG Elise's firepower never ceases to amaze. I guess we are just that cultured lol. Stop copying me tho, you copied me so hard our Hanas even said the same Special quote for their first activation I love my WHilda. It's the only Hilda I will ever have a shot at +10ing probably. She may be too lazy to move, but Azura is strict and makes her work. Norne is pretty damn strong. Didn't expect her to take out Claude so soon. I haven't gotten to building mine since I can't pull Spendthrift and failed to get Plegian Bow. Ruptured Sky is so handy. The update for the in-combat stat boosts made the UI really messy, but I guess it's worth it when you get to see just how much is being piled onto your favourite unit, case in point Eirika here. Glad you figured out how to not get murdered by Claude. I assume the play was to make sure everything on the right side died first?
  10. @NSSKG151 I honestly thought Jill was there to beat Claude up, but he must be too fast for her. NYAnna is indestructible as always. Did you get Plegian Bow? @Some Jerk Impressive showing from Silvia. You've made her go quite far. @Diovani Bressan Huh, Freyja. A welcome surprise. @Jugdral Lover/iggy/Safer Jamke made short work of Claude with that Brave Bow. Seliph is so tanky. @Sasori So the orphan boys couldn't handle the Abyssal? Or did you just want a change of pace? Either way, LLeif and BDimitri are strong, but Gordin and Siegbert earned their place. This seemed like a terrible time for Kagero again, so this time I'm basically my Arena core, with two units that I finished building in the last two months. @Landmaster @Alexmender @Maaka
  11. @NSSKG151 Nice flier team. Jill is really destructive, but so is Elincia. @Diovani Bressan Dominance OP. Wish I had a Bride Miccy. @Flying Shogi Nice Laguz (and half-Laguz). Tibarn + Naesala is such a deadly combo. I wonder who the green one will be, since Reyson is just a dancer. @Maaka Nice WoM Miccy. But imagine if the cav was one tile off to the left @Landmaster BIke busted. Did Yune ever count as an honorary Elise? Here's mine. Decided to not use either Altina.
  12. @Sasori Mama! Sure wish I pulled her. @Diovani Bressan Brave Sword YMarth and Slaying Lance Seteth are pretty funny. @Maaka Nice to see that SFir is a staple now. Now we need Karla to get a refine. @Landmaster smh should've padded Mirabilis' kill count Not worth the effort.
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