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  1. According to this tweet, FE Cipher is officially going to end with the 22nd edition releasing in October. There will be a livestream discussing this in detail in about three hours, but the outline on the site says that official support for the game will end in March 2021.
  2. @Alexmender That Pass + Galeforce play was pretty impressive! Darting in and out of enemy lies is like a spy... But also like a flier. She got caught by the green mage cav, but that's okay Poison Strike Eirika is interesting, it's like she points, and then either Hilda or Tsubasa kill according to her orders.
  3. No comment then, I suppose. If the armor would move, I could've just waited another turn for the enemies to move up again before plopping Hilda onto the bridge, I guess. To pay for your sins, you shall receive eight hits yourself. Her art could be better... Her Prf is pretty strong though, for sure. My favourite gen 1 female in FE4 is Lachesis. Oh, that's why she's the Spy. That's a fun idea. Well, maybe it'll be decently strong. Unfortunately for you, Hilda is in cahoots with me. I've even Summoner Supported her. Resplendent Cordy is suprisingly bulky now that her BST is caught up to gen 4 standards. There's always style in having people wait for their own death.
  4. It was 8 hits Tailtiu, huh? I didn't expect her to be one of your favourites. I love Cordy, though, and I have to buy for Azura too, so I picked up Sophia as well. Wow, Tsubasa! I got her as well, but I haven't given her a lot of fodder yet. She did really well here. Mage Eirika, too. I have a +0 Mage Eirika... because I used the other two or three copies I've gotten for fodder... heh... Are you excited for her refine? We did employ a similar strategy, but yours was a lot heavier on chip damage, and our red option was very different too, of course. We use Hilda in somewhat different ways. Thanks. I always like to go on the offensive I guess. I love this song. Damn, +10 Sophia. Mine is still +1, but I plan on building mine up too. I've given her Atk/Res Solo for now. Sophia was just the thing the Elises needed to help them out, though. I always love watching people's units duel Mythics head-on. There's some serious firepower packed in these small girls. Really nice music on the preparation part, btw.
  5. Yeah, she's free, but she's only free for a month. Good thing I didn't use a tome
  6. Do it bro, you need to complete the sisters. Not that I have them at +10 or anything either. I just use Cordy most of the time, as you can see lol.
  7. Arc: "hard work" also Arc: "haha Nino" Altina isn't used in PM1's guides because she's limited time
  8. @Some Jerk Instantly obliterating enemies is always good, that's how I roll. Well, except I don't do one-turns. Unfortunate that Silvia had to take a relative backseat this time, but relying on your allies is never wrong lol. Klein did very well ORKOing Bram, and Delthea was really reliable. @Wanda Nice, fellow Kagero user! I didn't use her this time, but I have a +10 one too. Didn't get LnD4, though, sadly. Very nice clear, and very strong Tharja too. Kagero made Bram look stupid, as she does. @LordFrigid Nice Sophia. I just bought the Pass and am going to build her next, mostly for AR use. I've given her Atk/Res Solo and QR3 for now, but I don't have a premium B to give her yet. May have to stick to Guard. She's also still only +1 +Atk. I think this is the first time you EPed more than one thing for your one turn clears. Sophia demolished Bram easily. @Diovani Bressan I like Palla a lot, so I'm glad you used her! She did pretty well. Too bad Catria wasn't here. @Maaka Wow, really nice with Lilina. Haven't seen Raven Lilina in a long time (understandably). @DLNarshen That looked really rough, but really nice job! Kempf's chip damage was a big help, and the Flash effect came in clutch this time! That dragonslaying dagger is annoying, huh? @Landmaster @Alexmender @mcsilas @Zeo Celica + Kagero was again not quite working out this time. Not enough room to do things. Instead of dropping Celica, though, I decided to drop Kagero instead since she was missing a lot of kills, but after I switched teams it didn't take too long to figure out. I chose this song because the chaotic duet went with Bramimond's quirks.
  9. I think all my clears are just offensive in general... as are my units. Battle of Eagle and Lion! But this time the tables have turned, compared to that previous BHB. Bernie sure is strong. I wish I got Laegjarn... Nice to see that DK was finally able to contribute this time. Everyone had a solid and important role.
  10. She doesn't use it often, no, but most of the time she just chooses to repeat the name of the hero she's talking about in those kinds of sentences. Though, the common alternative to onore there (自分 jibun) is gender neutral too. I don't think it's really a specific thing, personally.
  11. @Ice Dragon Limstella's card in Cipher actually has no listed sex/gender, which is usually used for checking certain skills, so it's basically confirmed I think. As for Bramimond, he was male before he became the void I guess. Now he is just... not much.
  12. I always thought that a lot of male characters in FE were already really shoujo... It doesn't adopt the style of shoujo media in the plot and stuff, though. From my own consumption of it, I'd say the defining aspect of shoujo (other than romance) is a heavy focus on the inner thoughts and reactions the main character (or whoever has the PoV) to situations. Insecurities, inner turmoil and conflict, etc. etc. to help the audience relate to and thus support the character(s). A lot of shoujo content is very heavy on this, though, spelling out every thought in full sentences, and that's part of why I never liked the genre much. Granted, I'm hardly the target demographic, but that was my issue with it. Josei stuff tends to be more subtle about things, but the focus tends to still be on similar issues. Essentially, I think shounen and seinen lean more towards the happenings of the plot, inspire values that would be considered heroic, and paint emotion in broader strokes. Shoujo and josei like to go more intricately into moment-to-moment feelings and how they inform the characters' actions, and has a stronger emphasis on making characters relatable, usually through dwelling more on flaws. Obviously FE in general does more of the former, and in Three Houses you literally almost never get the shoujo/josei style since Byleth is a silent protagonist. But like I said, I do think quite a bunch of FE characters, mostly male ones, embody tropes found in shoujo/josei males more already. Seth is probably the most archetypal one in my memory, as the loyal protector/love interest male that sticks with Eirika. More recently in Three Houses, I'd say you could apply it to... every male in Blue Lions, for one. A combination of the two philosophies behind the styles could probably create something pretty good. But I sure hope the style of dialogue doesn't become the generic shoujo manga kind that takes forever to get through one thing.
  13. If you can find some unit to represent your husband, maybe you can do family clears with Titania, Leo, Est and whoever? I see. Good luck, and hope he gets a refine soon. They weren't too hard to work around, yeah. @Maaka I just realized I forgot to comment on yours somehow, even though I watched it. Sorry about that. That Wo Dao guy is honestly surprisingly weak lol. I saw the father-daughter one too. I think Enemy Phase still counts as 1-turn.
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