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  1. It would still result in some extra filler dialogue/commentary on last month/actually quest-relevant dialogue to be written, but the game would flow much better. Even with how the game is now, there's a lot of characters whose dialogue aren't even relevant to the current month's task anyway (at least until timeskip)...
  2. I agree with those solutions. I was honestly wishing for time-sensitive stuff to be implemented if elements like world map etc. were to be kept in future FEs, mostly to dissuade excessive map grinding. It could still be applied to this game, perhaps, by making doing the task earlier and later have trade-offs, perhaps. I honestly wonder why they chose to have the task be announced at the start of the month instead of near the end. Literally, what's wrong with making it so that Lonato's rebellion starts up near the end of the month instead of at the start? My guess is they wanted week 1 to always be Explore week for players to get convos, but really, I think they could've just given a free but limited Explore on the day of the task for plot convos but no activities, and ending the Explore session starts the mission.
  3. Thanks. I was thinking of handing her Galeforce eventually, since that's one of the many things she can do with her busted stats and weapon. If I had Time's Pulse (I don't), she could even do 4 cd Galeforce with Heavy/Flashing Blade (RIP Raven). And then after she's done with her moves, she can be a WoM beacon that also gives her teammates 4 Atk and Spd! My one-turn career begins Nice Micaiah. I wish I had one... Hilda sure is fun. I'm definitely investing in her.
  4. @Alexmender @mcsilas @Rezzy @LordFrigid @mampfoid HE'LL YEA Hilda-chan has no weakness!
  5. I wonder if Vantage will see much more use in the upcoming difficulties... Ambush spawns do become a thing.
  6. I went with Dorothea. It's one of her canon classes, and she's not really stellar as a mage anyway to be honest. She has not much utility, and can't really nab OHKOs with Meteor or whatever. Occasional 1-3 Thoron was basically her selling point, and she could still perform that function as a Dancer. I don't think Flayn as Dancer is a bad idea at all. Every house already comes with a character who will be your main healer anyway, and going into Dancer doesn't prevent her from using Rescue at all. You can argue that if you make someone else a Dancer you can do double Rescue or something, but you can make this argument about pretty much every mage that has any form of utility. I hear people say that Marianne might be hands down the best Dancer candidate in the whole game, but I haven't done it yet myself. She has a somewhat mediocre Reason spell list to begin with (only Thoron is really that good, like Dorothea), and her main utility from Faith is Physic (someone else can heal) and Silence (not needed every turn). She can abuse Swords well, though, especially with Blutgang and Soulblade, or just the Levin Sword.
  7. The only applications Death Knight has are using him as an Enemy Phase cav with QR (but lol Enemy Phase cavs) or using him to troll as a WoM beacon in AR defense (which he sucks at because he will lose Spd comparisons if they have QR/NFU and die, unlike cav beasts).
  8. Locking her out of her Prf in 3/4 routes would be extremely sad.
  9. ...So Annette's paralogue is just unavailable outside of BL?
  10. @Zeo The fact that Matthew ate the opening Lunar Flash without dying already blew my mind. If not even that mattered, the rest was just free. That Bonus Doubler from LEliwood was so good in both runs.
  11. @Zeo @Alexmender @mampfoid @mcsilas @LordFrigid @JSND Alter Dragon Boner @Landmaster I've been kinda slacking on replying to vids lately because of health and also Three Houses (I watch most of them but then I don't reply), but I'll try to exist a bit more I guess. Meanwhile, check out this dumb shit.
  12. It feels kinda sad when after replaying to get everything, you can't actually access the file you got everything on after playing, though. Like, what's the point if it just becomes a clear time on the slot with the words "CLEAR DATA" on it? I can't go back to look at my units and fool around with them after spending so long. That's the biggest issue for me.
  13. I don't know any of the chapter names so I can't make jokes or anything with the title. Hmph. Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Death Knight Red Mage Green Mage Axe Dragoon Sword Cavalier Bow Knight
  14. I just finished Black Eagles yesterday, and I've been loving this game, but I gotta say, no post-game endless mode sucks. I was hoping that I could still access my units after beating the final boss, and maybe I would get infinite school time to just play around with, but all you can do with a cleared file is New Game+... Surely I'm not the only one? Hopefully one of the DLC adds this.
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