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  1. @Landmaster I wish I had all Micaiahs. I don't have summer and legendary, and the two of them sure showed up to work in your clear. I wonder if LMicaiah would've been able to double and kill Celica using her built-in Desp. @NSSKG151 Huh, +10 Black Knight. Don't see a lot of those anymore. I've been thinking about giving Special Fighter to my Zelgius for a while now, but not sure if I want to since I give up DC fodder at the same time. Anyway, nothing a quick Black Luna couldn't solve when it comes to Celica. Funny to see everyone so far agreeing that Altina and WAltina are to be shelved for these vids.
  2. @Diovani Bressan Hey, nice Archanean theme team. I think. Hope LLucina's refine is good. @Sasori I like your Ranulf. Myrrh has never stopped being strong.
  3. I quite like NYPlumeria. Her combat utility is limited but she is good at her job, which is good enough for a dancer. Gatekeeper would make a good babysitter. Fine counterplay with him blocking off the teleporting, then slapped her with the Bignis. If the boss can warp, I can do it better. The Elises still got to shine, what with Elise's Gravity keeping the map in check, and Summer Elise destroying Byleth with Glimmer. @Some Jerk Wow, nice Mirabilis build. She can definitely tank and harm some reds coming her way. I guess it's fine to mix up who you use. Xenoblade music is quite versatile. I've been using STana a lot in summoner duels. Quite fun.
  4. @Diovani Bressan Interesting lineup. Was wondering if Byleth's Guard would stop a lot of one-turn strats, but I guess only if you're not creative enough. @Landmaster @Alexmender @Sasori @Some Jerk @BoaFerox This was a bit annoying to deal with normally because of the Guard and Fatal Smoke for me, so I just rushed it instead.
  5. @NSSKG151 Palla is great. Impressive kill on Altina. @Diovani Bressan Ooh, Lukas. Haven't seem him in a while. Bride Catria being Valentian is still funny. @BoaFerox Good that you managed to one turn with such a team. Impressive. @Landmaster Wow, a built Tatiana. Don't see many of those. Clearly I am in the minority when it comes to Echoes rosters.
  6. @Some Jerk Oh, nice Larum build, didn't even know you had one. A lot of people doubted the usefulness of Frenzy when it came out, but that was the perfect example of how it's beneficial for this kind of build. It's ok, no one needs Pelleas. @Sasori Oh, no kids this time around huh. Close Foil Asbel reminds me of how I used him to tank and OHKO wyverns in Thracia, which honestly wasn't a very good idea but was my only option. FLeif is definitely some cheese. @Alexmender Cool units. I wish I had a ninja Corrin, but I'm still in saving mode for LAzura remix. Do you have savings for LEirika remix? @BoaFerox Yeah, this map has a lot of cheese in it. I was wondering if you were going to use Summer Tana's refine teleporting, but no chance for that this time. @Diovani Bressan Marth plop, huh. Was amusing to see the Spur Attacks needed. @Landmaster It's ok, Ninja Elise supervised and authorized those kills. I bet she taught Corrin magic too. Several clutch Miracles there, nice. I originally thought about bringing out Belica for this since there's two green bosses, but I've been wanting to use other things in Abyssals because I feel like she walks on most Abyssals too hard lol. Wanted to use ALaeg too, so I thought might as well make it Heroes themed. Dropped AFjorm for OG Fjorm because it was too easy otherwise.
  7. Poor Katarina is in a category that keeps getting newer and better units. Nice Kris and Marth team. BMarth's weapon is still a bit confusing to me sometimes I want to merge FKris someday, though. I like the music you chose as well. Norne sure is strong. I recently +10ed mine with Spendthrift Close Foil NFU, but I haven't been using her a lot yet. Still figuring out what I want to do. Maybe one day we'll get an Anna for every series. @Diovani Bressan Wow, Abel and Cain. Good job with those dudes because I'd never build them lol.
  8. @NSSKG151 If you squint hard enough, Nagi is also a redhead. She has no problem with LLeif since she has Raven in her breath. Nice men team too. +3 Wolf is nice. I have a +Atk -Spd one and a spare, but I haven't merged yet since I wonder if I might need his fodder. @Landmaster @Diovani Bressan @Alexmender @Some Jerk @Sasori @BoaFerox Here's mine. Just used the new toys.
  9. I actually had to merge my Veronicas to get her to kill stuff on this map. Left her at +1 for a long time. Huh, I didn't expect that ending. I thought you were going to kill the blue mage cav with Marth, and then get the sword cav with Lucina. Oh right, I competely forgot. I also thought BAlm had NFU in his weapon, but it's only the offensive half of NFU. Interesting. Kagero uses every stat, so the Resp is very welcome. Poor Fae got Pulse Smoked. Did you struggle because of the Guard Sword cav? How do you feel about the new duo? It's the Angry Chicken from Hearthstone. I don't play Hearthstone, it just looked funny. RIP Chad's candy. Pulse Smoke saves the day here. Looked scary for a bit when Fae started moving down with a bunch of friends. She sure is. I might use her more now. Anna needs a break sometimes.
  10. Isn't it fairly easy to cap Olwen's Mag with scrolls? I don't quite remember if mine did. His 15 Con is pretty good though. I guess if you're Warp skipping a lot of maps, then yeah, Rein is just better.
  11. Eh, a star is a star I guess, but literally everyone that's been used frequently has good combat by this point in the game. Assuming that Olwen is necessary to get Reinhardt, Olwen is probably just better?
  12. @Alexmender Nice one turn. Looks like you figured out BMarianne after all. @Some Jerk Quite an interesting battle of attrition at the end. Very well done on the right side. @BoaFerox Wow, Laeva just 2 shot her, even without Glimmer. Honestly expected LFae to have 99 HP in this LHB lol. @LoneStar Ah yes, Brave Alm the nuke. Honestly was a bit surprised he got doubled back by LFae. @Diovani Bressan @Sasori @NSSKG151 @Landmaster Already decided that I was going to use Kagero in this one, of course. Threw in AFjorm to see what would happen, only to find out she shits on 80% of the enemies.
  13. @Some Jerk Ah yes, the broken dead people. Hel doesn't care that much about eating the chip damage I suppose, though she didn't get to do much without the opportunity to Mystic Boost for most of the fight. Definitely an atypical strategy for you, given how you usually rushdown with Silvia. @Diovani Bressan Hm, I guess Laevatein's refine is useful for this kind of scenario, when you can't really afford to bring buffs for her externally or something like that. @NSSKG151 It's ok, we can pretend it's New Year's Gunnthra. +31 Atk on Anna is quite wild. Not surprising that she was the star. @Landmaster Goats and little girl. Good play with Harsh Command to get rid of Thrasir quickly. I tried to fit in a goat on my team, but it didn't quite work out. A mix of new toys and old units with new toys here.
  14. On the other hand, I don't have many important ideas for Grails. Nice Tanas being taught by a teacher. Funny how YTana and OG Tana both talked about Innes treating them like a kid.
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