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  1. Oh, okay. I didn't see an equivalent Japanese word at all. I think Google Translate picked up "house leader" as "advisor".
  2. It's true that Hubert and Dedue likely aren't present, but where did you get "non-advising" from?
  3. Dimitri Claude is pretty much a lock, and I'm thinking Edelgard will take first in female's, at least in the midterms, and then maybe the rabid Blue Lions fans will campaign for people to pile on someone high up in females to screw Edelgard over on purpose, like what people were doing with Camilla. I guess it could be Anna or Eirika, doesn't matter. Not that it really affects me I guess, since I'll just be doing my standard "one vote for everyone I like" thing mostly. Though Eirika, Anna and Edelgard are in that list.
  4. The legend of the weapon that pierced Ethlyn and took Quan's life, Silver Lance+, is often told by bards across the land of Judgral. Many artists have tried to capture its generic yet unique form. Blacksmiths and warriors would kill to have a chance to just hold it for 30 seconds. It is not often that the King of Thracia would take his holy weapon out in public, as even without having it on hand he is the target of many assassination and theft attempts. "With great power comes great responsibility." - Dain Map Hard & Lunatic Infernal Infernal Enemy Stats Travant Sword Dragoon Axe Dragoon Green Mage Flier Lance Armor Red Mage
  5. I lold. They spent big big money on Horie for the fairy of lewd dreams. I love it.
  6. I mean, there is busted stuff that can beat her, but at the same time she can straight up make a lot of Reds lose by even trying to fight her without an Armorsmasher or Blade tome etc. Surtr does the exact same thing with his default set, but Sothis can do it by virtue of just being too fast instead of relying on Wary. And she's also bulky, extended further by her Prf special. @daisy jane I rematched, and oof I lost normally lol. My Astra stuff just straight up sucks; no green to cover blues (I dropped Fae because I kept running into Thrasir, but I guess she would've worked for your map), and my best shot was WCecilia who couldn't kill Est after Bolt Tower. gg. Sent the friend req.
  7. She has NFU too, in case you thought you could kill her in two hits. Or not get hit twice. Sothis is pretty disgusting like that, yeah. I remember when 39 Spd from +Spd Lucina used to be ridiculously fast.
  8. Lol no prob, this season was pretty meh for me anyway. I'll probably go rematch later. But I'll send you a friend req after it. I'm not that terrible. Except I'm going to fodder one of these Thrasirs to Kagero for Panic Smoke and put her on my defense team, and with her Prf's damage reduction it's almost impossible to prevent her Smoke on Enemy Phase, especially if I give her Hardy Bearing to make BIke sad. I just thought that 39 Spd looked a bit shaky if I wanted to keep using Flashing Blade 4. It's fine with buffs, but I don't think I'd always be able to buff her since she probably won't be in tailored teams often.
  9. She is still in the summoning pool. It just happens, I guess. It took me almost a year for my first Cordelia. @LordFrigid I ended up getting two Thrasirs, one +Atk -Def, one +Spd -Def. I think I'll just pick the +Spd one and listen to you. Hmph. @daisy jane Was this you? The team was Altina, Naga, Caeda, Camilla and Peony.
  10. I have Atk/Spd Push 4, a Prf B, and Joint Hone Spd. Celica good. He probably lifts. I sure love Kagero. And chip damage. Nice to see you managed to pull through. I originally wondered if it would be possible to Pulse Smoke Celica out of Miracle range in one round and ORKO her with Eirika, but I guess she's too fast for that. RIP Ylgr but Peony is welcome. Nice song btw. You should do more custom music.
  11. You better keep using Kagero. >:E Caeda is evil. Celica's tome gives Spd too, so at +0 with +Atk she has 41/41 offenses. That speed boosts to 48 with SS3, and then 54 with Spd Tactic or something. I feel like it's mostly enough. Sothis is pretty broken. Which one? I wish I got Igrene, but I didn't. @Zeo Celica is always good. Ragnarok is ridiculously destructive and I have loved it since it came out.
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