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  1. Procrastinated on this a lot. @daisy jane Wow, +9 Ophie. She definitely carried the map hard, though Veronica is also strong. Honestly forgot that she counts. @Landmaster I'm surprised you fielded Ophie over Keaton or something. One of Elise's potential daughters? That was definitely a wash though, since you got to use your main team on this old Abyssal. @NSSKG151 Wow, a loaded Silas. mcsilas would be happy. Maybe Fates Anna will join in the near future? @Maaka Peri and Hana are nice girls. Soleil too. Hana is still pretty silly on player phase. Here's mine.
  2. @Sasori Nice boys as usual, but Duo Alfonse is also a new face, and I guess I'm not too surprised at how well he handled Corrin. Raigh's horseslaying is pretty helpful for this one.
  3. I'm excited for it too. Nanna is a good girl. @daisy jane Your clear tempts me to give my own Sophia CC... Her performance against Corrin was especially impressive. I've just been using Atk/Res Solo for AR, but I've always thought it might be cool to have CC Sophia for Abyssals. I have spare CC lying around, just not quite pulling the trigger because I don't know when I might need it. Also, damn, you have a lot of +10s, huh. It was mini-Spiral that always activates post combat and Mystic Boost I think, but the ally proximity thing might still be present unfortunately. NCD on Marth sure is handy. Screw that Flash+. Ruse to prevent Corrin from regaining Negating Fang was a good idea, but I guess you didn't really need that at all since Nowi did so much damage. I see, definitely an upgrade now then. I had already pictured certain scenarios where Celica's upcoming refine would've helped me in this clear, and I think it's promising. Sure am. Veronica's too. Poor Kagero gets doubled by Corn, and there wasn't a lot I could do to adjust for it, so I decided to just forgo all of that business and take advantage of the lack of NCD. This is probably the most healing I've seen you apply in a clear despite maining a healer, between staff heals, Breath of Life, and BElise's weapon. Mirabillis went to take a nap while the Elises handled Corrin at the end, huh. By the way, I didn't know there was a full Azura version of Lost in the Waves. Where did you find that? So you'd have to rethink it entirely if Negating Fang was pre-charged? Wings of Meme is always strong indeed. It seems a disappointing surprising amount of people have already forgotten about the Corrin-Arceus jokes. With how thicc Corrin is, most people seem forced to dance around Corrin like this too. You definitely used more teleporting than I did, since I chose to control space with Gravity instead. Yeah, flower income is really slow... Hope they fix that later. Tsubasa must definitely be one of the best WoM users. Her weapon and stuff meshes perfectly with coming in after an ally goes up to get hurt. Eirika finished things off with a bang with the Blazing Thunder, and Hilda decided to go the extra mile on to kill the boss too. What role is Azura again in the "lore"?
  4. I didn't grow up with Nintendo, so when I got Brawl (my first Smash) I wasn't actually very familiar with a lot of the franchises on there, including Fire Emblem. I didn't really decide to give Fire Emblem a shot until after Robin and Lucina's trailer for Smash 4 and all my friends saying Awakening was good, though. I ended up playing FE7 first because I couldn't buy Awakening so soon.
  5. @LordFrigid I imagine this would've been a lot more complicated if Corrin had her Special charged already... Good thing it wasn't. @Maaka Always nice to see Fir join her dads. Was she -Spd before? @Some Jerk Rein is nice to have. I see Silvia clutched it out vs Corrin anyway, even if she can't use her strongest gimmick. Never needed it. @Hilda RIP Corrin, killed in one hit. Astra with Breath is insane. @NSSKG151 Ah, the Brave Bow Glacies with the obscene damage. I was wondering if you were finally going to give a kill to Phina with the armor, but she killed the bow cav instead I see. @Diovani Bressan @DLNarshen @mcsilas @Zeo @Alexmender @Landmaster @daisy jane Debut of a toy I got for Celica a month or two ago. This is also the first time I've actually ended up using Gravity+ on Nanna I think. The reinforcements stumped me for a little while, but overall it was actually relatively easy once I figured out how I could gimmick this map. If I pull a LCorn I'll think about giving her NCD lol.
  6. If Celica was out of the picture (like if she died or something) I feel like he would just either be single or later take some random unnamed lover. He pushed Faye away. Clair realized that Alm didn't see her that way and Gray was making his moves. Silque is committed to her faith/cause, but even if she wasn't Jesse would probably have a better shot. Sonya is busy. Genny is a maybe? Who knows who that person she had a crush on was. Mae and Mathilda are out of the equation. And that's about it for the girls. Don't know about dudes.
  7. @Diovani Bressan I wish I got Mia and Lucina. Brady was a surprising guest too. Nowi did Nowi things. @Maaka Any use of Cordelia is good civ. @NSSKG151 Cordy and Cherche are always nice. I tried to use my own ATiki, but not enough merges yet. She handled the left side beautifully. Anna saved her strength to get the fancy boss kill too. Impressive that she doubled LLucina, and the damage reduction came in clutch too. @Landmaster That's a pretty strong family, though it was the girls doing the heavy lifting of course. Don't see Witch Nowi very often, and I still don't have her myself. The fight was honestly tougher than I expected, as the Nowis started getting worn down, but they pulled through with all that healing. Poor Lucina had to be killed by her nightmare. Procrastinated a lot on recording and then forgot to post here lol.
  8. @NSSKG151 Welp, the better merchant won. That's all there is to it. @Diovani Bressan LWood boosted Flemp was pretty overkill. RIP. @LordFrigid Nice 1 HP adjustment. I sure wish I got LEdel. @Sasori +10 Soren? Nice. You sure love those mage boys. @Maaka Cut through like butter. @Landmaster Jorge not being able to charge Ignis was just depressing for him. Easy. Even though this map was easy, I couldn't really dig out anything underused in my barracks to deal with it because of the nature of it, so I said fuck it and threw Lethe + NY!Lethe at it. Not worth recording.
  9. Unless DC also counts as high-end fodder, this is definitely not true anymore. Half the time Ophelia is the least of your worries in a good AR D, especially in Light season where you can stack double Eir for +10 Res to make AoE damage low. If you have Pulse Smoke she gets defused, of course, but stuff like Libra and now Echidna are popular choices for just eating her AoE. Sophia and Lyon can easily eat the AoE and be fine too, and the in-combat hit will be manageable despite WTD. I use Hilda as a substitute for the former two, and I run Sophia.
  10. I disagree. I'd go as far as saying horses are probably the second best movement type in the game right now, simply because they get Lulls. They don't have much variety in toys, but this one B is so ridiculously broken (and "versatile" since you can choose whichever one fits your unit the best) that Spd stack Walhart isn't actually a joke anymore. Cancelling enemy buffs AND debuffing them is so strong, especially since you still have access to your own visible buffs. There's nothing to be done about LLeif killing you in two hits when he has Lull Atk/Def unless you happen to have a lot of Drive Def, and half the time there's nothing you can do about Sirius outspeeding you with Lull Atk/Spd.
  11. How dare you forget about her Maybe your son will get one with Lull Spd/Res or something. Azura refine when? Sleepy theme team huh? Good stuff. Cool that you got through with relatively little SI with this bunch. Sothis being immune to dragon effectiveness is a big boon.
  12. @mcsilas Edel destroys herself, huh. The newcomer Bernie quickly earned her keep as the MVP in this run, even without Atk/Spd Push active for most of it.
  13. I've watched Gundam and Pokemon among other things as a kid, but when I was 12 or 13 I started watching Oreimo, which was all the rage back then. That was my first anime that was like... a real "weeb anime".
  14. @Diovani Bressan Lol the only source of damage was Poison Strike. RIP. @LordFrigid I was expecting someone to bust out one of the Byleths. Unblockable Galeforce is always great. @NSSKG151 Damn, +10 FTiki... All those dragonslaying weapons could barely do much, and your Tikis returned fire with their own breaths. RIP. @Flying Shogi Nice Nino team. Both Peg and Winter Nino are pretty strong. Do you have a built Jaffar, or are you more of a Nino x Erk person? @Landmaster RIP all their Specials. If they won't let you use any with Ruse, you won't let them use any either lol. @mcsilas @Zeo @Alexmender No theme or anything, just a bunch of units I built and seldom use.
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