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  1. Having a delete button was definitely helpful. Looks like it was a struggle for you too, even with Duofonse. Pretty annoying that LEirika survived him with 1 HP lol. Poor green mage got boxed in by Veronica and Sharena.
  2. Huh, I didn't notice I had one of every Book lol. That's nice.
  3. @Maaka These Ninja weapons are great for one-turning, huh? Did you get a Zihark to give the sword to S!Bartre? @Diovani Bressan Saizo and Leif doing their thing. Not even DFang was trouble. @Flying Shogi Nice theme team. Roy didn't get to do much, which I guess is accurate lol. @Sasori Damn, VTitania. Talk about rare units. It was kinda surprising and amusing that Tobin wasn't able to ORKO that green archer. Here's mine. Just took some new units out for a spin again. I'm planning on +10ing Hana.
  4. @Maaka Oh, nice use of Hel. Her gimmick was pretty helpful. @NSSKG151 Even with only 2/3 Annas, there's no problems here. OG Anna was able to do a lot better on Enemy Phase than I would've expected. I put this one off until the last day and then put off on posting here (again). This one was kinda troublesome for me, and ended up taking 7 minutes.
  5. Celica is definitely quite flexible now with her Prf. Guard weapons are definitely annoying. I guess they want to try and limit Galeforce and other sweeping strats? Good that you figured it out, though. Was quite impressed with Bartre naturally doubling Dimitri. Yeah, I inherited these skills onto her earlier this month actually. Same for Kagero's LnD4 and Spiral. Honorary Anna Jill joins, I see. She took care of Dimitri easily. Poor Commander Anna didn't have much to do, but her New Year self was pretty strong as usual. She's as tanky as a Repel user without having any damage reduction. I brought Nanna for Gravity at first, thinking to use that on Dimitri, but he would approach too fast for it to work, and there's not enough space to run away unlike the FCorrin map. Eventually figured I needed Restore+, which Nanna has. The Elises handled this pretty well. Didn't expect Dimitri to go down so easily, but he did.
  6. @LordFrigid I didn't expect this to turn into the Caeda-only show with Palla only Smiting, but then again this map doesn't allow for much else I suppose. Only 24 damage from Bernie is impressive.
  7. @Xenomata Mhmm +10 Celica, fellow person of culture. Don't exactly see Legion around a lot either, so that's nice. Very strong rushdown on turn 1, but the map forced you back a bit, not that it stopped you. Tiki and Ninian one-shotting Dimitri was a bit unexpected.... then again, +34 Atk. Their lines are cute. @Some Jerk Seth and LMarth are pretty good cheerleaders for Nino. She nuked them all. @Alexmender Ooh, Joint Drive. And Dull Close is new too? Also a very offensive turn 1. Looks like the Pain+ helped more than it hurt by enabling WoM easily. Eirika did the heavy lifting vs Dimitri and then let Hilda take the kill, which is pretty in character. I'm sure Hilda was gloating about that. Tsubasa seemed more passive overall this time. @LordFrigid Wow, what an interesting lineup. Seth of all people. And WSothis too. That TA was definitely very necessary against Dimitri lol. @Sasori Their babysitter sure changes frequently. I guess they must be a handful lol. They were definitely a handful for the enemy, though. It's interesting to see how Lugh and Chad are built around sustain, while Raigh removes threats on Player Phase. Was quite surprised to see Seliph steal the boss kill. Nice Resplendent Roy too. Titania tanked and gave Lilina the firepower she needed to demolish from the backlines. Seliph held out well on his own on the right side. That was a really close call with Titania vs Dimitri. He sure hits like a truck. @Diovani Bressan HTiki sure is useful. I was wondering if you were going to bust out Duo Alm, but YMerric is definitely a great answer to Dimitri. He swept everyone up just fine with help from his friends. @Flying Shogi Oh, that's pretty neat that you managed to clear before all reinforcements spawned. When I did Celica sweeps I always ended up killing every single enemy. @DLNarshen @mcsilas @Landmaster Alright, another Abyssal, time to put my team together... Kagero has a bunch of new toys that will be useful, and I need Nanna for Restore+... good ol' LAzura... wait, Celica wha- I'm not entirely sure how much easier/harder it would've been if I used the normal set on her, but I wanted to win with this, and the nature of the map meant EP was good anyway.
  8. I'm overall a proponent of +Spd. I think if you just wanted her as an AA option +Atk makes her a bit more consistent vs Arena green threats like Edels and Surtrs. +Spd is superior if you want to try using her in AR, which I do on Astra. She is 1 point of Spd faster than Mareeta after factoring weapons, so she is actually a pretty good Spurn user, especially with the built-in Mystic Boost for a lot of sustain. She does pretty well with DC Spurn/NFU Time Pulse/Pulse Smoke. If you also want to field her in AR Defense, in which she is quite good I think, the Spd is good too since Spd stacking is common and easy on offense. For PvE if your Celica doesn't have SS3/AS Push 4 you could potentially fail to quad stuff in Abyssals, which could be a problem if the map has a bulky peg or dragon. With either of those As though she kinda quads the whole game anyway so +Atk is fine.
  9. I've always associated Dimitri with The Long Road more than Chasing Daybreak, but I guess more people find the first post-skip map with BL to be more iconic.
  10. @Maaka RIP Fir. Nice set on SFir, though, especially the Rein. @Diovani Bressan Huh, that's certainly an unorthodox team for a one-turn clear, but it worked beautifully. I guess you could've gone without WoM on LLuci by Future Visioning on HNowi instead, but not that that changes much. @Flying Shogi Nice Xane. I ended up deciding to not go for him. I actually didn't expect him to still get doubled by Bernie lol. Didn't you kinda help her out by casting Ruse on her? Idunn cleaned up for him though so it was all good. @Sasori The brothers, their friend, and their new caretaker? Minty Cane + Mystic Boost sustain is so good. @Landmaster Elises roll over another one of these. None of these cinnamon rolls would really want to EP Bernie, so going to the left was the natural choice. I'm surprised the last mage cav didn't go for one of the Elises over Mirabillis. Here's mine. Not much to see except my Sophia.
  11. If only Bernie automatically defeated herself on the map.
  12. Those flashbacks are nice, yeah, especially Triandra's one. With Triandra they haven't done the exposition dump yet I think so this is good.
  13. Honestly, most of the time current IS (3DS era to now) comes up with pretty good ideas overall, they just suck ass at executing most of them properly. The example I always use is Laevatein, who is literally the kind of character whose character arc writes itself, yet Laeva still ended up with no development at all because IS just didn't execute. With Book 4 they're actually playing out some of the ideas they probably had so that the fairies actually have some backstory and things are actually changing for Alfonse and Sharena, but it's possible that all of it will get cut short again like how Lif and Thrasir just fizzled out after an honestly pretty strong twist in Book 3, so I'm not expecting much but wouldn't mind being pleasantly surprised. I feel like they're still using exposition to tell us everything in Book 4 instead of showing things, like how Frejya tends to just flat out explain everything such as the fairies' stories instead of something like a flashback.
  14. @Maaka I don't think I've ever seen anyone roll the same Special quote three times in a row lmao. Leapin' Smash through that damage reduction. @Sasori No God Shattering Star is a shame indeed. Very nice Seteth already, though, and I like the hat on him. That's a pretty funny Sanaki build too. I'm honestly surprised you don't have a +10 Maaaaaars to go with your Gordin. @Diovani Bressan That was disgusting. Broken units indeed, especially Harmonic Tiki. @Flying Shogi Nice Xane. The best thing about Xane teams is that he's also surrounded by broken units. @LordFrigid Broken Tiki and broken Tibarn destroyed this. Good ol' Astra. @Landmaster If you want music, do it yourself, huh? Elises didn't struggle, reinforcements or not. @mcsilas @Zeo @Alexmender Here's mine. Just wanted to pull out Brunnya, and threw in some units I've gotten recently.
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