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  1. Okamura Akemi was also Emmeryn. She voiced a different tall blonde before Emm made it in lul.
  2. I have a Link and Shove on Corrin, and Tactics on other members. It should work, yeah. Will probably give her a Stance seal for actual combat.
  3. @Alexmender I pulled the trigger. Gonna try throwing her at some formations in Astra season with MCorrin back up. Double red, but eh.
  4. The main poster puts Sharena front and center this time with Peony. Surely she will be important...
  5. @Zeo That's a nice pull. Not bad nature too. I spent 84 orbs and got a L!Julia, who I wanted a lot on her debut banner but didn't get, so I'm content too. +Res -Def.
  6. I mean, sure, there's some thinking involved with when and where to activate the ability, but the first guy used his Hector Beam to damage only my Celica and then threw in his Eir that didn't even kill the Celica, and the second guy used the beam without breaking the healing tower, and then stepped on a trap that was confirmed to be real since he landed on the fake one earlier. That's not even thinking in terms of using H!Hector at that point.
  7. Defense > Light > Rally trap offense > H!Hector winbutton > Legion (in Japanese) > Success Defense > Light > Rally trap offense > H!Hector winbutton > Crystal Boy (in Japanese) > Success I have a growing theory that people who use H!Hector in AR in fact have no brains. How do you use a win button so poorly?
  8. @Alexmender Yeah, I've also stopped recording for non-Abyssal stuff. It's just... kinda too easy? Unless I come up with some kind of gimmick that's cool to watch. You gave Eirika her friend's goggles, huh? I didn't get Halloween L'Arachel, unfortunately. She once again slapped the entire map up, though. I see those flying dragons near the end were one of the most troublesome for you as well? Playing around the Panic Smoke was annoying, and they were both bulky and fast. I recently pulled a Nailah, and I've been thinking of possibly giving DC NCD to my Eirika since she deserves it. But Brunnya is also tempting. We both rely a lot on sword princesses, but I guess the playstyles are exact opposites, huh?
  9. @LordFrigid You reminded me that Altina having her Special already charged prevents her from destroying Deflect Melee at all. That's kinda an oversight, maybe. Edelgard's Bignis was pretty ridiculous, though. @Landmaster Is Nowi an honorary Elise? I'd say she definitely earned her spot, though. I was surprised that Nowi took so much from the Green Mage even with CA3, but she took on Altina just fine. And even killed her through all that Res, wow. @DLNarshen It's ok, more clears in other languages make it more interesting. Maybe. I have a +0 Nanna that I fed Dazzling Staff to, but maybe I should start merging her up too. She was quite clutch at the end. @Ginko The instant dive into the center took me by surprise. I guess Altina's firepower isn't actually that high by Abyssal standards. But since you got so much map control early it just became a matter of taking on the waves one by one, huh? I can't watch the dagger one, though. @Some Jerk I saw you also bravely dived into the center. Grima with Bonus Doubler, full buffs and constant healing must be the OP Grima from The Future Past. @Maaka Aww, no Soleil. But Cordy is always good. @Diovani Bressan Regular Marth and Lucius are rare sights. But I guess Nowi was the star here. @mcsilas @Zeo @Alexmender @mampfoid It's been a little while again, just can't get motivated to record for the easy BHBs and stuff lol. But I did this Abyssal with the same team again. The original idea was to have Celica use Firesweep and quad Altina, but I ran into a bunch of problems, mostly Spd related when going against the dragons and such. Eventually, I decided to just have Kagero use Desperation instead of showing off with her new Prf's effect.
  10. No justice for my Psyduck. Or Luxray. Or Staraptor. Or Lucario.
  11. @mcsilas I've found that Celica + Kagero is extremely good at establishing map control, but on maps where doing so is harder, they might not be that great for the job. You haven't pulled a Brave Celica? Fellow Ethlyn user! She is pretty nice with Pain+. Quite impressed with that theme team, Sigurd and Quan aren't quite the most amazing units but you figured out how to make them work. Leif got delivered a spanking from dad.
  12. @LordFrigid If I were you, I would've just shoved Caeda into that axe cav's face and then ended turn.
  13. Damn it. In Prince of Darkness, @LordFrigid Well I definitely missed that one. Why are you hiding Elincia? It was Veronica in the Thrasir clear. I kinda like picking out different units from my barracks here and there, so I may or may not stick with this squad, even if it does end up really beating everything. @Ginko I'd say NFU is definitely worth it. She's pretty scary with it. @Landmaster Elise protecting Elise, huh? Keaton missed boss kill this time, finally. @DLNarshen Nanna's not happy about the fake Nanna spawning next to Leif?
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