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  1. the videos thing is cute you guys should keep doing that
  2. Yeah, Farfetched ain't happening. Surprising, but fair given how they've seemed to focus on popular units throughout the year more organically.
  3. The implication that it is strictly optimal to get minimal blood in your mouth is cowardice, and betrays the feeble American fighting spirit. The true berserker aims for the lower end of the Decent Spatter tier.
  4. lenient moderation does not work, this thread is already in the Not Worth Saving pile, goodnight
  5. you don't fuckin say. If I'd got to this before the replies I would've locked it since it's a transparent excuse to lay down some #GamerHotTakes. As it stands, stick to characters (or broader IPs). I will be watching.
  6. I plunked away at things on a computer every once in a while, and the house had a PS2 on which I played mostly FIFA 01 and 06 to death. But one day I got a DS, and that was the first experience of something truly being Mine. Final Fantasy 3 was the game that came with it. FF3 is genuinely terrible, but I made fun from noise, and am still fond of it. Just... have no desire to go back. I got hooked on FE because my mate had a GameCube and on that GC was FE9, so I used to bully him into playing it when I was over. We got to the finale and couldn't beat it because our Ike was stat-screwed (I mean, also we were terrible at the game...) and restarted, eventually beating it at the second time of asking. Around this time I got curious and figured out how to emulate FE8, so that was the first one I played directly.Then 7, then 4.
  7. Enough focus is put on the One Time Byleth Cries that I do feel 'never cried' was literal. And it was unnatural and did freak Jeralt the fuck out. I mean, if a baby never throws tantrums, wine mums complement them on being well-behaved, rather than look for an exorcist. As far as more mundane questions... guesswork, combined with, like. You can generally tell when a baby's shat itself. But Byleth Never Fucking Cries, Ever, And Never Did is a deeply important plot beat to them, and I feel like ', except for special occasions' weakens that significantly.
  8. I appreciate the thought, but nah. Also, thicc tip, just use 'they' pronouns instead of the long, unwieldy and occasionally inaccurate he / she. My personal headcanons are... implied strongly by the story in any case. Byleth doesn't quite sit right with the world. She's a little off, a little ... not-quite-reacting to things in certain ways. A lot of the time the game will deny her the straightforward love-and-peace-and-hug-it-out dialogue option, or it gives her the option to attempt jokes with really awkward timing. She doesn't quite get people. Also, let's be real, it's not all sun and roses with Jeralt. He's a fixture in her life, and she still has a strong sense of loyalty to him, but... is he a good father? Let's be real, he's pretty obviously not. They're always kept at arm's length, or at best with an awkward, forced camaraderie; I mean, that's basically the crux of Leonie's criticism in any case, that Byleth sees Kinda Shitty Dad Jeralt Who Never Told Her That Religion Existed instead of the idealised version Leonie's built up in her head. Speaking personally, that... resonates with my experiences. I'm estranged from my father, but that doesn't involve fights or shouting, just... a lot of awkwardness. Grinning and bearing it. Except that Byleth doesn't really grin, just stares blankly. byleth is important and i love her
  9. ok boomer son of a bitch that was gonna be my mic drop before the thread delete but i keep forgetting which section i'm a mod of
  10. WOD is a really good resource. It's all in Spanish but you can pretty much parse it with context regardless. The couple of chapters I saw with reinforcements were all finite, and I'm pretty sure there's no truly endless spawns.
  11. This is a literal non-issue. I probably have some guys I like who didn't make the cut, because I like shitters like Oricorio or Floatzel. But I have copies of those in the games I caught them in. With a new game I can capture new guys instead.
  12. Moved to General, but to be honest I think Rezzy already covered the only viable solution here.
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