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  1. Let's nip this argument in the bud. Fs for EN all around, grab the patch before it vanishes, ignore the drama.
  2. FE7, aka Fire Emblem (no subtitle in the English release). The tutorial is fine, if a little slow, the first time around; it will be insufferable later on. And if you start with a more recent title, you'll come to expect Quality of Life features that just didn't exist until recently. Always preferable IMO to start with a basic-but-still-very-playable entry and iterate from there.
  3. I remember 2008 vividly. I remember 2010-12 vividly. 2009 was a fucking nothing year. I guess the most important was joining SF...
  4. Used to occasionally go commando when I was a disgusting teenager. Then my cheap pants tore open at the seams on a day I thankfully wasn't. I got the message.
  5. I play pretty efficiently, except for very specifically taking about eight turns to feed the stationary steel axe brigand leader to Wil in LHM. Currently, I'm scroll abusing to get a tune out of Tania, too. And Shinon, in 9-- I have kind of a problem for archers, generally.
  6. All hands on deck. Like with most Jagens, you'd rather avoid killing cannon fodder (and, in this case, the boss) with Orson, but he's still there to be a panic button. Better the 'loss' of 30 XP than a restart.
  7. Like half of FE12. FE4 Chapters 1 and 2. I love FE4 dearly... from Chapter 3 onwards.
  8. So is this post. Go over it yourself, clarify your thoughts, and then open a new discussion topic based on a single, coherent subject. I gave this thread every chance to crystallise into focus, and it did not.
  9. Dragonflowers aren't for everyone. They're for your favourites. There are easily enough to have a +10/5 of your couple favourite units per guy by now. because they have a higher cap
  10. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough in the community to come out; I'm glad the community is proving supportive. You've got my support, as well. Here's hoping that your mother comes around to seeing the light.
  11. You realise that people have been bitching that kids these days haven't been raised right since at least Ancient Greece, right... ? I'd firmly encourage the OP to clarify their points and make more effort to engage with people rather than talking across them. I'll be back tonight to see if the situation's improved.
  12. Thank you! I promise updates are coming again ... after this semester ends. Postgraduate degrees, turns out, Pretty Intense.
  13. Well, it's undeniably one of the most ambitious hacking projects ever made, and realistically, it pretty much was completed. I remember this being seemingly one patch from completion for years, but objective creep is real. But, hey, almost everything that was going to be added did get added. I haven't actually played EN for years, but I doubt the standard got any lower for new content. The community was definitely toxic as hell back when I was a part of it. It's a shame things haven't improved. Helpful reminder that the Report button is everyone's friend...
  14. Three conversations of Marcus criticising Sain for being a fucking terrible knight. They never actually get closer, Marcus just gets more and more deeply disappointed.
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