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  1. My alarm is the news. That was the best possible way to wake up.
  2. Just like the others, it could really stand to use three or four chapters fewer. Book 2 got bogged down in the middle. 3 petred out badly at the end. 4 has been vague and blurry to a fault. But they're never going to be amazing, the format makes that nigh-impossible. If the character writing is strong - and on aggregate, it has been since year 2 (though obviously there's duds like Surtr, Loki, Mirabilis, Plumeria...) - then it's enough that some big melodrama happens for the player to go 'whoa' and turn the page rather than skip the dialogue. Nothing fancy. And they've consistently achieved that, not counting Book 1.
  3. The FE8 animations are far better than the FE6-7 ones on average. I mean... look at the Fighter and the Berserker for fuck's sake, or the Paladin crit galloping in place for all eternity. Most GBA animations are bad, and at best are a nice watch once or twice. When people say the Elibe animations are great they literally just mean the sword infantry classes. Maybe like the sage, or Hawkeye.
  4. We're changing the subject. This will be enforced with an iron fist.
  5. I think that most or all of my coworkers at one of my two jobs admire you more than they do me. Not hard to do, but it wouldn't have occurred to me that they'd be aware of you until relatively recently.

    Are you a court reporter as in someone who sits in court transcribing things?

    If you don't like me you have to tell me before I attempt to go away.

    ...This is SeverIan.

    1. Parrhesia


      I never actually wound up getting a job in journalism, but the smattering of classes I took in it were enough to help qualify as a teacher of Media Studies. I did wind up doing one assignment court-reporting, but never professionally.

  6. Haven't, yet. But I have four +10 grails; it'll probably be speed for Jamke first, then attack or speed for Ethlyn, ?haven't decided yet? for Brunnya and finally speed for Marisa, since her defence is already sky-fucking-high.
  7. We weren't blind at all. It's a bold claim to make from someone who can't see warn histories.
  8. Moved to Questions. Looking at your history of topic creation, OP, many of your recent topics should have come either here or to Concepts. Fan Projects Main is for ROMhacks / fangames that are in (or at least very close to) a playable state.
  9. She's a terrible person in a way that I'm fond of. Extreme Mother Gothel vibes. Don't think I'll +10 her - I already have Ethlyn - but I figure I'll merge every copy I get.
  10. It will be quicker to finish the map than it will be to play the past ~28 chapters through again and buy more javelins.
  11. There is no algorithm, but shaming someone and calling them an intrinsically terrible person Unless they repent and convert to your way of knowing and being is literally never going to work and literally always going to make you look like a cunt.
  12. The game's got better with time, this showing especially with the writing of newly added characters. There hasn't really been a dud mode added - I'd even argue that Relay Battles were a good concept, just too overtuned. They've since, of course, been replaced in spirit with Mjolnir Strike. Powercreep isn't a real thing. Numbers and skills have to get larger to avoid stagnation and productively explore new design space; do you really want to go back to the days where everyone ran either Fury/Desperation, Fury/QR or DC/QR?
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