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  1. It's spurred some discussion so I'll leave the topic up, but don't gravedig years-old threads, especially just to say 'yeah, this'.
  2. A familiar sun set over foreign soil. The Aulestri pulled back, leaving swathes of their own behind, their fierce legions left broken against the rag-tag militias of the Federal Guard. It wasn't enough. It would never be enough. Tomorrow, the legions would resume the attack; rested, reinforced, against starving, demoralised and desperate conscripts. Tomorrow, the Guard would break. "Hey." Kirsten glanced up at the sound of a voice. "Ah, Radu..." It took everything she had left to force a smile. She'd never seen Radu with one, but she was the type who felt she ought to compensate. "How're you holding up?" Radu only snorted, pressing his weight against the wall, trying to smooth his hair over the vicious, jagged cut running blood into his eye. "Ought to get that looked at," Kirsten added. "Kadri's busy. I've not seen hide nor hair of Chasimir." Radu shrugged. "I'll live. Shouldn't waste your time worrying about me. You've been staring at your hands the past ten minutes?" "Have I... ?" Kirsten's smile eroded. "It's just... it was a close thing today, right?" "Close as I've been in. Damn miracle none of us--" They jolted as muffled, duelling shouts echoed down the hall. "The captain?" Radu asked. "Yeah." Kirsten ran her shaking hand through her hair, prising sweat-drenched strands apart. "She wanted to... she told me she wanted to discuss the promised reinforcements. With the senator." Radu clicked his tongue. "Bet she did." "They are coming, right? They have to come for us. They have to. Even if we aren't citizens, they still... ?" She looked back up at him, and he down at her, legs pulled tight against each other as she huddled against the wall with her unstrung longbow stave lying by her side. She had not hesitated when the time had come. None of them had. But now that the red mist had subsided, and they were left with their thoughts... "Sure," he lied. "They'll show." The shouting did not subside, though the jangle of jewellery cut through it from the other side. Both bowmen turned to see the dancer Calista, who had never picked up a blade, yet always been in the heart of the fighting, though nobody could quite place what exactly it was she did. "The captain?" she asked. Radu jabbed a thumb down the hall. "Might be best to give her some space, eh?" "Perhaps." Calista kept on walking, not breaking stride until a sudden stop as a memory flodded back, raising a long, elegant finger as the specifics came to her. "Oh, Renate was asking after you both. She said she saw some dark figures snooping around the outskirts. That they might--" Radu grunted. "Got it." Even Kirsten sighed, though she did her best to suppress it as she got to her feet. Calista watched them go. "Too young," she murmured. "All too young." She would not be left with her thoughts for long, as the door burst open down the hall, the sturdy figure of Captain Roxelana Kallaste stomping out, chased by the senator's caterwauling. "-- not presume to doubt the wisdom of your betters, auxiliary! We will hold out. To the last man, if necessary!" The captain turned, and for a moment Calista feared she'd reach for the blade at her hip... but she snapped off an impeccable salute. "Understood, sir," she hissed, through gritted teeth. "With your permission, I'll--" "You're lucky I haven't had you horse-whipped." The question was writ clear on Roxelana's expression. By whom, sir? "I'll see to the defences, Sir. Of course the Guard will hold." "Just so. And now you are dismissed." The door slammed in the captain's face. She let her salute die away, by inches. Calista took a few hesitant steps forward. "Captain..." "No surrender," Roxelana murmured. She shook her head, her ringlets skittering along her armour. "No retreat. No time-frame. Reinforcements will come." The dancer wasn't sure what to say. She fell back on her pretext. "The magistrate's been asking after you." "I'm sure he has." "... But I only came as an excuse." She worked an arm around Roxelana's shoulders. "To see how you're doing." The captain shrugged, but did not reject the contact. "I'll be fine. It's my people I'm worried about. How are they holding up?" Calista smiled tightly. "Well... nobody's yet run." "Mm. Great. So they're still taking their chances this side of the walls." Roxelana sucked her teeth. "Damn it all, this isn't how it--" "I know." "I told them I'd bring them home safe! I told their families!" "I know." Calista turned, rested her other hand on Roxelana's shoulder, and pressed her forehead against the captain's scalp. She could feel the captain's sweat seeping onto her, mixed with the blood of a cut reopened by stress and exertion. "But I believe in you still. Even now. And I think they do, as well." They stood there for a time. Draughts whistled through the cracks of the delapidated, ill-used keep. It would be a colder night here than under the stars. At last, Roxelana pulled away. "Tell the magistrate I'll meet him in my quarters." Calista chuckled, mirthless. "I can imagine his reaction to being ordered around by a mere officer. You aren't interested in keeping friends, captain?" Roxelana grunted, as she stalked down the hall. "Got other things on my mind, right now. I'll live." They'd found a bottle of wine in the quarters they'd reserved for her, when she'd arrived. The senator and magistrate had only sniffed at it, though she suspected had it been to their liking it would have ended up shared between them. As it was, it smelled too strong and sour, but it was hers. There was no glass. She pulled out the cork with a knife and drank like it was water, before opening the desk drawer. She pulled out a piece of paper, a long vow tailed by names, signatures and X-marks, and she read and re-read the names of the people who were counting on her. All here, so far from home, to die for the Confederation. Giving everything in the hope that lowly backwater Rijesca could, someday, earn citizenship in the greatest power in the land. It had seemed so worthy a cause, only a day ago, back when they thought, they genuinely thought, they'd be saved. That the Confederation's regulars would win the day, if only the Guard could hold the line. That was before she realised how stacked the deck was, that it didn't matter how many auxiliaries had to die for the front to creep forward one inch someplace else. How could that be a cause worth dying for, so far from home? Three knocks at the door, spaced eerily evenly. "Captain?" "One moment," she murmured reflexively, as she pressed out the paper on the desk. Methodically, she worked at pressing it flat, before taking the two halves - the pledge, and the signatures - and slowly, painstakingly, tearing them apart. The knock repeated, more insistent, as Roxelana admired her handiwork. "Yeah," she muttered. "That looks right." A flick of her wrist sent the oath skidding under her bed. "Captain!" came the plea from the other side of the door. "I really must insist that--" "Come in," said the captain, slipping her dagger from its sheath. She told her company she'd bring them home. She would not be made a liar. graphic design is my passion
  3. Silver Snow is great, characterisation as 'Verdant Wind sans Claude' is inaccurate... but if you've played VW I still wouldn't devote another playthrough to what will mechanically be 95% the same maps, with a team you've already experienced. I'd probably just put the game down at this point and call it job done, especially with an Azure run already paused due to burnout. Just finish that and call it IMO.
  4. It's sparked some discussion so I'll leave it up, but 2008? 2008? I'd wager there's been a thread like this made almost every year lol
  5. Been here since 2009. There's been two big obvious changes since then. 1) The big one, the time between 'it becoming clear that FE12 wasn't coming out in the West and that the series was dying' (yes, newcomers, this genuinely was the rhetoric at the time, and understandably so) and Awakening rolling in, bringing a ton of new blood to the forum and single-handedly saving the series. Pre-13, FE was very much a niche thing, and just being enough of a tryhard to be on the forum gave you some 'I'm not like other girls' cred. There was something nice about this obscure yet excellent series, half of its games not even having an official English release. Unfortunately, the result was that when 13 saved the series and brought new blood in, a lot of people - myself included, regrettably! - turned into hardcore grognards overnight, resentful of the change in tone 13 brought and the new wave of people who only knew that tone, in a game perceived as a dumbed-down experience both in gameplay and writing. Now it's become clear that FE is alive and kicking, doing better than ever, and that 13/14 did not signify a permanent tone shift as the series embraces its history through remaking 2, through effectively remaking 4, and through Heroes. 2) Back then, a lot of the casual experience of the forum was just fucking around on FFTF, chatting shit. Along with 1, it created a very tight-knit atmosphere. However, fundamentally, casually shooting off one-line posts on a low-effort board has been obsoleted by the increased usability and ubiquity of chatroom services - IRC and Skype, now Discord. Back in 2009-12 there were a bunch of threads which pretty much were chatrooms, and while some of them cling on to activity, they don't seem to have the 'refresh every minute for new content' vibe they used to. Because, I figure, everyone's just... on Discord, now. I know I am.
  6. Yeah, the party line on this is that it's just not necessary to show warn history for the reasons people have outlined: it's not really the business of anyone else, it stops people making judgements based on that history, and there just isn't really a compelling reason to make up for the discomfort it would cause. There probably is scope to be more transparent when a warn is given out. For example; This isn't FFTF. Don't spam up the thread. ... Though even that feels odd given I already put that on the message of the warning itself lmao. It's like an explicit warning for everyone else. That's rarely relevant outside of times when an argument in progress has to get stamped down on quickly, and you have to make a big show to make people shut up. I'm pretty sure the forum used to show suspensions, and definitely bans, but I figure that went away with the software upgrade. We are to an extent bound to the board software itself, we can't create a completely bespoke interface. I'm not going to pretend I know much about the technical side of the forum, though.
  7. A solution in search of a problem. Besides, you'd then wind up with Amnesia doubling your Intellect. Endurance, Spirit and Intellect are generally tied to different practical applications in other RPGs, and it makes it more opaque for everyone, especially the target audience: children.
  8. If you're in a position to kill a difficult bonus boss, you don't need a big reward. That's just snowball-design.
  9. Mod PSA: never say shit like this. If you want to disengage - which would have been the correct thing to do in this instance - disengage.
  10. These are bold leading questions for a video game forum, OP.
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