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  1. MEMOIRS 10: Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ, hang the DJ; Hang the DJ
  2. I mean, it's tried and true. We know there's still a particular variety of grognard that hates FE13, the game that basically saved the series, as the game that 'destroyed' the series. I know only too well, since I used to be (a mild version of) one of them.
  3. Maligned though they may be, nothing feels better than an archer and an armour with enough stats to do their job.
  4. Myrmidon. Swordlock, low strength, luck-based survivability? Oof.
  5. User participation is always lit, feel free to do a run yourself. I'll probably do a run tomorrow, but like, seriously, I only put the thread up seven hours ago lol
  6. You don't need my facial expressions to realise that '28 swords is the best way to handle high-quality enemies that are 25% lances' is not a serious statement. I would have to be pretty impossibly fucking stupid to think that for real.
  7. So there are these things called 'jokes', and sometimes they can involve saying things that are untrue. No. Like, seriously, if you are looking at a thread of 'I'm going to fight Arena Assault with twenty-eight footswords, and one of them is an Athena with 39 attack', and I've explicitly said twice that I'm not changing my team to make the challenge easier (like, you know, literally taking TA off everyone and replacing it with nothing), and your first thought is 'hm, but how to optimise this'...
  8. Final Fantasy Tactics is honestly just... not good, aside from its spritework. It's a gorgeous game! But there's painfully little enemy variety, a lot of the maps are out to get you, the story is insufferable in either localisation for a myriad of reasons, and even just little things - you can't see maps before you place down units in formation, and you can't undo moves in a game where very slight elevation changes can fuck you out of nowhere and the camera is only barely functional. TA is fun, and I stand by it, but has massive flaws. It's worth checking out, but if it just isn't clicking for you after the first couple of hours, drop it with a clean conscience. I wholeheartedly recommend FFTA2, though. It's just... a really good, solid game. It benefits hugely from using a wide variety of characters, too - you're encouraged to really push the envelope of your barracks space. Knights of Lodis is an exceptionally solid 7/10 RPG. Not something to go out of your way to experience, but you will have a good time with it. The PSP Tactics Ogre is also good, bar its exceptionally annoying level system which is somehow still an improvement on what came before. Personally, I'd recommend Ogre Battle 64, with one caveat - learn how to item dupe. The game is alignment-based, and without intervention everyone will be hard-Lawful by about halfway into the game, and every mechanic suddenly falls apart. But hey! It's a great game aside from that. It's a really interesting combination of real-time (maneuvring around the map) and turn-based (actual combat between squads). Control squads, shuffle them around the map, liberate the world. The SNES Ogre Battle exists, but IMO is just... a little too primitive for what they were trying to realise.
  9. I'm a little removed from the Zeitgeist so some of these might actually be popular opinions now. But! FE15 map design isn't bad. Visually very bland, yes. A couple maps are terrible, but there's a terrible map in every FE. For the most part, though, they're functional. Bowlock, while obviously suboptimal, is not a death knell. The reason Archers are generally terrible is because they're loaded with terrible statlines, not because the class is fundamentally broken (exception: 7-8, where the entire game is based around 1-2-range EP countering). The laguz are good and cool, but the racism analogy falls completely flat. Human minorities, it turns out, don't spring fangs and claws and eat people. His name is Virgil, or Vergil at a stretch.
  10. I mean, that is the entire point of the thread, yes. The key part of the second quote was build a team around.
  11. From a pure gameplay perspective, he's arguably the best unit in the series. I'd say Seth edges him out, but he's a contender. 10/10. As a character, he's a pretty bland, straight-forward character, which is kind of his strength. He's a sword and sorcery legend stranded in the wrong genre, and suffers for it, which is a powerful concept honestly. I haven't played the (supposedly far better?) recent localisation, though.
  12. How much money are you offering?
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