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  1. Yeah I'm not sure why this thread exists today, given that the talking points are from 2015.
  2. Please stop making topics that don't extend past 'how good / shit is this particular instance of a unit'. It provokes no discussion besides 'yea' or 'nah' or 'check the average stats on the site'. The next will come with a warning for spam.
  3. Rebalance by taking away something's identity sucks. It's like when hacks try to make armour knights good by giving them good resistance and normal movement speed. If you get hyperfixated on that then every unit will just feel the same. So, no - Close Counter was okay, and I'm actually okay with FE2/15 since bows were more specialising in range generally (high strength and versatile range at the expense of all your other stats sucking was actually a great way to handle archery), but 'bows are just good handaxes' (or 'bows have a handaxe', for that matter) is not only trash design, but boring. Make them better within the bounds of their limitations. I like universal 2-3 range, and FE7x's idea of 'WTD at 1-range, WTA at 2-range, WTN at 3-range, and promoted foot archers have 2-3 range with everything' felt like a good solution.
  4. Are you at a point of the game where you need the power boost now just to survive? Does the game go long enough that 20/20 is a realistic goal? Going in blind, I'd probably still say promoting around level 15 is right in most cases. 10 for healers, obviously.
  5. Grey tomes are special in large part because they are rare. It's Bramimond's and to a large extent Xane's selling points and fits in seamlessly with their character. Hell, being a green bow was meant to be Legendary Lyn's thing - what, honestly, does she have apart from that and nice art? And that's been diluted now. Longer grey tomes can keep special, the better. As for the weapon: 1) Stone/Atlas are filler names for irrelevant tomes. No unit is going to come in at 5* with Atlas+. 2) Look at the animations of Stone. It's throwing rocks at people, not petrification, which has always been and continues to be associated with dark magic.
  6. He's a dark mage who uses dark magic, which is red. He's a F2P unit who doesn't share the same status as literally three units in the game, two of whom are literal voids and use that colouration to symbolise it, the third being one of the most marquee wizards in the entire game.
  7. This is weird and uncomfortable. Yes, he's the voice of four roles in the series. But he was a person, first and foremost. I don't keep up much with the US VA community, but it seems very tight-knit, and that he was a cherished part of it. https://twitter.com/SimplyAllegra/status/1347478353427668992 Here's a thread of testimonials from Allegra Clark, who seemed particularly heartbroken by his death. I'm sure others have their own stories to share. Let's come together and remember that actors are people, not just their roles.
  8. Blind hard/classic was pretty straightforward, but Maddening - which I haven't played - just doesn't sound fun. Definitely sounds leagues harder than like, FE8 or 9 HM, so I don't think you can really say it's the easiest in the series. I kind of wish there was a step between Hard and Maddening, but if I have to err in a particular direction I'd rather a breezy FE experience to a frustrating one.
  9. Pretty awful in terms of events, obviously, and it's thrown off my plans a lot. Had originally planned to go abroad midway through the year; lol. But I kept putting one foot forward, like I always do. I got through a year of my Masters, I'm now most of the way through. Beat one hellish placement, had a second postponed. Grades dipped. It's fine. Weirdly, it's been very good financially due to stimulus payments.
  10. I'm a traditionalist. Swords > Axes > Spears > Swords, yes. Dark > Anima > Light > Dark, sure. The within-anima triangle, depending on game, that's okay. Don't do whatever the fuck Fates did. I like it as a nice little way for the player to counterpick opponents, and think the game is gently better off for it - and building FEH around it was a great decision. But it's not a dealbreaker, not to have it. I'd rather it not be there than be the FE14 abomination.
  11. Bad-faith 'heh why do you even care??' in the thread looking for FE opinions is kind of fucking stupid. Do better.
  12. There was a young man from Japan Whose limericks never would scan When asked why this was He said "It's because I always try to fit as many words into the last line I possibly can" Also this is really an FFTF thread, not a discussion of media. Moved accordingly.
  13. Just don't have there be any seize objectives. Does anyone, really, regard that as anyone but Defeat Boss with added inconvenience? And there doesn't need to be a rapier. I think a dancer lord is a good idea, tbh. They were the lords of my ROMhack, back in the day - though it only ever got two chapters in.
  14. The pipe dreams remain the same as ever: some guys who have no relation to Majesty 2 take the IP and make Majesty 3, Bungie reclaims the Myth IP and makes Myth 4. Both are resoundingly unlikely.
  15. I'm slated to finish Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark tonight. I recommend it massively - it's effectively the FFTA3 we never got, and you can tell how much love went into it as well as the QoL improvements it has over most other TRPGs. I've been poking at ranked online Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition sporadically, as well as comp-stomping. I was given the confidence to give it a shot basically through watching T90's Low Elo Legends series. 'I could do better than that', I thought, and... apparently am correct, given that my Elo's currently 1069. And as ever still poking in at Myth 2 every now and again. It's nice to be... one of the unquestioned best players in the world of a thing, even if it's purely due to longevity and lack of competition. And of course at all times I need some kind of MMO just to press the 'bars go up' button. That looks like being Final Fantasy 14 for the forseeable future; I just got to the end of the MSQ so far, less than a week before the new patch comes in. Fuuuck that last trial.
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