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  1. You are not exempt from the mod directive to cool off. Choose reporting or engaging, not both.
  2. Gents, please, no fighting. This is the wargame forum. While I'd caution Vicious Sal to take a less bad-faith reading of the OP - there's significantly more detail than you're giving credit for - their overall point is valid. If there's more to this story, I'd welcome you to post it, and in general you are not going to find other people to write your story for you for free, only to critique what you've done.
  3. As a mod: Cool the tempers a bit. Thank you. As a user: I feel we're very oversaturated on Dimitri and Edelgard specifically, and very samey executions of them at that, not so much 3H generally. Even then, this version of both units deserves to exist; it's the CYL forms that are the weakest of each, and in full benefit of hindsight I'd rather their CYL version was just their legendary version, freeing up the legs to be... someone else. But there's plenty of room for 3H love. We're still waiting on any vanilla War Phase students (not counting CYL Lysithea), by far the demographic I'm most interested in. I have zero thoughts on the Grimae, but Orson will be my fourth FE8 +10 and I'm incredibly hype for it.
  4. Self-reflection is good, and articulating it in writing helps. Just make sure you follow it up.
  5. I've always thought of efficiency as basically how to reduce the time of the playthrough most. That means going quickly, but above all avoiding resets.
  6. Just give up on the BEXP. It is not worth the stress it is causing you, and everyone but the Dawn Brigade get more than enough anyway.
  7. Please keep low-effort threads to FFTF, and in general try only posting threads that other people can interact with in some way.
  8. And like... it was in a castle. This is FE4, not 5, your 'face' units do not represent your entire IC force. There would have been guards. Manfroy's just written terribly and has complete agency over the plot, which he only sporadically decides to use.
  9. I fairly directly warned you to cut down on topics like this. The next in quick succession will be a warn.
  10. Re: Kiryu of Yakuza, I've heard it's canon that he'll never be added to any fighter just because the series director feels it's incredibly important he never hits a woman, in any IP, anywhere, under any pretext. Of course, if you don't care and want him in anyway, hey, more power. Was just interesting trivia. Re: this thread's existence, while I'm going to leave this and the others up because I feel, well, we're here now - there really didn't need to be four separate threads on the same approximate concept in a very short space of time. Please try not to crowd the discussion board with further topics on the same concept.
  11. Far from the Forest, the subforum in which low-effort, off-topic posting is more acceptable. Posts outside of that subforum are expected to meet a certain standard and level of relevance. Any further divergence will be deleted. List some hypothetical FEW candidates.
  12. Moved to Let's Play / Streams. Also, as an advisory, the way you've formatted it has ended up with a white background that shows up starkly against the dark theme. It's still readable, but just looks a little off.
  13. If the streamer directly asks for help, sure. But backseaters are insufferable. Especially like. I watch a lot of TheViper, who is the best Age of Empires 2 player in the world. He's done playthroughs of all the campaigns, and people backseat him during that. When in any doubt, just... don't.
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