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  1. Depends entirely on context. What genre the story is, what age range the target audience is, what the villain is precisely guilty of, who the heroes are that presumably have him at their mercy... Don't feel you have to kill him, but it may be the most natural thing for the heroes to do in that situation. It may also not.
  2. Imagine closing a thread for saying a bunch of cartoon characters are cute.


  3. even in fftf this thread is too bad to let live.
  4. I mean, it's pretty basic knowledge that 'how are you' is by default a greeting / acknowledgement, not a genuine question. This is also not a bad thing. It's a signal they do, at least, care about your wellbeing, even if nobody involved wants to have a Moment about it. You are allowed to answer in the negative - 'not great', 'been better' - so it isn't purely ornamental, either.
  5. Define 'grinding'. It's pretty hard to avoid finding optional fights while playing normally. I picked a few out of my way when people were on the cusp of promotion, which arguably counts. It's certainly possible, in any case. Most FEs have been completed with 0% growths.
  6. Scene 7: Finding the smallest Everest possible
  7. Fjorm/Summoner is always going to seem weird, until they do more to make The Summoner distinct from The Player. Always did want Fjorm and Laegjarn to get together, but honestly, it's been years and I don't honestly remember how much subtext there really was between them. But hey, the LP alt's about to get there, so we'll see. I like Fjorm, though it's taken until more recent FBs for her to really start to have a personality. I guess this also makes her canon bi. And yeah, I'm more or less happy she's relevant again. The ship itself is just... weird, to me.
  8. merged with the other, identical topic which was locked - for being a fucking garbage fire - due to being a blatant attempt to circumvent the lock.
  9. Scene 6: "I'm eager to brandish my carrot in battle"
  10. Moved to the correct problem. You've lost more time trying to save-scum than you'd save by having the statboosters. Just play normally.
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