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  1. Hell, I've still never had Thea. And I keep pulling lancebirds - and now have Sigrun on top of that - that push her glorious arrival further and further down the depth chart...
  2. I'm similar. I'll swap seals in and out for my stars, for anyone in Arena / AR, or looking for solutions to HBs, and a few useful-but-not-amazing seals have stuck to certain people throughout. Still, for any serious content (outside of AA, which is all counterpicks anyway), everyone will have a hand-picked seal. But I could do more to hand out tertiary seals that probably won't get shuffled much to my squad players. A lot of guys have just never had a seal equipped their whole careers.
  3. INVASION 6: It's been over a week since I have opened the Battle for Wesnoth application
  4. Why are you classing into 'sword' 'master', master of swords, if you don't want to get better at using swords, sweetheart?
  5. It's arguably the best B-skill in the game, pretty much twice as good at the Sabotage skills that were already incredible on the right chassis. I'd sooner save a squad slot on bridal Gunnthra.
  6. I like how Guildus gets 20 more strength and Mildain gets 20 more... intelligence. For a character that can never use magic.
  7. If he's merged then it doesn't matter, he'll be +speed either way. Merging destroys the bane - or, in the case of neutral units, gives a +1 boost to three different stats.
  8. Weird question, perhaps: when you have the Tactics Room up, what tile do you like to put it on? I tend to go second-from-left in the hopes that it can cut an enemy team in half, but it does feel like it backfires occasionally.
  9. It's kind of impressive how insanely toxic this thread has become, so fast.
  10. Diversity isn't by the numbers, matching up 1:1 with a census (let alone a specifically American census). It's about adequate representation in media. Is there adequate straight representation in media? Obviously. Adequate female representation? Not for the most part, but it's been distinctly improving over time. Has there been adequate queer representation in FE? Not until FE15 / 16. People of marginalised groups should be able to look at a large cast and see at least someone who they can identify with. In a game with an avatar and romance options, someone to have them fuck. Sure, you can wave around all the census data you want to decry this 'forced diversity' which... doesn't negatively affect you or your experience in any way. But, sweetheart? Something to think about: the genre's called fantasy.
  11. I let Marisa sponge him, since something like 65 effective defence does the trick pretty well. Granted, a lot of that durability stems from SS4, which... obviously means she can't hit back. An adult Tiki or Nowi might do a job, given some love.
  12. I tried to do something fancy by throwing Marisa down the right. This left too many people running free. So... I hurled Marisa, Legzura-boosted, down the middle on a defence tile to frag the wind mage. DK couldn't damage her, neither could the bow knight, the fire mage chipped her. So, cleaning up from there was pretty straightforward.
  13. Ishtor is a nobody who dies a long time before his sister. I'm not even sure he appears in FE5, and dies offstage to Seliph's army during the events of the lategame. Meanwhile, Ishtar's a relatively major player. So, no, it doesn't really work. Pick 95% of characters, though, and it doesn't really make a difference. Hell, Olwen works. Sure, she can potentially marry Fred (apparently?), but if her romantic interest was Selphina instead, would that affect the plot? No. (Which isn't even particularly relevant to the discussion, which is writing gay characters, not retconning them as such.)
  14. From memory, confirmed by a glance on the wiki, he wants to fuck Ishtar. So it's a pretty terrible example given that Ishtar's story role can't really be replaced by another man in FE5.
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