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  1. If you're in a position to kill a difficult bonus boss, you don't need a big reward. That's just snowball-design.
  2. Mod PSA: never say shit like this. If you want to disengage - which would have been the correct thing to do in this instance - disengage.
  3. These are bold leading questions for a video game forum, OP.
  4. Joke threads are fine if they're in the subforum for joke threads, which is where the joke threads go.
  5. Assume every attack you make will miss. Assume every attack they make will hit. Gambling on 80% odds every turn for five turns will come to bite you.
  6. Things are getting out of hand. Touch some grass and get back to posting unpopular opinions rather than endlessly bickering over their validity. Some amount of engagement is great; this has gone way beyond that, and from there, nowhere.
  7. Honestly, I firmly preferred Korra to ATLA. Though the shift in target audience was definitely a strong part of that; my experience with ATLA was definitely held back by some of the Children's Television trappings which aren't actually a fault in the show itself. And of course, Korra's legacy - you almost certainly know this through osmosis anyway, but: By the same guys, Dragon Prince is worth checking out as well, though the animation budget for the first couple of episodes appears to be about $12.
  8. For me it was pretty much when talking to your tech became a thing. Hard, hard no for me.
  9. They aren't very good, but you'll be fine long-term, especially if you give them scrolls to bolster their strength.
  10. Parrhesia


    I'd strongly advise the OP to put some more information about the game in the OP. I've seen you talking about it before, but if people haven't, they're unlikely to click on a shady mediafire link.
  11. Javelins and handaxes were ludicrously overpowered for a good long time, as IO's timeline illustrates. Eventually IS realised that what was intended to be a side-arm for when a melee character is two tiles out was instead their all-purpose weapon, and started nerfing them aggressively... and of course in 3H for that purpose you can just hand everyone an iron bow. So you aren't wrong, but it's just kind of hilarious to me given the time I've spent on this site that now the utility of javs/handaxen across the series - once the pinnacle of weapons in the games most frequently discussed - is now in question.
  12. Depends entirely on context. What genre the story is, what age range the target audience is, what the villain is precisely guilty of, who the heroes are that presumably have him at their mercy... Don't feel you have to kill him, but it may be the most natural thing for the heroes to do in that situation. It may also not.
  13. Imagine closing a thread for saying a bunch of cartoon characters are cute.


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