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  1. Part 58 - Possibly the most broken update thus far. All right! I just finished Thracia 776. I also just got to Chapter 10 of Thracia 776. Again. Well, I can't say I didn't like it, that's for sure! I'll take the bad route this time, and see what's so bad about it. Anyway, I really liked the game. I even had fun recruiting Xavier! Without the sleep sword! Can you believe it?! I liked most of the maps. The gaidens are evil, but still, about half of them are still fun. The difficulty, contrary to popular belief, is not that high, due to enemies being rather weak. It's mostly bullshit mechanics that screw you over if you don't know they're coming - which, admittedly, is crap (still don't forgive the time 8 Sorcerers spawned on top of Dagdar), but it does ensure that, on a second playthrough, the enjoyment of the game grows that much higher. Capturing really changes how things work, and the fact that literally everyone can be used thanks to scrolls and universal 20 caps is extremely good for someone like me, who likes having variety in FE. Case in point, my best unit from the last run. This guy. After Brighton died, I came to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to have an Axe Knight. I didn't like this dude's design or his sprite, so I didn't intend to use him at first. However, in the chapter after Hicks joined, there were a bunch of Cavaliers pursuing Leif's army. Having no other axe users than the really awful Knight, I was basically forced to use Hicks. His performance in that one chapter impressed me so much, I decided I'd use him after all. And boy, was he ever a great unit. No scrolls involved, either: the only one I ever gave him was the Od scroll, which only increases the skill growth by 30% and does nothing else (well it does block critical hits, but that's something all the scrolls do). And if you think that's impressive, I took this screenshot before the final chapter - by the time Veld fell (by the way, I feel he's a liiiiiil bit underrated. He's awful, but he's more of a threat than Idoun. Also, he has the best final boss theme for whatever reason), he had capped speed and defense as well. Goodspeed, you magnificent fucking man. Other highlights from the run include Salem, who capped all offensive stats, had 40 HP by the end of the midgame, 14 defense at the end of the game, A dark and Vantage to erase his enemies before they could even try him, and the worst's worst hairdo; Cyas, whose new name is ugly as ass and who's also sorely underrated (no, I did not wish at any point that I had Sety. Why get one demigod when I can take my other demigods closer to being actual gods?); and Leif, who was, against all odds, a great combat unit. I'm so proud of my entire team, and overall, I really enjoyed myself with the game. There were a couple of snags along the way, though. Crit-happy ballistae are the main one. By God, Kaga, was there really any need to put a thousand of those everywhere? When I successfully beat chapter 22 without warpskipping (I even killed Reinhardt! With Leif!), only to watch Salem get hit critically to death at the very end, I nearly lost the will to continue. That's fucking bullshit. Sure, you can sorta fix it with scrolls (which double as crit-canceling items), but there's not always one for everyone. Also, there were a few too many chapters that seemed to encourage warpskipping as the right way to play. It was not like Shadow Dragon, where there's no obvious drawback to it, but none to not warpskipping either. In Thracia's lategame (particularly in chapter 22), it seemed as though everything was set in order to force me to warpskip. They couldn't make me, but by God was it awful. Still, overall, really enjoyable experience. It helped that I didn't go in entirely blind, since I already knew the more infamous crap from all my years as a FE fan. I can't imagine myself finding most gaidens without prior knowledge. In this second run, I've decided to challenge myself to using the Knight, a strong contender for the second-worst Knight in the entire series (Wendy's unbeatable, I'm afraid), in a game that hates Knights. I'll still recruit Xavier, because how could I not, but damn. That's a man I can get behind. Thanks, every scroll available in the earlygame! That's enough of Thracia for now, though. On to Kaga's other outing, where Knights are still bad and I still use them. Seriously, this update: Is kinda sad:
  2. Part 57 - Leif no more! So I was reading Hawkwing's reply, and it occured to me that it might be fun to make a Hunger Games of the thread. So let's have it, then. I recommend you read it, you'll find it's quite hilarious. I respond: Holmes is an idiot:
  3. Two... Dude Tomas. Who's more of a master than the guy who nearly murdered FE12's avatar thrice? Anyhow, some more questions for ya. 1- Luigi's Mansion 3, yay or nay? 2- Least favourite character from your favourite game? 3- Which Three Houses house would you pick, if (or when) you had the chance to play the game? 4- If you had to choose between using the good cavaliers from FE11 (that's Cain, Abel and Hardin), but they all have to be reclassed to Curate -> General (assume it's possible, like in FE12), or the bad cavaliers (Matthis, Roshea and Vyland) but they can stay as Paladins / go Dracoknight, what would you do? 5- Favourite new character from FE11 (that's Frey, Norne, Athena, etc.)? 6- Favourite character exclusive to FE12 (includes Katarina, the characters from book 2, and the characters from BSFE)? 7- What is your favourite color?
  4. Part 57 - Lentzenmayhem. Nintendo, you bastards, give me a date for Luigi's Mansion 3! The game looks too good! Well, at the very least, they finally gave me designs for 3H that I actually like. Edgy!Dimitri's amazing, and although I initially disliked the older Edelgard, the design grew on me. Claude is still rather uninspired, in my opinion, but oh well, what can you do. It's better than what we had before. Only thing is, now I'm even more worried about Hanneman. Dude's old, the timeskip's yet another factor that decreases his chances of being playable. I know five years isn't that much, but still. There's one character I want to use, damnit, my favourites always die in everything. Forgive me for being worried. Also I took a quick glance at the Treehouse 3H direct... and I know I'm probably alone here, but billions of billious blue blistering barnacles balderdash, Byleth's sleeves following his arms' movements is SO distracting! They should just trail behind him, not follow his god damned arms like there's some sort of weird phantom living in his coat! How can they do this!? And the worst part is, it's inconsistent! The sleeves don't always follow his arms - instead, half the time they just clip through his arms and the scenery! How could they possibly fuck this up so badly!?! THIS ISN'T FE! THAT'S IT, I AIN'T BUYING THIS GAME UNTIL THEY FIX BYLETH'S COAT!! Oh, and the entire game's hideous, but THAT DOESN'T COMPARE TO BYLETH'S COAT BEING POORLY ANIMATED! #FIXBYLETH ...seriously though, the game seems better than I initially thought. Not quite hyped (yet, at least), but the whole academy part strikes me as a worse version of Berwick's town, and that's never a bad thing, considering Berwick is peak human achievement and nothing can beat it. Also, the fact that the school's basically just the prologue is good, very good. Some may think it's a shame they spoiled the big twist, but honestly, a lot of people like myself probably wouldn't even have bothered had they not revealed that it's, in fact, not Highschool of the Emblem DxD. I still have one big complaint, though: boy is it ugly. It's horrendous, damnit! Graphics don't make or break a game by themselves, but this game's just awful, I'm sorry. Everything clips, the textures are horrendously low-quality (and that's just inexcusable for a console that also houses the likes of Smash Bros Ultimate and Super Mario Odyssey), the generic troops assigned to each unit keep disappearing and reappearing as the camera moves - heck, they don't even seem to do anything substantial! The shadows are funky! Map movements are as stiff as those from PoR, a 14-year-old game! The animations... kinda are, too! Is it just me? The girls at the direct seemed to love the game's looks! Am I alone here? Were they just paid to say those thin-- I mean, of course, but... what does everyone else think? Repp: Upp:
  5. Howdy, stranger. I've questions to present to you. 1- What do you think of me? 2- I don't get your name, what's the story behind it? Isn't Roger supposed to be a Knight? 3- Why is Shadow Dragon your favourite FE game? 4- What other FE games do you like? 5- Last question's polar opposite: which would you say is your least favourite FE game and why? 6- Have you ever played Mother 3? If so, what did you think about it? 7- What is the name and origin of your signature's poem? Is it even a poem at all? 8- Are there any screenshot Lets Plays that you would like to recommend me? I'm looking for a fun read, and you seem like a person with good taste. Looking for, uh, PS1 bootleg FE LPs in particular. This is in no way shameless self-advertising. I'm not suspicious. Avert your suspicions. Avert them, I say!
  6. My favourite thing is how this game seems to be trying to go for a "best of both worlds" approach, taking things from both of the series's previous entries and combining them to make something truly great. Take, for instance, the location. We get one big, semi-open world to explore (best of LM1), that seems to be divided in themed areas to add variety to the scenery (best of LM2). If they keep this mindset throughout the game, it's going to be amazing. This isn't to say that this game has nothing new, though. The new combat mechanics really stood out to me. Slamming ghosts into the ground is surprisingly brutal, and I bet it's going to be a highly satisfying move to use. I'm hoping they'll up the difficulty a bit, have you be swarmed by ghosts, so using the phantoms themselves as weapons is encouraged a legit strategy - that'd be hilarious. And it's not just the enemies, the furniture isn't safe either! I wish they do like, say, Lego games and put a lot of stuff everywhere to break. That'd be so much fun. Oh, I don't know about you, but I was NOT expecting vacuum farts to be a move - let alone the only way to jump! That feels like something out of a Wario game, not a Luigi game! But, you won't hear any complaints from me. Goo-igi is interesting. Aside from having a ridiculous name, a second Luigi with noclip but a kryptonite of his own seems like it could make for some fun situations and puzzles. More than that, though, co-op campaign sounds almost too good to be true. Thanks, muck monster. Now the only problem is that people are going to fight over who gets to be the goo. Scarescraper is back! I have some very fond memories of the online from way back when. It was my first (very limited, of course, but still) online experience ever, and boy was it ever fun. And even when playing alone, it was a really fun, arcade-ish gamemode. I look forward to reliving those days. This being Nintendo, though, we'd best keep our hopes low about the online side of it. Nintendon't understand online, after all. Please forgive me... Let me talk a bit about the story. Yes, the story! I wouldn't really expect much of a story from most Mario games, but I dig the setting they're going for here. It's different. Instead of "The ghosts are there Luigi they got Mario, go get ghosts", like the last two games, it's "Oh shit the ghosts are HERE Luigi they got literally everyone but you, go get ghosts, oh and nobody can get out so you'll have to sort that out too". They've raised the stakes, somehow, and I like that, I really like that. Finally, my thoughts on the visuals. It's pretty, really pretty, almost unbelievable how pretty it's turning out to be. It seems to be closer to LM2 than 1 aesthetically, which will likely disappoint some people, but I personally prefer it this way. In my opinion, LM2 has a lot more charm than LM1, and I don't think the loss in "spookiness" is really all that much of a pity. I'd just like it if they made things darker than they were in LM2. Justify that flashlight, please! You know that portion of LM2's final battle, where everything's pitch black and King Boo is pursuing you, and you need to reveal obstacles with your flashlight so you can keep running for your life? Give me more of that, please. That's all, I think. I agree, lack of release date is a shame, but at least it seems like it's most definitely coming out this year, so there's that. Looking forward to more news about this game! Here's hoping there'll be a physical instruction book, so I can go "if you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the inclosed instruction book!"
  7. Berwick S-- Oh, you probably mean from the ones that were shown in the E3, don't you. Luigi's Mansion is one of my long-time favourite series, just like Luigi is one of my long-time favourite videogame characters, and on top of that the new one looks like it may just surpass both of the previous entries if they play their cards right (already it looks to be merging the best of both worlds), so yeah, that one. Lack of release date is painful, though. I'm also eagerly waiting on Super Mario Maker 2. Got a couple friends with whom I'm going to beat all the levels we can! And possibly toss 'em down a bottomless pit or three. Not interested on anything else at the moment, really.
  8. A lot of people seem to be going for the "recruitable boss" deal, so let's see if I can throw an actual boss into the mix. I'm a bit confused about what engine the game will use, so I made a GBA mug and palette assuming it'll use FE8. And if it doesn't, well, here they are still. For self-satisfaction, if nothing else. Name: Ruben Portrait: Class: Druid (with Lyon's animations if at all possible) Palette: 007EFF7FDE571B3B0A001A00120010424A298002E00500014001C00040004208 Description: A tactician of little talent driven mad after causing the deaths of many soldiers he misguidedly commanded. Guilt-ridden, he wants to prove to himself and to his troops (both living and deceased) that he can, in fact, win a battle without losing everybody under his orders. A sarcastic man, he has a tendency to ramble, uses exotic curses, complains about his luck a lot and is quick to blame higher powers for his failings, but he cares deeply about his troops, and he wishes to keep them all from dying to the point of obsession. Notes: Maybe I could be a recurring boss, although I'm not sure I'm popular enough to warrant such a status. If I'm recurring, I should be fought first in the midgame as the boss of a rout chapter, then I could appear again some time later in the middle of a chapter as reinforcements and pursue the player army (that means I could be avoided, depending on the objective), seeking revenge for my fallen troops from the first encounter. If I'm a throwaway, then just scratch the second part. Stats: Mediocre stats in general, with surprisingly high magic, and 0 luck in particular. I'm more of a healer than a fighter at this stage. If I return, I could get better offensive stats (not too much, though, don't make me a juggernaut), but definitely keep the defenses low and the luck where it is. Skills: None at first. Gamble and Wrath in the second encounter. Weapons: E dark and C staves. Flux and physic. Maybe rescue, as well, if you can implement that. Trying to go for that sweet, sweet gameplay-story integration. For the second encounter, B dark and still C staves. No staves this time around, just Fenrir. I've come for revenge, so it makes sense I'd train for the occassion. Battle quote: "Unbelievable. Just as I was starting to think that things couldn't possibly get any worse for me. Why am I even surprised? Nothing ever goes my way..." Retreat quote (if needed): "N-no... If I don't get out, I'll... P-please take care out there, everyone! Don't die! I beg of you, don't die...! Not again...!" Second battle quote (if needed): "You...! You bastards massacred my troops... I'll... I'll massacre you all in return! For my fallen soldiers, I-I cannot lose!" Death quote: "Guh... m-my loyal soldiers... I... I just wish... you didn't have to die alongside... this worthless... incompetent... urgh...!"
  9. Part 56 - A dumbass in shining armor. Hey, everybody! I lost Dagdar to the bullshit reinforcements in Tahra. 8 Sorcerers that double you because of Accost when you've no magic isn't nice. Sadly, it was the last turn, Asbel had gotten move and Hicks had managed to solo half the map and Paulus, so I wasn't about to reset. So yeah. Lost Thracia's best unit. Just telling you this so you know that I don't pretend to be bad to make these things more entertaining. I'm just bad, period. Also, I recruited Xavier without any sleep swords. Anybody who knows how Xavier's recruitment goes will know how much of an idiot I am for trying that. My dancer died for it, and it took two hours and abuse of the emulator's rewind feature, but y'know what? Green Dougy. I regret nothing! One last tidbit about Thracia before moving on to the matters at hand. The other day, I found somebody really... interesting, just hanging out with some Loptous Sorcerers in the dark. Draw your own conclusions. A Berwick: Update was released!:
  10. I thought he already was considered good. I'm pretty sure the general consensus is that, while he does have some flaws, he's the best bow user in the game for as long as he exists, and one of the best Generals in the series. Heck, even if you can't stand the amount of hammers, he works as filler, as you can't really go wrong with a unit that brings a leadership star to the table. He also has the Leif Supportâ„¢ and swords to help him alleviate the hammer problem somewhat.
  11. Actually, he comes with Wrath, alongside Accost and the unique to him Pavise. His skillset is just all sorts of great. I even gave him Paragon to compensate for his high level and iffy availability. Kill me if you want. I can't do much to fight off the power of bias. He has A axes, and all my other axe users are dead (except for Halvan and Ralph, but Ralph's only got C and Halvan, well...). I don't think he's going to be using lances too much.
  12. Ahah... y-yeah... about that... I didn't have any sleep swords, so I had to clumsily maneuver around the northwestern corner of the map to get them to move to places where the NPCs could reach them. A favor they did me about 10% of the time. Fucking Charles... and it wasn't just him, I had to rescue an unarmed Hicks and warp in an armed Misha once so Nicholas would stop blocking the hallway. Ah, but it was still lots of fun. Mainly because I had my pals there to laugh it off with. Jesus Christ, though, that was ridiculous. Didn't even get the member card, those annoying Leonster lancers captured a couple of the NPCs. Besides, I got Green Douglas. No regrets. That man is going to go to the endgame, no questions asked.
  13. Well, I just recruited Xavier. It only took the help and emotional support of two friends, a warp staff, two fortify charges, Lara's life, two hours of mine, the deaths of three of Xavier's adjuntants, copious abuse of the emulator's rewind feature, and a small brain hemorrhage. Oh, and I now despise all people named Charles with a passion. My apologies if anybody in the team's called that. I think the time has come to give you my thoughts on the patch. It might get a bit long, so please bear with me. So, Project Exile! Thus far, I really like the patch. The dialogue's quality is inmense. I read the old LP of Thracia at the LP archive years ago, and although I can't remember it too well, from what I can recall, the difference is like night and day. The liberties taken to give the text some much needed favor are much appreciated. The bossmen now have a semblance of a personality! It's not just Paulus anymore! All they need now is to not have the Largoface. The biggest improvements, to me, are the villager dialogue and Raydric. I'd say some of the villagers even surpass some official FE villagers! Far too often in FE do villagers just go "hello heroes of the videogaym take this item, thanks for being the heroes of the videogaym I hope this item you've taken serves you well, cheers!". You made an effort to prevent that, and for that I thank you. As for Raydric, the new translation gives him this child-like, smug, slimy personality that fit the whole Eyvel situation like a glove. By the time I left Manster, I hated the man with a passion, and wanted nothing more than to bring him down, even though I knew what was going to happen. Another highlight for me is Kempf. I love how sarcastic he is in the new translation. It helps differentiate him from the very similar Lentzenheimer from TearRing Saga, who was like a completely unhinged, more plot-relevant Kempf. Thanks to Project Exile, they now feel like different characters, as opposed to Lentzenheimer and Lentzenheimer 0.5. Now they're Lentzenheimer and "it's a big word adults usually learn after they're able to read". I have to say, though, Veld's... still not good. He still feels like a generic bossman when he's randomly having a chat with Manfroy, Julius and Ishtar in the middle of map 4, he still feels like a generic bossman when Eyvel's petrified even though it's HIM that petrifies her (heck, I'd argue he stands out even less now, since Raydric was improved so much), and taking a quick look at his endgame dialogue, he once again feels like nothing more than a generic bossman when Manfroy gives him an earful right before Veld is the final boss of the game. Even when he's the one giving an earful to Raydric, he STILL feels kinda like a generic bossman! A bit less than every other time he appears, but still. How does he do it? I understand that Veld may be beyond saving (and that it may be intentional, given the overall small-scale, personal feeling of Leif's tale), but seeing how much you improved Raydric and everybody else, Veld's a bit of a letdown. Not that I can think of any way to make him better, mind, but I don't know. Guess I expected a bit more, after seeing that "pitfighters, meet Eyvel. Eyvel, pitfighters. Let it never be said that I'm a poor host" line among the OP screenshots. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love the story and the dialogue very much. Veld's just a small stain in the face of a great story. About the name changes, I'm fine with them for the most part. Lot of them I'm neutral about, some I like (Seram never made any sense, Schroff fits the guy way better I feel, Bhuj is actually a thing). There are a couple that I admit I'm not too crazy about, like Conote > Connaught. I get that it's an actual thing, but it required moving the place in the world map, and that's pushing the limit a bit, the way I see it. I also don't like Pan too much, although that's more of a personal issue ("Pan" in Spanish means bread. I'm from Spain. See where I'm going? Also, I can't help but think of Peter Pan). Still, these are but pet peeves in the face of all the awesome changes - not the least of which was an actually readable menu, the long-lasting problem that kept me from trying Thracia out for all these years until now. Lastly, I wish to address the hints. Y'know, the things that sparked pages upon pages of discussion? Personally, I don't mind them. Keep in mind, I went in semi-blind: I knew the more infamous things, like Xavier or Ilios's recruitments, from all my years of being a FE fan, but I never knew any maps by memory or anything like that. Let me tell you, none of the subtle hints that were added prevented Dagdar's tragic death at the hands of Tahra's Asshole Sorcerer Reinforcement Squad. I wish they did. I also wish I could've reset his death, but Asbel had gotten a move level up and Hicks had solo'ed half the map and Paulus, so I just couldn't do anything but press on. Rest in peace, man. I'll make sure to save the person that changed you for the better, at least. The scroll growths are a bit of a stretch, I'll admit, an actual localization wouldn't have shown them so bluntly, but it's handy to not have to go to google for them. And I haven't gotten there yet, but I don't think the 24x hint would impact anything that badly. The escaping hint is good. The fact that such an absurd mistranslation as the original's "ah, just make him escape, everyone will follow suit! Totally!" slipped by everybody in charge is marvelous, in a way. Then again, Murder Hollace and In America. What do I know, right. You guys should've kept In America, it was, like, half of Kempf's personality. One hint in particular that I want to elaborate on is Because this one actively improved my experience. See, I was playing with two of my friends watching (and laughing, a lot of the time). They're fellow FE fans, although not since too long ago (I may or may not've gradually set up their introduction to the series over the years), and they wanted to see for themselves just how ridiculous recruiting Xavier is. When one of them figured this out, we put it to the test, and he turned out to be right, it was absolutely magical. Not to mention, I had a name to scream in anguish when the damned bastards moved in ways I didn't want them to. Why, yes, it was Charles that killed Lara. She dodged him, and then he got a movement star. Prick... Maybe it's not exaaaaaaactly what Kaga intended, but when Kaga intended the destruction of the human race, I think we can safely ignore him to an extent. Still love you, man, you made Berwick Saga and I cannot thank you enough for it, but it had to be said. So, in conclusion, amazing patch. I finally got to check out this awesome game for myself, and the patch's excellent quality only improved my experience. My highest regards to the whole team, and I hope that you keep up the good work!
  14. Whoa, 68 years old? Now that's impressive. Guess this proves all those people telling me I'll "grow out of videogames when I'm older" are completely wrong. Hah! I knew it! Anyway, don't mind me, I'll just quietly summon @Aethin here, because I'm pretty sure this being the general TearRing Saga subforum, there's a pretty high chance he'll miss this.
  15. I've no use for these contentless minnows... Give me update that will sate my Berwicklust... I hunger! Jokes aside, I agree with @Interdimensional Observer. There is no need to rush this. Sooner or later, but the important thing is that this comes out. It'd be a flying shame if you overworked yourself when you're so close to the end! Not to mention, if somebody cannot wait, you've completed the menus and everything, so the game itself is perfectly playable from start to finish. It's just those of us who want to experience the game's awesome story in full that will patiently wait until the end. I'm a little preoccupied with Thracia right now, but for Berwick I'd jump off a train into another train, so I'll make sure to nab the update and give you a status report, as I usually do. ...man, Project Exile has been released, TearRing has been out for a while, this is progressing steadily... if there ever was a time for FE fans to explore the work of the series' creator, that would have to be now. Now if you'll excuse me, I've missed watching Elbert destroy maps. You'll hear from me in a couple days!
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