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  1. Part 7 - Critical Saga 2: Elecrit Boogaloo So uhhhh Karin just died to another bolting Bishop, the one in Tahra. In so doing, she left Trude stranded, and I was forced to leave him behind. In total, that's Finn, Nanna, Fergus, Karin, Trude, Homer, Ilios and Misha. All lost to Bishop With Bolting. I don't think I've ever had such specific bad luck in my life. Urgh. I reply to you here: I update the LP here:
  2. C'mon man, you already have Mel Do not reconsider. It may take you 30 years to find one such woman, but she'll make the rest of your life worth living.
  3. Part 6 - Completely reasonable time limits. I swear it's for real this time. So I'm ironmanning Thracia on my free time. Yeah, I'm a fucking masochist, I know. I mean, you just have to look at the kind of fictional females I call "perfect waifus". Ahem. It was going smoothly, no losses except for Dalsin. A shame, kinda wanted to use him, and he took the brave axe with him, but it could've been worse. Then came chapter 9, where I lost Kane and Alba. Okay, they're pretty bad, don't really mind. Afterwards, I got to chapter 10. Made it through half the map, the ballistae were under control, Olwen and Fred left, it was all going just swimmingly. I lost the rescue staff due to a miscalculation, but I can live without it. Still just swimmingly. Juuuust swimmingly. You know the one bolting bishop in that chapter? He critted Nanna with 44 hit and 19 crit. And then he critted Finn with 36 hit and 20 crit. And then he critted Fergus with 50 hit and 21 crit. All in a row. And here I thought I'd seen it all. Death by random slower wyvern lord, death by pegasi recruiting themselves in range of a sniper, death by witch that can only be recruited if unit dies, death by being hated by me, death by person that recruits everyone dying early on, death by crits, death by misses, death by horseman that can raid villages. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest form of Saint Rubenio misery: death by a fucker with bolting critting three units in three turns. Only Daddy Hicks can save us now. Also also, I've been having some really bizarre technical problems with this update. For some reason, the site decided that it didn't want to save my progress anymore, unless I first cleared my site cookies, logged back in and copypasted everything. Then it saved that, and only that. If I refreshed the page and tried doing any changes, they wouldn't be saved. I don't get it, but okay. Managed to sort it out, but the replies will look a bit weird as a result. Hah: I gotcha last time:
  4. That's a popular opinion, really? I thought the general consensus was that they're kinda shit. Here's a couple more: Awakening and onward have really kickass music. Good levels are the best part of FE. Low-percent crits are the worst part of FE. Hahah, I was just joking, of course. Though it probably would've been for the best if it died after Awakening Nah just joking, even a filthy elitist Kaga fanboy such as myself wouldn't want to take the games so many others love from them, even if I personally feel no love for them.
  5. All right, this ain't my forte, but I'll give it a whirl. Roy is a crap lord. Like, seriously crap. How did so many people think Leif was worse than him for so many years, again? Leif is just plain better in every aspect. Story, gameplay, design, advisors, everything! Roy's a decent-ish character if you look into his supports, but as a unit? Bleh. And I'll never forgive him for having Merlinus as his advisor. FE8 has great villains. I've seen some heavy hatred for FE8's story (then again, that goes for pretty much all of FE at one point or another), but few bash the villains. Probably because they're doublessly the best part about FE8. Ephraim!Lyon's my favourite villain. Wrys and Ronan are fun memes, 10/10 use every time, and you'll be very glad you did. Edelgard and Dimitri are pretty great characters both. Random crits Ambush reinforcements are not fair and balanced. Oooo now that's a hot take. I think you're a bit lost, man. This should be on the "unpopular opinions" thread. I cannot think of a single FE fan that thinks this. Not even myself, I've only played half the series, and I dislike half of those games!
  6. I find it more baffling that so many people are obssesed over this little thing that is completely irrelevant. Getting enough skill hard-caps staff accuracy to 100. The gimmick only matters the first two chapters you have a staff user. After that, you'll only see it if your name is Tina. And Tina's staves are broken enough that it's understandable. Thracia has issues, but this one is so small... even in the context of this thread that consists entirely of disliked mechanics, staves missing is light-years away from being the most impactful mechanic in Thracia. Yeah, actually. The fact that you can grind for stamina drinks in chapter 9 and then get like eight in chapter 14 kinda negates the whole concept. What gives?
  7. Capturing is a brilliant mechanic, adds so much to the gameplay and is just plain fun. The single best thing about Thracia for me. The 99 hit cap and minimum deployment slots are not noticeable enough for me to care. Staves missing sucks, but it stops mattering once the unit gets enough skill, and before long all it does is balance staves like thief and unlock. I don't like it, I just don't mind it. Dismounting could definitely have been handled better. It's cool that they nerf horses, but I think they went a bit too far with the penalties - and while it does give infantry a chance to shine, among the cavalry itself all it does is greatly benefit those who use swords when mounted or have a high sword rank at base, and screw over everybody else. Dismounting also makes lances useless half the time. I think I like the way Berwick Saga did it better, to be honest. Fatigue's... eh. I don't particularly like it, but it does more to encourage a varied team than just about any other game in the series, so there's that. Dark FoW is bleh. Inability to change the initial formation is a bitch in 99% of the maps. Probably the only one I hate. There are a couple maps where it's fitting in the context of the story, which are really the only reason I don't use the patch that fixes this, but most of the time it just doesn't make any sense. Single RN is honest and doesn't make me have to do math to know what I'm really looking at. It makes things simpler. Also, games with 1RN help a little to combat that nasty habit of believing that hitrates over 80 are a guaranteed hit, and hitrates below 40 are a sure miss. In summary, a few of them aren't so great, but... why do people consider them to be such a big deal, again? Capture is the only one that really shakes things up, and capturing is awesome. Everything else ranges from being inconvenient at times to being completely irrelevant. I'd say Thracia has bigger issues than staves missing.
  8. Stuff like this is why I like to think of him as the second Lord. And there we go. This game's full title could easily have been "TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicles: Chapter 174: Volcens Is A Dumbass". Not that he needs any help with that. Padolf is a complete nuisance. ...Herman's the real danger here. Considering a certain priest's future behavior does not result in an instant excommunication, even when he tries it on the High Priestess herself (heck, a few of the clerics actually approve of his advances), I would say celibacy is probably not among the precepts of the church. Ward is a pretty awesome guy. And he's got plenty of other moments to come! A shame that Maim is chance-based, making it unreliable for ensuring captures. Still, Sylvis is a kickass unit, one of the best mercenaries I'd say. Totally worth the surprisingly meager fee she demands.
  9. Part 2 - Brand-spankin' new hub or whatever. Did you know that there's a spanish Thracia translation now? Yeah, there is! My best friend's started playing with it. Chapter 2 and he already lost Dagdar. Hoo, boy. This is gonna be fun. Mostly for me. I'm gonna get him back for all those times I played games and watched animes on his recommendation, and every single one of my favourite characters died every time... He's also playing The Last Promise, on my own recommendation. He's quite impressed by it, but he's... also failing miserably there. He's missed every single secret, every single gaiden chapter, Noah both times, and Howard. Poor guy's gonna have to swallow his pride and use Levion, even though he doesn't like using old men. Hahahah... ah, I'm sorry. You know how much I love to ramble. On to the matters at hand. Replies: Update:
  10. I approve. Not that my approval means much, but I approve.
  11. Not sure whose permition you need, but if it's mine, sure, go ahead and become my archnemesis in this game. It'd be a surprising plottwist that it's you, and not @Pengaius.
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