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  1. Hey, it's okay. I've said it several times before, but you really don't owe me anything. The LP was meant to entertain, I don't want you losing your head over the last ever reply. Besides if you lose your head you'll miss out on Berwick and that just won't do Allow me to use this chance to say that my Luthier is godly. He's better than Kliff and his sister who's level 10 right now. I mean, when I heard that he was one of Echoes's few units that could be described as "bad", I knew it was my duty to make something out of him. All I can say is, "EASY PICKINGS" has to be my second favourite first move quote, after Genny's adorable rollin' line. The very subtle stutter at the beginning of the line really drives home the point that, for all his bragging, easy pickings man has no idea what he's doing. By the way, speaking of bad units, Clive is good. I really don't see where all the hate comes from. Sure, Randal is straight up better, but he beats Mathilda in a few areas, and he's overall pretty useful. Valbar has some trouble against mages, but he's still useful enough with his truckload of strength, and his low movement really isn't that much of an issue when nobody moves faster than two squares by act 4. Lukas and Forsyth with the javelin and the ridersbane make for an awesome duo, they're second only to Randal for Alm's team. Oh, and Python's... redeemed himself in my eyes, somewhat. He and Tobin are ten times worse than Leon, but they're all right enough. Python can also invalidate people's movement with his bow's art, so there's that. Silque's the one that's gotten the short end of the stick. She stumbled along being useless until I tried fighting Marla (right before Nuibaba's abode) alongside a random witch skirmish. Let's just say, sacrifices had to be made that day. That's the beauty of FE for me. With their flaws and all, every game is distinct enough that you cannot say any one game is just plain "better" than the rest. They're all their own experience. That's the main reason I've come to rather dislike FE7 despite starting with it. It's possibly the most basic FE out there. It really doesn't have much of anything special to its name, if you think about it. I welcome anybody to try and change my mind, though. After all, it's been, what... five years since I last played it? Something like that? The funniest thing is that I cannot tell if that's just one guy or all four of them that used that portrait. The latter. Allow me to dust off an old image I made long ago. It's perfect for this. Actually, I was re-reading some part of the LP, and I found that we actually did see it once before. Kate pulled it off at the Tower of Morse. I didn't make a gif of it back then, though, so it's only fair we'd forget. Eugen knew he had a rare sentence on his hand, and captialized on it. I'm just quoting this because you gave me the chance to see Eugen's best line again and that always makes my day.
  2. @Garlyle @Eltosian Kadath Everything looks good on my end. I'll wait for Garlyle to record his adventures before I do so myself.
  3. No, actually. I was going to get around to it today. If you want to play your chapters, you can still do it.
  4. Well, since @Garlyle hasn't responded again, I'm going to assume that he was not able to play through his chapters. Eh, good, in a way - it saved us from having me be the one to play through chapter 7. Unless you say otherwise, Garlyle, I'll begin playing chapters 5 and 6 tomorrow.
  5. I just beat it. I intend to continue playing for a while, though. I'm not the sort to 100% my games perfectly, but I want to get all the jewels, at the very least. Here, have a small review. I love this game. The level of interactivity with the enviroment almost rivals that of a lego game. Not only are the areas beatifully crafted and themed, filled with props and items to play around with, but Luigi's own toolkit in this game is the best in the series, which only makes it more fun to explore. Uncovering hidden items, flashing crickets, breaking stuff, sending Gooigi on his own adventures, ruining rooms with the fart (shut up that's what it is)... I swear, I must've spent like half of my playtime just slamming garbage bins to the ground for no reason. It also helps that the game doesn't railroad you into any one direction like the second game did (although I did notice that the later floors were much more straightforward than the first few), and that there's plenty of stuff to find, be it cash, jewels, boos, hidden ghosts, even more rooms! Overall, exploring is really enjoyable. As for the combat, although it's on the easy side, it is very satisfying and just plain fun. Using the ghosts themselves as weapons is brutal. Brutally satisfying. Nothing like watching them helplessly squirm, begging for mercy as they suffer a fate worse than death. Hwahahahahah... ahahahahahah...! A-ahem. Sorry. The bosses are great fun too, even challenging at times, not because of difficult attack patterns or anything like that, but due to the clever puzzles that need to be solved in order to harm them. My favourites were the musician, the hillbilly from the basement, the two final bosses and the Polterkitty, but I enjoyed all of them, really. Ghost designs are on point. I'll be controversial and say that I enjoyed Dark Moon's goons a little more for the most part, but the big guys being squares is funny. The bosses are really good, maybe even on par with the original's. It's not an easy comparison, to be frank; the first game's bosses were a big family that, ahem, lived in the mansion. These guys are more disconnected, instead following the themes of their respective floors. They're different styles, and I dig both, myself. I will admit, though, the DJ boss and her entourage made me cringe. Damn, they're way too 21st century for their own good. This is probably the prettiest game on the console. The cutscenes are so well done, they feel like mini-movies, and the animations are absolutely godly, just like in the previous entries. Everything feels full of life, which is ironic, given there are exactly seven living characters in the game (and five of them spend most of the runtime in portraits). Even outside of cutscenes, there are so many little moments that break the monotony; like near the beginning, when escorting E. Gadd to the garage, a portrait randomly falls to the ground and startles Luigi. E. Gadd, the asshat, goes and laughs at him. That was not necessary, but I'm glad it exists. Things like that give the game character. And the ghosts are always up to all sorts of crazy antics, just like always. Now, this game, like every game, has its share of flaws. The game's length, for one. It's better than one (nothing can be as bad as one), but if you just go straight for the bosses, this game can get really short. I did a bunch of exploring, and clocked out at the 11th hour. Not bad, but it could be better. I'll have to see how long it'll take me to get all the jewels and boos. Personally, I think a few more floors wouldn't have hurt. I was definitely missing a snow themed floor, a chemical plant, a sky floor- heck, a mansion themed floor! This is Luigi's Mansion, but there isn't a floor that resembles a mansion! Still, what we got is plenty great. Also, as fun as it is, the slamming mechanic really trivializes combat. You can just grab a single goon and ruin everybody simply by tapping A. I wonder what a challenge run, where slamming is forbidden except for when it's absolutely unavoidable, would be like. Without Dark Moon's broken dodge, I'd wager it'd get a lot more challenging. But slamming ghosts into one another is so much fun... All in all, it's a worthy entry to the series, and a serious candidate for the best one of them. I'm not too sure, to be honest. I love all three games. They all have their flaws, their perks, but also their great positives that make all of them worth playing, in my humble opinion. Yes, even two. I love two too. I believe this game did a great job at upping the stakes, by having everybody be captured instead of just Mario. Made it feel like the king meant business, this time around. Seriously, my heart sunk a little when I saw E. Gadd's portrait. I was wondering how he'd end up in the hotel-- I was not expecting it to be that (even though I probably should've, by all rights)! However, that would only make it more disappointing if they used the same plot hook in the next game. I feel like they've already made the most out of the "King Boo wants living room decorations" storyline in this game. There's nowhere they could go from here that isn't down. They'll need to shake things up for the next title. But it's okay, I have faith in them. They clearly listened to the feedback from Dark Moon, after all!
  6. So I've made it to part 3 of Echoes now. Also did half the RotD chapters (I intend to do the rest after recruiting Mathilda) and both Cypher Legends. Here are my thoughts, if anybody cares. I'm digging it thus far! The map design is annoying me less than I expected it would. Of course, I haven't made it to the worse maps yet, but eh, we'll see. Anyway, I'm having fun with it. The scale of battles is a lot smaller than in other games of the series, but the game throws a lot more at the player, and I don't know, it somehow feels designed around that smaller scale. Besides, I enjoy the faster pace, makes it easier to pick up and play. Difficulty's fine too, not too much, not too little. As for the units, I like most people. Even Clive, I feel he's a bit unappreciated. Had it not been for his fighting prowess, I probably couldn't have so easily recruited his direct upgrade, Randal. Speaking of, he's basically IntSys stealing Mintz, which is fine. Valbar and Leon are both pretty kickass characters, too. Luthier's pose is ridiculous, so that makes him an instant fav as well. Normally I don't dig the "cutesy little gurl" types, but Genny's "I'm ready to roll" just melts my heart every time I hear it. And then she crit an enemy once and went "NOw i'M AngERy!" She sounds like she's five years old, I love it. She also doubles everything with nosferatu and summons soldiers to keep Dracozombies and Witches alike distracted. Love her. Probably the biggest surprise fav, for me. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this character as much as I am. There are two units I despite, though: Silque and Python. Silque's completely useless, I swear. She dies to literally everything, she got doubled from day one, she's caused every single one of my resets on Alm's side, and I can't wait to replace her with Tatiana. Rollin'girl being awesome only makes things worse for that weak imbecile. Python's basically a worse Tobin who gets doubled by everything and can't hit a thing. Lame, very lame. Overall, Better Than Three Houses / 10. ...Can I just say that it's extremely sad that this game is way better than Three Houses when it comes to graphics? Like, seriously, it's so much better it's not even funny. The conversation backgrounds aren't bad JPEGs, the models don't have as many clipping issues - and their feet don't sink into the floor half the time, animations feel more natural and have way more charm to boot (I chuckled the first time I saw Lukas just rammin' a guy to death), the HUD is readable, the framerate never drops like it does in Three Houses AND they didn't have to cap it (Three Houses abuses particles way too much), the artstyle is just plain better, the character designs are far superior to "Hanneman and all the boring anime kids"... It has its wonky things (OH MAH MISTAKE... five hours later WAIT A SECOND!), but overall, it doesn't make my eyes bleed like Three Houses did sometimes. Just pointing out a fact. A... very long fact. Ever the troll, that Kaga. Oh, shoot... I didn't realize that thing about Holmes. You're completely right, he's got the holy blood- just as much as Runan, in fact. I also love that Richard is the only one that's a common Joe. The man with all the dreams of grandeur is just some guy. Amazing. He claimed before he died that the Bhaumastra "wouldn't work on him", so that supports the theory that he doesn't have a drop of holy blood in him. How dare you! Even forgetting... Who playtested for you! You... stupid translator! It's really annoying, actually. Whenever I lower my guard, I start confusing major and mayor, precisely because one of mayor's meanings in spanish is major. I am certain I must've slipped more than a couple of unintended mayors along the way. About villanos mayores, that's even more confusing, because it technically makes sense, but it's not an expression that is used in spanish. The correct way to say it would be villanos importantes, or villanos principales. Overall, I think we can safely say that Babel did a lot of damage. Then again, you'd be out of a job if it didn't happen, so... People say that? I find it treats them well enough. It jumps the gun sometimes, especially when it comes to fanservice, but the amount of strong females in there is actually quite impressive. They're also all my favourite females in the series, so there's that. Anyway, I'm... not so sure if I'd agree with that statement. TRS has all of its low points to take into account (fatso in a green coat, anyone?). Still, the male-to-female ratio is way better than in the main series (I seem to remember it being somewhere around 50%?), many of the game's more relevant characters are women, and Sierra's existance is a whole positive all on its own. Sierra in general is a positive. I sure wish there was a woman in real life that wore all leather and could warp. Please give me a woman that wears all leather. I crave... A-Ahem. Yeah. TRS good. FE7 bad. Yeah, controversial statements make great distractions.
  7. You're not gonna believe my luck. I went to the mall to buy my games. As I've said in the past, I usually buy them at Carrefour, as they're cheaper there. They had Luigi's mansion (at the very tasty price of 45€), but no Echoes. So I resorted to the mall's Game store. They didn't have it on display. In a last-ditch effort, I asked the clerk. He gave me that "meh, don't count on it" look, but checked anyway. As it turns out, they had exactly one copy of the game in storage for 30€. It's still 15€ cheaper than the digital version. I can only pity the next local FE fan that comes after me. All that remains is to enjoy it. While I was at it, I got the Rise of the Deliverance and Cipher DLCs. I hope I won't regret it. I might post some thoughts later, as I reply to the readers' farewells. Ah, yes. I'm not as familiar with Echoes as I am with Gaiden, as I once read an LP of the latter, but I do remember that Sonya is basically Sierra, except she's a dick and becomes a normal mage when she joins. What, you doubted me? What really worries me is that it took me less time to do this than the five previous updates. I agree with you on both accounts. The shamans being revived feels a bit less shitty than Ninian's nonsense, if only because their deaths were necessary for the final battle to happen, and they were brought back by a literal god after the fight, not before it to expedite a shitty deus ex machina. Still, I can see why you wouldn't enjoy it. And yeah, the ending is definitely a very high point of the game. Feels a lot more personal than the ending cards. Well, well! Ain't that a beautiful coincidence. Happy birthday! Not really, that's why they're ranked low. As Brightbow said, the game really does throw a laugh track there. It's amazing. I used it back when he actually spoke, but here you have it again! I suppose you could think of it that way, but personally, I'll go for the more obvious idea that she figured nobody would want to touch a girl that's so dirty you can't even see her skin color. Still, pretty horrifying story, all in all. The imposter is off-handedly revealed to be White Sage Morse by Holmes. He's basically Gotoh. If you remember, his apprentice at the tower of Morse says he's "exploring parallel realms". As for Shigen Sr., Shigen explained his backstory back in the first arc, when we were exploring Wellt with Holmes's team. Heh... yeah, it was obviously me. You know what I said about not being able to properly proofread? Fuck! Yeah, my mistake. He got 63 kills. Funnily enough, Runan's "units kill" count is the only one you can actually see, as it's the only screenshot of those that I posted to save space. You know, the one I got wrong. Pfhah... Maruj and Meriel, I think, got so many kills because, at first, they were weak and I fed them loads of enemies, and then they gained access to the likes of Sylphid and Aura Rain, so they begun to score more and more. Right? I'm proud of myself for getting that idea. Then I forgot about it. Urgh... All right, thanks for these. I can only hope to enjoy it half as much as you did. I love how you claim to despise that line, but you have it as your profile background. I'm glad to have had you along for the ride. Bwahahahahahah... I can't blame you, that typo's pretty damn amazing. And as someone who just transcribed the entire ending by hand, I can sympathize. That was excrutiating. The typo's not quite as great as The Roger the Paladin, though. That's a typo that's transcended being a mere mistake. It's now a part of the character. Well, my next LPing endeavor will probably be Berwick, so... get a move on, ya goddamn lazy bum! No, no, I'm just joking, just joking, please don't quit, please, pretty please...
  8. So I'm thinking, since I'm going to the B I G C I T Y to buy Luigi's Mansion 3 tomorrow, that I'll see if I can find Shadows of Valentia. I don't know, I've heard bad things about it, but I just feel like giving it a shot. Anyone got any tips? Dark simpsons is the bane of my recommendation feed. Not that I mind too much. It's better than badly-edited Family Guy clips. If this gets posted, my technical issues are officially gone! I'm torn between Tom and Lionel, myself. Lionel deserved far better than to die to Lentzenheimer, but... Dammit Tom, we were so close! Right? That was so fitting, too. The guy everyone forgets about, I decide to give him a face, and then forget about it and have to do it later. Brilliant. That depends on @Aethin
  9. So, something pretty funny happened. You see, I was done with the update and all, and I tried submitting, without much faith that it'd work. When it actually sent me to the usual captcha screen, I... kinda panicked? And submitted without thinking. I was afraid it wouldn't work anymore. The result? I forgot half the scenes I wanted to make for the final update. That includes dealing with Carla, the Royal Historian, and a twist for the Ruben Cinematic Universe, for all two people who care about it. So yeah. I'm completely dumb. I'll edit this post later with the scenes I forgot. EDIT: okay, here they are. A trainwreck to the end, this LP. Jesus... At least it seems like it wasn't just a fluke. My issues seem to have disappeared. Here's to the next LP, may my technical issues never return and may Berwick be even more glorious than TRS!
  10. Part 77 - The calm after the chaos. It's more like 82, actually. I screwed up so many times... ...first try, and it already works? Is this the RNGoddess's way of apologizing? 'Cause I'll take it, but she's going to need to do more before we're even... Anyway. We encountered a few bumps on the road, but we're finally here. The end of Tear Ring Saga. It's a really long one, but since there's nothing coming afterwards, I think it'll be fine. Enjoy. It's really, really long. Seriously, I cannot emphasize this enough, I could probably have divided this into three updates. Of course, there's nothing coming after it, so please, feel free to read at your own pace, and don't be afraid to stop for coffee breaks. Oh, and because this is so long, I haven't been able to properly proofread it. There shouldn't be anything more than a few minor typoes, so please forgive those. Before that, however, I've got something to share with you. I had fun making the crappy minor boss tier list in FE6, so I've decided to do the same with TRS, now that we've seen all the villains the game has to offer. Here it is. Don't look at it directly, it's so crappy it may damage your retinae. First place goes to Ahab, because I love all the subtle details about him, his posthumous character development, and how he singlehandedly manages to save a portion of Holmes's disaster of a route. Lentzenheimer goes second. He's hyped up as soon as chapter 4, is the major antagonist of an entire arc, and, well, he's just amazingly written, overall. Especially if you take both routes into account, he has great moments in both. Ernst grabs third place. I was torn between him and Barbarossa, but his superior death scene (if only by a small margin, I love both of them) and his scenes in chapter 10 give him an edge, I feel. Still, great antagonists, the two of them. Really, anybody who isn't below Simon is, at the very least, pretty decent in one way or another. This isn't like FE6, where there are, like, four great bosses, and everyone else's a stinker. I also included my own ranking of the major-- I'm sorry, mayor villains. Don't be too mad because I placed Barker above Carla; aside from Zieg, whom I like a lot better, and Bahanuk, whom I like a lot less, I like them all almost equally. Yes, even Codha. He's a great first arc villain, I think, and I love all the scenes where he gets roasted. Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory. Father... have I..: Have I been a good knight?
  11. Me: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE SITE WON'T LET ME UPDATE THE LP IS CANCELLED REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE The site: I have no idea why it worked this time and not all the other times, but that's all right by me. Looks like we're still in the game. EDIT: And I just realized I triple-posted. I was just so happy it worked... EDIT 2: And there's two part 76s now. Who the fuck cares; the fact that there are two part 76s is great news. Fuck, yes, finally! All that bad mood for nothing! EDIT 3: Oh, and I'm sorry for the harsh words in my first post. I was raging pretty badly.
  12. Part 76 - Chaos reigns, part 2 And the award for the tardiest update goes to... It's such a shame there's no more updates. Such cursed things are happening in my newest Thracia playthrough... ah, what the heck. There's time enough for one more. Best go out with a bang! So I was playing chapter 8x. You know, the one with a Henning-tier boss? I brought Asbel so that he could Grafcalibur the guy. Then some mofo with a handaxe and 40% hit crit Asbel to death. I have no idea what even happened there. He must've had 3% chance to hit him critically, at most. Well, it happened, and I decided to press on. There was only one unit left that could take on Gomez. I had him shoot an arrow at Gomez, just on the off-chance that he actually hit (he had a 30~% chance to hit), and so that Gomez would equip his bow on his turn. This absolute madman got a crit. Which put Gomez within killing range of the brave axe. That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Dalsin killed Gomez. Perhaps I should've recorded it on video. Ah, who cares. The important thing is that it happened. And he didn't even get any help, either. Heck-- nobody else could help! He was the only one who could do anything! All I can say is, that totally was worth losing Asbel. I intended to use Homer, anyway. These fellows compose the "bad division" of my team. Funny how the least bad of them is the worst in my case. Kinda ashamed that I'm not using Shanam, but still, I'm proud of the good-to-bad ratio of my team. Oh, you can't see it here, but Miranda fixed her infamous "-1 move on promotion" problem by getting a point of move in her joining chapter. And then she got another one the next chapter. You rock, girl. Show those bastards what the Princess of Alster is capable of! Hwahahah! Other highlights include Salem. Most people use him as a staffer. Some crazy fellows out there use him as an anima Mage. Me? I love dark magic, so my favourite thing is to get him to cap magic, give him Vantage, and watch him one-shot all but the strongest enemies with Jormungand. It works, I swear! Also, Xavier. Recruited him again. Using him again. You can't ever have too many Generals, especially when one of them is green Dougy. Also, Pavise is hilarious. I'm only showing Conomor off because I'm fairly certain nobody has ever used him before me. He's surprisingly good, actually! I was expecting worse from handlebar man. His portrait irks me, though. For some reason, it looks to me like he has his mouth slightly open at all times, and the left eye (his left) is weird. With that out of the way, it is time to go kill us some dark gods. How could this fort be taken: By such a hodgepodge of an army!
  13. So. Here's what's going on. I tried to push the update from my school computer. I didn't want to log in there, so I intended to do it as a guest. Crack a joke about it or something. Anyway, spent four hours bending over backwards, alternating between school work and redoing the whole update with nothing but the text. But I did it, and pressed submit. For starters, the "put your email here" box is nowhere near as clear about what it does as it should be. I put my own email, but it said I could not post, as the email was taken by another user. I tried submitting without an email, but the site glitched and didn't even take me to the captcha until I refreshed the page, so I wrongly assumed the email address was required After that, I put a different, made-up address. Then it demanded that I made an account for that email which I half-assedly did. That worked, but after the captcha, I was unable to enter the thread: it had been replaced by a screen demanding that I verified my account. At this point, I panicked, and upon noticing the "cancel submission" button, I quickly pressed it, hoping to go back and try something different. This resulted in the destruction of all my progress. You know, four hours. While doing school work at the same time. All gone. The one thing I don't want is for this LPing thing to become stressful, and right now that is all it is. I absolutely hate to do this two updates from the end, but I am sick and tired of the bugs and the glitches. The last few updates have been an absolute tedium to publish because of the site falling apart every second day. Therefore, until my issue at home is resolve, the LP is on hiatus. If it isn't resolved, and I'm losing hope of it ever being fixed (one full week without so much as a suggestion to restart my computer is terrible), then I guess the LP really will die right before the end. Whoppity fucking doo. That's all. Sorry if I sound bitter and mad. That'd be because I am. See you around.
  14. I am having some difficulties with the last resort. It will work, just not today. If everything comes up right, tomorrow should be it. Stay tuned.
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