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  1. THE GENERIC JUST ONE-ROUNDED SELENA AHAHAHAAHAHAH Suck on that. Kneel before the superior girl. While we're at it, Setsuna can shoot down Camilla, too. To hell with you and your stats. Nobody cares. And with that, the map is over. That was... by far the best map in the game so far. Wow. Birthright really stepped up its game. I am quite impressed! Also Who said Rinkah's bad, again?
  2. Of course! And when I approach the general area where Camilla is, 6 flier reinforcements with both physical and magical weaponry appear completely out of nowhere and then Camilla and her retainers begin moving towards me too! ...I mean, thankfully I only advanced very slowly forward, so the joke's on 'em. I can now use the chokepoints to wrap this up. But still, had I rushed in recklessly, it would've been my end... Also, the generic strategist has been putting in an ungodly amount of effort. While Rinkah singlehandedly decimated the army of wyvern lord reinforcements from the north, Dora took on the entire force of malig knights coming from the south. It was quite the sight to behold. Who needs supports and personal skills, anyway?
  3. Effie and Arthur have turned green. That is so fucking cool. I mean, they're both going to die in exactly two seconds, but who cares. They can draw fire from me for a little while. Well, no, but most people seem to. If I can beat Birthright, I'll see for myself. Eyy, it's Prince Charming and his eternally furrowed brow. He's the Nohr royal I hate the least. I still look forward to murdering him.
  4. Camilla please. Relax. You're giving the hard route a run for its money. Okaaay... Lookin' good still... Hey, that reminds me of another game that I absolutely loved... Inb4 he turns into a dragon. Actually, I'd say it looks more like he just got old.
  5. It was a wise decision to quit the series early. I'm gonna guess none of these are playable. Heck, Aaron looks like he could be the final boss.
  6. All right, enough fooling around. Time to fail at chapter Camilla some more. Ah, I almost missed this. Please, by all means, do stay and annoy us as long as you want.
  7. Wait, wasn't that guy in Trails? And even if he's in Ys instead, wasn't it the latest Ys that you said was boring because it had too much story? ...And please tell me that isn't the only guy in the entire series with a beard...
  8. Googling Kuro leads to "Pizzeria siciliana Kuro." Soooo what you're saying is, I need a Sicilian pizza right about now. Well, wouldn't say no to that! Oh, that Kuro. Hmm, I dunno... what is the state of chins in this universe? Are there any beards at all? You know how much of a dealbreaker that is for me.
  9. For some reason I dreamed that I tried playing Trails again, except in my dream "Trails" was an action RPG, and then after I killed an inn owner NPC twice a really hard boss that looked like Gendo Ikari appeared and I don't remember anything else. I don't think there's any significance to this dream, just thought I'd say it. Maybe it's telling me to play Ys? Well, not any time soon, I've other games to play. Like Revelation. Everyone hates Revelation. But who cares about everyone. Everyone is always wrong. Unlike me. I am right. Me! No one else! Meanwhile me: "Every FE fangame I've ever played is better than half the official games." "Even the one about promises and divine lightning that everyone likes laughing at." No. Omori. ...Nah, just messin' with ya, you do what you want. Maybe you could do a generics only run of Conquest, and finally discover the greatness of Haitaka for yourself. Seriously though, do yourself a favor and get Haitaka next time you play Conquest. If nothing else, Haitaka. He may be a bit of a pain to capture, but he's such a wonderful unit. He even has a personal, Seal Defense! Might as well be personal, since nobody else can get it other than generic spear masters and Corrin. Was it just a coincidence that you happened to wonder about Dayni the same day he returned?
  10. ...Yes. I probably should. Ahh, there it is!
  11. You really should've. Extremely. My first death was Niles. I lost like 7 units because of one single mistake. It felt very nice. Like I was Arran and I just killed Lang. Okay maybe I went too far there, I'm sorry I'm just glad I got away with not killing the run based on a technicality. ...Just in time, too. I 100% would've killed the run next map if Shrimpy hadn't softlocked himself due to that pesky key. Says who "Look guys look, a route where everyone is happy and gets along and everything is resolved nice and tidy and nothing bad happens!" "But what about Izana and Scarlet?" "Shut up." See, this won't happen to me, because I'll do the sensible thing and use the units that actually respect the power scaling of the game. ...You know, the generics.
  12. I am totally not bad at FE, the map is just hard. I'm very good guys, believe me. It's not like there's like, six threads worth of evidence to the contrary. ...Oh yeah, I think you were away when Shrimpy and I did our linked ironman run. Basically, he played Berwick and I played Conquest, and each time we lost a unit, a unit of the other one died as well. You can read more on that here, but... well, in summary, I lost like 15 units and then Shrimpy lost the run because Sherlock died with a key on him in the Adel map. Pretty sure I was still responsible for most of the entire thread's lewding, to be honest Hey, no worries man. The LP's not going anywhere, as far as I'm aware. Well, I probably will play Revelation hard. Maybe. I don't know, I haven't heard as much about that one's difficulty as Birthright's. I just know that I want to spite Fates for killing off best waifu in the golden route. And I mean I guess Scarlet too, she dies as well doesn't she... Aside from what I mentioned earlier... Eh, I played a whole bunch of games. Bloodstained being a highlight for me among them, that game was really, really amazing. I beat every boss without taking a single hit on hard difficulty and almost had a heart attack about 385 times. I also tried out CrossCode because Armagon said so, didn't like it at all, then I tried Beard Blade because Armagon said so, and by the powers of Beard, I liked it. Also tried out Metroid Fusion on his recommendation. Not a bad game, but I did not enjoy it at all, I'm afraid it's not my style. Oh, and I shilled Omori and Banner Saga a whole bunch. You should play them, too. Also, under the pretense of doing "just a chill relaxing run," I Ironmanned New Mystery in maniac difficulty. Every time I did, the people on the thread decided to collectively bombard me with anime lewds for my hubris. It was a positively miserable experience, 10/10 would do it again. I also used the updated patch, meaning Robert became the first Spanish man in the series not to be a brigand or overall evil guy. This lead to that, and then this happened . I just earraped myself with my own video. That's got to be a new low of stupidity. Latest thing, I got the urge to play some more Fates, except this time I chose to play Birthright and see what the fuss was all about. Honestly? I don't get it, this game's great. Not as great as Conquest, but great nonetheless. Naturally, I benched all the royals except for the redhead tomboy and enlisted the help of no less than three generics. What else, what else... Oh, I played a few hacks, too. The Lonely Mirror, which was pretty good outside of some difficulty shenanigans, and Sword of Heaven and Earth, which recently got a translation. I've always been fond of that game. Reason I started LPing, actually. I was inspired by the (now abandoned) screenshot LP of it here in Serenes. I murdered Zephiel and ended the war early. Outside of games, I am still not vaccinated because Spain is swift as molasses about the whole vaccinating process. Thankfully (and I actually haven't mentioned this before, so I hope the others are reading this), I've been notified that I'll get vaccinated the 5th. At long, long fucking last. Also, got a dentist's appointment the 9th I believe. Gotta get my wisdom teeth removed. I think that about covers it for me. If I've forgotten any highlights, feel free to yell at me, people. Yeah, for everyone else! I was innocent, it was all the others spamming me with their... filthy images.
  13. Okay, I think I'll call it a day, because this chapter is way too tough. Jesus, what happened? All of a sudden I'm getting my ass handed to me... Damn you, Camilla! I'll see you bleed yet...! In Conquest they appear a few times later on and they're very strong. It's just in Birthright that they're pathetic, for some undiscernible reason. It honestly felt like they fucked up something, because the stoneborn in the lava chapter were fine.
  14. Welcome back, man. It's good to see you again! Looks like you've been busy. Hope to have you around from here on! We need somebody to dish out some bonkings 'round these parts. Also I've been missing that Lilina thing since you left C'mon, I only lewded like 20 anime girls since you left, surely this is uncalled for... Pffft. I hadn't even thought of that. Yeah, I gotta do that now. Okay, so it's gonna be generics only, Orochi who might as well be a generic because she isn't getting supports and her personal has no effect in regular combat... and then Fuga, just sorta standing there awkwardly. Sounds good to me! The only time I agreed was with the two faceless maps. Those absolutely were, I don't know what happened with the stats on those guys, but it wasn't pretty. Everything else, though? On par with Conquest hard. Which, hey, it's not that great when I'm playing on lunatic, but I see it compared to the likes of Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance and... that's just not right, honestly. It's nowhere even near those games.
  15. Thanks for the idea! That's another possibility, but I think I'll do as I said. Eirherjar Orochi's only a quick-fix till I get the real deal, anyway. Then I can just not give her a support with Corrin and think of her as just another one in the army of generics, since Capture has no effect in direct combat. ...I am, however, considering using Fuga. I don't know, the guy doesn't exist anywhere else. I'm thinking I might make an exception for him. Maybe I'll even have Corrin marry him, since I don't think anybody else has ever done that before. We'll see. I still have to beat Birthright, anyway. Speaking of, damn, difficulty ramped up. Camilla's map is pretty damn bonkers. It's enough that she can damage my entire team from way overthere, but she has infinite dragon veins to use, too! Sheesh...
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