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  1. So in your version of the anime, Lloyd appears twice, leaves for "play his route to find out!" reasons and never shows up again? Frankly, I don't think Claude's voice compares to Lloyd's. In either version. Both his OG voice and his english voice are godly, he steals the show every single time he shows up. Claude is okay. Except he's a pretty bad Paladin. After promoting, he has 1 HP, 2 strength, 3 skill and 1 speed on Leiden. Also, base Leiden has 1 defense on promoted Luke. In other words, instapromoting Leiden would've been a better use of this seal. Luke wins when it comes to resistance, though, so there's that...? Yeah. True power my ass. Baldie should've stayed a healer. You do well not to. This chapter is evil. He was all like "This is outrageous! It's unfair! How can you be a Khadein Mage and not have double-digit magic?!", and decided to fix the issue post-haste. Dude, with that speed cap, it's effectively a perfect level. Why are you complaining? Actually, Darros is, perplexingly enough, one of the game's best prepromotes. Right now he's better than every prepromote you'll get up to Midia, joining sooner than all of them. He's also better than Dice, contrary to what you said. I have no idea why they decided to give such a huge buff to such an unremarkable character, but all right. I'll take it. In more ways than one, I see. This is perfection for a Myrmidon, I have no idea what you're saying. Case in point. ... ...yeah, I got nothing. I cannot defend this. Stuff like this is why I would never Ironman a FE game in my first run. Every FE has bullshit of some sort, each and every one of them, and Ironmanning when you don't know it's coming is just asking for death to come get you. ...I will say something about this, though. These guys are up there, but at least they have the decency to come out of forts. Not saying it's not bad, it very much is, but I consider FE6 and FE5 to be way worse. Three Houses, too. No, no, c'mon, hear me out at least. "Boss that has no movement randomly begins moving when you put someone in their would-be range", "hill explodes and prevents everyone from moving without warning" and "boss that has infinite counterattack range and doubles everyone begins moving if you attack the Mage next to him" are just a couple of examples of what Three Houses's idea of difficulty is. And it's not a good one, let me tell you that much. It lies to the player's face very frequently, and I'm surprised nobody's making more of a fuss over it. The waifus are stronger, I guess. And no, Divine Pulse does not change anything. Bad design is bad design, giving you built-in savestates doesn't magically make it better, it just makes the bullshit necessary for the game to be even remotely difficult. ...I am way too vocal about my distaste for Three Houses, I'm going to get lynched one of these days. Understandable. Let's just forget this ever happened, and return armed with this newfound knowledge that forts are bad. Just, please, do keep in mind, if you see forts, they're probably going to shit out units when it will cripple you the most. So be careful from here on out. On the bright side, the game rarely has reinforcements that don't come out of forts, so for the most part, you're safe in that regard.
  2. Part 72 - A success, everybody. I did not die in a car crash on my way to school. It begins. It begins once more. YES! YES...! UNLIMITED POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! This has also begun. Yep, Wendy in Hard mode. Successfully, this time. She's... surprisingly good? Kinda? She's worse than her brother, but still, Wendy in Hard mode! ...on the flipside, my team was so ill-suited to fight Henning this time that I had to RNG abuse after breaking all his weapons. No kidding, my shitty Lugh, untrained Lilina and lower level Lot could never have pulled off what they did in the LP, and Jerrot alone was not enough. Why yes, I did rig the RNG so Wendy'd get the final blow on him. Figured I might as well go all nine yards, since using Wendy is enough of a penalty as it is. Leaving that aside, here's the grand finale of the Cursed FE11 Playthrough! Tiki and Nagi died for this. I sold my entire convoy, as well as Abel and Caeda's inventories, for this. I warpskipped the final four chapters of the game for this. This. All I can say is, he was a disappointment to the very end. Tal: Cual:
  3. I kinda got stuck in question 7, because my phone is filled with pictures of my FE teams to send to my friends, and photos of my cats. Anyway, apparently I'm the sweetest mom, because it tells me I'm Mercedes. I don't think they could've picked a more unfitting character. How did this even happen? I told them I swear constantly and they still gave me Mercedes!
  4. The fact that Roger is a common name, so he's not quite THE only Roger.
  5. Part 71 - Luck?! So (in)famous FE Youtuber Mangs is doing a FE6 Hard Ironman run. He's doing a lot better than me in terms of numbers, but he killed Marcus, so his run is automatically worse than mine. Nothing beats taking Jeigan to the endgame. That is, until Lot came about and saved his run by being a boss in chapter 7. After everyone talked shit about him. All I can say is, I am proud, but not surprised. One day, his power will be recognized. One day. Anyway, on to more important matters. I've just started school again, so my time will be more limited. Whether it'll impact the schedule or not is to be seen. Next year I'll have to do actual work as a part of the school year - first time I'll ever work, in fact. I'm quite curious to see how it is. Don't think it'll change anything here, though. We've like, what, 8 updates left? By Christmas at the very latest we should be all done. Now's when Aethin releases the full version of Berwick Saga right when I start to work and I die. One last thing! It is time for the next installment of cursed images the likes of which have never been seen prior to this! On today's episode, Macellan and Maria team up to kill Michalis. I love using terrible units, I swear. However - okay okay this is the real last intro thing I pinky swear - I must ask for your urgent help. I am considering playing FE6 on Hard mode again after I'm done with this run of FE11. Either that or Three Houses on the new difficulty, but as much as I'd love to love Three Houses like everyone else, I doubt a half-assed difficulty that just inflates enemy stats and lowers EXP gains will change my opinion of the game. Ironic, I know, given the alternative is FE6 of all things. Please dissuade me from doing that to myself again. Yes: No:
  6. Hah! Thanks, man. I wouldn't go that far, but I appreciate the kind words. This was meant for personal use first and foremost, but I figured, if just a couple of people out there would want to use it, I might as well release it. As for a full-blown hack, well... I do dream of making my own videogame, someday. One day, perhaps... I didn't want to waste too much time getting screenshots, so I just grabbed some of my old savestates from my LP and rushed a unit to the boss of each chapter I could access. Orlo and Morgan would've both taken too long to get to, I would've had to beat full chapters to get to them (hence, Zinque and Nord instead of them). Would've wanted to show those two off, honestly, I like their palettes, but I think the ones I got on display are good too. Although, I do worry that Arcardo looks a bit too much like Seth and Perceval, that manchild should be closer to Makalov. Woo! That's more than I expected!
  7. Not sure I could fit 80~ more portraits into the game, to be honest. But it'd be neat. Anyway, third update! Check the OP for details and links!
  8. All I can say is, it better feature Leon as Lloyd. Or, just Lloyd. All I'm saying is that, if it's Code Geass, it had best have the best character in the series. More prequel memes? A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. But Luke has no magic! ...which is why, yes, Linde. Or Etzel. Etzel would be better, frankly. It'd give him better staffing abilities while he's the only real healer, more reliability with the magical nukes, and compensate for his high base level, which Linde doesn't suffer from. But again, hormones. Which only comes to prove that you have not seen his official artwork. Guy somehow has a better figure than half the females in Archanea - and that does include Linde. I'm just saying, it's an objective fact. No complaints, we'll already have plenty of drama by the time Gotoh is done putting you through arbitrary tests. What Eltosian said feels most natural to me. 9 defense on a Mage is subpar? You clearly have no ironman experience. 2 luck is subpar. 9 defense makes him awesome. Linde will die to a stray Wyvern. Just saying. That defense will be her undoing one day. Or not, because Nosferatu. Why an I even arguing this? I like her as well as Elrean. Bottom line, glad noone died. Here's to more deathless days. My only question now is, why? Why let this happen? Well, I will, in the privacy of my bed sheets. ... ...I... Did just type that, didn't I? I could probably go back and delete it, but I am Spanish. I've bullfighting to watch and paella to eat before my siesta. She seriously should've been a Mercenary. The biggest missed opportunity in this game. Eh, but it doesn't matter. Even as a Merc, her optimal promotion would've been Falcoknight. Also, strength. A most beautiful woman. There's my Etzel. That's... Oddly aggresive, against the sweetest girl in Archanea. She isn't even sexualized, like future dragon lolies. What is there to hate here? I do not get it. No, it still does not! Calm down, Marthipan, you're turning into Dimitri and that isn't good. For you.
  9. Hey, all four of you who are following the patch! Is it too pretentious to believe that there's four? Well, in any case, the patch has been updated. Check the OP for the new download link, and details on the new version, as well as shiny new pictures!
  10. BOSS PALETTES & MUSIC TWEAKS FOR FE6 Click to download! It was always a pet peeve of mine that only like five bosses in FE6 had their own color palettes, and everyone else used generic enemy colors. For all four of you out there who have always wanted this, your dream is now a reality. There are palettes in the game itself for a few early bosses (Damas, Ruud, Slater, Erik, Dory and Debias), but in a display of sheer brilliance by the developers, they're assigned to the characters' promoted versions (which, of course, are never seen, as they're all unpromoted bosses when fought). This small mod properly implements those palettes and adds some original ones for bosses that don't have any. For those who play with animations off, this mod also replaces the earlygame music that inexplicably returns in chapters 15, 16 and 17A. Chapters 15 and 16 now have the Western Isles music, and chapter 17A has the Ilia / Sacae music. This mod makes no changes to the gameplay. Apply the patch to a clean FE6 ROM with NUPS or a similar program. Other than that, please let me know if the mod breaks horribly or if I've missed a palette somewhere or anything else. This is my first (and probably only) mod, and while I'm fairly certain that it should work well, I haven't played through the entire game. EDIT: I've updated the patch, for all four of you out there who care about it! I wasn't satisfied with the palettes I made. They felt a little too dark and dim, compared to FE6's bright, high-contrast palettes. I've remade all of them, comparing them to ingame palettes to try and make them as faithful to the game's style as possible. If you liked the old ones better, though, the first patch is still up for download. EDIT: Third update! I'm hoping this is the last one. I've made some minor changes to a few of the palettes, and added one for Scollan, after I discovered that Slater and Debias's palettes are identical, so I could use one of their slots for Scollan. Now the only boss that could use a personal palette is Maggie. I've played around with a few ideas, but I can't really think of anything, so the brown outline will stay. Eh, I think it's a pretty good result. Version 1 Version 2 NOTES: - Due to space limitations, Sigune and Guerrero use palettes belonging to playable units (Shanna and Garret, respectively). They suit them very well. - Wagner and Peres have the same palette, as do Erik and Roberts and Kel and Maggie. For the first two pairs, this doesn't cause any problems, but Maggie's sprite has some very minor glitches. Nothing too horrible or distracting, and the palette fits his portrait otherwise.
  11. Part 69 - And we're supposed to be afraid? I've been playing Elder Scrolls: Oblivion lately. This is my character. He's a hopeless drunk loser. I've made a point to steal and drink every single bottle of booze I come across, which isn't good, because I'm a mage and booze drains intelligence. He's rude, arrogant, a kleptomaniac, emotionally unstable, and half the time he doesn't even understand what's going on around him. The hero of Cyrodiil, ladies and gentlemen. That is all. Just wanted to show off my skills with character creators. Leaving that aside, and continuing with the series of unprecedented footage the likes of which you shall never again see! Macellan kills Camus. He needed a crit, and help from Norne's forged longbow, and some warping so I wouldn't have to play through the entire thing for a chance to get this screenshot, and a ton of resets, but hey! The fact that he could actually try without dying horrendously is already quite impressive! Huehuehuehuehuehue: The update number is sixty-nine:
  12. Oh, right. I forgot that I always have trouble with that. It's a fine investment. Even if it's a completely boring one. Everyone knows the most fun thing to do is give speedwings to Knights. Roroo? Nah, I call him Maskman That Does Masks Better Than Camus. Cam, ussssss. Quite right, Byleth. Screw the haters, DSFE looks good and Malice is best waifu! ... ... ...you, on the other hand... Ahhhh, drawing inspiration from the worst possible source, I see! Good, good. I am proud. Son of a-- Woo Horace lives! Eh... never liked this one that much. Wouldn't go so far as to AAAAAA, tho. Oh, now this is low. Can we expect a Reader X Linde fanfic, now? It better contain a foot scene so it gets the IntSys seal of approval. Yes, that's right.
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