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  1. Good point. Saint Rubenio is apparently... of the Fourth Order of God of Reclaimed Birthright, with big cheatiness, moderate difficulty, low phases. As for the waifunator, I am an S-tier waifu known for being cute online all day. Ironically, my cute is moderate, while loving and teasing are through the roof. No horny, no sense of fashion... And I'm attractive? Yeah no it's broken again.
  2. Oh yeah, I hadn't done the Dark Souls thing. Pfffft! Well, looks like I've stolen Shrimpy's title, everyone. Don't remind me...
  3. Hah! Well, okay then. No, that's not what I said. Why would I say that, Guardian? Garon be like "everyone's talking about the morality of our actions, who's in the right in this war, who is the best waifu... I just wanna salt the earth for Anankos's sake." Yep. China-- Chinatsu...?! This VN's names! For Christ's sake, what a mess!
  4. Right... I apologize for the rather rude comment I made. I don't really see it, myself, but to each their own. Camilla comes into the kitchen and gets milk on her boobs because that's her purpose in the sitcom. Elise asks Leo about his son and he denies having a child. Garon is still yapping away about seeds. Xander is trying to find his spoon, but his furrowed brow doesn't let him see what's right in front of him. My parents are pretty great too. Oh well.
  5. Your dad looks like a scarecrow too? Nah, I guess that's nice... Uh, somehow? To be honest, I don't remember much about Vally. Not really. Having Garon as a dad would be great. There would be no boring days with him in the house. ...Now I kinda want a sitcom with the Nohrian royals. Just having their daily life with Daddy Garon. Just imagine: Garon t-posing on top of his chair while Leo makes breakfast, then he looks at his cereal and randomly starts spewing his "rebellions are like seeds" speech while Xander misses his bowl and accidentally hits Elise with his spoon. Too true, this.
  6. Reese! Could be, that's the one I've never read.
  7. Looks like it. Lol Haddock is not someone I expected to see here. I'm glad though. Haddock's cool. Wait what is even this scene, I don't recall Tintin wearing a black suit ever Awesome. You'd think they'd at least change it to Raine or something like that. Ah yes, Evil Scarecrow: The best dad to have ever dad. I mean he's a better dad than Garon, because anything is a better dad than Garon. Nobody is a better man than Garon, though. Garon is the most impressive man to ever live.
  8. I just love that she's called fucking Rain. That sounds like such an Engrish name. Is there even a reason in-universe for that?
  9. That wouldn't be a bad idea. It's more likely than any favorites of mine getting in. Well, Malice is in, but that's because Malice is waifu, of course. Yeaaah Iago has a great design, that much he gets.
  10. Post redemption? Gangrel in general would be great.
  11. I can relate. If my computer hadn't kept the login I wouldn't have bothered either.
  12. Midir... Ah yes, the mounted archer guy from Genealogy. He really sucked in my run, which is not a great thing, because I will never play Genealogy again, so he doesn't get to redeem himself.
  13. Incidentally, anyone here participating in CyL? I checked out the site out of boredom, and turns out my computer remembers my login from a year ago, so since it took me no effort whatsoever I went ahead and threw some votes at my faves. Arran, Frost, Matthis and Yubello got votes already. Intend to spend my remaining ones on Malice, Serra and-- Oh my God Haitaka is available in the ballot. Oh, that blows my mind. He's getting my vote, 100%. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Derrick's assessment is that time. It literally is perfect.
  14. I'm underrated according to the waifunator. People need to stop bullying me. I must become overrated. They did the Derrick solo
  15. Righto! I'm back. And my waifu score is... ...My... My type? I'm my type-- what!? Okay, fuck it, I guess I'm my ultimate waifu, then. Selfcest time! Let's run another check. WAT Oh fuck you. That's not cute at all! That doesn't even have a beard... This waifunator thing is broken! ...Okay, maybe it's not broken, because this is literally perfect. I think he was talking about you lol
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