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  1. Part 66 - Robber general. For those of you who don't care about the fanfic, this might be the shortest update to date. How interesting, given it follows what's perhaps the largest update to date. So yeah. Just a heads up. Grand dad: Flintstones:
  2. Yeah, been using it for... I think a full year now? After the countless headaches Imgur gave me, it's been nice to have a more reliable site. ...I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. Ohhhh, you can set the size of the thumbnail? That's pretty cool, I never noticed. The thumbnail doesn't really matter. It's only seen in the site itself, when browsing your own gallery. I just leave the default value, myself. Banned because profile picture is Ruby instead of Derrick, and member badge is Czene instead of Derrick. EDIT: Crap.
  3. Due to having a Dimitri profile picture, nobody believes you. You are then drawn and quartered by your own comrades over at the Edelgard fan mob. I hate Path of Radiance. With a passion. (Though I did rather like Radiant Dawn, so that's something right?) I kill you. I know, I know, been a few messages since you did that. I kill you so hard that it breaks the thread rules. Because how could you do this to me.
  4. Part 64 - Axel did nothing wrong. An announcement. It's not yet 100% certain, but if I am admitted, I will soon begin some new studies. I have to move, too, though not too far from home. I've got a laptop now, so it shouldn't impact the LP in any major way, but given I'll have less time, I might slow down just a tad. ...On the other hand, the start of the year for my course has been postponed. My best guess is that they're having trouble figuring out how to arrange a classroom full of people with computers (not necessarily laptops, either) while mantaining a safe distance. So even if I'm admitted, I haven't the slightest idea when we'll start. I'll keep you informed, if you care at all, but... yeah. Proceeding as normal for the moment. Okay, maybe he did some things wrong: But he's still the best:
  5. Part 62 - Critical Saga 4. I think it was 4, anyway. Wait, what was the format for this series of titles, again? "Critical Saga X" or "Critical Saga: Part X"? Damnit, I cannot remember right now... fucking hell, and I can't remember which update had the last Critical Saga title. Am I gonna have to go looking for it? I should just post it as it, nobody cares... oh, but then, the running gag might be ruined! Oh my God, now I've done it, the title looks like shit... Bah, who cares. Volcens is an idiot. There, that's all I wanted to say. I can go in peace now. Go to bed, I mean. It's kinda late. At the time of writing, anyway. I'm probably going to upload this in the morning. My morning, of course, for some of you it'll be night-time. Funny how that works, huh. I should probably stop already, shouldn't I? I don't ever have the restraint it takes for these jokes to be good. Always take them too far, too long, until they aren't funny anymore. Sigh... Okay, that's it. I'm gonna count to three, and then I'm gonna stop: one, two, three : :
  6. I believe I may've drawn the comparison between the two myself in my LP. I didn't want to dwell on it too much because I haven't played Fates, nor am I all too familiar with its story. But from what I've heard of the ol' smile man, Volcens definitely seems to be Garon But Well-Written. Probably worth noting that Volcens happens to be one of my favorite BWS characters. Don't get me wrong, I hate him, but he makes for an excellent antagonist.
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