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  1. They're releasing a Tintin game in November. Had no idea, just randomly found it on Steam. It's going to sell like two copies lol, but I might keep an eye on it. I remember playing this other Tintin game as a kid that was pretty good. Or so I remember, from my vague memories of being a little boy. ...Also Payday 3 is still fucking unplayable four days after release. Some still accuse others of having no patience. Did end up going back and playing a couple Payday 2 heists, for old time's sake. The game proceeded to crap its pants on me. I'm glad some things never change. Paint, viable? Incredible, incredible.
  2. I'm so proud of Balbo. He did it, he doubled. He balbled. You wanted us to see pantless Boy? Ah, I see. Really taking after Speedroche and Sailross, huh. I get it, color restrictions and all, but the fact that they actually had a blue-haired sprite and put it on the wrong one is just hilarious. There he is. The man, yada yada MeiรŸen. I've been assuming it goes without saying, but I would really appreciate if you'd use MeiรŸen. For all the two maps he's available for. This is the first instance of Echoes's writing being worse. At least here Arum is being a lot more overtly bloodthirsty so Celica's distress is a bit more understandable, she doesn't whine about him specifically being the leader as if someone else leading the rebels would change anything, and she doesn't say that horrible line along the likes of "bold words from a filthy pleb who has no idea how hard it is to be a noble." And also doesn't get pointlessly victimized immediately before and after to give the worst cockroach in the entire series things to do, there's that too. It still feels like an awfully quick debacle, but then, this is a game with one page of script it could fit into each act. Got to make do. The solution was to not be faithful to Gaiden and not try to develop a romance, dramatic break up and aftermath in a single cutscene of dialogue, but... eh. ...I wonder where MeiรŸen was during all this. Probably running so he could get to Rigel ahead of everybody and avoid joining for another two acts. Hey, maybe he told Arum to act all warmongery-like so as to cause a confrontation and buy time for himself.
  3. I keep telling them to, but they won't, the jerks. https://youtu.be/fqyjOc3EpT4
  4. Fair enough. It is an important distinction. Still, there's a difference between recognizing a pattern and trying to discredit people based on a single shared trait. Not that there's any harm done here, it's not like you've gone up to someone and called them names directly, but the implications are a bit worrisome.
  5. Perhaps, but I've said it before and I'll say it again: Defend your position with arguments. This whole "hmmm you say fanservice is bad, but people who have said that in the past have been pedophiles hmmm" business weakens your position by making you look like you have nothing and need to resort to accusing the opponent of horrible things with no evidence. In this specific case there was evidence, of course, but specific cases are just that; specific. You can't just go "okay so then everyone who dislikes fanservice is a pedophile", that's just a terrible assumption to make. Not to mention you risk accidentally insulting people you might not mean to. I mean, I've said "fanservice bad" before though not the "everyone who enjoys fanservice is a bad person", or at least I hope it's never come across as that. I believe that, if there was no more sexy fanservice in war dramas I'd be a happy chap. If there was no more sexualization of clearly underaged characters anywhere, I'd be a very happy chap. I know it's not your intention to call me a pedophile and rest assured I take no offense, but... well, I'm sure you can see what the problem could potentially be, here.
  6. I see. That's a pretty oof moment. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faulty_generalization#Hasty_generalization
  7. I... ...Oohhh okay. I still struggle to remember it, but I've found it at least. It's the one with the boss who shares Deen's portrait. Funnily enough, he's also the one that got to keep the design, whereas Deen got a new one.
  8. Yeah, that too. He's basically Zephiel's true dad, which is sadly not clear enough in 6 because... they never interact lol. Still, you do get the details of how he saved Zephyboy's life and cared for him while he recovered from Desmond's funky sugar gift, which is a neat little tidbit. Like most other FE6 villains, he could use more screentime (and an actual interaction with Zeph) but he's a lot less lacking than Brunnya is. And honestly it's just fun watching him sass Narcian and the Etrurian nobles.
  9. Truth be told, I have no idea. It seemed to me like something a dude would use when they find another dude physically attractive, but that was just the vibe I got from the interaction. It could well just be me. Indeed, I am leaving it out because... I do not remember it lol, what map's that? Yeah, that's a feeling I can relate to.
  10. Silly. Reptiles don't have beards. Eh not really, KagaSaga's boss design isn't really anything fascinating, for the most part. That's still the bulk of act 2's maps, though, isn't it? What else is there? Palla and Catria's join map, which is the first map of the act, and then... The final map of the act, the storming of Mila Temple. Oof. That's certainly a possibility. And the term used, "machote" could also be interpreted as just "tough guy" or something. Oh, well.
  11. I figured there'd be towels, but I kind of prefer the idea of a filial love triangle. It's very Japan.
  12. Typical fuckin' America. What's the topic of controversy today, chief? I don't get how anyone could not want a playable Zelda. Enough is enough, it's really sad that even fuckin' Mario has evolved past the need of a designated damsel in distress prop and yet Zelda's still kind of stuck there in the series that's named after her. I mean, c'mon. The CDi developers nailed that on their second game. The CDi developers. What's Nintendo's excuse? Cassius gettin' spicy on his daughter's love interest that is also his adopted song. He's hitting ALL the Japan bingo spaces!
  13. There she is. Best Girl. 10/10 She requires no investment to be able to perform the always excellent longbow backup strat, so that already makes her a great filler pick. Her bases are solid, a bit shakier than Mauvier's (though Mauvier's awful class makes him want a second seal to really make use of his bases) but good all around. She's tankier than Pannette and faster than Etie, for a couple examples - a good physical all-rounder, if useless magically, which isn't a big deal. Her personal skill, while not as impactful as Lindon's, basically invites you to get her Resolve for ultimate low health funs, and her base SP pool easily allows it. Otherwise, you can replicate Lindon's niche of giving her a longbow and Demonic Hex for a reliable 3-range debuffer. Like Lindon, however, her bad availability and lack of a dedicated deployment slot hurt her. I'm going to rate her the same I rated Lindon, 6/10. They complement each other well as lategame fillers. They cover a wide variety of niches between the two of them. She's really 10/10 like Lindon though. Straight up the best female design in the entire series. There, I said it. Dark-skinned old knight lady? We need more characters like this and less generic anime teens. There are enough of those, give me more badass veteran ladies. I know the files say she's 35, but 1. No, just no, and 2. C'mon, by fictional woman in Japanese media standards that might as well be 86
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