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  1. All that, and her combat face is the best. Would you believe the only reason I gave her a chance in this run is because I happened to watch a stream where she was being used and saw that? Seriously, it's such a good fucking face, I love it. Not gonna lie, main reason I wanted him was because I like how tastefully his character is handled. That, and to spite his piece of shit of a father. Fuck Leo, seriously. He's the real disgrace. I didn't know who to bring into the team since Leo got doubled by everything in Sakura, so I decided, why not? He did not disappoint! Gazak starts with Good Fortune. Okay that's just genius. Yeah, exactly. He was no good for combat, but he had plenty of other utility. Damn straight.
  2. Yubello carried my first lunatic run. That's not a deed that can so easily be glossed over. He tipped his hat at the RNGoddess. She smiled.
  3. Yubello is never leaving. Never. He was too much fun. Matthis is also never leaving, that Matthis in SD and the story behind him are too close to my heart. Panne was so ridiculous I'd have to fear for my life if I ever took her out. So.. actually, It'd probably have to be Senno.
  4. Sig updated. I had to turn the images into crusty JPEGs to be able to upload them because RIP attachment room. Also, they're almost exactly as big as they can be before Serenes doesn't let you put them in your sig, and they're the max amount of images a sig can have. In other words, next time a funny unit happens I'll have to sacrifice someone.
  5. Don't forget, these are my first impressions from, like, 1 hour of playtime. It'll change, probably.
  6. Your memory must be about as good as Estelle's, then, because it's been brought up like four times already.
  7. Oh hey, I finally made it to the gameplay! ...It's getting late, though, so I'm calling it a night. It's okay, though. I was in the mood for a bit of reading, anyway. So for first impressions: Most of the characters are cool, though if Joshua continues being propped up as "perfect" by everyone around him while behaving perfectly boring, I might end up not liking him very much. Other than that, though, I like them all so far. There's a lot of game left, though. Tomorrow I beat up critters with a stick.
  8. Are you kidding me? Dads die everywhere. Anime, movies, TV shows, books, dads never live. And Cassius has dropped, like, all of the red flags in his short screentime, except "I'm retiring soon" and "I have something important to tell you, but we don't have time right now." Too busy relating to her burning hatred of school. I mean, you just have to avoid ending up in Galicia, Cataluña and Pais Vasco, and you'll be fine. Spanish is the norm everywhere else. And even in those places, you can usually survive on Spanish alone.
  9. Yeah, Basque is a beast of its own. Though you can't underestimate the others. If you don't know them, you can sort of tell they're familiar, but you still gotta put in some effort to learn them or you won't get anywhere.
  10. Gotta say, so far I'm liking all the characters. Josh is kinda boring, but the rest are great. Estelle, Walking Dead Man, Pedro... I like 'em. Very. Like, "you need to learn them" different.
  11. It sounds like "cherry", but ends with an a and has a random s in front. Not that bad, it just sounds weird. Yeah, Spain's a mess. Heck, where I live old people speak a sort of Galicia-Castilian hybrid that's utterly incomprehensible. That's where Ali Baba came from, right? Ali Baba in Berwick Saga is one of Pisaro's underlings, alongside Pedro. ...There, I'm calling her Pedro from now on.
  12. It's in English that ch is pronounced with a hard k sound, right? Or am I just wrong here? English is so fickle... Anyway, no, in Castillian Spanish "ch" never has a "k" sound. You're trying to read both in English. I was reading Schera in English and Esquerra in Spanish, which results in them sounding alike. If I think of Schera in Spanish, it just sounds awful. Then again, maybe I'm just thinking of Schera the completely wrong way. So my solution is to call her Charizard.
  13. ...What? This is broken on my end. Yeah, you know what, I think I'll just call her Charizard.
  14. The problem with Schera is that it's pronounced like Esquerra Republicana, and Cataluña politics isn't exactly the sort of thing I want in my cute anime fantasy.
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