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  1. Part 62 - A stroll in the swamp. Three Days in just three houses! I mean... Well, you know what I mean. In case someone's wondering, no, I won't stop with the LP just because Three Houses is upon us. Berwick didn't get me to stop, so why would this? I am, however, afraid that the influx of readers will decrease following the release of 3H, resulting in an exponential reduction of the average amount of thread views per hour, which will negatively impact my ego. In other words, don't get too distracted, TRS will still be a better game than 3H. Something: Or other:
  2. Taking them down with physical damage is nigh impossible, don't even bother. Bow effectiveness against fliers doesn't exist in this game, so that's not an option either. Magic is where it's at. Check out their inventory: every Wyvern has a special protective stone that gives them super resistance to a certain type of magic. However, these stones also come with a weakness to a different type of magic. Most of the time, this gives them negative defense against this type of magic. For example, if a Wyvern has -15 defense against fire magic and you attack it with a fire spell that deals 15 damage, the Wyvern will receive 30 damage. My advice is that you bring all the Mages you have to maps with Wyverns, and have them focus on them while the rest of your units deal with the normal enemies. If you have weapons that deal magical damage, such as the Euthyphro, the Levin Sword, the Wind Spear or the special arrows (Raijin, Ember, etc.), you can bring them as well, to help the Mages with some chip damage. Other than that, good luck and have fun.
  3. Part 61 - Under Ziege. Good news, everyone! 3H spoilers. Skip this paragraph if you care. At any rate, by this point, I'm pretty much set on getting the game. I've got a couple of issues, mainly the ones I detailed before in my response to Hawkwing (to elaborate on the graphics problem; 30 FPS lock. The game is ugly as all hell, yet they felt the need to force it to run at 30 FPS? Why? What takes up so many resources, Byleth's crazy sleeves? At least, on the bright side, it seems animations are pretty cool), but they're nothing too major. Well... aside from the fact that all the students except for Dimitri and maaaaybe a couple others make me feel sleepy, and that I really, really don't like Byleth. Silent protagonist without any personality, but that is still plot-critical, cannot be customized, and has supports, as well as crit, level and (I'm assuming) death quotes? Yeah, that's not going to work. This isn't the kind of series where that kind of writing flies, due to supports and in-battle quotes being a thing. It's like they're taking the worst aspects of every Avatar in the series and putting them into one neat package. From what we've seen so far, they have Mark's eerie lack of speech, Kris's shoehorning into the spotlight despite their lack of personality and importance relative to their fellow protagonists, Corrin's avatar worship, and to top it all off, they can't be customized at all, which defeats the whole purpose of them being an avatar at all - a pitfall that none of the other avatars fell into. It's really bad. Maybe I'm alone here, but I humbly believe that Femleth's hideous outfit is the least of their problems. For one, while Maleth's outfit is a bit more tolerable, his face and haircut are ugly as sin. And no, a day 1 DLC that consists entirely of different outfits for them is not a solution, it's a scam. Now, to address the question that's on nobody's minds: who will I romance? Well, for starters, "I" won't be doing any romancing. The only avatar I ever gave my actual name to was Mark, and that's because Mark is literally a Dora the Explorer-style self-insert. With Kris, I always make up a character for each playthrough, like I did in my LP with Pretzel. Byleth? Byleth's completely devoid of any character, but they also cannot be customized, so that basically throws any chance of being able to think up a character for them out of the window, and I cannot see myself as a guy with such a clear chin, so that's also out. Thus, my only option is to just leave him as Byleth and call it a day. With that out of the way, to answer the question: nobody. That's right. I'll be too busy KILLING EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, I won't have time to be fucking generic anime girls (and I also dislike the whole "waifu simulator" part of the deal, but eh, details). This is a game about killing people for experience. The only shipping I'm going to be doing is Dimitri's lance x that despot Edelgard's face. Or x the boring one's face. Oh, and do I look forward to murdering that shitstain Lorenz for stealing the name of one of Archanea's bravest men... Oh, oh! And maybe I'll have Hanneman teach Manuela some manners! Heheh... Can you guess what house I'll be choosing yet? Also, LUIGI'S MANSION 3 RELEASE DATE! FINALLY! SCREW THREE HOUSES, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL! ...wait, OCTOBER!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! Fuck me sideways with a blistering barnacle, guess I'll have to use Three Houses to cope with the wait... Last update, I forgot: To give the boxes fancy titles:
  4. And that's exactly why I'm going Blue Lions when 3H comes out. Hardin meets Big Boss meets Alucard is the best protagonist. Ohhh so that's why the amount of dots was always so specific! How interesting. Yeah, I didn't mean to say anything, myself.
  5. THE SHADOW DRAGON EXPERIENCE. Look up, look up Don't stab her in the eye Look up, look up She's here to save you from death Now bad unit #24601 Your recruitment is up and your playable career's begun You know what that means. Yes, means I'll get trained~ No. Follow to the letter of your statsheet This class of shame will show until you die It warns you're a bad unit. My luck growth is great~ My strength and defense are also great I will stop getting doubled- You'll get doubled again Unless you learn the meaning of speed. I know the meaning of those 22 base hitpoints And that starting level~ of five~ Five chapters in the bench! The rest sacrificed to get Etzel! Yes #24601! My name is Roger the Knight! And I'm Marth! Do not forget my name! Do not forget me! #24601! Look up, look up She was always engaged Look up, look up Her boyfriend's sending you to your grave
  6. I am sorry. Not. EDIT: I just realized it's actually 7 chapters left, not 8. I am not a very smart person-- I mean Derrick isn't a very smart person! Hahah, silly Derrick! Ah... nngh...
  7. Hold on, what? But I thought I needed to trigger a scene with Shigen for that, and I didn't get anything when I climbed the tower a second time! Hold up, hold up, lemme check... ... ...ohhhh you have to talk to her with Shigen in the fifth floor to trigger the scenes... ... ...Dag nabbit naggit daggit dammit! Yoooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooooooooo save stateeeeeeees where areeeee youuuuuuuuuu~ don't make me dig through the trash caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~
  8. Part 59 - In which, by trying to be fast, I'm slow as ass. Oh, fuck you, IntSys. Why? Why can't you take five minutes to check if a name's already been used before you slap it on a character? Now we've got Tomas, the librarian of the Church of Seiros from 3H; not to be confused with Tomas, formerly known as Thomas, best archer of Archanea; not to be confused with Thomas, refered to as Toms in FEWOD, the boss from TRS; not to be fucking confused with Tom, formerly known as Thomas - yes, the tank and the boss had the same name in the old translation -, also from TRS. Wrap your head around that. What the hell. Seriously. Thousands of names in existance, and they have to use this one. Again. This is looking to be my biggest pet peeve with the new game - not biggest real complaint, mind, I said pet peeve. It's nothing serious but, fuck me sideways, can they be any lazier? Just when I thought that they couldn't possibly top using Lorenz, the name of one of the greatest badasses in Archanea, for basically Saul 2.0 with a hideous haircut - and on the flipside, they grabbed the name of one of FE4's most Lentzenheimery villains and gave it to a Serra ripoff -, they go and do this. It's like someone from IntSys read this thread, stumbled upon that one rant about the amount of Thomases in Kaga's games, and decided he also wanted to play that game. And I haven't even mentioned the fact that they took Raphael, King of Wellt and gave his name to... basically Bors without a funny haircut! Or how they nabbed Leonie's name to give it to... uh, basically the exact same character except more cliché and with orange hair! One of the protagonists of the game shares a name with a major character from FE4! At this point, I'm fully expecting the final boss to be called Gwenchaos Von Nargal! Sigh... whatever. I knew it was going to be a free-for-all when I first found out that they stole Raphael and Leonie's names. Now I'm just hoping they'll use this chance to steal Eugen from Kaga as well. Eugen needs to be official, even if it's just in the form of a bad bootleg. More people need to know about Eugen. To hell with that "women in swimsuits (and Wolt for some reason!)" bullshit, someone needs to convince IntSys to do an Eugen banner. Just four Eugen alts and a Grand hero Battle with Eugen himself. I'll reinstall faster than you can punch Holmes on the head. Respuestas: No se me ocurre ninguna traducción para "update":
  9. Well, then. I doubt the results will change any time soon, so... the power of memes and love has triumphed over having Norton as best bro: The Roger will return to us next update. I have no idea what'll happen with his ending. He probably will just glitch out and not even appear in the ending. If that happens, I'll probably nab my old save file and record his and Mel's ending from there. Anyway, yeah. The Roger's back. Do The Rejoicing.
  10. Sure, I'll give this a shot. I've got these three levels thus far: 3JN-7FK-R3G Defeat the Magikoopa Squad This one's a quickie. You get one minute to climb up the tower and take down the four Kameks. It should be decently challenging, I think. There's a 1-UP reward for the faster players. RVX-CM6-KDF Just an ordinary 3D World course I had no idea what name to give this one. It's just a course that takes advantage of some of 3D World's exclusive features. My hardest level, but I believe I was fair with the checkpoints. FFJ-H7K-PVF Koopa Base Infiltration This is more of a themed level. You were just chilling in your backyard, when suddenly, koopas began raining from the sky! Get to their hidden base at the nearby mountain and find their leader, Bowser. It shouldn't be so hard, but I think it'll be fun enough. It has a boss fight at the end, too. I'll try out the levels I'm seeing around the thread, and get back to you with some thoughts. See ya later! EDIT: All right, my opinions on the levels I played. I'm not the best Mario player, but I figured I'd let you know: @Randoman I liked your levels. They aren't the most challenging levels I've played, mainly because you put mushrooms all over the place, but they were fun. My favourite was the wall jumping level. The co-op level's a good idea, but there's nothing more to it, sadly. It feels more like a proof of concept. Still, I can see that idea making for a really cool level, mixed with other mechanics. @Stroud Loved your levels. The auto-scroller's very good, and with all the alternative paths, I found myself replaying it right off the bat. The car level (which you didn't post here) is actually really challenging if you're trying to stay out of the water (either that or I'm bad, heheh). I actually downloaded the latter, I want to see if I can beat it without ever falling into the water. As for the crane level, it was neat. It required some thought, which I like. Good job overall, keep at it. @Water Mage Not bad. Please take no offense, but the design's overall a little sloppy. For example, Deadly Rain's a good idea on paper, but the chain chomp spam doesn't really work if you just rush forward. Still, you've got potential. The levels were fun enough, even despite their flaws, and you have some good ideas. Keep at it, I'd say.
  11. Part 59 - The Garoing. Alternate title: The Groin. I'm sorry for the delay, guys. I had a looooooooooooot of stuff to write for this one, and then Super Mario Maker 2 came out and I kinda sorta lost track of time as I made my first levels. I can post some codes down the line, if anybody cares. Anyway, on to other matters. This is something that's been bugging me since forever: What the fuck is up with Glade? You know, guy from Thracia, got last place in Heroes's first "vote which waifu has the bigger tits" popularity contest? His official art looks nothing like him... but is perfect for him at the same time! Seriously, look them up! They even got the most insignificant details right, like his collar, and the tiny, indescribable, pixel-wide scar on his nose - but then they made him blonde! In what universe is his hair color considered blonde? And his cape, his cape isn't the right color! It's purple, whereas in his portrait it's a dark blue! It's like the person who made the official art had this list of all the portraits, but Glade's glitched out and went black-and-white, so they just improvised! I cannot think of a better explanation! What the fuck, honestly. Can somebody explain this nonsense to me? : :
  12. Part 58 - Possibly the most broken update thus far. All right! I just finished Thracia 776. I also just got to Chapter 10 of Thracia 776. Again. Well, I can't say I didn't like it, that's for sure! I'll take the bad route this time, and see what's so bad about it. Anyway, I really liked the game. I even had fun recruiting Xavier! Without the sleep sword! Can you believe it?! I liked most of the maps. The gaidens are evil, but still, about half of them are still fun. The difficulty, contrary to popular belief, is not that high, due to enemies being rather weak. It's mostly bullshit mechanics that screw you over if you don't know they're coming - which, admittedly, is crap (still don't forgive the time 8 Sorcerers spawned on top of Dagdar), but it does ensure that, on a second playthrough, the enjoyment of the game grows that much higher. Capturing really changes how things work, and the fact that literally everyone can be used thanks to scrolls and universal 20 caps is extremely good for someone like me, who likes having variety in FE. Case in point, my best unit from the last run. This guy. After Brighton died, I came to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to have an Axe Knight. I didn't like this dude's design or his sprite, so I didn't intend to use him at first. However, in the chapter after Hicks joined, there were a bunch of Cavaliers pursuing Leif's army. Having no other axe users than the really awful Knight, I was basically forced to use Hicks. His performance in that one chapter impressed me so much, I decided I'd use him after all. And boy, was he ever a great unit. No scrolls involved, either: the only one I ever gave him was the Od scroll, which only increases the skill growth by 30% and does nothing else (well it does block critical hits, but that's something all the scrolls do). And if you think that's impressive, I took this screenshot before the final chapter - by the time Veld fell (by the way, I feel he's a liiiiiil bit underrated. He's awful, but he's more of a threat than Idoun. Also, he has the best final boss theme for whatever reason), he had capped speed and defense as well. Goodspeed, you magnificent fucking man. Other highlights from the run include Salem, who capped all offensive stats, had 40 HP by the end of the midgame, 14 defense at the end of the game, A dark and Vantage to erase his enemies before they could even try him, and the worst's worst hairdo; Cyas, whose new name is ugly as ass and who's also sorely underrated (no, I did not wish at any point that I had Sety. Why get one demigod when I can take my other demigods closer to being actual gods?); and Leif, who was, against all odds, a great combat unit. I'm so proud of my entire team, and overall, I really enjoyed myself with the game. There were a couple of snags along the way, though. Crit-happy ballistae are the main one. By God, Kaga, was there really any need to put a thousand of those everywhere? When I successfully beat chapter 22 without warpskipping (I even killed Reinhardt! With Leif!), only to watch Salem get hit critically to death at the very end, I nearly lost the will to continue. That's fucking bullshit. Sure, you can sorta fix it with scrolls (which double as crit-canceling items), but there's not always one for everyone. Also, there were a few too many chapters that seemed to encourage warpskipping as the right way to play. It was not like Shadow Dragon, where there's no obvious drawback to it, but none to not warpskipping either. In Thracia's lategame (particularly in chapter 22), it seemed as though everything was set in order to force me to warpskip. They couldn't make me, but by God was it awful. Still, overall, really enjoyable experience. It helped that I didn't go in entirely blind, since I already knew the more infamous crap from all my years as a FE fan. I can't imagine myself finding most gaidens without prior knowledge. In this second run, I've decided to challenge myself to using the Knight, a strong contender for the second-worst Knight in the entire series (Wendy's unbeatable, I'm afraid), in a game that hates Knights. I'll still recruit Xavier, because how could I not, but damn. That's a man I can get behind. Thanks, every scroll available in the earlygame! That's enough of Thracia for now, though. On to Kaga's other outing, where Knights are still bad and I still use them. Seriously, this update: Is kinda sad:
  13. Part 57 - Leif no more! So I was reading Hawkwing's reply, and it occured to me that it might be fun to make a Hunger Games of the thread. So let's have it, then. I recommend you read it, you'll find it's quite hilarious. I respond: Holmes is an idiot:
  14. Two... Dude Tomas. Who's more of a master than the guy who nearly murdered FE12's avatar thrice? Anyhow, some more questions for ya. 1- Luigi's Mansion 3, yay or nay? 2- Least favourite character from your favourite game? 3- Which Three Houses house would you pick, if (or when) you had the chance to play the game? 4- If you had to choose between using the good cavaliers from FE11 (that's Cain, Abel and Hardin), but they all have to be reclassed to Curate -> General (assume it's possible, like in FE12), or the bad cavaliers (Matthis, Roshea and Vyland) but they can stay as Paladins / go Dracoknight, what would you do? 5- Favourite new character from FE11 (that's Frey, Norne, Athena, etc.)? 6- Favourite character exclusive to FE12 (includes Katarina, the characters from book 2, and the characters from BSFE)? 7- What is your favourite color?
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