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  1. Oh dear. Well, I'm in the mood for receiving some hate today. Let's see how many people I piss off with this... FE5 - 7.5 I love this game's mechanics (capturing is great fun), and everything up to the lategame is a lot of fun... but the lategame brings it down for me. FE5's lategame is a "warp or go home" deal, the maps are way too difficult in an unfair way, and offer no rewards for completing them normally. I did it once, in my first run, and believe me, it was not fun. Overall a nice experience, but the lategame's pretty awful. FE6 - 7 It has a lot of jank, but I have a bit of a soft spot for this game. It has one of my favourite casts, and although the story is pretty bad, it has some moments that I enjoy. Also, some of my favourite maps in the series. It's a game that I really like, even if at times it's in a "so bad that it's good" kinda way. FE7 - I don't really feel safe rating this one This is where I started. However, it also has the dubious honor of being the one FE game I've never come back to over the years. Everything about it is just so uninteresting to me, that I feel no reason to return to it. As it's been so long since I last played it, I don't think I could rate it fairly, so I won't. FE8 - 5 The only way I can have fun with this game anymore is if I increase the enemy growth rates. With that tweak it becomes more of a 7 deal, because I do enjoy the story and the mechanics, but as is... the last time I played the vanilla game, I was so bored that I dropped it at chapter 8. FE9 - 3 I know, I know, I am a terrible person. See what I said about FE8 being boring? This game started a little better. Titania was not as absurdly powerful as Seth, the enemies were slightly tougher... but from then it only went downhill. The game's famous "oh so amazing" story and characters failed to keep me invested, and the game's difficulty plummeted to the point where every single one of my units was an invincible juggernaut. Nobody could ever die, nobody. Even FE8 presented more of a challenge. Dropped my first run at Tauroneo's chapter, never came back. I value gameplay above all things, and FE9 is so mindlessly easy that I simply cannot imagine why I'd ever return to it. Maybe Maniac mode would improve things, but from what I've seen of the difficulty, it seems more tedious than anything else - and tedium is something this game does not need more of. FE11 - 8 Great gameplay. Deceptively well-written story, with tons of gems to be found in the dialogue. An artstyle that I enjoy, believe it or not (it's semi-realistic and gritty, I think it fits a war drama well). I also have a soft spot for the cast. It has some jank due to being a remake of the series's first instalment, but overall, it's a pretty great game. FE12 - 8.5 The story's pretty bad (and Kris does not improve it, even though I don't hate them as much as some others), and the supports are a mixed bag (some are among my favourites of the series, like Arran and Sirius/Belf, others are just crap, like everything with Marisha in it), but the gameplay's probably the best in the series. With straightforward mechanics that belie overall excellent map design (with a couple stinkers like chapter 3), an enormous cast that greatly increases replayability (even if it is a bit unbalanced) and the best designed difficulties in the series, this is a game that is always a joy to come back to. If anything, the lategame's a bit boring. But that's about it, really. FE15 - 4 I enjoyed my time with it, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Nuibaba's Abode is the second worst map in the series in my opinion (we'll get to the first in a second), and just... map design is so awful in general. I could stomach it up to that point, but Nuibaba's Abode crossed the line. Also, I really can't see much replay value in this title. The roster is so tiny and the maps so simple that you'll always find yourself doing the exact same things every time. I can't be bothered, sorry. FE16 - 3 Oh, boy... feel free to call me a contrarian and an elitist. This is a game that actively infuriates me, because it could be so much more. I love many things about it - I want to love this game as much as everyone else, but there's so much to hate about it... Get ready, because it's time for a bible-sized rant. Considering the mark I've given this game, you would probably be more mad if I did not offer several paragraphs explaining my reasons. Supports are all right, though I do feel they're a bit overrated, and the characters and story are pretty good for the most part, but it has a few important issues. My "favourite" one is Claude. Everyone loves Claude. This pisses me off a bit. You know how everyone bashes Marth-styled lords for having "no personality"? Claude's the exact opposite: a lord with tons of personality, but that is otherwise no more than a glorified secondary. Seriously, think about it: in AM, he appears a grand total of twice, and in both instances he's being a dumbass. Then he leaves the plot solely to bait the player into playing his route to find out why he does any of the things he does. In SS, he does the same things, except he only appears once rather than twice. In CF, he's a one-off boss, and that's it. Even in his own route - he barely even is a thing there, because it's a copy-paste of SS! He never schemes, he never strategizes, he never is anything other than husbando-bait. So why does he get a free pass and so many fans, yet the likes of Marth and Eliwood are constantly bashed for being boring? Then there's the gameplay. God, the gameplay! It's bad. At least it offers some difficulty, unlike FE9, but the map design is the worst since Gaiden (which, I suppose, you could say means "the worst map design since the last title", but I'm counting OG Gaiden as well). Side objectives are nigh non-existent, and those that do exist are usually mindless "get the chest" or "kill this dude before he kills these dudes / runs off with these items". No villages to save, no enemies/NPCs to recruit, no nothing. Often times the maps involve killing commanders that are, like, two turns away from the start. And no, map reuse is not the problem. The problem is that those maps are awful on top of reused. And then there's all the "whoops, we pulled a fast one on you! Use divine pulse!" moments, like all the ambush reinforcements in maddening, or AM Gronder Field, where killing a miniboss makes the middle hill explode for no reason, preventing all units there from moving for a turn; or Reunion at Dawn in general (more on that in a moment). There are way too many of these, and it's just bad game design. It is here that we find the worst map in the series, in my opinion: chapter 13, Reunion at Dawn. Why do I hate this map so much, you ask? Because it's the only map in the entire series that actively forces you to use a certain team and set-up. What, you didn't use your students because you like the faculty / other houses' students better? You're fucked. Your students got RNG-screwed / died, which is a perfectly plausible scenario that IntSys should've taken into account? You're fucked. Made too many of your characters into Mages? You're fucked. My maddening run ended here, because Hilda died, Lorenz and Claude were RNG-screwed, and Ignatz and Byleth were Mages. A softlock resulting from me just... playing the game the way I wanted and the RNG not always being on my side. Marvelous. 10/10 strategy game of the year. Balance is also awful. And then people say Kaga can't balance... this is a game where two or three classes are clearly better than the rest, and characters feel a bit samey except for four or five that are either much better or much worse than the rest. Then there's the aesthetics. Normally I don't think much about a game's graphics, but... what happened here? This game is hideous! Leaving aside the artstyle, because that's more of a subjective issue (and no, I don't like it. There's a grand total of five designs I enjoy: Hanneman, post-timeskip Dimitri, Ignatz and Leonie, and Catherine), this is quite possibly the ugliest AAA game on the Switch. Not to mention the fact that they capped the FPS at 30 so the game runs well, and still they failed, because it runs like crap. Every time somebody swings a sword or casts a spell, a thousand particles appear on the screen and the FPS drop to like 15. It does not impede the gameplay, but perhaps it's a bit of a problem when your game looks like a freeware game. On the wii. So yeah. In conclusion, it's a game with a lot to love, but so much to hate that I don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to replay it. I really would like to like it, believe me I would - but I just can't. Heroes...? - 1 Personally, I wouldn't count this one, but... yeah. I really don't like this game. As far as FE goes, this is probably the worst it has to offer. Gacha goodness with a fraction of FE's strategical gameplay that you can carry in your pocket. There's... really nothing more to it. You know, for a series with hundreds of playable characters, you'd think they'd add more of them rather than, you know, 10 Camilla alts? I'm not even asking for stuff like Frost, but... c'mon, Marcus? Oifey? Nergal, even if I don't personally like him? Murdock, the only Wyvern General of Bern who isn't in yet? Jill? Geoffrey? These are a few examples that aren't just popular characters, they're also important ones in their games. But nope. Gotta add more alts! That's what brings in the dough, after all. Tear Ring Saga - 8 I know, I know, technically not FE, but c'mon, let me have this after the Three Houses rant. TRS is the game Kaga made for the PS1 after leaving IntSys. Pretty much just FE on PS1. It has a ton of jank, even more than FE6 - it's a very experimental game, and it shows. However, when it does something right, it does it really right. There's a lot to love about this game. Holmes's route is a bit of a mess, but Runan's route is a great story with very fun maps. There's so many hidden secrets and convoluted quests, that you could play through the game three times and still not find everything in it. Also, the roster is absolute bonkers - you have two literal tanks (and I do mean "literal" - they're literally tanks, as in, the vehicle), a seemingly generic miniboss that you can recruit, a seemingly generic boss that you can recruit by killing him, a playable Gaiden Witch (infinite move magical nuke? Don't mind if I do!), a Sniper oifey that refuses to kill humans... the amount of insane concepts for units they came up with is incredible. Also, this is the game that has Eugen in it. Eugen is the best character in games. Play the game, and you'll see for yourself. Berwick Saga - 10 Bar none, the best strategy game I have ever played. An absolute masterpiece. Whatever flaws it has are so minor and insignificant that they simply cannot hope to compete with this game's inmense virtues. It's an amazing game, with maps full to the brim with side objectives, quests and other stuff to do; a great cast of playable characters and NPCs that don't need supports to develop, a rich and enticing story, unique mechanics that pretty much make it a one-of-a-kind game, a great soundtrack, stunning graphics... I could gush about this game for hours on end and it would not be enough. If you can handle the low hitrates at the beginning of the game (they make sense, considering the game's unique combat system, but a lot of people are taken aback by them), treat yourself to a run through this one. It's a great experience. Vestaria Saga - 8.5 This one's more like a blend of TRS and BWS. It's nothing to write home about visually, but the story's pretty good (even if it does get way too wordy at times, there's one particular scene that I spent a full hour on), and the maps are long and full of stuff to do. Thank God for those saves every 5 turns, if the game didn't have them I would probably rate it a lot lower.
  2. Ahh, but there's one detail none of you took into account - KagaSaga never came out of Japan! You can't get much more elitist than that - heck, chess has to be the most mainstream game in existance! Despite your best efforts, I am still the elitiest! Me, no one else! Ah hah hah hah hah hah hah hah! What?! But... No, e-even I... I'm not insane enough to... You... I...! ...Gah! Lord Kaga... Please forgive me... Anyway. On topic. Third vote goes to Matthis as planned. Now that I know there's exactly 7 votes, I've made up my mind to give my remaining votes to Malice, Hanneman, Lot and Selphina. All the non-Frost ones, of course. As for the halftime results, Marth is cheated out of a win again and Three Houses wins everything. So predictable... Yawn... That said, there are more non-3H characters in both top 20s than I had expected. So there's that.
  3. Right, there's no denying that. At any rate, I am glad the series's popularity is skyrocketing, even if I personally do not enjoy the instalment that propelled that rocket into the sky. More people playing Three Houses means more people are going to have at least minimal curiousity about the older titles. Now that is a bright picture for the future. 'Sides, my elitist heart can take solace in the fact that I am more of a KagaSaga fan these days. Ha! I use big words like "take solace" and I consider KagaSaga to be superior to FE! Take that, casuals. I am a badass! And I'm not even old!
  4. As they should be. Excellent. I knew I could count on you! Thanks a lot. As for the last character... Uh, Selena (FE8) or Siegbert kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda look like Maruj if you really squint your eyes and use your imagination...? That's the best I've got. EDIT: Schroff. Schroff is white Maruj with less ruined life. There. There. Wish fulfilled. ... See, Ruben? This is what happens when you jump to conclusions. This sentence physically hurt me. I now need to watch Berwick Saga gameplays to soothe my elitist heart.
  5. Eugen for CYL 5. Make it happen, IntSys, or he'll come over and punch you in the back of the head. See, IntSys? This is what happens when you don't double-check if the names you're giving your new characters are free. I think you're the third person who's made this mistake. It has been done. Tomas got (one of) my second vote. Now, be a dear and spare one of your own for the best grandpa, pretty please? Man crossed half of Archanea just to join Marth's army, he doesn't deserve to lose to the likes of Dannan. Again. Actually, he is seen once, in the intro to Shadow Dragon's prologue. Anyway, I have three votes per day (my computer, my school computer and my phone). Not sure if that's frowned upon or anything, this is my first time participating in this thing. So far, I've been using two of those votes to get Frost out of last place, and the third one for other people. The non-Frost votes so far have been Arran (one of my all-time favourite FE characters) and Tomas (to fulfill my promise to Eclipse). I'm not entirely sure how long this event will last, but while it does, I intend to vote for these characters (in this order): Matthis, Malice, Hanneman, Lot, Etzel, Selphina, Moulder, Raigh. Strong contenders for the first place, I know. My only real objective is to get Frost to at least second-to-last place, anyway.
  6. Why, you son of a-- must you antagonize me at every turn?! You could spite the legions of Rhea/Edelgard fans by voting Edelgard/Rhea, but you instead choose to spite the guy voting for last poll's loser! Is this because I didn't use Arkis? You should be counting your lucky stars I never got around to killing him! This being Eclipse, it's 100% Archanean Tomas. She's a long-time fan of the guy. And so am I, I mean, how can you NOT be a fan of that hilarious hairdo of his?
  7. Allow me to assist you, as the second (hopefully not final) Tomas fan. I'm assuming you're talking about Best Tomas and not Three Houses Tomas, of course. I shall spare a vote or two for him. I shouldn't need absolutely all of them to make Frost surpass someone like, I dunno, Chagall or something.
  8. Hmmm... so what you're telling me is that I can singlehandedly get Frost out of last place if I just try hard enough. Nice. In all seriousness, you're both right. I still fully expect the majority of the poll's top to be Three Houses characters, but perhaps saying that they'd take all of the spots was an exaggeration. Here's hoping Marth nabs the win at last. I don't really care much for Heroes, as I said, but the fact that the iconic first Lord of the series has yet to win is criminal.
  9. Nobody who isn't from Three Houses has the slightest chance to get on the Top 20, much less win, and I don't even care at all about Heroes. For these reasons, normally I wouldn't vote, but a character I've long had a soft spot for ended up dead last in the previous poll, so I will take some time to try and get him out of there. So yeah, consider mine a vote for Frost. Even if my elitist scum heart did find a certain ironic satisfaction in watching one of my favourites be so thoroughly rejected by the same people that would make 10-alts-Camilla the winner. Just kidding, just kidding, don't lynch meeeeeeee...
  10. Berwick Saga doesn't really have any sappy cutscenes where people cry over the dead, but you can visit the gravestones of your fallen units, and they all have their own epitaphs. It's a small detail, but one that I really loved. Those graves will remain there all game, as a permanent reminder of your mistakes. And people do die - aside from a very specific exception (that makes sense in context) and two game-over units (Reese and Ward), everybody dies when they are killed. None of this "ugh, I just got obliterated by a magical nuke - better run" nonsense. Aside from that, the game gives every character screentime and backstory via character-specific sidequests and events. Think supports but with a lot more freedom, as they aren't forced to three conversations between two specific, playable characters. These aren't restricted to playable characters - a few characters interact with NPCs more than with other playables, and there are even events that involve no playable characters! Four characters even have their own Three Houses styled paralogues, long before Three Houses was even an idea! If you don't use a unit, though, you probably won't see too many of their events, as most of them require increasing the hidden happiness stat. It is raised by using them a lot, mostly, though there are other means. They also made promoting and recruiting a lot deeper. Rather than just using an item on your favourite guy, you have to train their weapon ranks, or kill X enemies, or fulfill an/some event/s. Then, there's a whole scene for the promotion - and there's characterization there, too. Some characters' arcs are concluded when they promote! As for recruiting, over half of the game's cast can only be hired as mercenaries for gold at first. You have to raise their happiness and unlock events for them as you go, and eventually they will find a reason to join your army permanently. It feels more organic and satisfying than just "hey, you wanna tag along? Sure!". In summary, characters get more screentime the more you use them, and if they die, then everything's fine, you just don't get to see those extra scenes. It's not always perfect (sometimes you'll have a character's arc left unresolved because you benched them, sometimes a plotpoint is set up early on in the game and is only resolved much later...), but I think it works extremely well, all things considered. Another thing that helps is that the game's setting (throughout most of it you use a city called Navarron as your base of operations and home - think Garreg Mach but way better and way less tedious) allows for a rich cast of NPCs that never gets stale. Reese has more than enough unkillables to talk to, unlike say, Roy, who spends all his game speaking to Merlinus, Guinivere and Elphin.
  11. My name is Ruben. Which means I get to kill myself in my favourite FE game. Aside from that, I know a Samuel who's the complete opposite of Samuel, and an Ivan, though I suppose The Last Promise doesn't count...? EDIT: I just realized the "good" wiki uses the outdated name for Samuel, while the "bad" one was updated accordingly. Go figure.
  12. The animations aren't as bad as Three Houses's Allow me to argue one of your points: the animations are pretty lacking, that much is true, but the game is not what I'd call "choppy". Maybe your definition of choppy differs from mine, but for me, choppy is something like Path of Radiance, which is slow as molasses; Three Houses, which suffers FPS drops all the time and has visual glitches all over the place; or Tear Ring Saga, which can lag anywhere from two to five seconds for every action you perform. The low-budget animations and looks belie Vestaria Saga's quick pace - it's as easy to play as the DS FE games. You can skip pretty much everything, there's a button to fast-forward enemy phases, fights and dialogue (and even if you end up skipping text you can go back and read what you may've missed by pressing up), the map animations last two seconds... overall, it's a very fast game, which is good. You don't want to get bored waiting for things to happen, like in PoR, for example. With that out of the way, and to answer your question: no. They have not in the slightest. The map design and gameplay in general are excellent. That is all I absolutely require from a FE game (is it okay if I call it that? I mean, c'mon, Merric joins you in chapter 3. It's FE). And on top of that, the story is quite all right. I wouldn't say this game is the masterpiece that is Berwick Saga, but it's still awesome. If underwhelming animations are the game's worst problem, then I think we can safely call it a success. Especially when this is a free indie game developed by a retired man and a handful of people who weren't getting paid. tl;dr: the animations don't make my eyes bleed, and every other aspect of the game is great, so I can forgive them for not being able to spare the money and time to implement better eye candy.
  13. Are you me? This is me down to a t. All three paragraphs of this. Allow me to quote the man himself. This is from the FAQ in the OP. So yeah, sadly, the only way you can help him is by letting him know how awesome he is. Also, if you run into any issues, be it glitches, typos or anything else related to the translation, I encourage you (and everyone else reading this, for that matter) to PM Aethin and send him a screenshot. He has volunteers (myself included) that test the patches before he posts them, so the versions he releases to the public should be mostly clean, but we're only human - we're liable to miss things here and there. I have no idea, honestly. I never attacked the upper ballista. Didn't even have time to try Barnhardt, Vester just ran in there and the map ended. Nah, he's from good ol' 'Murica. Pretty sure the guten tag was just a joke. Referring to his FAQ again, he says he's from Minnesota.
  14. Okay, no offense, but... this is entirely your problem. You need to accept that if it's not 100%, it might just miss, and if it's not 0%, it may hit. That's the way probability works. Especially since this game (I'm pretty sure) uses 1RN, rather than the True Hit system we're accustomed to in modern FE games. 23% is almost a 1 in 4 chance to get hit. It's unrealistic to expect to be untouchable with those odds. Not to mention, this sort of thing also happens in FE games. I've had more 70% misses in games with True Hit than I can count, and 40% chances always find the worst possible times to nail my units. So how come it's a gamebreaking problem in Berwick Saga, but in FE it's perfectly fine? It's the exact same thing! Please don't blame Kaga or anybody else for your bad luck. That's just what it is, you were unlucky. Better luck next time. But if you allow the RNG to "single handedly destroy" the game for you, then I simply cannot understand why you'd enjoy FE in general. This is a thing in every single one of these games. Also, this is completely wrong. Not only is the outcome for similar moves different if you reload a save (I should know, I rigged some of those slippery Enid magic level ups), but a 100% will never miss. Just, never. The game may not be perfect, but one thing it doesn't do is lie to you. Unless you're using savestates? I have no idea how savestates may affect the RNG. But if that is the case, you really can't blame the game if it starts acting up - you're the one using a tool that was not present in the original game. It's like if I install a bunch of conflicting mods for some game and then blame the game itself when they cause bugs.
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