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  1. Oh, shoot! I forgot something! Sorry, Caeda! I can't stop giving strength! Come back when you're a little, MMMM unluckier! There. The running gag has been mantained. Not exactly a Sedgar Solo, but it definitely looked like General Sedgar and Wolf would carry him through the whole run. That's not so fun to watch, though that finale does sound like something. My favorite Ironmangs was Thracia, simply because of all the unique, hilarious ways in which he managed to screw himself over in every single way. Every part was a whole new adventure. Seriously, berserked Callion (never got the Seth joke) killing himself on Leif was amazing.
  2. Part 40 - Volcens's worst mistake. Warning: plot dumps ahead. Follow security prodecures within the premises, listen to the guide's instructions at all times and don't forget to wear protective gear. Volcens: Thank God he exists:
  3. Part 38 - A completely ordinary update where nothing remarkable happens. Ordinary title for replies: Unremarkable title for update:
  4. Well, that's going to be annoying, but I'm used to the second thing, and HOW DARE YOU!!! To your great disappointment, it never backfires. Your plan to become famous by releasing funny clips of Bartre dying to the devil axe is foiled, and you forever remain sunken in obscurity. I would play almost any fanmade hack before I ever went back to FE9. EDIT: dangit, I got ninja'd! Thankfully, Wraith seems to have posted in the wrong thread, because I'm... pretty sure that's not how this game works.
  5. Somebody lynches you. I am not that person. Oh, and the franchise dies after Awakening because without the fanservice it doesn't sell enough. Congratulations. If I ever play Crimson Flower, I fully intend to murder Claude. He serves no purpose to the story and it doesn't make any sense to spare him. Oh, and I don't like him.
  6. Part 37 - Provoke. Hey, so I recently finished Vision Quest and it was awesome. Now I have another recommendation for y'all. This time, it's a dude by the name of KrashBoomBang, who finished his hack Four Kings shortly after Pandan finished VQ. FK(wow that's an unfortunate abbreviation)'s main gimmick is that every single unit has a personal weapon. All of them. It's really interesting, and the difficulty and map design are very good, too! It gets my recommendation also. ...While I'm at it, here's a confession: I'm enjoying fanhacks far more than the last five official FEs I've played. Probably a predictable statement, coming from me, but after forcing myself through the agonizingly slow, poorly designed maps of Radiant Dawn, and being unable to beat Echoes, Path of Radiance and Mystery of the Emblem because they were even worse... I don't know, it just feels so good to find FE games that actually have the things that I like in these games. Namely, actually good map and game design, challenging but fair difficulty, and fun playable casts. I don't care that they're "just" fanhacks, they're better than a good bunch of FEs. Give me some solid gameplay and a roster that isn't completely punchable, and I'll be content. Story can suck my gravy-giver, is what I'm trying to say. That was Saint Rubenio's Controversial Opinion of the day. While you ready your pitchforks for the lynching, I shall release an update. Asdasd: Qweqwe:
  7. Well, you do have Bors. To be honest, it's kind of why I don't really like Selena. The only reason she stayed onboard was her loyalty to Vigarde. Now that she knows that Vigarde has already died and that his corpse is just being used for nefarious purposes, you'd think he'd join Ephraim to stop those who are desecrating her liege's body and put him out of his misery, right? I mean, hell, back when he was alive Vigarde was known as a peace-loving, kind-hearted man. The real Vigarde would never have wanted a war like this, and if Selena cares for him half as much as she claims, she should know that. Selena has every reason to defect and none to stay. So what does she do? She stays, of course. For no reason at all. Gotta have a Camus. To be honest, that explanation makes some sense. It still makes her really dumb and selfish, but at least she has a reason to kill herself here instead of helping to stop Grado and the manipulated corpse of Vigarde. From where I'm standing, the most annoying thing seems to be those waterfalls to the north. Seriously, that looks so bad. The rest of the map is fine! What happened there!? It's driving me crazy...! Dieck is green-ish teal. Ninian and Tate are blue, no two ways about it. You can say that again! You know, I never quite understood that about him. Is it ever acknowledged? I'm not the most Tellius-savvy person, but as far as I know, he's not blind or anything. So why is he like that? Does he just think it makes him look mysterious and cool? He's a knight on wheels. Woohoo! It's the Fee she had to pay for the crit. A disappointment till the end, I see. Pah. Get enough HP to ruin my dreams and then nothing else. Overall Reset Count: 4 Caused a reset: Lance - 2 Eirika - 1 Ephraim - 0.5 A most riveting competition, this. Bless you, blessed Cecilia. Benchpress the enemy to death from here to Fomortiis. Skill is the best stat? To be fair, he's already good at taking regular hits. Yey! Before, everything killed her - henceforth, everything shall still kill her. But not as hard, I guess? Kaga secretly developed FE Green. This kind of dickmove is very much like him. Right, I'd forgotten buff Cecilia was a thing. Hah! I have questions. See, he's the best because he's wearing green armor on top of the green hair. He discovered the secret to FE Green.
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