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  1. I mean, it certainly accomplished more than he ever did... This woman is going to vanquish the demon king.
  2. Now there's an image. I mean, I'm not depressed. But yeah I probably should exercise.
  3. Awesome sauce. I mean, I'd need to start getting out of the house to begin with. I've always been a bit of a recluse. And yes, I should probably go to the gym, just for good health if nothing else. But I am ever so lazy and exercise bores me to tears. You must've gotten quite the kick outta Cyberpunk 2077. Me, I completely missed the hype, so for me it was just tuesday.
  4. Didn't it get way better in recent years? Because of unrealistic anime superpowers. That does not add to the character's appeal in my book. Oh. Well. Trails, amirite? Ergh... Okay, yeah, I'll give you that, but... I see. Well, hope it passes soon!
  5. I mean, I'm taller than my entire family, so I'm not entirely sure where "them swanky genes" came from, exactly. Guess I'm fucked on the "have money" department, then. It's a baboon heart, enhanced and embiggened by SCIENCE. ...the hands are an artstyle thing. Ahh, right, right. Yeah, now that you mention it, I seem to remember something about Tonks noticing Harry was nowhere to be found and deciding to check out the train just in case. As for how she found him underneath his invisibility cloak... I dunno. As far as I recall, she just kinda does. Honestly, that was probably the worst thing Draco did in the entire series. Harry would've starved to death right there if he hadn't been found. Then again, it is the same book where Harry literally turns him into mincemeat, so I guess it evens out...? Figures. Oh yeah, that was a careless change, wasn't it. In the original he just severely injures Quirrell and then passes out right before Voldy ditches the man, killing him in the process. In the movie he just goes gung ho on Wahardin until he's reduced to ashes lol. It's been common knowledge for a long time, yes. Grint did what he could with what he was given. That's a lot of time spent typing instead of watching horny VNs. Am I proud of you! Attayboy, Ghost! This is your concept of "girls manlier than me". This. ...Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt... Wait, when did you both get sick and I just missed it...? Well, either way, I wish you a rapid and uneventful recovery.
  6. Yeah, true. But it's more than Ravenclaw got lol. Up to the very end of the last book, all Ravenclaw had were two characters, and unlike Cedric, they never made a point to establish that these characters being in Ravenclaw was in any way important. Luna and Cho might as well have been Gryffindors, for all the difference it made for them to be Raveclaw. Then at the very end of the series Rowling remembered there was a fourth house and decided to make the ghost of its founder randomly relevant for about five minutes. Right... I remember who Tonks is, but I didn't remember she was the one who saved Harry in the book. Not gonna lie, that's a rare movie improvement, right there. Makes a lot more sense for it to be Luna than someone who doesn't even have much of a reason to be there in the first place. Somehow I doubt Trails has my type of girl. From everything I have seen, it's generic anime teens all the way. I got the last one covered, I'm working on the second one and I would hope to find a girl for whom the first is an upside.
  7. Hey, to be fair, that's... ...Something. That's something. Wait, that was a movie change? I read the books a billion times when I was a kid and I could swear it was Luna that found Harry on the train... You know, with those weird glasses of hers? Right after that is when they talk about these fancy horses that only people who have seen death can see, I'm pretty sure. Or was that the fifth book? Damn, it's been ages since I read those books... Hahahahahaha... Yeah, I'm afraid that's a bit of a problem. I'm into girls, I'm afraid. I mean, sure, girls manlier than me, but girls all the same.
  8. Here you go. I'm loving it so far, barring some weirdness in the desert chapter and a couple features that I removed on FEBuilder because they weren't to my liking. Everything else it's done to the game has been a flat improvement in my eyes. It still has a few chapters left to drop the ball, but so far I'm quite pleased and would really recommend it. At the end of the A support Ewan straight up goes "I can almost picture a world like this." Yeah, no shit, you were CREATED by such a world!
  9. All these years, and I'm just now realizing that in his support with Dozla, Ewan was just dreaming about fertilizer, planes and telephones. That's so meta, I love it. I was always too distracted by how much of a swell guy Dozla is to realize.
  10. I must've been blessed by the algorithm, because I've been getting more comments on my videos than usual lately. "I didn't realize this was a generic only playthrough and was immensely disappointed that Wolfgang wasn't an actual unit. He looks so damn cool" Yes that's it Youtube, bring more people in, convert more subjects to my cause, show all the true power of generics! In this hack he joins in the actual campaign. I believe Morva replaces him in the CC. Oh yeah, actually, it is. I thought it was the 5th too, but I wasn't sure, so I checked online. The harry Potter wiki refers to the 5th book as "the fourth year", which... Of course, is technically right in her case, since she's one year below Harry and company. A fact that I had also completely forgotten. I forgot a lot of things regarding this girl, it seems. I mean, secondary characters are a necessary evil. I just wish (like pretty much everyone, let's not pretend this discussion is a new thing) Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw hadn't been completely wasted, and that Slytherin had been given more than exactly two characters that weren't completely evil, moronic or both. Heck, even the two "good" Slytherins were both pretty gray. Okay so, Harry Potter spoilers, though at this point I'm not sure it's necessary.
  11. Oh hey, looks like Hayden joins in the egg map. If you forgot the man, he's Innes's dad. In this game, he's basically just Beran 2. He also has no excuse for not joining in the original - Frelia is in no danger after Grado's fall, his son and his entire army are out there fighting to save the world and the creature campaign establishes he can fire a bow all right. I mean, sure, CC characters aren't exactly canon, but it's still more confirmation that he can fight than people like Klimt or Dara get. So yeah, my theory is that Hayden is lazy and that's why he never went to join the effort to save the world. For shame, Hayden. I completely forgot that chick was from Ravenclaw. Still, given each house gets only like one or two characters of any relevance, it really feels like Rowling just woke up one day and went "oh shit I just remembered I wrote two houses other than the Evil House and the Good House, I better do something with them." I mean, Luna straight up doesn't even exist until the fouth book... coincidentally the same book where Hufflepuff got their relevant person. Makes you wonder.
  12. TIL Amelia and Neimi have a support together. I never knew. That's neat, now they can support each other so they can better obliterate armies on their lonesome. I mean, they won't, the rest of the army will help them, but they could.
  13. While making a sandwich. That's so fucking low, wow. Poor hufflepuffs. I mean, c'mon, at least they had one relevant character. What did Ravenclaw have? Harry's first love interest that didn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things? Pfft.
  14. Okay, so Bloodstained is pretty awesome, but there are two things it will never have. I would hope so, VS1 Accorte was basically just Echoes Faye. Eh, I'm fine with waiting. I'm just so glad that it's happening, damnit. Hah! Who else but Ghost_06_? Okay, so this is, uh... certainly an interesting recommendation for the thread. I do not believe I will be taking you up on it, personally, but all the power to anyone who does. Pervy talk in Teehee. I mean, what else is new? Cows go moo?
  15. She's gonna get captured at some point, watch. ...or maybe Athol will pop out of the woodwork just to get captured instead. The point is, someone is going to get captured and I hope for more ship material scenes of Zade and the partner that he has the most chemistry with: the blonde idiot. Or Theo. Really, they both work better than Athol lol
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