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  1. Oh, the survival rank has to do with the losses? And what do you mean, "out of spite"? It's not my fault I completely forgot Erin because I'm an absolute moron and had to take meteors all map long! It's also not my fault that they all decided to marry behind my backs, disobeying my strict orders of celibacy! They had it coming, all of them! Each and every one! That's even worse than an all around bad game. PoR also started kinda decent-ish. Then it took a huge dive and I found myself having wasted my time.
  2. Nah, it's just battles you lose. That's accurate amount of times I've lost at the arena. ...Nah, actually, you may recall @Spara warned me a while back about a bizarre glitch that happened if a unit with canto killed the final boss. Well, I forgot to dismount Seliph, so now everyone has 116 losses for some undiscernible reason. I figured. You gotta try out the new one, man.
  3. Slander! Slander of the highest caliber! How dare the pages of history record such great heroes in such a way?! Scandalous! Ahhh, that's probably right, though. Well, that's FE4 done. I got a D. My only good ranking was experience. Survival and combat were Es, tactics was D. Hah! So... I enjoyed that far more than I expected to. What a pleasant surprise. The game offered interesting challenges, an above-average FE story even in gen 2, neat gameplay twists... It was fun, far more than I expected. However, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. It suffered from all the walking sections, the difficulty was a bit all over the place, and I don't think there's much replay value to this. Sure, there's the children, but gen 1 is the same every time, and I think on a replay all the walking would get too unbearable. Also, Tristan. The game had Tristan. Oughta shave a point or two off of it for that. Fuck Tristan. Even his sister didn't give a damn that he died. Where does the game land up in my ranking? If you direct your eyes to my sig... well, I haven't updated it yet, but... I thiiiiiiiiiiink maaaaaybe below Vestaria? Or maybe below Binding Blade, just about. Not entirely sure yet. Either way, it's on the lower end of the Good FEs, but it's very much one of the Good FEs. I've said before how all those FEs are really close to each other, and I think Genealogy has earned that much. It's not like Radiant Dawn, where I was struggling through the entirety of parts 3 and 4, desperate to finish the game because, damn, that had been enough FEs I'd left unfinished. So yeah. Genealogy good. Not the best, but good. Praise be to the general class. Best class, right there.
  4. I like how Jungby and Freege's endings kinda broke because there's only one person left for each country. Amid and Lester were both like "welp, gonna take care of things back home, see ya" and that was it. Though I must say, Arden's son inheriting his one true love's country is the perfect ending as far as I'm concerned. Also, Oifey's ending was so wholesome. My favorite part of that whole thing. ...Too bad it was immediately followed up by the game making me feel bad about Rodolbahn dying five minutes after marrying Femina. Funnily enough, this made me realize that there hasn't been even a mention of Tristan. Nobody cares about Tristan. Fuck Tristan.
  5. I like how the ending makes a point to acknowledge that Arion is still a complete dumbass. Also, way to make me feel bad about Lene being single. I tried, I really tried to get her with Hawke, but the game said "turn 50," and that was the end of that. I noticed. It... it kinda ruined the moment for me, not gonna lie. The visuals of his death are awesome, but then he started parroting Medeus's corny-ass death spiel and I just gave it a light chuckle. Didn't help that the game suffered a stroke immediately after the cutscene ended.
  6. Wow. That was so easy. Guy would've gotten one-rounded if she hadn't missed. The miss allowed me to finish the game in the most boring way, by having the protagonist slice him a new rear with the big sword. Hahahaha... Sheesh, why don't I hear this guy being trash-talked more often? That was Idunn levels of sad. I mean, I guess unlike Idunn, there's only one unit that can utterly trivialize him, whereas everyone else can't do much of anything. That raises him to, uh... Jacharam's level. A little tougher than Jacharam, since Jacharam wasn't immune to crits. On the other hand, Jacharam's map was so much harder than this stomping. Hah! I am a little underwhelmed, but oh well. On to the ending.
  7. Right, I forgot about that. Yes, I considered that one, but most of it is indoors. Still, the fact that it's the whole castle and not just one part of it is unique in itself. Deadlords are Deaderlords now. Only the big boy himself remains. He... will be easy. I must say, rather underwhelming final confrontation. My units are so good, even the substitutes, that nothing in this final map stood a chance. Well, with the notable exception of Brian. Brian was absolutely amazing. 40 defense and almost 30 resistance on a boss that moves and has a ranged option that one-shots half the army? Jesus, good thing he disintegrated upon losing his home...
  8. That's what everyone's favorite pigtail waifu (no, not that one, the copycat) will be in a few years. Enjoy. I don't remember that. Then again, the supplies map was an Ike map, right? Ike's team is so obscenely overpowered that I can totally see myself forgetting about any ambush spawns, because they probably would've gotten shredded anyway. You know, I just realized that there aren't that many outdoor final maps in FE. It's... Actually just FE4 and two of Three Houses's routes, as far as I know. Maybe Awakening, too? I'm not quite sure. Anyway, just a fun fact. Let's go beat up the final boss of FE4, and then I can post my final thoughts.
  9. ...Wait, Awakening does that too? I thought Three Houses was the one that revitalized ambush spawns!
  10. Huh. Well, there's something to consider, I guess. Very much doubt it. I like when my FE is challenging, but... Well, only when that challenge is well done. Awakening seems to be like Three Houses (choices are "really easy" and "badly designed hard") but somehow even worse. Hahahahah... Funny glitches again would be entertaining, but I do stand to lose my time, and I like my time. Now excuse me while I RNG abuse for 20 minutes to get Hannibal to kill FE4's final boss.
  11. Oh my God. That is horrible enough that I almost want to see it. ...Okay, actually, never mind. Volcens being the avatar means everyone would love him in spite of his... his being him. I don't think I could handle that. I mean, yeah, it's always funny to blame the evil old man for everything that happens in his games.
  12. Fire Emblem: Berwick 616 Now with an avatar that can marry everyone, an even more insufferable Volcens, a fully-modelled Navaron you have to walk through that's the size of GTA5!San Andreas, a female Herman with big tiddy and funni anime moments with Sylvis. Oh, and Roswick dies for dramatic effect, his killer is dealt with the following map and nobody ever mentions him again. Wait, you mean to tell me Kaga didn't singlehandedly develop every single aspect of TearRing and Berwick Saga? That referring to their developer teams by the all-encompassing name of "Kaga" is a bad habit that unfairly belittles the contributions of many people around him? Preposterous!
  13. I do try. Ahahahahahahah... Heck, at this point it's just Awakening and the NES FEs that I've yet to play. But Awakening looks so unappealing from what little I know of it that I might never give it a shot. That is true. I'll take a hit-and-miss franchise over a consistently bad one. I'm willing to give them a chance that Three Houses may've just been a miss. Sure as hell ain't buying the next FE at release, though.
  14. Don't say things like that! At the moment I can still say that I don't hate FE, just its most recent installment. I want to believe that there's a chance IntSys might redeem itself in my eyes yet...! Let me believe!
  15. Frankly, the reason I hate Three Houses so much is because it has a few things that I really enjoy about it, but its gigantic flaws keep me from liking it as much as I would want to. That's why I'm more vocal about my hate for 3H than the other FEs I'd consider "bad" - it's because the game frustrates me more than the others. PoR is boring and tedious enough to put an insomniac into a deep coma, Mystery is Kaga's least remarkable game and also boring and tedious as fuck, and Echoes's map design is about as bad as Conquest's story; but Three Houses has some genuinely solid and interesting ideas that I so wish were better executed. Heck, not even that - I wish those ideas at least were in a game where the map design didn't suck ass and the difficulties weren't "piss easy" and "bullshit hard that clearly wasn't playtested." I've given it three chances, in vain hopes that I would at some point like it. It's not like those other games, where I played like half of them once and went "yep, I never want to touch that shit ever again." I want to like Three Houses, and that's why I despise Three Houses.
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