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  1. I will die on this hill. No amount of story can justify the burning rage that Three House's Candace-sized flaws left in me. Ahh, don't say things like that. My expectations are high enough as it is!
  2. Aaand fuck, Forrest got crit. All right, no biggie. Attempt nÂș 2, here we go. As long as I can make sure that Gunter doesn't get teleported, we'll be fine. Yeah, well, it's better than Three Houses.
  3. You do know that I read the entire story in my first run, right? I'll understand why it's there. ...Unless Fates pulls some random nonsense out of its ass. Wouldn't surprise me, coming from this game.
  4. "What's happening? The Yato isn't doing any damage!" Of course it isn't. How about you try your spells instead, Miss I've Got Over 40 Magic? Okay, that's enough stupidity. Now that we've got the almighty Shadow Yato and Edgiest Ka's siblings are finally ready to fight, we can put the lot of them in the bench and get going. I'm back for vengeance, Slimey! And this time, you're not getting away!
  5. Conquest time. I'm finishing this game, boys. I'm going to start watching the story again, since last time I didn't see the end. I already don't regret it.
  6. You beat Super Mario 3D World five times straight. It's really not too unbelievable from you.
  7. You do know that you need to inspect every nook and cranny to complete the Sooks%, right? Or are you telling me you'll chicken out of it this time around? Pretty sure if you don't log in it just recommends you whatever's trending. Which tends to be extremely depressing. If you don't wanna log in, my advice would be to just plain ignore the main page.
  8. Duly noted. Edgiest Ka is almost ready to use Excalibur, so might as well keep it. The others are going, though.
  9. B O R I N G , S H R I M P Y . Only my memes are right. The memes of others are not right unless they are the same as my memes. Okay, so I just got 20k, so that means brave weapons so I don't ragequit on Garon like last time. Tomorrow, we finish the conquest.
  10. I have a confession to make. I have no brave weapons aside from lightning. Not that it matters. Forrest just tanked a bunch of crits and then Beruka and Ignatius swept in for the kill. I swear, that face he makes when he's in kill range is just almost redeems Iago as a villain. So satisfying. Yeah, that face. I would've posted an image of it myself, but Serenes is being annoying. Also, Mozu and Velouria. You're so boring, Shrimpy, did you know that? Real men use Senno.
  11. Oh God, the only unit that survives a crit from Iago is Forrest with a Senno pair up. And the bastard just keeps getting 'em...!
  12. I've heard it enough times, but you can't go wrong with another one. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep it in mind.
  13. Thank you. Excuse you! Senno ain't generic! His design is quite nice, I'll have you know! His name is Yamato. Niles picked him up last map. He deals 20 damage due to Poison Strike and Grisly Wound combined. Useful filler. Ignatius. I'll share the whole team when I get to the endgame. To be fair, neither does the enemy. I personally believe FE12 really benefits from its simplicity. It's just you, the enemy and maths. No whistles and bells to keep an eye out for. Now, not saying Conquest is bad, not at all. I just humbly believe they're both great in their own ways. Unless Garon murders my enjoyment of the game yet again, it's definitely going to go up, that much I can tell you.
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