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  1. The funny thing is, they tried to fix it again in FE8, but went completely overboard and nullified the whole gimmick entirely. Not only is there a chest with 10k gold in both of Rennac's join maps (he costs 9980), but L'Arachel bypasses the pay requirement by being overbearing.
  2. No dude, Farina. Farina demands you pay 20 grand in exchange for a very average pegasus with worse availability than her competition. How can you not love that? ...For fuck's sake, though. At least Hugh only demanded half that amount, and you could bargain with him if you wanted. There's also a chest in his join map with 5k. Why would they take that and do it worse in the next game?
  3. The game wasn't released in 2020, but the full english translation was, so I'm going to say Berwick Saga. One of the best game's I've ever played, period. What a masterpiece. A bunch of FE fangames came out this year that I really liked, such as Vision Quest, Four Kings and Sun God's Wrath. SGW in particular is awesome, I've already replayed it once, and I probably will do it again. Beyond that, it's been a bit of a slow year for gaming (for obvious reasons). I've played a bunch of other things, but not from this year.
  4. Congratulations! Well, the important thing is that you made it in the end. Their sacrifices weren't in vain. Ahh, I didn't know Aethin changed that axe's name! That... Not gonna lie, rank 25 kinda kills it for me. Dean has the Bhuj, and the rest are going to have a hard time getting to such a high level. I think. Don't forget you need to level him up to 25. Not that it should be too difficult. Derrick is, after all, a god among men.
  5. What? Somethin' wrong with the anime waifu? 😛 I like her too much to pull a fast one like this with her You think I'd bring out my A-game for these peasants who respect not the mighty Boulder? This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "God bless Cowga". And if she dances for an armor knight, the knight instantly dies. Because if there's one thing that Kaga hates even more than dancers, it's armor knights.
  6. You all are such weaklings. Fine. Here, have an anime waifu to cleanse your eyes.
  7. Thank you, thank you. Come now. It's perfection given form, that's what it is.
  8. Ah yes. L'Arachel. She's my only unit that has promoted at level 20, because I was extremely slow in chapter 14, so she had the time to get up there. She cannot double anything, deals chip damage to enemies and dies in two hits. On the bright side, since she doesn't one-round just about everyone like Moulder does, she's free to do staffbotting so he doesn't have to. Hurray for her.
  9. And he's legit one of my best units. He doubles everything. He's the only reason I made it past Phantom Ship! He had to solo the entire ship so the rest of the scrubs could flee there from all the fliers.
  10. Not really. He actually looks like he could be Holmes's twin brother, but he's different personality-wise. Also, @Benice that isn't right. I like Esteban too. Mansel would've been cool. Hayden could've been a fine Gotoh as well. He's still alive and doing quite well by the end of the game. With Grado defeated, there's no reason he can't ride up to Rausten and be like "hey kids, I'm gonna help you deal with this nonsense". It would've definitely been great for him to get some supports, too - the guy is the most bland character in the game aside from Fado who doesn't exist. In fact, seeing how they were supposed to be best friends, supports with Hayden would've been a great chance to characterize both. Oh, well.
  11. Yeah, 20's really not an issue. Heck, I'd argue 19 is probably worse. Not by much, but worse.
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