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  1. Damnit, I really hate that I'm looking forward to them DLCs. Pretty much only need a few more characters I'd want to play as. That's the one I'm least familiar with. We'll see. Implying it hasn't been up in flames over Edie and other things
  2. Ah, thank tou for letting me know. Not sure if you've finished it yet, so keep us updated on your impressions as you go! A Trails fan that doesn't despise Counter Strike and Ron's guts? Unbelievable! That... That sounds terrible, not gonna like. Who even is Graham I mean, this is all story stuff. Gameplay's quite the opposite, I see folks that I would never have expected to enjoy a Warriors game that are all for it. Of course, this is more relevant to me, since I value gameplay more when it comes to FE. If you're a story guy.... Probably best to pass on this period, you'll not be able to get a good hearty laugh out of the cataclysm like I most certainly would. ...wha I'm sorry, may I inquire as to how what My consensus is that Koei should be given the boot and stop ruining FE But that's just me Hwahahaha... That also sounds terrible, but I'd get it just on principle. Karajice is where it's at, though.
  3. You mean the guy who just plain doesn't exist in Three Hopes? ...I mean, not that his Houses appearance made any sense or served nay purpose, but, y'know. ...wow. The execution thing you showed me before really was a terrible example. He's absolutely fucked up, just... In a different way, this time. He definitely should pick up the boar cloak again though. That massive scarf does not suit him, he looks so awkward. And I've seen the 3D model - it looks just as made of concrete as Garon's beard ahahaha
  4. Hey, all jokes aside, you know I get it. Play it when you can. Just be sure to let me know so I can bully you into using Karajan! Not that there's a bench in VS2, but still! I gotta shill my Karadude! ...you know, I probably WOULD like him better here. In 3H he frustrated me to no end, because he has that "arrogant, smug ass that is validated by the story" type of personality that I absolutely despise, and he was also a glorified secondary because Koei didn't know what to do with him. Him being this poorly written, however, brings him closer to Garon. Which is good, for me. ...again, though, that really is too bad. Unrealized potential is the name of the game for Fodlan, sadly. Don't fall into the abyss, friend! Remember the words of Wraith, before he died tragically, as all old men must in every story! Oh God what have I done. Now I have a gameplay guy and a Fodlan fan ranting at me about how bad Hopes is. Now watch me unironically enjoy it because Ruben Also wat
  5. Well, I do respect a good shameless gambit!
  6. Well, would you look at the big brain man overhere.
  7. You know, Vestaria Saga 2 is (about to be) right there if you feel like cleansing your palate. Sure it has a couple of Kaga's kinky shenanigans, but for the most part it's pretty great. Eh? Eh? Honestly though that's too bad.
  8. So uh Not for nothing, but Three Hopes's story is apparently so bad that it's gotten a through-and-through gameplay guy to rant at me about the horribleness of the plot on Discord. Multiple times. I would be lying if I said I didn't feel at least a little schadenfreude about this. Anyway, three chapters of VS2 today. Not too shabby, if I keep a pace something like this, I should be able to finish the second run well on time for the end of the beta test. The most important thing is that I once again have Karajan on the team. I missed him so much in these... barely three weeks he's not been around.
  9. Personally, I think a certain character alone pretty much guarantees DLC. I'll put it in spoilers, in case you care not to know who's not playable. Not a big spoiler, really it's a super tiny one, but... hey, I figured some consideration was in order, after our past... complete lack thereof. Haha... ahhh. ...Yes, but I'd bite. I'd definitely bite, unfortunately... Well, looking at Warriors' track record, it seems like character DLCs are common, but I'm not so sure about story finishers... Then again, anything is possible.
  10. Only a couple more weeks to go before the Vestaria 2 beta is closed. In light of this, I have decided to try and get another run in. There's a lot of alternate events I want to see, and if I can help out some more while at it, all the better. Besides, that way I can safely wait for Symphony of War to get another patch or two. Or Hopes get its DLC, haha! Anyway, it's a good thing I decided to do this, because already I discovered a softlock that slipped past everyone lol. I agree. Bows are cool. Flying bows are even cooler.
  11. Soooo basically, you want Vestaria Saga 2? ...well actually, mechanically it doesn't quite push things in the pair up/dragon vein way. It's completely insane in other ways, but not quite mechanically. What you really want is Vandal Hearts 2.
  12. Engaging in acts of dubious morality for profit. However, worry not. War profiteering is for the good of the prople!
  13. For how much of surprise success this game has been, it sure goes on sale a lot. Too bad Xenoblade though Hey, I get tired walking inside a museum or a botanic garden too. I just climb hills and power through it because I am profoundly stupid. Good that you've some entertainment now, at least. Hang in there, buddy!
  14. Damnit with the release of VS2's ending I didn't have time to play Who's Lila. Spent all day reading. Thanks, Kaga.
  15. Okay, credit where credit is due, though. The Hopes version of Paths That Will Never Cross is pretty fire. I dig.
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