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  1. Pretty easy map so I didn't feel like bringing the full Squad (TM) instead i did a 1 turn clear with RyoRein and a ryoma no supports true solo
  2. same team I always use for LHB abyssal level stuff, I'm not quite sure if i can beat LHB abyssals with a whole team of Ryomas quite yet, alas maybe I should try sometime though anyway smite ryoma op
  3. yeah as an armor he does have more base stats to work with so that should count for some of my merges at least
  4. Haha, thanks, hopefully he comes home more times this march leg banner! I think GD Ike has the statline to do stuff like this actually, he just need a couple of sword inheritance options like wo dao and barrier blade, since Heart's Blade is good but he won't always be next to someone. He's fast and has dc + special fighter so he has a lot of stuff that's similar to what my Ryoma uses already.
  5. It took me a whole 580 orbs over 2 banners for Legendary Ryoma. He doesn't like me very much lol Anyway did another one turn this time it's just buff the shit out of ryoma and have him kill literally everyone
  6. Thanks! Obstruct was pretty key, yeah. Leg Ryoma is definitely in no shape to take 2 lance hits, haha! Your clear is very cool! I like that even the non+ versions of wolftomes did a lot of work. And the Dragon Fang timing at the end there.
  7. It's the lobsters again but this time they one turn it regyoma doesn't care about wtd as usual
  8. Same squad as usual etc, nino got some powerups though
  9. So this Adrift MCorrin pitybroke me while i was trying for the new Ryoma and that was the mostly timely useful pitybreaker I've ever gotten Same 4 people as usual (which means no fliers), Ryoma disregards weapon triangle as always, I probably could've used Legzura to make my life easier but I'm stubborn about this team
  10. uh who even are my favs i guess in game order Minerva, Navarre, Ayra, Finn, Larcei, Shannan, Travant, Olwen, Rein, Amalda, Echidna, Hector, Seth, Titania, Lucia, Ryoma, Rinkah, Scarlet, Sakura 11/19 not bad
  11. So today's grail payout let me do this Paired with Leg Hector for infinite AoEs
  12. Same squad as usual, much easier than the other legendaries, i had it done like 2 days ago but forgot to post lol
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