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  1. I moved, you can go to NYC without fear now.

  2. they're way too tonally different to combine good plan to just skip ufo defense
  3. gonna lock this man and redirect any more feedback to the announcement thread cheers to all who participated, i appreciate it greatly
  4. i even didn't call it fire emblem warriors 2, are you proud of me
  5. i think if you got it for your country's equivalent of twenty bucks you'd have nothing but a good dumb time with it
  6. speaking as a souls fan who hates souls fans i genuinely can't recommend stranger of paradise enough. souls comparisons are way overblown, it's an action game with the only 'souls' trapping being that you have physical checkpoints instead of autosave checkpoints. like, that's it. you don't leave experience on the ground when you die, you don't have esoteric bullshit quests you cannot be reasonably expected to keep track of, none of that. it's just a solid third-person action game with a control scheme two iterations removed from dark souls at best. won't speak for the writing though. i'm loving it and find that the marketing focused on the meme lines and it's actually got a decent amount of heart to it, but ymmv on that one for sure E: also it has pausing and difficulty modes, two things which fromsoft fans will have you know would literally ruin the artistic integrity of the souls games
  7. elden ring kinda hit that way for me. at first i was like 'oh man, it's gonna be dark souls 4!!!!', and then more and more gameplay footage came out, and that kind of sank to 'oh man, it's just dark souls 4...?' and at this point it just sounds like it's ....dark souls 4. all the footage and stuff my friends have shared with me feels like stuff i've done already, except way harder, and at this point i'm just not interested in it. alas
  8. Hey hey! This is a pretty minor announcement, all told, but it's always worth having a centralized place for people to express their disappointment and/or elation. We've gone ahead and created a new subforum group for spinoff and related titles to the Fire Emblem franchise, including the boards for FEW and #TMS, a new board for FEW: Three Hopes, and a rebranded Saga Series board (taken out of its weird home in General) for discussion of all three of Kaga's Saga games. Enjoy, let me know if you feel really, really strongly about the change, and report anything that looks weird.
  9. i would absolutely have done that without thinking lmao thanks for the reminder
  10. i do applaud you for thinking about other peoples' feelings but nobody has posted in the #TMS forum since last november, i'm pretty sure they'd be okay with it they can direct complaints to my underlings
  11. given as it's pretty consistently one of our highest-engagement fora i wouldn't shunt heroes into a subforum, but that's an interesting idea i hadn't considered to group #TMS and warriors in a spinoffs subforum, i'll mull that one over
  12. goty: elden ring, it's literally oscar bait for video game nerds. goty for me: warhammer 40k darktide is the safe bet, given as it's from the vermintide devs and those games ruled worst/worst/flops: this is a useless question controversy: stalker 2. i think it's going to alienate fans of the original and its huge mod base while making the perfect game for fans who really loved call of pripyat. i think i will like it. better than anticipated: i wish for this for everything i play EDIT: wait stranger of paradise has already been this disappointing: despite releasing in 2021 back 4 blood retains this title for 2022 anticipated: the master of magic reboot. i'm vibrating constantly in hope with only the slimmest of straws to grasp onto. could it be as good? announce: i know starg is already developing beat hazard 3; please drop a release date for this year king unannounced: if it's unannounced it sounds pretty entitled to expect it safest prediction: final fantasy 14 will probably implement data center travel this year, but apparently even that's not fuckin locked in. don't give me 1.0 excuses.
  13. i'm not in full representative administrator mode since i've been sick for a good few days and on hiatus for various (personal plus work plus the sudden invasion of ukraine) reasons but we're here now and better late than never i made a quick change to this forum to dedicate it, generically, to both fire emblem warriors games, and wanted to get a little input going forward - should there: be a subforum for fire emblem warriors 2? be a forum for the warriors games just in general? be a, uh, spoilers forum? for warriors 2? i liked warriors a lot but i don't know if anyone really gives a shit about the plot etc. leave me your thoughts about the imminent future of this corner of the site below. xoxo aiku
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