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  1. what's wrong with that i'm literally always pointing at kate's boobs
  2. ah hey i can answer that we were tight, still steam friends, we were nice when we agreed but we didn't always agree but there was always mutual respect. god bless the red fox.
  3. this isn't a question to red fox btw if i asked a question to her it would be: hey sup
  4. your nomination system fucking sucks, friends, and i could easily have told you that
  5. i dug through the admin things, this seems to be intrinsic to the forums, sorry chief. the workaround is just typing it and then backspacing and retyping it.
  6. the big answer is that surprise is beyond the scope of this, because people want to fuck anyone
  7. my favorite day of the week is all of them
  8. a gorillion dudes from sf showed to my wedding and i offered to drive out of pure dumb courtesy i didn't say a goddamn word to her except for bitching about how sf member emerald fox wasn't playing monster hunter tri with me, and then she said dude quit your bitching i'll play with you on irc, and that's how everything started
  9. this is normal if you have an IPv6 address, that means your device is configured to be able to use IPv6, and that means that IPv6 will be prioritized when connecting to things. you'll also have an IPv4 address, because not everything is configured to use IPv6 yet - think of it as a legacy thing; if you only had an IPv6 address, and you try to connect to a server hosted on a machine that hasn't been updated to the IPv6 standard..... what would it do? for me, my computer isn't configured to use IPv6, so i will always connect with an IPv4 address, and WIMIP says unto me which means that even if i connect to a server hosted on a machine that runs the IPv6 standard, like serenes forest, i will connect using an IPv4 address, while you will connect with an IPv6 address. if you were to (hypothetically) access www.IWannaBangSasukeUchiha.com, my geocities webpage hosted from this computer, you would resolve using your backup IPv4 address because my computer doesn't know what IPv6 is. think of it like being in a bar in rural germany, and you show your american driver's license to prove your age, and the waitress looks at you funny and says something you don't understand, so you produce your german passport and she goes oh yeah i recognize that that's legit. hope this helps!
  10. sports status: living in a fairy world where 'offensive pass interference' is just three words you can string together that mean nothing
  11. that's helpful data that means it's not all IPv6 users getting captcha cucked, cool
  12. what up If you've been following this thread you or someone you love has probably been affected by an issue whereby you try to edit any content (post, profile, signature, etc.), the captcha catches you, and then you're dropped back to the previous page, the edit having been eaten. We, your charming and handsome administration, are aware of and working on this problem. For now, with the help of several users collecting data and @Robert of Normandy being a lovely guinea pig, I've managed to identify a possible cause and workaround. The issue seems to be localized entirely to users connecting with IPv6 addresses, with IPv4 addressed users completely unaffected. If you're unable to edit stuff, head over to good old WhatIsMyIP and check the second line. If it says Your IPv6 is: <a random string of bullshit>, you may be able to revert your connection to IPv4 locally and then be able to edit. I can't really give anything but the advice of "google 'switching <device> from ipv6 to ipv4'" there, but it's a possible workaround at least. I can't guarantee this works for all y'all, but it's something more than nothing while we hunt a fix. Thanks to everyone for letting me poke and prod them to figure out what's going on so far. bye
  13. i haven't beat lions nor started deer or eagles i'm a badmin
  14. there was a song in a game like 15 years ago where i could never not hear the background chanting as the words 'luke skywalker' over and over again
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