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  1. to add onto this, flowers to me are in the same boat as tree cummies - yeah, dew was a massive pit-in-my-stomach investment about eight months ago, but now i'm to the point where i'm just throwing dew refines (hell, rock refines too) on units for absolute giggles. as parrhesia said, this isn't a thing you're meant to just toss +5 onto everyone - and even if you want to, most units gets 85% of the utility of the dragonflowers in the first two or three, which are relatively cheap and can be spread around much better sure, if most of your faves are one color it kinda sucks (lmao my cavalry lineup of dudes for flowers is so long) but for adding plus one to each stat onto your favorites dragonflowers are in reasonable supply
  2. so the deets is it's a thing that affects some random number of people some random amount of the time; the root cause is unknown, but some folk will just never see the captcha problem at all - case in point, even on my secret test account (don't tell the other mods i'm alting) i don't run into the issue at all the ipv4 thing seems to have been a temporary fix, i don't have the time for the next at least week to troubleshoot another temporary fix; the only person who has access to the core software that could possibly produce a true fix (outside of captcha just deciding not to be a punk) is jyosua and he's exceptionally tied up at the moment irl the only thing i know about the root cause is that it's generally (but not entirely?) related to character count, so small post edits and signature edits should fail significantly less often than project ops and profile edits i'll hit yous up when i have a better idea what's going on but that's how it be. you hate to see it happen.
  3. what the fuck i have to play by my own laws????????
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