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  1. wyandottes are amazing, we had a silver one live for ages and keep laying eggs day in day out
  2. the real issue with bg2 is that hexaat is fucking awful, irregardless of her status as a lesbian or a romance option at all. fuck hexaat. she is the only bad part of the entire enhanced edition content across both games.
  3. oh hey i can field that one he did a mutual friend fucking browbeat him into doing it and he hated it
  4. no, i don't think soren looks the least bit feminine, neither does lucius except in the OA that puts him in a stock feminine pose and the FEH art, where he is drawn as a woman. the only similarity between linhardt and soren/lucius is that he also does not code fem to me at all.
  5. oh i don't mean the face shape necessarily - if you look at it analytically, he's got a reasonably masc face, but his default expression is kind of looking away from the camera, which is a more shy fem thing and can distract some people from that. there's nothing intrinsically feminine about his face shape or hair, it's the lack of confidence in the expression that fools some folk
  6. how does it feel to know you are impervious to chinese finger traps in this moment
  7. midhair has a bit of it too, but has a more .... reserved? face portrait that does add some non-traditionally masc elements that makes it at least reasonable to see why someone could take him entirely at face (heh) value and briefly think he's a girl before his first line puts the lie to that
  8. you finally made me twig onto it, linhardt just looks like pictures of squires and pages from all the million books on knighthood i read as a youth EDIT: fewer than one in five respondents put in Yes, and some of those put in things like 'i also thought shinon was a girl'. i'm very hesitant to accept this as evidence that more than those thirteen people thought soren was a girl.
  9. midhair is effeminate, but masc coded, and i've literally never in all my years seen someone think soren was a girl. you might be in the minority here, dude.
  10. i don't think it was malicious per se, i think it was just seeing an angle to get those clicks and reads and leaning really hard into it. indifference, not malice.
  11. that article was awful from my memory, like what the hell is 'bisexual energy' besides 'this guy looks skanky' seriously EDIT: by that definition i radiate bisexual energy though, correctly 😎
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