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  1. jaajajaj we still have the same banner

    1. ♠Soul♠


      I don't even know who they are. : D


      run run devil devil run

  2. pretty far fyi i made it to the last eight? or so floors on an almost pure larcei solo in the previous one
  3. Hi! You likely don’t remember me as it’s been literally years. Almost 5, actually. Obviously I’m not around anymore but I randomly had the urge to visit. Hope life has been treating you well, Mr. Sparkles! ❤️ 

    1. Integrity


      holy hell lmao i had to delve into your name history to have a clue! hope everything's well there as well


  4. brother how are any of these new problems to the fire emblem franchise lmao EDIT: nah between the post and the throwaway account literally titled 'throwaway' i'm gonna assume you're just trollin and take your toys away
  5. given your posts and reports in this thread, i beg to differ with your self-diagnosis perhaps you should disengage my man
  6. idk what you think you meant by strikeout, were you ironically complaining or what, it sounds like you're actually mad about it, which implies that the strikeout meant nothing, bro
  7. strikeout is a cowardly shorthand for shit you actually mean; if you didn't mean it, you wouldn't have posted it
  8. if you didn't expect anyone to engage with you, why did you post into the void, babe EDIT: changing 'argue' for 'engage' so someone doesn't just quote my shit and go 'oh op said engagement not argument !!!'
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