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  1. works for some, doesn't work for others, same as dudes - obviously op doesn't get it, just as many women wouldn't get it, but that's not to say that there aren't women who work out explicitly to be desirable in the same vein it's all individual stuff yeah
  2. while that's a nice screed literally none of that is why dudes put pinups on their walls
  3. so you put this kind of jokingly, but this is part of the motivation for a lot of guys. similar to how some dudes watched dragon ball and got fit because goku inspired them, some guys put up pictures like that and go 'can't get that, wanna be able to get that, gonna can get that' and pump harder with a goal in mind. there's maybe a much deeper conversation to be had about women as prizes and all that, but it is what it is in this case. otherwise, 'inspiration' is the general name of the game. look at pinups in the wars, particularly on fighters - a reminder of what the boys were fighting for, and that generalizes to why some dudes use them as inspiration to exercise. hell, most of the reason i'm motivated to get back to exercising is for my wife. oughta put up a poster of her. obviously this isn't a catch-all. there's guys who do it out of a sense of fragile masculinity, for sure, and then there's guys who just do it because they like looking at boobies.on the same token, why did i have a poster of arnold in my bedroom for years? ninjamonkey, you dumb fuck, that was sarcasm
  4. while we generally don't do this, you also literally left the dm you sent me about it getting mixed signals, op.
  5. awakening still has a special place in my heart, but man i can't get myself to actually play it again. not because i've come to realize the game's flaws or anything, just because i've played it so much i've memorized every beat. still stan the game, tho lunatic isn't particularly BS, it's rough early on but there are tons of trajectories to get yourself to match the challenge. definitely not something everyone's going to enjoy, but something i definitely had fun beating one time and never touched again. fuck luna+ though
  6. good job you ignored learning and created a single moment where the name can be substituted for the pronoun with no regards to, for instance, the entire problem that japanese tends to not use pronouns and it sounds awkward as fuck if you swap to calling someone by their name or title every time in english EDIT: here let's play the examples game damn i can't believe ninjamonkey supports the detroit lions, he must live an existence of pure suffering or maybe he's just come to terms with it damn i can't believe @NinjaMonkey supports the detroit lions, @NinjaMonkey must live an existence of pure suffering or maybe @NinjaMonkey's just come to terms with it
  7. it isn't 1995 anymore, male isn't the default option, dumbass 'they can just not use pronouns' says man who has no fucking idea how language works
  8. yeah it would be absolutely terrible if people knew what pronouns to use when referring to you EDIT: anyway, ninjamonkey being a fuckhead as always aside, Any/All is now a selectable option after some feedback on discord for if you really don't care how you're called but don't like the big pile of selecting all the options
  9. switching to a multiple-selection enabled field removed that option as far as i'm aware - i might tinker with it in the future or a patch might enable it, but for now i have to choose between letting people choose multiple sets or letting there be a blank option, and i went for the former everybody did, Rezzy Radiant Knight, you're not special heh. rocked.
  10. the original take was four austin powers references layered in a row, full disclosure
  11. it took more time to nail down the wording and options, including contacting a third-party expert to help me figure out how to get it right, than it actually did to put the words into a list. the actual coding time was like 2 minutes. EDIT: that does omit me dry-testing it on the admin side where nobody could see me fuck up, so i should say 'once i knew what i was doing it took like 2 minutes'
  12. What up. After a pertinent asked question and internal debate, I went forward with a big modification to the core profile options. The entire point of the Gender profile line was to inform people how you liked to be called in the third person, and honestly, it wasn't really sufficient in 2004 and definitely isn't sufficient today. I killed it. It's Pronouns, now. You'll have to reset your settings in your profile. I tried to make it inherit from the previous value (e.g. if you were Male you'd automatically get He/Him) and I completely fucking failed at it, so you have to compensate for me. I'm open to the idea of expanding this, but I think the current options are much more inclusive than the previous Gender options while still being pretty easy to look at. I'm an engineer, after all, and beholden to good UX design. Feel free to leave feedback in this thread, or DM me, or whatever. As you were. EDIT: Oh yeah, it's multiple-selection, if you have more than one set you're cool with. Go for it.
  13. awesome i'm gonna push it through with an announcement for further discussion
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