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  1. it's been long enough since i touched echoes i'd appreciate that
  2. we've got six goats and five acres man
  3. i am the financial behemoth i worship
  4. after weeks of paperwork and stress, it is official. specta and i are co-owners of a House. we have won millenialism. praise worm. EDIT: shit i forgot my wife is also a co-owner of the house
  5. i finished atla today anyone who thinks katara and aang was a well done relationship compared to katara and zuko is projecting themselves onto aang and hoping they get the wife/mom of their dreams facts
  6. not so much yours, just some of the others were like yeah, that is a valid Sandwich, but it takes like thirty minutes to put together, like the fellow who said a sandwich with clam chowder on the side
  7. southern zofia 1 pregame: rolling with the lightning sword on alm to try to keep him back a bit so i can build up a corps of dudes around him. gray has the iron lance; kliff has the leather shield to try to get him rolling at least a little bit. after reading that i realized i had a cool idea and switched alm and kliff. game: straightforward. tobin and gray are immense. kliff, lukas, and silque get knocked off. 3 kills: tobin, alm 1 kill: faye, clair, gray, kliff southern zofia 2 pregame: holy shit kliff looks bomb as a cavalier. lining up with the fast guys on the right and the slow guys on the left to try to blitz down the left cavaliers. let's go! game: all according to keikaku. a guy almost escapes the initial engagement, but i very satisfyingly have exact damage to wipe out the whole squad. clair launches herself to death, then so does kliff. tobin ignores the boss and farms adds, then dies to the boss. who could see it happening? 3 kills: alm 2 kills: faye, tobin 1 kill: silque
  8. what's up so a brazilion years ago i did a playlog wherein i ran through awankening in full on hard/casual, autobattle only. had loads of fun. feh has only made me like autobattling even more. something about setting up a line of dudes and watching the fireworks appeals to me on a deeply primal level. yes i play dota underlords, why? the other day i was up real late on the discord and was convinced by star SF user thor odinson to reclaim my passion and autobattle my way through echoes on hard/casual - or at least that's the hope. this morning i decided to put pen to paper and tell everyone about my dumb pastime. what's happened so far you can't autobattle the prologue so i just told mycen to go up four (4) times and ended it. decided the villagers will each take a different class. the discord went with horse kliff, ironclad gray, wizard tobin, and staff faye. three of those are promoted. kliff is deeply awful. i am trying to make him catch up. my first full wipe came in the southern outpost, where alm gummed up the boss and i couldn't figure out the magic tactic combination to get him out of the way and people to form up around him. i have completely avoided random fights and will endeavor to do so as much as is possible. casualties will be plentiful, and i won't use the turnwheel much if at all. the state of things going into southern zofia 1. kliff is level two.
  9. some of you guys really don't understand the 'for a quick fix' part of the op or you're semiprofessional chefs lmao
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