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  1. While Swordmaster is my favorite class, I find myself leaning more in this aspect towards Mages/Dark Knights. Most of my favorite characters are from this class, I am not exatcly bulky and strong but I am pretty fast and I also find the whole idea of magic interesting. Also horses, horses are cool.
  2. Not really. Did Awakening screwed up a lot? Yes, did Fates also screwed up? Yes, but at the very least it tried to improve (gameplay mostly). As for Tokyo Mirage Sessions, that is more of a side-project, so in conclusion, I believe this is just a phase that IS is going through and that eventually, they will get past it (or not), but who knows?
  3. It would be actually really obvious...that is if you follow Vinesauce or SilvaGunner
  4. Top 5 Favorites 5-Ampharos 4-Samurott 3-Rayquaza 2-Garchomp 1-Lucario Top 5 Least Favorites 5-Shedinja 4-Emolga 3-Muk/Garbodor 2-Unown 1-Luvdisc
  5. I would totally be up for a Genealogy of the Holy War anime adaptation
  6. FE1-Merric FE2-Phyton FE3/12-Feena FE4-Ares FE5-Leif FE6-Miledy FE7-Oswin FE8-Joshua FE9-Ranulf FE10-Nolan FE11-Frey FE13-Maribelle FE14-Leo
  7. It was pretty funny but it shouldn't come back as despite this their combat utility in inflicting status effects (Sleep, Berserk) is already there. Not to mention they would probably still do very pitful damage even if tweaked just a little bit because healers with a few exceptions have terrible strenght.
  8. This is a question that has been bothering me and I need to hear what you guys think. Do Dark Knights count as Mages for their use of Anima magic or Dark Mages for also being from the Dark Mage promotion branch and Fates not having normal Mages but Dark Mages only?
  9. S Rank tier: -Ike -Hector -Sigurd A Rank tier: -Lyn Lucina Marth Eliwood B Rank tier: -Alm -Celica -Robin C Rank tier: -Eprahim -Chrom -Roy D Rank Tier: -Eirika -Seliph Haven't played tier: -Leif -Corrin Should die a slow and painful death tier: -Kris -Micaiah
  10. So Brazil got Pkmn Go 2 days ago. I hatched a Pikachu in my first egg and Brazillian streets are infested with Zubat and the occasional Golbat.
  11. Did Crash brought good points? Yes. But like someone else said up there, this is the guy who said Dancers are bad, Azura is good in any shape or form and is currently doing a very badly structured Fates Marathon of videos
  12. Lord: Ike Mercenary:Raven Myrmidon: Joshua Cavalier: Hardin Assassin: Jaffar General:Gatrie Halberdier:Nephenee Fighter: Garcia or Nolan Berserker:Dart Sniper:Shinon Nomad Trooper: Rath Falco Knight: Cordelia or Elincia Wyvern Lord: Jill/Haar Light Mage: Lucius Cleric/Priest: Rhys Valkyrie: L'Arachel Mage: Pent/Lilina/Lewyn/Soren/Lute(I can't decide) Sorcerer: Henry Dancer: Reyson Shapeshifter: Ranulf Trainee: Donnel
  13. I can list my Top 15 15-Valkyrie 14-Berserker 13-Halberdier/Spear Fighter 12-Dancer 11-Assassin 10-Wyvern Lord 9-Shapeshifters (Manaketes, Laguz, etc) 8-Sorcerer/Druid 7-Paladins, Great/Duke/Forest Knight 6-Nomad Troopers 5-Generals 4-Falcon Knights/Dark Fliers 3-Hero 2-Sage/Mage Knight 1-Swordmaster
  14. Cordelia, I mean yeah she is not the best mom and loves Chrom more than you but I do like her character a lot and she has some p'good supports
  15. Shhh, we don't talk about the paralogues that never were
  16. Plegians sacrificed to Grima is my bet. After all, most Plegians might as well be Grimleal. Awakening should have stepped up their game when it comes down to expanding the world it has
  17. My previous run had 5-Haar 4-Shinon 3-Ike 2-Nephenee 1-Mia
  18. Erk is bleh, Pent is based, Nino is fun but not for long
  19. FE6: The Hero of the West and Arcadia FE7: Genesis/Living Legend and Night of Farewells FE8:Victims of War and maaaaaaybe Phantom Ship (FE8 had some really good chapters)
  20. FE6: Retaking the Capital and The Neverending Dream FE7: Cog of Destiny and Light FE8: Ruled by Madness and Last Hope Can't you tell I love late game chapters?
  21. I think a better question is who NOT to use, PoR has fantastic units that can be used without much hassle. I wouldn't recommend using: Rolf Sothe Devdan Bastian Lucia
  22. I will give the biggest pros and cons for each game 1-FE7 (Most balanced one in it's mechanics; Lyn's normal mode) 2-FE9 (Base is the greatest idea IS had in this series and the story is the best in the series in my opinion; the BK fight, while cool in concept is really luck based) 3-FE10 (Best artstyle and soundtrack in my opinion; Micaiah, as in everything about her) 4-FE12 (Gaiden chapters now require you to be good at the game unlike FE11; the amount of units with most being filler) 5-FE8 (Branched promotion paths; the not-so-Wonder Twins Eirika and Eprahim are lame and the game is easy even on hard mode Eprahim) 6-FE13 (The cast of characters is charming and it was my introduction to the series, also the gameplay also has charm in which it is a bit more of a super soldier simulator; but that doesn't mean the gameplay is balanced and fair and the story just sinks deep down during the Walhart arc. 7-FE2 (Unique mechanics and structure that works; forgettable and bland cast with a few exceptions and it still uses bars instead of percentage or numbers) 8-FE4 Gen 1- (One of the best stories rivaling FE7 and FE9; waaaaaaaay too big maps that have you travel to a certain area far away just to kill 5 people and the commander) 9-FE3 (Dismount is neat and it is 2 games in 1; Gharnef, Michalis and Medeus should have stayed DEAD and forced dismount indoors is a nuisance. 10-FE6 (Solid cast of characters with somewhat solid map design; but said map design also tends to exaggerate sometimes (looking at you Arcadia), RNG is the trollish one and the final boss is the worst in the series) 11-FE11 (Remade soundtrack is pretty swell and Marth and the prologue's writing is superb; you must suck at the game in order to access the Gaiden chapters that do NOT compensate to the number of units you killed to access those chapters and the levels are still very much waaaaay too basic) 12-FE1 (It has a sick but lovable charm to it; aged like shit in everything else)
  23. Greeting humans, I am SSL01, and before anything I must make a reintroduction and an apology... For the past months I have been thinking about my last thread and post here and my actions there, I regret everything what I've said. I would like for the admins if they have the power to, for them to please delete those posts and my previous ones ever since the beginning. I would like to start fresh here, and for no one to think ill of me anymore. I have 0 intentions of hurting anyone and their mothers, as well as to throw temper tantrums on videos of whatever duration, you are all free to think what you want of something and that is fine, more power to you. That being said, I am SuperSonicLucario01, real name John, age 16, currently on high school and my Fire Emblem experience is only lacking on Fates, Thracia 776 and Genealogy of the Holy War Gen 2. I have played at least once every single game besides those 3 and I also have other interests like Pokemon, Megaman, Kirby, Final Fntasy and Zelda mostly. Hope to enjoy my time here and to get along well.
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