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  1. The only new(?) thing I found was a confirmation that magic has a fixed amount of uses, but uses are restored (doesn't say by how much) after a battle. Dunno if that was confirmed elsewhere. Not sure if anybody is working on the play reviews, but here's the first two. Here's a translation of all three play reviews.
  2. Not sure if anybody is working on translations, but here's the first play review. This is the non proof-read version, so please be mindful.
  3. It should affect battles, unless my calculations are wrong.
  4. Dunno if it matters, but the end of the Switch Lite trailer showed a few seconds of FE3H gameplay and Byleth's Crest is called "Mystery Crest" instead of "???" as in the Japanese version. I hope that's relevant to you?


  5. Honestly, with IS making separate remakes for Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I can't see them ever bundling two games in one remake. The cost would be too great and they would make more money by selling them separately. Remasters maybe but not full blown remakes.
  6. I haven't been following that much, but Authority does get boosted if the class specialises in it. Is that what you mean? On the official site, when Claude uses the Blaze Gambit, he gets 10 Authority experience. Assuming he has a strength in Authority, that's a base of 3 plus I'm guessing 2 for the class bonus. That puts him at 5. Double it for a Gambit, gives 10. In Edelgard's case, the same applies but she hasn't used a Gambit so she gains 5.
  7. Yeah, I think I was looking at the Twitter timeline, haha. That makes sense. I think Lysithea might be fire? She had a fireball in her Cipher artwork.
  8. Be careful what you wish for. Maybe the next game will be based on the Manster escape arc during the beginning of Thracia 776.
  9. Always midnight Japan time. So in 7 hours from now.
  10. Seems like the Japanese Twitter is moving onto gameplay now. Two videos about the co-ordinated attack (link) system. In the first video, Dorothea has Thoron equipped. Meanwhile, Hubert has Mire B (Beta) in the second one.
  11. That was a very special case. The 3DS security was so broken, people could download the game from the eShop. I've heard that's not possible on the Switch. You need to get the game first, then it can be dumped.
  12. @FuranSuwa Thanks, those are very helpful. Especially the help class/mission assistance.
  13. BTW, I am grabbing screenshots, but I'll upload them once the presentation is finished.
  14. Huh, I was expecting some bigger enemies. Like 9 squares for the final boss XD
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