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  1. Hmm, I was wondering if the negating counter effect was separate; I only counted the additional damage, since that was easier to see. But the 1 in 4 refers to once the Crest has triggered. 16 in 103 isn't too far from 1 in 4, although it is quite a bit lower. Curiously, if you add 12 and 16 together, it's actually close to 1 in 4. Although that's a coincidence. Sadly, I don't think I'd be able to find any formulae. I can barely identify plain old tables as it is, since none of the files have names (until they get updated in a patch) or labels (well, around 1% of the files do) ^^;; EDIT Also, it's never a waste. It's good to have real data to look at, instead of just pulling numbers that could be anything from the code.
  2. Thanks, should be fixed now! Of course, I put the number in the wrong column ^^;;
  3. @Silly Huh, that's interesting. I guess for high defence characters, it's better to recruit them earlier? With Gilbert you don't have a choice though! @Druplesnubb Oh yeah, I'll add the Part 2 recruitment conditions soon-ish. You are correct about the second part, although I'm unsure how to add them without it being too spoilery. I think there are a few more enemies with crests, but they aren't particularly memorable (or just plain spoilerific). I might have to write a disclaimer in there or something ^^;;;
  4. Sorry that I've been kinda quiet. Been busy with various things, while trying to squeeze in as much Three Houses play-time and testing as possible ^^;; Added the base activation rates to the Crests page: https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/crests/ @Sire Thanks! I had a feeling it worked like that. Otherwise it seems weird that the ring is inferior to the Goddess Ring. @Silly Hmm, that's curious. Maybe try plugging in the values for the other Fortress Knight class? HP: 35 (+5) STR: 14 MAG: 8 DEX: 12 SPD: 8 (-6) LCK: 10 DEF: 13 (+2) RES: 7 Those are the base stats, with the class-change boosts in brackets. I'm assuming Gilbert is in the normal Fortress Knight class when you get him, so ignore the CC boosts. But maybe his stats are calculated using those base stats? Hmm, but that's only a 4 point difference in Defence, I think? Anyway, besides that, there shouldn't be any other Fortress Knights. Also, there is another Gilbert, but he has the same bases and growths as normal.
  5. Thanks, I was able to check that myself but I want to check his B support specifically ^^ There's a possibility that his requirements at B and B+ might be slightly off because Byleth's Brawling skill starts at E+ rather than E. Under the normal scaling, that means the requirements would be lowered to E+ Brawling when you get to B+ support, which *might* be considered too low by the game (as it means an automatic pass, which should happen when you get to A support instead). So maybe it's something like D+ for B support and then D for B+. But that's just a guess.
  6. Thanks! I want to test that, but I haven't finished my Black Eagles run yet, so I can't attempt to recruit Caspar with a B support... That said, I did get him with C in Brawling without supports. So I assumed he scaled like normal. Is there anyone who's beaten Black Eagles route who can test this? Basically, unlock Caspar's B support and then buy a D Brawling rank (assuming you trained it). Then see if you can recruit him while exploring. I don't think you need to raise your Strength at all. @Jacien That's nice to know! I did think something was off about how plus supports worked--and I thought it might tie in with the Close Allies list. @timon Thanks! That helps a lot ^^ So it's just those three characters, huh?
  7. You're just in time. https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/monastery/greenhouse/ The only thing I can't answer is the chance of stat-boosters. But TBH, it's not really hard to get them. The main factors seem to be number of items (which is directly proportional to the number of seeds and the cultivation method used) and the yield level (this is a bit more complicated, but you want it to be 3 if possible).
  8. I think that's covered under additional notes, near the beginning. I hid a bunch of stuff to try and save space. Thanks for checking Marianne as well! It will count as C+. You can check via the "Share a meal" menu. Likewise, you can get B+ for everyone else before the time skip. Just now, I painstakingly showered Ingrid with gifts and tea parties to reach B+. @timon Ingrid needs D Flying up to C+ support, then E+ Flying at B or B+. I didn't check A, but I assume it's got to be "any will do".
  9. Very good question. I overlooked her but I just started a new Golden Deer file so I can check soon. Yes, Level counts as a stat. I'll make a note later. I checked with Catherine and Cyril.
  10. Their existence is way too suspicious to be nothing. I would be very, very surprised if the DLC didn't focus on them. Maybe the new characters are all related to those crests.
  11. Oh yeah, I kinda forgot you can do that ^^ Sure, I appreciate any research. That's what I remember from my playthrough. One thing to bear in mind, I think you can only explore once during the month where you go to Zanado. EDIT Oh, this is very important. Class stat boosts (via class changing) don't count. For example Str +1 for Fighter.
  12. Sorry it took so long, but here's the updated recruitment guide. NOTE: There is some missing information, mainly about Gilbert and Part 2 that I'll add later. Obviously, there are lots of recruitment guides out there, but there is a lot of uncertainty and some of the guides seem to have incorrect information about recruiting the students. After a lot of research, I think I've nailed down the recruitment conditions, for the most part anyway. The default values listed are from the game code and I verified a bunch of them, although not all of them. I also tried various combinations of support levels to figure out the reduced conditions and extrapolated the rest. So I'm pretty confident they're all correct. However, I couldn't try every combination, so that's where I might need some help. If you're still recruiting any characters in your save file(s), please let me know if your results match or don't match with the requirements listed. This is for manual recruitment only--automatic recruitment ignores all requirements. TBH, I've done so much testing I'm kind of sick of it XD Also, if you have any questions, just ask!
  13. Thanks! Oh, I might have the chapters off by one number. I was going by month but tried to convert to chapter. In any case, I'll have a look and figure something out.
  14. I think the theory is almost there, but it needs a little refining. 1. I believe every character has C, C+, B, B+, A and A+ supports even if they aren't visible. For characters who don't have those supports in their support list, you're kinda screwed and have to blindly guess. But for the protagonist, you can check via the "Share a Meal" option. So if a pair appears to have an A, but is somehow behind a different pair also at A, the other pair could be at A+. I don't actually know how pairs with "real" A+ supports are affected. It might be true that they have an advantage. As in, they can gain points towards a S, while pairs without one might be stuck at A+. 2. Likewise, the protagonist *may* have hidden S supports with every character, regardless of gender (or only the same gender?). I have noticed that in a New Game+, if you swap the protagonist's gender, you can buy some S supports for characters who were the same gender in your previous playthrough. For example I was a male protagonist initially, but I can now buy a S support for Lorenz and Seteth as a female. I think this behaviour only works for gender-swapping though. This may mean the protag can gain up to S for same gendered characters, but only up to A+ for different genders. I'm not 100% sure though. Although, this probably isn't too important since the protag overrides everyone if you manually S support. 3. There is definitely a priority list. You can just tell by looking at the close allies list sometimes. It's most likely the support list order, which is the same as the internal order. So it goes male protag, female protag, Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, Hubert, etc. I think when there's a tie, the game uses this order. It was really obvious in my playthrough, because my pairings were me x Lysithea, Claude x Lorenz, Raphael x Ignatz, Marianne x Hilda and Leonie by herself. With Lysithea taken, that's just the support list order: Claude, (gap for Black Eagle and Blue Lions who I didn't recruit), Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, Marianne, Hilda and Leonie.
  15. @Jacien That looks useful, thanks! I have been busy but I was planning to have all the portraits, including NPCs and enemies somewhere. Also, not sure if people are still looking into it, but I think I found the basic recruitment conditions. They're listed in the recruitment page. From what I can tell, the conditions are lowered according to support level. But it counts plus versions as well. So C+ support. You can view plus supports in the share a meal menu. For skills that demand B, I think it's lowered by one tier per tier of support. C support lowers it to C+, C+ lowers to C and B lowers to D+. Didn't check B+ support but you should be well ahead by that point. Skills that demand C seem a bit strange. C support doesn't appear to lower the skill requirement. But C+ does lower it to D+ and B lowers it to D. I dunno about the Sword B+ requirement as I'm currently playing Blue Lions. Also, I haven't really checked how the stat requirement is lowered. B support seems to have a drastic effect though. But that's probably not a surprise.
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