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  1. I figured this deserved its own topic. I was a bit messy splitting the posts, so if I moved the wrong ones or forgot to move some, sorry about that ^^;;;
  2. Fraldarius. Also, I finished my write up. You can read it here: https://serenesforest.net/2019/06/19/three-houses-4th-famitsu-article-nightcrawlers-tea-parties-offerings-saints/ I think I already posted most of the important stuff though.
  3. It's minor and ??? at the same time. Major crests have the text "Emblem" at the top of the icon. Only Byleth and Felix have this.
  4. My memory is kinda hazy. I'll need to check later... About the renown boxes. You need 10,000 to clear out a box. Does that mean the listed points are cumulative or not cumulative? I dunno how to use that word properly XD Also, Lysithea being a recruit makes me want to stray from the Golden Deer. But nah, I'll probably stick with it. A bit more stuff... When exploring the monastery, you may find blue sparkles on the floor, indicating a dropped item. If you can correctly identify its owner, by checking the item's details, you can earn support points and motivation. In the example, the protagonist has found a Fine Arts Book. Hmm, I wonder who this could belong to? Of course, Ignatz, since he loves art! During weekends and when it's a character's birthday, you can invite characters for a tea party. First, you choose from a selection of tea leaves, then the conversation starts. You'll want to choose conversation topics that the character is interested in. If successful, it seems you'll gain support points and both characters will increase their Charm stat. During a tea party, even if your conversation ends up going nowhere, don't worry as support points won't be deducted. Also, if the conversation is a success, you'll enter a "free time" state, where you can give a gift and, er, literally get closer to the other person.
  5. This was touched in Gamespot's preview as well as Treehouse Live, but it's possible to recruit students from other houses. However, you must meet certain stat and skill level requirements. Also you cannot recruit house leaders and certain students. Leonie is definitely fair game though! Any students you recruit will also join you during the war phase. When exploring, you can give gifts to students you encounter. Gifts can be purchased from the market, grown from the greenhouse etc. If you give a student a gift that they like, you can gain support points. Also, if the student is in your house, their Motivation will increase. Sadly, the screenshot is too small to see the details, but you can gift a Messenger Owl's Feather... Leonie: The daughter of a hunter, who's training to become a money-making mercenary. She's the protagonist's father's self-proclaimed top student.
  6. I lied, here's some bits from the article I'm working on. Felix's screenshot: A new option is available at the top: Advanced Training, which costs 1 activity point in exploring. According to Famitsu, you can receive training from anyone with skill levels higher than yours. So a more flexible version of Faculty Training for students. The other options are gift, lost item and invite to tea (more on this later). Thales Solon and Cronje's leader and an important figure within the Nightcrawlers. In order to carry out his plan, he acts in the shadows of Fódlan. Solon A person with the look of a mage. Suitable for his appearance, he uses cunning schemes and tricks. A highly dangerous individual. Cronje One of the Nightcrawlers. She looks like a happy young woman, but she acts like a child and exhibits a brutal disposition.
  7. OK, here should be the correct Renown totals, using the first statue as reference: Divine Cichol Statue Axe +1 200 pts Authority +1 500 pts Experience +5% - 100 pts Flying +2 - 2000 pts Divine Pulse +1 - 3000 pts Axe +2 - 4000 pts Authority +2 - 5000 pts Experience +10% - 7500 pts Strength and Speed cap +5 - 10000 pts So you need 3000 points total for one Divine Pulse upgrade.
  8. Oh, that would explain why the numbers are changing. My brain isn't at full capacity today XD
  9. Yeah, you spend it. The player has 3100 Renown in the screenshots. Also, the points are separate. So you need 200 + 300 for the first two tiers. Thus to reach a Divine Pulse upgrade, you need 200 + 300 + 500 + 1500 + 2500. Multiply that for the upgrades you need. Nevermind, I can't think straight : P EDIT: I think that's mostly everything important covered. I'll have the rest on the main site later.
  10. I don't believe they specify anything, just that Hero Relics exist and need the correct crest. There only being 4 saints seems a bit low as well. Plus there's other crests with unknown origins, besides Byleth's...
  11. Sorry, I think Grappler is male only. Kinda speeding through XD Helm Splitter - 2nd Axe Combat Art Costs 5 durability, but boosts Might by 7 and Critical rate by 5 and is strong against armoured foes. Back Blow - 1st Gauntlet Combat Art Costs 3 durability, boosts Might by 3, Hit rate by 10 and Avoid by 30. User moves one square backwards afterwards (like Hit and Run). Cathedral In addition to choir practice and the advice box, you can provide offerings to statues of 4 saints. Offerings are in the form of Renown, obtained via quests and battles. Basically, you have four different Renown reward boxes. I believe the skill level bonuses are additional experience points when instructing. Divine Cichol Statue Axe +1 - 200 pts Authority +1 - 300 pts Experience +5% - 500 pts Flying +2 - 1500 pts Divine Pulse +1 - 2500 pts Axe +2 - 3500 pts Authority +2 - 4500 pts Experience +10% - 7000 pts Strength and Speed cap +5 - 9500 pts Divine Cethlenn Statue Lance +1 - 200 pts Faith +1 - 300 pts Experience +5% - 500 pts Class Mastery +1 - 1500 pts Divine Pulse +1 - 2500 pts Lance +2 - 3500 pts Faith +2 - 4500 pts Experience +10% - 7000 pts Luck and Charm cap +5 - 9500 pts Divine Macuil Statue Sword +1 - 200 pts Reason +1 - 300 pts Experience +5% - 500 pts Riding +2 - 1500pts Divine Pulse +1 - 2500 pts Sword +2 - 3500 pts Reason +2 - 4500 pts Experience +10% - 7000 pts Magic and Skill cap +5 - 9500 pts Divine Indech Statue Bow +1 - 200 pts Fighting +1 - 300 pts Experience +5% - 500 pts Heavy Armor +2 - 1500pts Divine Pulse +1 - 2500 pts Bow +2 - 3500 pts Fighting +2 - 4500 pts Experience +10% - 7000 pts Defence and Resistance cap +5 - 9500 pts EDIT2: Fixed the numbers.
  12. Yeah, it's the monastery. You can see the cathedral interior. Also, class abilities. Remember that these are locked to class. Hero (male-only) Swordfaire - Might +5 when a sword is equipped. Vantage - Always attack first when under 50% HP. Fortress Axefaire - Might +5 when an axe is equipped. Weight -5 - The combined weapon of equipment is reduced by 5. Paladin Move Again - Unit can use leftover movement after performing an action. Lancefaire - Might +5 when a lance is equipped. Terrain Resistance - Unit does not receive terrain damage. Grappler Gauntletfaire - Might +5 when a gauntlet is equipped. Barehanded Battle - User fights with a gauntlet even if no weapon is equipped. Warlock Blackmagicfaire - Might +5 when black magic is equipped. Black Magic Use x2 - Doubles the number of uses of black magic spells. Bishop White Magic Use x2 - Doubles the number of uses of white magic spells. White Magic Recovery +10 - White Magic recovery amount +10 Terrain Resistance - Unit does not receive terrain damage.
  13. Bottom of Page 6 discusses the smithy. You can repair and forge weapons. I think you need to pay gold and materials to repair weapons. Forging is kinda hard to see. But I think you need to pay smithing stones (forgot what they're called in English) and your Professor Level needs to be high enough. Then you can craft + versions of weapons. The protagonist's Sword of the Creator will restore 5 uses by itself if you rest during a weekend. Dunno if you can repair it normally.
  14. Personal abilities. There might be better names for some of these. Caspar: Quarreler - Adjacent foes receive Avoid -10 during combat. Linhardt: Doze Off - If unit waits without performing an action, restores 10% HP. Petra: Hunter's Law - When foe has less than 50% HP, Critical rate +20 Annette: Hard Worker - When Rally command is used on ally, grants Strength +4. Sylvain: Ladies' Man- When adjacent to a female ally, damage dealt to foe +2, damage received from foe -2. Ingrid: Lady Knight - When using a Gambit, Might +3 and Hit Rate +5. Ignatz: Keen Observation - Hit rate +20. Marianne: Animal Lover - When adjacent to a horseback or flying ally, restores 20% HP at the start of the turn. Leonie: Hates to Lose - When adjacent to a male ally, damage dealt to foe +2, damage received from foe -2.
  15. There's a paragraph about scouting for other students. Seems to be the same deal as in Gamespot's video. You need certain stats and skill levels. You can't recruit the house leaders and certain students. Linhardt has Minor Crest of Cethlenn (belongs to a saint not an Elite). Annette has Minor Crest of Dominique. Sylvain has Minor Crest of Gautier. Yeah, that one... Ingrid has Minor Crest of Daphnel. Marianne has Minor Crest of ??? (same as the crest on Edelgard's axe). EDIT: It's literally crest of ??? like Byleth's first crest.
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