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  1. Frankly I don't think it really matters if they have a good reason why Hel is suddenly in our army. If people want her, which they do, we'll probably eventually get her. Who knows why they are slowrolling her? Perhaps they didnt want to flood us with oc's in a short period. Tldr: they don't need a story reason to make hel summonable
  2. I'm going to hope for Hel once again. I really want her to be added, and if the mythic hero is indeed Green, then I think she has a pretty decent chance.
  3. I like your ideas, but i'd rather have the new side story/epilogue thing with Elincia, Sanaki and Micaiah. I don't see what they have to add to Ike, and I would love to see these three interact more.
  4. So far I'm doing ok. Lvl 37 Eirika - Panic+ (Wrathful), Recover+, Fireflood Balm+, Def/Res Bond 3, Dazzling Staff 3, Joint Hone Atk, Drive Atk 2 (I like how her healing skill gets her a lot of experience.) Lvl 40+2 Ephraim - Silver Lance+, Heavy Blade 4, Bold Fighter 3, Threat. Atk/Def 3, Chill Atk 3 (Very good tank and strong fighter, but I just have not been able to find a good weapon, assist or special for him.) Lvl 40+1 Tana - Fruit of Idunn, Death Blow 3 (Sacred Seal) (As you can see I really haven't prioritized giving her skills yet, since I have mostly been focusing on others, but her weapon is great for ferrying around Ephraim and Eirika.) Lvl 39+1 Innes - Rearguard+ (+Spd), Rally Spd/Def+, Aether, Quick Riposte 3, Close Guard 3 (All around decent unit, though he could definitely be better.)
  5. ''Well, follow me! The others are just a short flight... or in your case, ride, away.'' Gabriela ascended and had her wings carry her over to the others, making sure the zombie and vampire, who appeared to be getting rather close, were still following her. ''Heeeey, Marina!'' She appeared to have gathered quite the audience. ''I brought Jade and Lavinia. They should be right behind me.''
  6. FFVII as someone said earlier. The remake as well. I don't really like how they're splitting it up into two parts, but thats neither here nor there. I don't find the story or characters that interesting and both Cloud and Sephiroth annoy me. Kingdom Hearts in general gets ruined by the stories that are confusing to a staggering degree.
  7. I'm not talking about Hojo though. He IS an awesome villain and actually gets the screentime and personality he needs to stand out, whereas Sephiroth.... really doesn't, not really sure why Hojo is suddenly part of this conversation. I used that analogy to refer to Sephiroth specifically, because that is how the internet seems to treat him, even though he is in my opinion a horrible villain.
  8. For Fire Emblem, the only ones that really come to mind are Ike and Edelgard, never found the appeal in either of them myself. As for other series, I find both Cloud and Sephiroth to be very boring and not very interesting characters. Cloud himself just does not have much to him and while I enjoy myself a good edge at times, Cloud is just boring. Sephiroth on the other hand is so one-note that I cannot take him seriously. The remake makes him only worse, making him out to be a big deal but having him only show up near the very end of the game showcasing no personality whatsoever aside from being a gigantic dick. But this is a classic case of ''You can get away with doing evil shit if you're cool enough''. I'm not even going to open the Pokémon can of worms, that is something that pretty much my opinions are always in reverse to the leading opinion of the fandom. F.E Charizard sucks. and so does Snorlax.
  9. I like Hubert BECAUSE he is rude, an asshole. I find it endlessly hilarious. I also like how he can usually defrost himself when he needs to, which is why he is one of my favourite black eagles.
  10. I wouldn't really like it. For one, if there would be more ones, they probably wouldn't put them in the pool, and also, it means that the backup character is pretty much wasted. To take one of OP's examples, what if I want to have Bastian and Lucia seperate? Why do I need to drag Lucia around if I just want Bastian? The reason I like Duo units is that for now at least, it's seasonal only, and for the one example in the NH pool, it's alt-only, meaning I can actually run the units included on their own if I want.
  11. Owain and Shannan were quite funny in their Forging Bonds, I would like them together. Say'ri and Kiria too.
  12. Gabriela winked at Marina, a soft wink of genuine care. ''No worries. I'll get it done. Come find me if you have a problem, okay?'' Gabriela didn't forget to also wink at Ren before she departed. Such a snack can not be left without something to keep it nice and hot. After shaking her wings to get all the dust off of them, she took off to the skies, and flew over the woods to find Jade, who she found speaking to Lavinia. She landed right in front of them, bearing her signature smile Gabriela waved to the two of them. ''Hey Jade, hey Lavinia, it seemed we got through that battle pretty good, didn't we? I do hope you're well.'' She was genuinely happy to see both of them were still in one piece, so much so that she almost forgot about Marina's message. ''Oh, right, Jade! Marina actually sent me to get you. I think she found some sort of wraith? I don't know too much about it, but the wraith seemed to speak of you. Or, a 'Jade', at least. To be honest, it's a little creepy. Would you... come with me?''
  13. Rhys looks so cute, very happy with him. Mia can probably autobattle this for me. Also if previous trends are any indication, Selena is probably the TT Boss.
  14. Gabriela gave her wings a good shake, now that it was all over. ''This was, without question, our longest and most tiring battle... yet. One can only imagine it's going to be much worse from now on...'' However, once she was done whining, she turned her attention to Marina and Agni. ''Agni, I believe I am much more fit to make it to Jade faster. For one, I can fly over the woods, while you have to make it through on your feet! I am curious about that wraith myself. Tell you what. I want to speak to Jade and Lavinia anyway, to check up on them. I can mention the wraith to Jade if you wish.'' She started at Agni. ''Alternatively, you can get your bodyguard to go tell Jade... I'm sure he'd like that responsiblity very much. What say you, Hero?''
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