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  1. It seemed like Nessraya and Xalrei didn't really want to go, and understandably so, since those two seemed to really like each other. Taliyah would join Gabriela and Ren though, so that's fine. Being a halfbreed must not at all be easy, after all. "Don't worry General, we'll be A-Okay as long as we have Ren with us, he wouldn't leave us two girls be taken out by some witch....i'm sure. Well, Tali? Shall we head off? Follow my lead, Ren!" Before taking of, she looked at Xalrei. "Well Xalrei, have fun on your date... or should I say good luck instead?" Gabriela gave a playful wink before heading out of the door. The tavern wasn't far, so they should arrive fairly quickly. What could go wrong?
  2. Ren looked awfully serious, and understandably so after the shocking info he just revealed. Not only is Ouka close, the girl that was just here was one of her minions. It was time to go. "Understood. I'll tell the general." Gabriela approached General Nessraya, who was talking with Xalrei. "General.... this is Ayane's bodyguard. We have to return to where Ayane is, now. It's urgent. Ouka may be nearby. Isn't that right, Ren?" Gabriela looked back at Ren, hoping he'd explain himself to General Nessraya. The sooner this incident was resolved, the sooner Gabriela could have some fun... preferably if Ren was involved. And, Agni and Bladen didn't look too bad either. She was, in any case, very much done with this witch, and her interrupting ways.
  3. Oh man Ike again? I feel like this is already his 10th voting gauntlet or something. Anyway, Team Barst aka team nice arms it is.
  4. Gabriela looked at the strange woman. Just as she wanted to answer Ren again, he suddenly walked away when this strange woman entered the bar. Taliyah asked if it was a friend, to which she nodded and said she was a 'good' friend. "Oh dear me, Ren, is this your girlfriend? Why didn't you say so earlier?" Gabriela eyed the woman, who seemed to be utmost calm. "May I ask your name, and what exactly you're doing here? It seems like strange characters just keep appearing out of the woodwork..."
  5. This bird lover moved fast. Too fast. Gabriela didn't expect Taliyah to actually believe her bluff but it seems Gaby overestimated her. So, he gambled away his family weapon? Big deal, right? Not. What use was a family weapon anyway? Just bringing him over to Ayane should be enough to prove his connection. "Don't worry, i'll make sure you don't get killed by Ayane.....at least until i'm done with you..." Gabriela laughed, but then went back to a serious mood. "But seriously, calm down. Family weapons or crests are worthless. I am, as far as I know and think, the last of my kin. I do not have any family weapon, it was all burnt away. The only way to make a living in this world is with actions, not some ugly piece of metal." Gabriela stood up. "Now? I don't think so! The night is still young, and you're too! You will come with us AFTER we are done here. I will stay by your side, to make sure you do not.... run away." Gabriela laughed.
  6. Gabriela stared him down while he was telling his story. He was so cute when he was flustered. So this guy is Ayane's bodyguard? Gabriela didn't doubt it, but it would be a little bit of a shame to let her fun end there, right? This was a tavern after all, it's not often she was somewhere like here. "You're Ayane's bodyguard? A likely story! And i'm the king's elder sister." Gabriela laughed. "Of course, you could just.... come with us and prove your connection? Or did I just catch you in your lie, ha ha ha..." Gabriela was clearly having a lot of fun teasing Ren. "What a simply adorable pigeon, much like it's owner. I have wings just like him. What do you think?" Gabriela showed off her white wings, hoping to impress the guy.
  7. If they have Mario from Mario Tennis Aces as a spirit, then Shantae can become playable.
  8. How do you figure that? I don't think them being spirit necessarily deconfirms a character.
  9. After getting hit with a pretty half-assed answer from Taliyah, she zoomed away to a table in the back, where a man was sitting, and Gabriela was just close enough to hear Taliyah mention Ayane's name. This could be bad.. Gabriela ran after Taliyah who seemed to be making conversation. "Taliyah, it's rude to-" When Gabriela looked at the man, she was surprised. Not just because it was another Oni-looking monster, but also because of how handsome he was. Gabriela couldn't help herself anymore, and grabbed a chair, placed it near the table and sat down. "Well, aren't you a handsome one? Those horns certainly do look familiar indeed. Ayane is with us now, I think she might be coming along with us on a journey. But what about you? What's your name? I'm Gabriela, a siren. You should hear me sing sometime. Taliyah over here can confirm that it's very soothing." Gabriela gave a little wink in the direction of the horned man, hoping he would be flattered.
  10. Are you getting Sword or Shield? I'll trade you a Ponyta if you decide to get Sword!
  11. "Lottery winner, huh? I like your style, general Nessraya~" Xalrei was getting pretty embarrassed, so it was probably time to leave her alone. Not that she had time to think, as Xalrei quickly led the group forward, onto some nice place in town to have a nice time in. And the tavern they arrived at was one called "The Accidental Gopher". While the name was interesting, the tavern itself seemed pretty standard. She wasn't new to taverns, and never minded a good drink. Different monsters, shady characters, smell of booze and drunk monsters, check. She wondered if this was really Taliyah's scene, as she didn't seem like someone who would drink and misbehave at a place like this. "So, Taliyah, what are you planning to drink?"
  12. Xalrei was clearly not having Taliyah's sulking right now. It was time to have some fun! Gabriela was a bit behind the two of them, especially since Xalrei was practically dragging Taliyah out of the inn, so it was a little difficult to keep up. She was pretty excited to finally be able to go out with some girls, especially after what Ayane said earlier. A little rude, that one. When Gabriela turned the corner, she saw Xalrei and Taliyah talking to none other than General Nessraya. She looked to be having a pretty good time, and she could probably guess what happened. She still remembered seeing Xalrei and Nessraya in the same tent, and knowing the general, she was probably teasing Xalrei. This was confirmed when she heard more words come out of General Nessraya's mouth. "General! You are such a tease. Looking for your next victim on this fine evening?" Gabriela winked playfully.
  13. Gabriela was surprised, but happy with the sudden invitation to come along with them. She and Xalrei may not have gotten off at the right foot, but Gabriela warmed up to her a lot, and it seemed to be mutual. Taliyah still looked rather tired, even while she was being sung to during her nap. "Oh, yes, i'd love to join you!" Gabriela responded happily. "Are you alright, Taliyah? Are you up for some time in the town with us?" Gabriela just hoped they wouldn't visit that same tailor from earlier again. That would most likely lead into an argument again.. or something worse. There are probably other tailors in town anyway if they need some clothes. This was shaping up to be a great night!
  14. If this is true, take the game away from Gamefreak. Please. I don't know why they are trying to get away with this.
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