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  1. It actually says it right there in the notifications. Sigurd and Seliph will share one, and Arvis and Saias won't ,they will have their respective weapons (Valflame and Wargod's Tome) refined. So we got 5 refines this time.
  2. Saias, Effie and Rhajat too? Geez louise, we got a lot this time.
  3. I would have made Dimitri and Claude infantry units. I don't understand why they had to make them Cavalry, especially in Claude's case that makes little sense.
  4. The more important people of the group, which Gabriela most definitely wasn't a part of, took off to do whatever they had to in this town, which frankly looked like a dump. She had never visited Tepel, so she wasn't sure how it normally looked, but it most definitely wasn't like this. Jade seemed to have been here before, as she was leading them and her two lovely ladies through the town with no problem, and described all sorts of features of the town as they passed it. The town suddenly didn't look too shabby, with nice places to eat were everywhere, and nice shops to buy lovely clothes were spread around as well. New life could definitely bloom here, if they got the support, of course. Whether this was one of the king's priorities, remained to be seen. Then again, she didn't know the king at all, and had never seen him. She may have heard names being thrown around.. but remembering all of them is not one of Gabriela's priorities. The lingering awkwardness in the air hindered the conversation greatly. While Jade mostly spread trivia about the shops, what kind of nick-nacks they sold, who their owners were, stuff like that, Gabriela could only respond with ''I see.'' or ''Uh-huh.'' After DV and BV were taken care of, Jade finally spoke up. An offer for the ages. A fortune-teller. And it was Jade's treat? ''Wow... that sounds nice. I'm not sure how trustworthy fortune-tellers are, but... I suppose it's worth a try. It's really nice of you to treat me after I was so rude to you before... so thank you.'' the smile on Jade's face was honest and sweet, and Gabriela could not help but reciprocate.
  5. Sunbathing on top of the wagon had become on of Gabriela's favourite past-times. The only person who could join her was Bladen, and he usually didn't bother her. If anyone bothered anyone, it was usually the other way around. One of those days it was where she was just closing her eyes thinking about whatever.. the battles ahead, her relationships, and of course, money... or she was until she heard a voice. It took a while to place it but it definitely belonged to the undead Jade, the same one that Gabby had been a bit rude to since the incident after the battle. Did she really just invite her to take a stroll? In truth, Gabriela wanted to say yes, but she still felt a little bad about what happened the other day, and was unsure if Jade was just being polite, or if she actually wanted to talk. While Jade left in preparation to move on, she made some to think about it. If she didn't bury the hatchet now, who knows when another chance would present itself, if at all. No, clearly now was the time to apologize. She spread her wings, which had been well-rested and warm due to the sunlight. She jumped off the wagon and made sure to land just fine on her feet. Jade wasn't terribly difficult to find, as she was always around, unlike some other monsters in the group, who were better off not being named. ''Hey Jade, sorry I didn't answer you sooner, but that stroll sounds lovely. Only if you still have time of course. Besides, i'm a little tired of letting my wings collect dust on the roof of the wagon while sunbathing. My legs need some exercise too!'' She pointedly stood on her feet after that, taking a bit of time to get used to the weight of her wings.
  6. I'm SO excited for this. I really want to see and know more about the world of Hyrule before the great calamity, and a warrior-style spinoff is not what I would have thought of, but a really neat idea regardless. I wonder how many songs will be remixed, too!
  7. ''Family affairs, hmm? Whose? Yours? I didn't know you had much family, aside from the princess here, of course.'' She then turned to Ayane yet again. ''Believe me, Asami is not an easy person to talk to, or get information out of, even if you are, supposedly, on good terms with her. Honestly, I don't know what her deal is, but I can't really do anything, since she is the one who pays me. Tell you what, i'll try to get Asami to tell me what she knows, and i'll of course keep my own eyes open. I'll let you know if I hear anything. Oh, and yes, I would like a chance to speak to Ren one-on-one, since we haven't had much opportunity. Still, it was nice to see you, princess.'' She sat down near Ren, and waited until the Princess had taken her leave. ''So, Ren, it HAS been a while since we've spoken like this, hasn't it?'' She looked at him with a seductive smile. ''I do hope there hasn't been too much... competition for me among the group? I'm sure a man like you has lots of suitors. Have you ever had a girlfriend before? Forgive me for prying, but i'm simply curious who i'm getting to know.''
  8. I was thinking perhaps Itsuki and the other one probably Tsubasa? But the more I look at it the more it just resembles Sigurd and not Itsuki.
  9. Maybe they won't have any. Besides, the mirages in their original versions are not counted as seperate characters, as far as duo heroes or whatever are concerned, so I doubt that is an issue.
  10. There are lots of songs that are sung by more than two people, sidequests that involve multiple people and combo attacks with multiple party members, so having a duo unit would be quite easy. The likeliest bet imo is Duo Kiria/Tsubasa.
  11. I really want Itsuki as the final Marth version of him he takes on in the final battle against Medeus, which would definitely be a legendary version. I imagine he would be similar to his normal version, but perhaps more faster. And besides Itsuki totally counts as a lord/lead. Arguably Tsubasa too if the 'free leads' event is to be believed.
  12. Gabriela had already spotted Ren and Ayane speaking with Erephis earlier. It didn't require a magnifying glass to see that Ren had charmed his way into another woman's heart, whether it was intentional or not. She took off during her conversation with Agni though, so perhaps she wasn't as interested as she thought? It would be best to get the answer from the horse's mouth himself, though. She walked past Agni, who had settled in comfortably and walked to Ren and Ayane. ''Hello lovelies! I do hope i'm not interrupting anything. I simply wanted to have a word with Ren. I saw that you were talking to Erephis lately. What exactly is your relationship like? Just, out of curiosity.'' She looked at Ayane, trying to read her face. ''We haven't had much of a chance to talk either, princess. I wonder if you have any leads yet on that Ouka business?''
  13. I can agree to a certain extent, finding non-popular characters more interesting a lot of the time. Not always, but sometimes. Still, I don't think it's something that should bug you. You like who you like, you don't have to follow other people in what you like. If you like it, why care what others think? Thats what I think anyway. Also, Claude being the least popular lord doesn't say much considering all three are insanely popular. As for my list: 1. Linhardt 2. Felix 3. Annette 4. Dimitri 5. Hubert 6. Yuri 7. Rhea 8. Jeritza 9. Lorenz 10. Hilda Basically, put Linhardt and Felix in heroes already IS. Please and thank you.
  14. You're correct, I didn't mean to be rude, sorry.
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