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  1. Scary face, because Cabbage guy sounds too pathetic. WYR eat monkey or giraffe meat?
  2. Gabriela gave a smile. She didn't have much interest in the arena herself, but hanging out with others is never a bad Idea, certainly not if she is going to fight with them on the battlefield. Keeping Marina company while she changed seemed like a wonderful time. "Of course i'll accompany you, Cianna. We can go whenever you're ready." She looked at the other 2 girls, waiting what their course of action was.
  3. What does it matter if you are a teacher or a teaching assistant? Rhea decided to make you a teacher and Jeralt the captain of the knights, and that's just how it went down.
  4. Seeing as Gabriela had no wishes to interfere with this family reunion, or to find out how much Xalrei looked like her mother, so it's probably a better idea to wait outside. "Oh, Xalrei! I will wait outside with Nessraya and the others. Excuse me!" Having said that, Gabriela floated outside. She came just quick enough to hear Marina's woes about het busy life. "Oh, Cianna. You should really relax a bit. What do you find relaxing to do? Maybe we'll figure something out together. I can accomodate a lot, you know. Or do you want to hear me sing? We sirens have great voices, did you know?" She ended the conversation with a wink, awaiting the hero's response, feeling glad Lavinia wasn't here to scowl at Gabriela and take Marina away.
  5. While I would like 1st parties, I think they would prioritize 3rd parties.
  6. I'm so excited! The game looks quite amazing honestly, such a good upgrade and this will be a day one get for me.
  7. If they make Miklan a demonic beast, I'm confident they'll make him a dragon, since I am pretty sure dragon effective weapons were effective on him.
  8. Wow, Nessraya certainly had a lot of influence everywhere, she made the shopkeeper shut up. THAT's impressive. She even made him accept the deal. As he should. You can't be picky when it comes to where money comes from. Gabriela has more than enough experience on that front. It was good to see Taliyah so happy though. Until earlier, she was a crying ball of anxiety, not much unlike Marina. She wanted to go over to them, when the sudden appearance of what looked like a Naga hugged Xalrei. She claimed to be the mother of Xalrei. So that would mean Xalrei is from here, right? How surprising! Thinking about it, Gabriela had been making fun of Xalrei a little bit.... she wouldn't tell her mother, would she? That would be... problematic. Gabriela walked back and stood behind Nessraya, hoping that things would be alright.
  9. So, this turned into a nice group outing? Well, it would be a good chance to get to know everyone, so why not? "Indeed, let's have some fun." Gabriela gave one of her signature smiles. Agni seemingly went off on his own..... Gabriela would get a hold on him later, as he seemingly is becoming more and more... Irresistable. For a mere human, that is. He reminds her a lot of her childhood crush... Ah, the good old days. Getting to know Marina would be quite a treat. It would help her find out what everyone sees in this seemingly weak pile of anxiety.
  10. Gabriela was more than happy to receive some pocket money to spend, and she wasn't going to let this opportunity to unwind have some fun. Perhaps this too was a good chance to bond with some of her allies. She saw how Marina was once again a bit flustered, and it seemed like she was going to hang out with Xalrei and Taliyah, if she succeeded in convincing Xalrei, at least. So, instead, she lept towards Nessraya. "Hey, Nessie, how are you today? Do you wish to spend some time together?" She approached Nessraya in her usual cheerful tone, hoping that she would enjoy spending time together. Nessraya always seemed like a nice general, it would not hurt getting to know her.
  11. Confused, but relieved, Gabriela sat down next to where Asami deciced to lay down. "Huh, so you knew about Erephis? Did you let yourself get kidnapped, then?" It was quite something to be able to talk so freely to THE Asami of the Dawn. She was quite famous... or infamous if you'd prefer. Is this... friendship? Gabriela never had friends. She never fit in with the other young sirens. They thought her attitude was that of a spoiled brat who only thought of herself... and they weren't wrong. But to finally have someone she can talk to like this... it made her very happy, like a mother who hears her baby say 'mama' as their first word. Asami seemed very comfortable on the ground, and Gabriela had to admit, it wasn't too terrible laying here. "Hey, Asami.... could you tell me something about yourself? i don't really know much about you.. my employer, I mean."
  12. "Super Cool" is also up to your opinion isn't it? That 'Most popular' is also not everyone's opinion. There are a lot of people who prefer Micaiah over Ike, as the reverse is true. It feels like you are putting yout opinion in the mouth of all Tellius fans, as if al of them like Ike better than Micaiah. Yes, it's the time of Micaiah and the other 3 brave heroes. So yes; it is also Micaiah's time, and not Ike. Ps, whether she is new or not is not down to opinion, she came out earlier this month
  13. Sure they would think it's cool. But why would that mean they would prioritize that over Micaiah? Its kind of Micaiah's time right now. Furthermore the Micaiah in this gauntlet is new and awesome, while the Ike in this gauntlet has been in this game for a year and a half, so people have gotten used to seeing him anywhere.
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