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  1. He picks the one that most people picked, he does a poll on youtube and twitter. These brave units have sometimes been proven to be invaluable for some guides, but he tries to avoid using them if possible.
  2. I am in the same situation as you, sort of. Surprisingly I am in Tier 19 of Arena which already surprised me, and Tier 18 in AR and can't get above. But I think that you shouldn't be frustrated that you cannot get higher. Sure it's a little bit annoying when you can't get higher, but then you need to remember: It's just a game. Just think about the people at the top, who probably spend a lot of money on this game, a lot more than you and I could probably afford, and then think about how for our doing, we're doing pretty good. Those tiers we are in still give plenty of good rewards, all it means is that our projects will take a little longer. The only way you can beat content by yourself is practice practice practice. Take it from me, I've taken simply hours even attempting to clear some Abyssal maps, and still fail, but when you finally do clear them, it is so intensely satisfying, because you have worked so hard to clear these maps. I have autism as well, and this is just something you need to get through, perhaps slowly. And you should also know that there is no shame in utilizing guides, even if they don't go exactly how the guide goes, you can always build a strategy around that.
  3. That wouldn't make very much sense, as that would give Est and Catria the same exact weapon.
  4. It comes with a cable, which you can put it your dock, and all you have to do is plug it in to charge it, as long as your dock is also plugged in. It's easy!
  5. If the notification board is to be believed, Ruptured Sky is definitely inheritable.
  6. The pro controllers feel quite nice in your hands, are not too heavy, work perfectly fine and don't develop a drift issue, but when buying Joy-cons you have the chance that they will develop a drift issue again. It's better to have something for the long run.
  7. She was just mentioned in the notifications, never actually shown/
  8. Oooh, I would love to get one of those too, BOTW was great! I just have a normal black one, it's wireless. A lot of the themed ones were wired which I don't like a lot.
  9. Oh yeah I meant that I use a Pro Controller instead of the Joy-cons. If I were you I would invest in a pro controller when this issue is active, since it can be really annoying when you try to do something and it just randomly scrolls somewhere. You can use a Pro controller in handheld too if you remove the joy-cons!
  10. My right joy-con has had it for MONTHS too. It is SO annoying. I agree with you. This is also why I barely even use it.
  11. Blue lions for sure! The students in it appeal to me the most and Dimitri seems like a very fun lord!
  12. Neither story is anything to write home about, just go with the one you like most at this point.
  13. I think we should wait until we see the full support line and see why she actually hates Ferdinand.
  14. I don't mean to be rude you guys, but going back and forth like this with each other is not going to solve any issue you might have with eachother.
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