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  1. How are people expecting Famicom Detective to be showcased? The games release in May, and E3 is in June.
  2. Gabriela couldn't help but scowl a little bit when Tenebria, who apparently was the princess of Coteon, was the one who healed Ren's wound. Of course, she was happy for Ren that his wounds were being healed, but why was it by this person? The princess of the country the band was out to defeat? The princess came, and looked rather nervously at Gabriela, at that. Were white wings really that rare of a sight? Or did she know something more? If anyone would know, the princess would be a prime candidate. This called for an interrogation, but the time unfortunately wasn't right, certainly not with the king standing right there. Why did she allow this princess to go with us anyway? It was ludicrous, but the siren wasn't exactly in a position to raise an objection. Thesephine was still her king, after all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few more hours to rest, then? That seemed like a golden opportunity to get to know their new guests. However, there was someone who needed her attention more. Ren was still weak and very tired, and leaving him alone would be bad form. According to the king, they were supposed to travel to Mixoco, a fort south from where they were. It seems another tough battle was in sight. Battling to the death had become a daily part of life though, and the siren was getting more and more used to the whole spectacle. ''Hey, Ren, are you awake?'' She looked at Ren. ''We should go pack our bags for the trip. You can rest on my bed while I pack mine if you want. I'll take care of you.'' She gave him a little peck.
  3. What date has it been announced for? I'll be happy with any Fire Emblem news, really. Don't really have any other expectations or hopes, really. Though I would be pretty happy with BOTW2 news...
  4. Just waiting with Ren was a lot more peaceful then the siren would have expected. It was nice to spend some alone time together, however fleeting. Of course, it didn't last long, as everyone quickly came back, even the demon king. She was more worried about Ren than what the demon king had to say, but it was a good idea to still just listen regardless. However, the news wasn't what she was hoping for, and with Ren and herself not being in the best of moods, it wasn't exactly great timing. Instead of interrogating Ariana for information and then lobbing her head off for what she did, she is joining up with the group!? Truly, it was an absolutely baffling decision. But there was a silver lining, as there always is. At least this way, Gabriela could interrogate her some more about the siren that are in the church's possession... and seeing as how Ariana might not be a human after all, and most likely weak to light magic, she could destroy her anytime she decided to turn her coat again. ''Could you please leave us alone right now, Bridgit? Ren is very tired, and he doesn't need your input right now.'' Gabriella scoffed a bit at the vampire. Talking down as if she is better than Ren, who does she think she is, anyway? A lot of things were on the mind. How was Jade doing? What kind of person was Ariana, and most importantly, what did she know about the siren still under service of the church? It was decided, she must know. But for the time being, sticking with Ren was more important. ''Hush Ren, I know you're in pain, but why don't you try to rest here until the healers come? I promise i'll take care of you as best as I can.'' She couldn't help but smile at her lover when she said that.
  5. These banners have shown time and time again that they are unpredictable but if I had to guess... Morva, Red Dragon Armor - Sacred Stones, Grand Hero Battle Elice, Staff Infantry - Mystery of the Emblem Gunter, Blue Dragon Cavalry - Fates: Revelation Rhea, Green Dragon Infantry - Three Houses, Silver Snow Grand Hero Battle -> Bertram, Sword/Lance Cavalier - Path of Radiance Many dragons, so if that is too much, Gunter could theoretically be replaced by Arete as a Blue Mage Cavalier.
  6. So it appears we will be battling not one, but two Sword-wielding summoners in the next chapter. Very interesting. It seems the background for the final map is the forest where we found Eitri, and the title of the chapter is ''Treachery''. Is it a stretch to imagine Eitri will be turning coat?
  7. When is Fáfnir and Reginn's mixtape coming out?!
  8. Pretty much the same as above. I would buy it because it's Fire Emblem and I enjoy it, but the thing to me is that while those graphics were nice then and the animations certainly are still quite nice, a lot about the game/engine/ui is quite dated and I would rather them try perfecting the 3D models instead of trying to pander to nostalgia with graphics like that. Part of it may be that retro-style games aren't really my thing either. In conclusion, yes I would buy the game, but I would be disappointed nonetheless.
  9. ''O-oh.'' Gabriela jumped a bit. ''I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you more.'' she looked sad. ''Am I really supposed to just let you keep hurting while we wait? At least let us go somewhere and tend to your wounds ourselves! What if your wounds get infected?!'' The siren was being a bit of a worrywart, but for good reason! At least that was what she told herself. Maybe it more of an excuse to stay a little clingy. Besides, there wasn't much more to be doing now. As far as she was aware, the interrogation was still ongoing, and where everyone else was hanging out was another thing altogether. For now, it would be fine to just stay by Ren's side and help him. Just a little longer.
  10. Too many, if you ask me. Sylvain is the most egregious example to me.
  11. I love Silque a lot, so I am definitely going to join her! I'd say her chances are somewhat decent.
  12. Aithlin quickly interjected. She seemed to have some idea what was wrong with Jade. Besides, Ren also needed help, clearly, and judging from his reaction, his wounds may have had something to do with Jade's strange behaviour. Getting those fixed would probably be high on the priority list to get Jade to feel better. The siren decided to talk to Jade about this later, when she feels better. She went to hug Ren, first of all. ''I'm glad you're alright, Ren. I know you're a capable fighter, but you still worry me a lot, you know.'' Then again, she wasn't one to talk. She fought on the front lines in the battle too, and had to drink a vulnerary to close some of her immediate wounds. ''It looks like I could use some healing as well. Do you think you could lead the way? I have no idea where everyone else is, least of all where the healers are hanging out.'' She kept clinging to Ren, looking at his wounds. They were more severe as she would have thought.
  13. Aithlin seemed really taken aback by Gabriela's words. That was not the intention, but Jade, as well as the incoming Ren seemed to take the heat off, so all's well that ends well, right? ''It's alright, Aithlin. We had some wounded, but we got out of the battle in good state. Well, I suppose Ren didn't. You fought quite a battle out there, didn't you, handsome? How about we go find you a healer? Or have you been treated already?'' She was laughing while she was speaking, but it was clear her concern for Ren's safety was real. ''Oh, the rest of the group? They're interrogating that church wench they captured, I think. That's right, wasn't it, Jade?'' She expected an answer, but what she was not expecting was to see Jade looking... hurt? She was pressing her finger against her nose, while the other hand used Gabriela's shoulder as support. ''Jade, are you feeling alright?! Come on, let's go to a healer already!'' That plea appeared to fall on deaf ears though, as she pushed away from Gabriela and ran for it. ''JADE!'' She could briefly make out that she certainly didn't want to be followed. ''I wonder... if everything's okay with her... this is horrible...'' Gabriela started getting a little emotional. ''So... are we going after her? I'm pretty sure she said we shouldn't follow her... but, to leave her alone in this state, THAT would be irresponsible!'' She looked at the elf and the oni. ''What do you guys think?'' Leaving Jade alone in this state would be horrible to do to her as a friend. What kind of friend would the siren even be if she couldn't help Jade? She was honestly tired. Tired of feeling like wasted space in this army. If she could contribute even a little bit, she should take this chance to help a friend in need.
  14. Saleh comes with Springy Axe+, Reciprocal Aid, HP/Res 2 and Rouse Atk/Res 3, according to the notification board! Also yay, Severa and Inigo! Minerva is a nice surprise too!
  15. Hearing Jade talk about her duties after a battle, and it is something that hit rather close to home. Gabriela was one of the people that just went back to looking at her nails after the battle. What could she be doing after the battle to help? Her singing was mainly used for hunting, but would some nice tunes from her lips be enough to help? She knew nothing of healing magic, and she didn't have any knowledge about patching up any other wounds either, so what was there that she could be doing? It was something worth thinking about. Jade's question caught her attention while Gabby was thinking. ''Oh? I don't believe I have, but I would love to help! Please, take me with you!'' ----------------------------------------------- Helping Jade in the stables opened up a whole new world of management for Gabriela. Animals need lots of TLC, not to mention food! The amount of food animals can swallow is a whole new revelation for Gabby. Was it the same for Ren's feathered friend? If so, maybe she should pick some flowers or something. Maybe the bird would like that? The siren was kind of a step-mom for him now, so it might be nice to 'bond' a little over food? Maybe Jade would know what a bird would like to eat! It was only one question awa- Before Gabriela could finish her thought, a certain elf, who didn't attend the battle and wasn't even conscious when the siren had been sweating off her head, came and asked what was going on in a very panicked matter. Gabriela couldn't stay quiet, even though she wasn't the one who was being asked. ''You're.. Aithlin, correct? You should know that we fought blood, sweat and tears just now while you were 'conked out all morning' as you say it. We even captured the enemy commander!'' Gabriela was proud of the fact, despite that she had nothing to do with Ariana's defeat and capture at all. After she was done being proud, she kept a stern eye on Aithlin, wondering what the next word out of her mouth would be.
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