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  1. Hecate? What was the construct about to say? The death... if you could call it that of the thing left Gabriela with more questions than answers, but there was simply no time to think, as there were many more constructs approaching then just the one she just defeated. ''H-hey, we aren't here to rob the place, just show us the exit or something!'' Gabriela didn't really have any faith they would be interested in listening though, looking at them. So I guess more fighting would be necessary. Gabriela moves to 40,43 and casts magic on construct 2.
  2. Gabriela was shocked when the mysterious entity talked and even more so when it transformed it's arm into a bow, shooting at Lavinia. ''A-archers?!'' Gabby moves to 44-39 and blasts the construct with Aquinas. ''It's time to put a stop to your hijinks!''
  3. Marina sure was brave, taking the lead like that. Of course, as a non magic-wielder, she wouldn't be as affected by the magic sapping, so her taking the lead was probably the smart move for everyone. ''I'm right behind you.'' Gabriela walks to 43, 47.
  4. Not gonna lie this has been stuck in my head all day.
  5. I love Lachesis, so I like that she got a resplendent. But honestly, it feels very disingenuous to give her one while she might as well not exist since her stats suck and she doesn't even have a weapon refine that gives her some nice support effect or something, and I feel the same about Serra. If they're handing these out to 3/4* Healers, they might as well give them refines too.
  6. From the corner of her eye, Gabriela noticed... something lurking. With her strength being sapped from her body, and all of them falling down into an abyss, paying attention to her surroundings was already difficult enough. But now there were enemies out for their blood? She supposed Lucille felt much the same as her, using magic herself. Poor Vilkiss too, it must be in a state over the fall, not to mention the aforementioned sapping. She couldn't tell how dangerous the new foe was, but the siren felt intimidated enough to not fight it head-on. ''So.. about that.. thing.'' Gabriela pointed at the enemy lurking in the distance. ''Perhaps we ought.. not engage? I don't feel all that great still, but I suppose that can't be helped...'' Gabriela moves back to 45, 42.
  7. "Rina, let's stay close here. It seems..dangerous, not to mention dark." Gabriela moves to 44,41
  8. Felix is sufficiently popular that he's pretty much a shoe-in, I would think. Easy 9/10.
  9. ''Hi Marina! I'm glad to see you're alright. Let's stick together down here... it's dangerous. By the way, is.. Lucille alright?'' Vilkiss must have been scared to death falling down here in these strange ruins. Here's hoping the poor animal's legs or wings weren't injured.
  10. To Gabriela's surprise, Bladen was nowhere to be found. Where could he have gone off to? More importantly.. where were they in the first place? While she was pondering about that very query, she noticed someone else next to her but Lavinia. ''General Lavinia! Are you hurt?'' but after that question, she noticed two others there, Marina and Lucille. She tried waving to the both of them. Unfortunately, she was still weak from the fall and the general mana sapping business, but she did her best. Gabriela moved to 43, 40.
  11. No matter how tight she held onto Bladen's shirt, it wasn't of any use. Whatever forces were at play here weren't thinking of letting them leave quietly. Gabriela put up a futile resistance to pull up herself and Bladen, but her wings weren't cooperating, clearly. They descended into the void that lay below.. ''Hrghnnh..... don't..... fall..!'' When the siren woke up, she appeared to be in some.. ruins. ''Hgnh..'' Gabriela held her head, which hurted quite a bit. Combined with the sapping of her mana, this fall certainly didn't do anything to make her feel much better. She looked around her surroundings to find some of the others who had fallen, in addition to her passenger. Gabriela lands on 43,36.
  12. It all happened so fast. The tired feeling Gabriela had was quickly silenced by the screams around her. What was happening? An earthquake?! ''W-wha?! But what about Bladen.. Ayane, and Lucille?!'' She looked and a worst case scenario was occurring in front of the siren's eyes. The timing was suspicious to say the least. Just as people leave their seats, the earth starts to quake? As if that was a coincidence. But those thoughts too were quickly drown out by the scene happening in front of Gabriela's eyes. Bladen's wings didn't seem to be working, and he was falling into the opening that appeared on the surface. The siren must have gotten delirious from the atmosphere, but without thinking, she got up from her seat and took wing. Her magic may not work, but her wings could hopefully still carry her far enough to save Bladen. As fast as she can, she zoomed to where Bladen was and tried to grab him.. anywhere! If there was even the smallest chance to save him, she would take it..
  13. The trip hadn't been the easiest on Gabriela. Sitting with Ren was certainly nice, as she often felt the need to cuddle into him when she was too weak to really do anything else. Draining the mana.. so this kind of stuff can just.. happen in the outside world? It was scary to think that this condition wasn't even thinkable in the places the siren had visited in the past. The others in her wagon were a nice distraction though, and she wondered how the rest of them were faring. As she was about to ask, a loud ''Hey! Body!'' could be heard. It came from another wagon, and ahead, a body could indeed be seen. Was this the body of someone who had all of their mana sapped? It was a scary thought.. this could have easily happened to several of them in the group, if they had come unprepared. In any event, Gabriela surely wasn't going near the body. And with Ayane volunteering, the problem seemed to have been resolved anyway.
  14. Gave a vote to Bramimond, I like them but they still haven't shown up yet in my barracks... so a vote to the missing Bramimond.
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