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  1. Yeah, but oh well, what can you do! If I know my awful luck, he'll pitybreak me sooner or later.
  2. Ranulf is great indeed, I quite like him, but unfortunately Kaden who I absolutely adore is the same color and move type as him so I can't justify spending orbs on him. Maybe if he pitybreaks me, which I wouldn't mind too much.
  3. You're right. Even then, you have the seal of close Def, but yeah I concede. Personally the only beast unit I have been able to get to 5* is Kaden, but I have no doubt they are great (I have been destroyed by them before.)
  4. Close Def is on a bazillion of units, including easy to get Joshua. Ward Beasts is mainly held back by the low number and rarity of Beasts, yeah.
  5. True, especially cause she doesn't have anything particularly valuable as fodder.
  6. After the timeskip, they are no longer your students though. Not to worry, you can romance teachers.
  7. I got my most wanted unit, Dimitri from the summoning tickets! He is +Def -Hp which is pretty good ^^
  8. With Asami dancing for her, she saw a lot of enemies around. Instead of confronting them head-on, Gabriela decided to hide somewhere to give moral support to her allies by cheering them on. That should get their blood pumping! Gabriela heads to 4,17
  9. I got another Flora +Spd -Atk instead of Byleth so I did a little something. She's still work in progress though.
  10. Things got a lot busier on the battlefield. It made Gabriela a bit frightened. She charged forward, but didn't quite know what to do. Gabriela flies to (7,18)
  11. He did do something like that for Reinhardt, so he might do something like that in the future, but I doubt it to be honest.
  12. Oooh I see, i'm not sure how I got that mixed up, sorry about that.
  13. While I do agree that Chris Niosi did not do the nicest things, I do believe people on the internet are way too trigger happy to call someone an Ass. The same happened with James Charles who proved himself innocent, but not before a huge blow was dealt to his channel, and even now people give him the cold shoulder. I feel like this apology, unlike a lot of apologies like Projared's, is really not that bad. While I do not agree of cutting him of all further work, I do agree that he shouldn't work for at least a while to just let things die down. He did mention his mental health after all. However, for allegations like ''He only wanted to be Byleth to be in Smash'' with literally no proof: Don't do this. There is no evidence to suggest this is true, you're just sending him to the stocks. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet. Also where do people get that Chris Niosi voices Byleth? He voiced Apollo Justice too if I'm not wrong and they don't really sound alike from what little we have heard from Byleth.
  14. He picks the one that most people picked, he does a poll on youtube and twitter. These brave units have sometimes been proven to be invaluable for some guides, but he tries to avoid using them if possible.
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