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  1. Dropped a vote for Ogier today. Always quite liked him but there was little reason to use him over Deke.
  2. I just found out you can vote for Teru and Garrick and that is hilarious to me so I dropped a vote.
  3. I voted Rickard today, not only because I feel like Archanea deserves more love, but also because his design really amuses me for some reason.
  4. Gabriela was shocked at Marina's sudden fall, but quickly recovered and spoke in a strict tone. "Marina, this happens because you do not get enough rest and food. Perhaps you should listen to my song sometime, it helped Taliyah relax, i'm sure it will help with your own relaxation as well." She then looked at Agni. "And you, aren't you Marina's protector? Maybe you should do a better job of making sure she doesn't overwork herself, and eats well! I'd be glad to help, you know." she gave a provoking wink and wondered what they would say. Which one of the two would be angry, if either of them.
  5. After the battle, a flow of emotions, both good and bad, circled around the atmosphere. It honestly overwhelmed Gabriela a little bit, seeming to not be so sure what to say. Though you can imagine the surprise when Jezebel came forward and pretty much guessed Marina's true identity. It was however, a good thing to see that they didn't have to battle off an angry mob in addition to the junkies from the arena. Gaby decided to walk over to Marina and Agni. "Hey, Hero. It looks like everything is fine here... isn't that great?" Gabriela gave a smile, though it was a bit forced.
  6. @Interdimensional Observer For the boss theme, they picked the normal battle theme, and for the next 20 floors the song will be Raindrop Memories.
  7. Gabriela flew over to 18,12 "Hello, Ren. Are you doing alright? I believe the battle is almost over." Gabriela looked a bit concerned, but elated as well.
  8. That didn't stop Camilla. I'll be voting for Minerva still, and maybe some votes for Linhardt, Felix and Lorenz (The three houses version)
  9. "Ah, ma'am! I should have recognized your place!" Gabriela smiles. "Thank you so much for this! I'm certain I'll find a use for this! Stay safe out there!" Gabriela waves.
  10. Now that thief had been dealt with, it was time to make sure the innocent villages were safe from the selfish actions of some hooligans. "Hello? Is anyone there? It's not safe out here." Gabriela floats to 16,11 and visits the house.
  11. Is that supposed to be an excuse? They should have postponed the release to make sure that things are done. Instead of getting that good postgame, we got a subpar and rushed postgame, AND we have to pay money to explore more areas that really should have been in he main game.
  12. Great. We have to fork over another 30 euros to get a more complete experience but not really because it STILL doesn't add all the Pokémon. Perhaps they'll announce that they want 30 more euros for the rest? The Isle of Armor doesn't look like my cup of tea, but the Crown Tundra looks good. Why this wasn't in the base game to begin with, I don't know, since that lacked in a lot of areas to explore. 30 euros is an absolutely ridiculous price.
  13. Gabriela saw Ren and a mercenary, also known as a beastly troglodyte, and something clicked inside her head. I need to protect him! And so, she flew over to his side. "Ren! Be careful! These brutes will use any dirty tactic necessary to not only kill you, but also plunder your belongings. Take it from someone with experience. We can't let such a thing happen to these fantastic weapons, can we? Allow me to assist." Gabriela goes over and grabs his spear, the Yari. "This is a beautiful lance, even if it's a bit heavy. I can make sure no one steals this while you do work on the thieves! If you want it back though, you have to show me a good time. Nothing is for nothing!" Gabriela gives a wink and then looks at the Mercenary standing nearby. "What are you staring at? I'll show you my light!" Gabriela moves to 11-13, trades the Yari from Ren, and then attacks the Mercenary #5.
  14. Add actual support conversations. It gives more characterization and has no drawbacks. Not only that, it would be easier to see how far a character is with another and make seeing who is with who just a lot easier I'm also going to go a step further: I want them to include S-supports. Make it so you can initiate them yourself and decide a lot easier who is pairing with who, and of course make the sub characters if a female character has no S-support. Furthermore, this way, you could go out of your way to see all the supports on a single playthrough without having to worry about a female falling for a different guy. And remove the useless and annoying jealousy system please.
  15. I'm really wondering how "Well there is one thing bunnies are famous for... besides eating carrots." can be taken any other way but hey whatever. The developers knew what they were doing with that one. I don't think there is anything wrong with including a succubus in the game. They are an interesting part of mythology that I like is being included. I'd say we start worrying after we see concrete evidence that IS is dropping the pants completely.
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