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  1. I'm totally with you, this would have been hilarious to me haha, I do love his design.
  2. I for one would love to see Iago as the GHB, I think he's a fun villain and generally serves his purpose, and I rather like him, as well as his design. Plus, he would most likely come with Ginnungagap, and I would be interested to see it.
  3. For members of team Palla here, I'll have my Cecilia in front, but willing to change if it's necessary.
  4. ''Hello little spider, want to meet my magic?'' Gabriela moves to 1,12 and uses Shine on the Spider.
  5. After what seemed like an eternity, I FINALLY BEAT THIS. The later floors took so many tries, it's not even funny.
  6. ''Jade, I am on it! I'll make sure this monster is no more!'' Gabriela moves to 2,9 and uses shine on the centaur 5.
  7. I think he'll most certainly make an appearance sometime, considering he has voiced lines on the FEH website already.
  8. Gabriela watched in amazement as Taliyah managed to dodge the attacks coming her way. ''Impressive as always Tally! Let me get rid of this nuisance for you!'' Gabby moves to 1.6 and prepares to blast the Wolf with shine!
  9. The monsters, who looked even more monstrous than the usual rabble, were approaching. It was time for Gabriela to unleash her light magic once again! Gabby moves to 3,4 and casts shine on the wight.
  10. While she would have liked to give Asami a piece of her mind, it would simply fall on deaf ears, she would simply not care. So, she just sat down again, not looking too happy. Oh well, Ren is still into her, so it wasn't all lost. And, just a little while later, the battle was about to begin. Now she could see Bladen use his wings firsthand. This would be delicious. Marina had asked everyone to 'turtle' whatever that word means. Gabriela had never heard of it before, but it was probably war talk. Just do what everyone else does, Gabby! She did just so, and stood still, not moving until it is safe. Gabriela stands still on 3,2.
  11. I'm on team Sothis, hoping she can pull a win! I have been trying to get her forever and never really succeeded.
  12. Use Yarne. If you want a potential parent, I'd say Donnel.
  13. I've used this randomizer before to randomize games like FE4 and FE6, it's great! I am happy to see that Path of Radiance has been released as well! Thank you for this!
  14. And she's also counted as being from Awakening, the game where she actually physically appears, so I don't see it wouldn't count for Awakening but for Mystery (not new mystery) instead. Anyway, colorless is once again too good for me to pass up.
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