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  1. Actually, Guidance 3 is still only 5* locked, the only units that have it are Legendary Ryoma, Tana and Dancing Olivia. But yeah, it's something that should be demoted, really.
  2. The spider was a bit apprehensive at first, or so it seemed to the Siren. It appears people were often afraid of her. Not too surprising, as Gabriela herself needed a second too to adjust, but well, she has seen a lot of monsters and the shopkeeper was hardly the first arachnid monster she has encountered. ''This is so exciting Rina! I wonder if you have ever been measured for clothes like this... I think a lovely dress, maybe in red or blue, would fit you like a charm! What do you think?''
  3. This obviously doesn't count OCs and other surprises. Shadow Dragon/New Mystery of the Emblem - Elice (Staff Infantry), Horace (Lance Armor, Demote), Hardin (Sword Cavalry), Nyna (Blue Tome Infantry), Arlen (Blue Tome Infantry, GHB) Genealogy of the Holy War - Arthur (Green Tome Infantry), Patty (Colorless Dagger Infantry), Scáthach (Sword Infantry, Demote), Tine (Blue Tome Infantry), Brian (Axe Cavalry, GHB) Thracia 776 - Selphina (Colorless Bow Cavalry), Hicks (Axe Cavalry), Glade (Lance Cavalry, Demote), Amalda (Sword Cavalry), Raydrik (Sword Armor, GHB) Binding Blade - Geese (Axe Infantry), Douglas (Lance Armor), Niime (Red Tome Infantry, Demote), Juno (Sword Flier), Jahn (Red Dragon Infantry, GHB) Blazing Blade - Athos (Red Tome Infantry), Geitz (Axe Infantry), Isadora (Lance Cavalry, Demote), Vaida (Lance Flier), Nergal (Red Tome Infantry, GHB) Sacred Stones - Colm (Colorless Dagger Infantry), Vanessa (Lance Flier), Kyle (Sword Cavalry, Demote), Syrene (Sword Flier), Riev (Blue Tome Infantry, GHB) Radiant Dawn - Nealuchi (Blue Beast Flier), Rafiel (Colorless Beast Infantry Dancer), Janaff (Green Beast Flier, Infantry), Ena (Red Dragon Infantry), Lekain (Blue Tome Infantry, GHB) Awakening - Gregor (Sword Infantry), Miriel (Blue Tome Infantry), Vaike (Axe Infantry, Demote), Noire (Colorless Bow Infantry), Priam (Sword Infantry, GHB) Fates - Hayato (Blue Tome Infantry), Hisame (Sword Infantry), Dwyer (Staff Cavalry, Demote), Scarlet (Axe Flier), Zola (Red Tome Infantry, GHB) Three Houses - Gilbert (Axe Armor), Dorothea (Blue Tome Infantry Dancer), Ashe (Colorless Bow Infantry, Demote), Leonie (Red Bow Cavalry), Monica (Blue Dagger Infantry, GHB) TMS - Touma (Lance Cavalry), Yashiro (Sword Infantry), Barry (Axe Armor, Demote), Maiko (Colorless Dagger Infantry Dancer), Yatsufusa (Red Tome Infantry, GHB) Fallen - Lena (Staff Infantry), Gunter (Blue Dragon Cavalry), Lloyd (Sword Infantry), Rhea (Green Dragon Infantry), Sumeragi (Sword Infantry, GHB) CYL - ??? (No idea)
  4. Gabriela entered the shop, where Marina was already speaking with the shopkeeper, who appeared to be an Arachnea. She seemed a bit nervous, and was for some reason, taking off her jacket, so it was time for an interjection. ''Hello madam. I hope you can help my friend here find something very stylish and special. What would you like, Rina? Some cute clothes for that.. special someone of yours?'' Gabriela gave her a subtle wink, hoping the shopkeeper didn't notice it. Embarrassing Marina wasn't the intention.
  5. It's a shame that Xalrei didn't feel like tagging along. Truth to be told she wasn't all that surprised, but it was a worth a shot to ask, I suppose. Hopefully, Xalrei was alright... While she was pondering though, Marina ran off for their clothes hunt. That's what the siren gets for being lost in thought. She could easily catch up with Marina though, so no problem.. that is, until Bladen came forward with a little query. ''For you, I always have a minute, Bladen. What's up?'' it's when the question about the shield was asked that she noticed that she still had it. It had been there for a while after all, and Gabriela began finally getting used to it's weight, but also that carrying heavy stuff wasn't something sirens would probably be great at. ''Oh, this? Yeah, you can have that, no problem. Do be careful not to get too hurt in there, those wings look too nice to get damaged. I'll be going clothes shopping now, if you don't mind.. Gabriela heads over to 5-8 and hands the Iron Shield to Bladen ''Now, let's enter the clothing shop. Rina sure seems excited to get some beautiful clothes for her... date.''
  6. A Flight on My Mind - A girl's day out? And Marina was the one to suggest as such? It seems there was hope for this girl yet. ''Hello Tenna, hello Xalrei. I'd be delighted to join you if it would please you. Would you be alright with that, Xalrei?'' The siren and the dragonewt had talked a little bit and she seemed cool, but Gabriela was also aware of Xalrei's dislike towards humans. Perhaps having another monster along in the Siren would ease Xalrei into going along with the three of them.
  7. The best part of the journey had finally come. The group had arrived at a town! Fighting has to happen of course, that's why they were there in the first place, but stopping at a retreat to unwind from all the bloodshed was a lot more fun, at least if you had to ask Gabriela. And what else to do in a moment of repose than to catch up with old friends? Since she helped Marina, the siren kept wondering what had become of her. Is she strutting around with more confidence? To find the answer to that question, Gabby strutted over to 6,12. She waved once she got close enough. ''Hey there Rina!'' the siren waved as she shouted. ''What is going on with you?''
  8. The introduction was quickly interrupted by a sudden presence. An Oni? Interesting that one of them should show up. And even more interesting was that she seemed very interesting in Taiyou, though the feeling wasn't mutual. But the name she mentioned was strangely familiar... ''Ouka? Please, release her at once! What are your terms?'' Gabriela tried to calm the situation down, but the panic in her voice was clearly heard by anyone with ears.
  9. Definitely going for Jeorge, Archanea represent.
  10. Gabriela gives her boyfriend a big hug and tender smooch in return. After that difficult battle, it was nice to have someone she loved with her again. This time, he had company too. A friend from their homeland, huh? Well, it would be a shame not to get to know them, in that case. ''Hello, my name is Gabriela, a siren! Charmed, i'm sure!'' Gabriela did a little bow towards the friend in question, whose name was apparently Shizuka. ''If you're going to be with us from now on, I hope we can be friends.''
  11. A hug? There was certainly more going on here. What happened to 'none of her business'? The siren just couldn't help but watch on as the trio talked on. Clearly, something was going on. Perhaps Gabriela could meet the new person as well. If Ren and Ayane hugged her, she must certainly be a nice person, and someone they know. And the other, whose name was.. Taiyou? They didn't quite look as upbeat. Well, curiosity killed the cat, and Gabriela just had to find out what they were discussing. They wouldn't mind, would they? The siren approached Ren. ''Hello Ren. I hope you're alright after that battle.... and that i'm not interrupting anything here.''
  12. If the right one is Nanna, maybe the left could be Diarmuid?
  13. Gabriela quickly found a quiet place to perch on, but after a while, the rest of the army slowly started to flock outside, including Ren. She hadn't really spoken with him since before the battle, and honestly, his wellbeing was the at the top of the siren's mind. She flew (more like floated) down from her perch and approached Ren, only to find not only Ayane, but someone else as well. She was unfamiliar, but she seemed to know Ren and Ayane, and vice versa, from the look of Ren's face and the sound of his voice. Would this be an awkward time to interrupt? Perhaps. So instead of interrupting, Gabriela just stood near and waited for the new girl to be done with her business and talk to Ren after. What they were talking about was none of her business anyway..
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