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  1. I voted for Shadow Dragon Hardin today. He is a long time coming if you ask me.
  2. Second day, and I voted for Skrimir this time! It's kinda surprising to me he's not in yet, he's a pretty notable Laguz I'd say.
  3. I voted for Elincia today, I do want her to get legendary alt eventually even though I really don't think she will win.
  4. I will put at least one vote for Marth, and one for Itsuki. The rest is still up for consideration.
  5. Jade looked thankful for Gabriela's assistance, but she also looked as if she was a little... disappointed? Perhaps a feeling of guilt? No matter the case, they would have plenty of time to discuss that later. Not that Gabby had any plans to back off. Any chance to help out was one she was going to take. Helping out Jade was something which made her feel good, and Gabriela was not one for owing debts to friends. But that was all for tomorrow. Tonight would be a little chance to hopefully relax together with Jade, Lavinia and of course, Ren.
  6. I wanted Asbel and Ronan in for a while! Good to see they both look like good units as well! Miranda looks alright for a demote, 2 skills in her weapon and Spd/Res Gap 3 that were only on 5* units, a new skill, which is not good but at least it exists now in Seal Atk/Res 2 and Ardent Sacrifice which is meh. I like Sara but I don't really think I need her right now. Veld as a colorless tome would be cool but let's be real he'll probably be red tome dark sorcerer #444400
  7. While Gabriela had no knowledge of firearms at all, the gun looked quite intriguing, and the shopkeeper seemed to agree. She looked like a child at a toy store at the pistol, and Gabriela could tell that she wanted to do some work on it. However... the price for it didn't sound great. Four thousand gold is not something most people can afford, let alone spend on a gun... but Jade wasn't like most people, and she clearly wanted it fixed, not to mention it would be a valuable asset in battle. Quickly, Jade offered to help with the construction. She probably wanted a discount on the product by helping with it's construction. Lots of questions were being asked, and Gabriela couldn't help but follow the conversation intently. Perhaps she could help Jade? She was given a fortune telling session by Jade after all. It's only natural to want to return the favor. It wasn't difficult to hear the disappointment in Jade's voice when she mentioned that she most likely wouldn't be able to afford such a luxury. And well, Gabriela felt a little bad, especially after freeloading on her fortune telling fiasco earlier. ''How about this.'' Gabriela spoke up. ''I'll put some of my own money in as well. It's the least I could do. I don't have much on me, but I do have some knowledge on the subject of magic. I'd be glad to help out.''
  8. Book V seems very promising to me but I can't rate it yet according to the other books. I also dislike when people say ''Book x is the worst by far'' because it's such an extreme statement and would suggest that others are wrong for thinking that it could be better. For me it would be 4 > 3 > 2 > 1. I'm really curious to hear from people who think 1 is the best to hear why they think so because in my eyes nothing really constructive happened until the very end and even then the book didn't really get a satisfying ending, or really much of an ending at all.
  9. Stepping into the forge was a bit of a strange feeling for Gabriela. While Jade had probably gone into forges lots of times, Gabriela never had much reason to step into one. She uses magic of light, after all. Any of those weapons look like they would break her arms. That's the same reason she doesn't go into any armories. But helping a friend goes a long way, that includes going places you don't normally go. The owner still seemed to remember them from outside, but appeared to be a little busy with whatever she was doing. She appeared to be listening though, and that was enough for Jade. Leaving out the fortune teller's name might have been the best idea, and Jade most likely thought the same. Who knows what kind of drama was playing between the citizens of this town? Getting in the middle of it just wasn't a good idea. While Jade went around doing her business, Gabriela looked around the place, waiting for her to be finished.
  10. We technically already got them in some way in the FEH channel so i'm thinking we'll probably don't get them at all.
  11. Not exactly sure about the hours, but I was able to do the Blue Lions route in the entire weekend, and I would guess that I definitely didn't take 40 hours for me. Admittedly I chose the easy difficulty to get a feel for the game and experience the story without me getting frustrated, so I might have taken a bit shorter than others.
  12. IS doesn't care one bit whether you or anyone consider TMS a fire emblem game. They themselves consider it one, so it is one.
  13. I hope the DGS (The Great Ace Attorney) rumors are true. I hope Ace Attorney 7 gets announced. I hope the next Fire Emblem gets announced. Will we get any news on BOTW 2 and Bayonetta 3? I hope so!
  14. Just please, add supports to the game. The love system in the original game, while fine, was also just so shallow since there were no supports. We are to believe these characters love each other and made a child, so show us their story! On that note, while I know the love system was meant to bring the children into the world for gen 2, give us SOME gay supports. Especially in Gen 2 where there really isn't any reason not to have them.
  15. As the Siren and Zombie rushed over, it appears that most of what took place had already finished. Of course Ayane looked just terrible, and was clearly was in a lot of pain , and the others also looked notably shaken up. The news was quite shocking. ''An agent of the church was here?! But how?'' Gabriela looked notably confused and surprised. It appeared that the agent had hoped to struck a deal with Ayane's life as the bargain. Luckily, Nessraya knows what to do in situations like this, and the agent didn't get her way. However, it nearly took Ayane's life. It's good that Ren wasn't here when it happened. He would be absolutely fuming. It appeared the church's magic was a lot more advanced than what was previously imagined. Spells reflecting back? That has to be some intense counterspell that was put on herself or her clothing. Would it be some light magic? In all her studies Gabriela never found such a spell. One thing was clear: The church is dangerous, and now that countless of her clan was on their side, they would be even more dangerous. This information had to be in the hands of Lavinia and Nessraya right away. But before she could inform them, some woman the siren had never seen before came and gave her and Jade orders to move along and do their business. Normally Gabby would protest, but it appeared that the woman wasn't in the best of moods, and everyone was a bit busy, so just this once, she closed her mouth and took Jade to, as the woman said, 'do their business.' First, they were heading towards the forge, so that's where they were going. ''Come on Jade, let's inform Lavinia and Nessraya later of what we just learned. Perhaps they have information for us, too. But first, I believe we were heading towards the forge?'' Gabriela began walking on ahead, beckoning Jade to follow her.
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