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  1. A hug? There was certainly more going on here. What happened to 'none of her business'? The siren just couldn't help but watch on as the trio talked on. Clearly, something was going on. Perhaps Gabriela could meet the new person as well. If Ren and Ayane hugged her, she must certainly be a nice person, and someone they know. And the other, whose name was.. Taiyou? They didn't quite look as upbeat. Well, curiosity killed the cat, and Gabriela just had to find out what they were discussing. They wouldn't mind, would they? The siren approached Ren. ''Hello Ren. I hope you're alright after that battle.... and that i'm not interrupting anything here.''
  2. If the right one is Nanna, maybe the left could be Diarmuid?
  3. Gabriela quickly found a quiet place to perch on, but after a while, the rest of the army slowly started to flock outside, including Ren. She hadn't really spoken with him since before the battle, and honestly, his wellbeing was the at the top of the siren's mind. She flew (more like floated) down from her perch and approached Ren, only to find not only Ayane, but someone else as well. She was unfamiliar, but she seemed to know Ren and Ayane, and vice versa, from the look of Ren's face and the sound of his voice. Would this be an awkward time to interrupt? Perhaps. So instead of interrupting, Gabriela just stood near and waited for the new girl to be done with her business and talk to Ren after. What they were talking about was none of her business anyway..
  4. Seeing Lucille nearly thank her, while of course still referring to her as ''the siren'' but then cutting herself off was annoying, though not unexpected. They weren't exactly on good terms, even though that should really change if they were going to keep working together. With Ithraxl down, Taliyah crying and a few of the members standing near her, some even bloody... the atmosphere of the room quickly turned a crimson red like the blood that was stained there moments earlier. ''If you'll excuse me... i'm going to wait outside... you know, spread my wings.'' not like her wings were really in any condition to fly right now, but she had to get out of that oppressive fortress quickly... and maybe it was also a little excuse to get away from the awkward situation she and Lucille were in once again.
  5. The siren ran in rather than flew - her wings had become rather heavy after that long battle. What she saw was.. horrible, to say the least. ''T-Tali...'' Taliyah was cradling the dying man, as the general and the king stood over him, clearly not happy either. Poor Taliyah, honestly. Gabriela hadn't faced the guy in battle, or even seen him before now, but seeing him dying, with Taliyah cradling over him... it was difficult to watch. She didn't know who the guy was to Taliyah, and hearing the pegasus rider near her, she wasn't the only one, but it's clear he was significant to her somehow. Gabriela would definitely go cheer Tali up later... she needed it, clearly.
  6. I can't stop thinking about what Eitri said at the final conversation there. Did Eitri somehow get cursed to be stuck in a little girl's body? I'm very intrigued.
  7. I already dislike characters where seemingly their only discernible character trait is their tendency to harass women, and Eirika's C-Support conversation just reinforces that idea. Enough of that, IS, it's been done before, we don't need more of that. The other conversations were fine. Gatekeeper's was pretty cute.
  8. "Thanks." She mustered to Lavinia. Then as she saw Jade she quickly flew near. Gabriela to 5,25 "How did it go in there, Jade?"
  9. Gabriela flies over to 3,23, casting Aquinas on the Myrmidon.
  10. Raven or Harken, but only if either would be available as a gay option.
  11. Yes, Lucille definitely needed someone to talk to after what happened.. and Gabriela was complicit in making her feel this way in the first place. An apology was in order. But first, time to clean up, and do a trial run of the new tome she had obtained from Tenna. Gabriela moves to 3-22 and casts her spell Aquinas on the Knight.
  12. The way Lucille cast her spell towards Naomi, the gruesome way Naomi went down in flames. It was a scary sight, that's for sure. And Lucille... she must have been keeping a lot in, and to explode in the way she did towards Gabriela earlier and then, when she killed Naomi? No, this certainly wasn't easy on her. Gabriela had been too harsh on her, she could see that. Besides, who was the siren to talk about cowardice, anyway? Gabriela flies to 1,23 and uses her lightning spell on myrmidon 8.
  13. The siren was taken aback by the harsh response from Lucille. Perhaps she had gone a little too far.. ''Oh... I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me. Please, forget I said anything.'' Riling her up was one thing, but making her angry, seemingly almost distraught was certainly not her intention. This would have to be talked out... but later. They were in quite the sticky situation, and if she didn't drink a vulnerary now, she wouldn't be getting a chance to talk to her at all after. Gabriela heads to 1,21, and drinks a vulnerary, preparing for the worst.
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