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  1. Yeah I noticed that as well. I think I prefer her art here though since her lips aren't showing as much and she looks cuter / cooler. I am kinda salty that Erk is the demote though. I have nothing against the guy, but we've gotten a ridiculous number of red mage demotes lately. At least he has a solo skill.
  2. Outside of early game, Felix's skill might be worse just because the buffs battalions can give you are too good to pass up.
  3. Add some level of interactivity to some of the activities like planting, cooking & learning. As it is now, they are just really boring since you just watch stats and numbers go up or a cutscene play out without much else happening. I would like these activities to be simple minigames like fishing is. For example, sword training could have you play a minigame where you chop wood.
  4. True. What makes it even worse is that the inheritable Pact Blooms gives an innate plus 17 to 19 points of stats after a refine and also has a self healing effect (though its slightly weaker) so new units that don't have a prf can replicate its effect (though imo the condition is a bit more restrictive).
  5. In optimal conditions, L'Arachel will get +3 to all stats. This doesn't boost her bst, yeah, but it makes up for the 12 point stat deficit she'll have when compared to modern Mage Calvary. My bad about Ayra. I just glossed over the refine effect haha. Still, disabling Guard and Special Fighter is really good for a character who is relying on Regnal Astra procs for damage. Perhaps you're right that I'm overestimating Nowi, espicially since her BST is quite low by todays standards. Still, having that much mobility lets her do a ton of things other heroes can't. She might not be the best unit necessarily, but the refine does turn her into a must-have unit imo.
  6. Wouldn't "If unit's HP ≤ 100%" just be all the time?
  7. I'm disappointed with Lyon's Refine because it forces him into an enemy-phase role only. This is fine, but it would have been nice to be able to use him in a different way. L'Arachel's refine is kinda of disappointing too. The +3 too all stats puts L'Arachel's BST slightly above modern Tome Calvary after DF, and the refine effect is nice, but it isn't really any different than other weapons like Pact Blooms+. Considering the cost, I think I'll stick to just using Valentine Veronica. Ayra's refine is really good. The innate +3 Atk / Spd put her attacking stats on par with Larcei, ignoring damage reduction skills on specials is good, and the additional +4 to all stats + innate damage reduction makes her the top sword infantry once again. Nowi's refine is insane for both support and usability. I think this refine might make her one of the best heroes in the game. She'll open up a lot of movement options to other heroes, especially with Guidence. It also helps that her weapon has top tier supportive effect as well.
  8. Joshua's refine is ok in a vaccum, but compared to units with busted personal skills like L!Dimitri and Larcei, its kinda lacking.
  9. If I had to guess, I think they'd do the following Marth: Green Mage Flier Gatekeeper: Lance Infatry Byleth: Colorless Mageor Staff Infantry Erika: Sword Armor Gatekeeper being a Lance Infantry is a no-brainer since he's based off the soldier class in 3 Houses. Byleth being a colorless mage or staff user also makes sense since the enlightened one class was proficient in Faith which makes it a shoe-in for colorless magic / staffs imo. Erika and Marth are honestly toss-ups since neither anything buf swords so the devs will have to take creative liberties with them. Erika could have her alt be based off her father, who is an armor unit in the creature campaign and uses a sword. Marth could have his alt based on his study buddies, Caeda and Merric, who could have taught him to fly and use Magic in his spare time.
  10. Initially I was voting for Flayn, but after the intern results, I've decided to funnel all my votes towards Female Byleth. I love Erika, but IMO Female Byleth deserves the win more because she's not a Royal / Noble and is cooler imo.
  11. Didn't FE5 imply some of the characters from FE4 generation 1 got turned into stone and survived? I think an FE4 remake should address that for some of the gen 1 characters and maybe the avatar as well if they include one.
  12. Been a while since I played this game, but IIRC, I thought mounted units were fairly well balanced outside of dismounting since their movement advantages were lost over stairs / other Cav hindering terrain and their stats weren't anything to write home about (my Cavs got easily doubled on some of my earlier playthroughs compared to other units). Most of the best Horse Classes were also Master Class, meaning they took a while to get. Fliers lack a lot of the weaknesses that Cavs have. They don't have any terrain penalties, and I recall their stats being noticeably better too. Their only shortcoming to balance this is a weakness to bows, but Canto makes this a non-issue 99% of the time. I think the best way to balance Fliers is to just nerf their movement and give them innate Pass instead of Canto.
  13. I'm basing it on a hard mode playthrough, not maddening and comparing it to other hard modes in the series on classic mode. I also define difficulty as the number of times a unit of mine dies due to poor planning (not just chapter restarts, since Divine Pulse throws a wrench into that). I'm not going to say much more about POR or SS since its been a long time since I've played through them. However, I think 3 Houses on hard is at the very least more difficult that SoV on Hard.
  14. I'm surprised people consider 3H to be the easiest game in the series. Even on hard mode, I thought the game was reasonably challenging, especially post-timeskip. The game gives you less deployment slots than other games in the series like Fates and post-timeskip, most characters can't withstand more than 2-3 combats without getting KO'd since promoted enemies have Faire skills, so enemy phasing is more difficult than earlier entries. What makes this game easier than other entries that are considered easy like Shadows of Valentia or Path of Radiance?
  15. Miranda looks pretty good. Fox Tome + Sturdy Impact seems better on her than Knoll due to her better speed tier. Don't like how similar the two are in though. Veld's Weapon is actually really cool and seems like a great way to incorporate his OG weapon using Heroes mechanics. Unfortunately, his stat allocation is utter garbage, especially when put next to Miranda.
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