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  1. Biggest issue with MS is that you never, ever want to use swords aside from Levin since Magic is safer and does more damage. Getting an exclusive combat art like Flamberge (user strikes with magical damage twice in SoV) would give MS a reason to use swords and make up for its middling speed.
  2. From my exp, Mortal Savant and Dark Knight are about on par w/ one another. Both are great classes for offensive spell casters thanks to black tomefaire. Mobility-wise, MS is slightly better than DK due to the ridiculous amount of terrain that only hurts cavalry units. DK makes up for it w/ hit and run utility, however, which makes them a little better in combat. In terms of weapon ranks, DK's is a bit steeper, which makes it more difficult to have them specialize in another skill like Authority. The lower reqs also make it easier to get early, which is a plus.Given how much stronger Black Magic is compared to physcial weapons, having access to swordfaire isn't that big of a selling point I feel, but it does make Levin Sword+ is a cool option for Mages without 3 range spells like Ignatz.
  3. Top Tier Three Houses Fates Shadows of Valentia New Mystery of the Emblem Great Shadow Dragon Binding Blade Blazing Blade Underwhelming Sacred Stones Genealogy of the Holy War Awakening As for the calendar system, I like it, but I wish the game did more with it. Frankly, one of my biggest gripes with the game is the monotony of weekend activities. You either listen to 10 diffident supports, talk to every NPC in the monastery, or do 3 auxillary battles in a row. I don't have an issue with any of this stuff individually, but I wish the game spread these activities out more. Letting you switch between explore and auxiliary battles , sprinkling out the explore conversations over the month, etc. would have helped break the monotony. Also, I may be in the minority here, but I wish dungeon exploration was in this game instead of auxillary battles. It would have helped the game's world building by quite a bit.
  4. Maid / Butler Requirements: B Swords, A Faith Class Abilities: Swordfaire, White Magic Uses x2, White Magic Heal + 10 Class Mastery: Soothing Light This class is white magic class that keeps most of the supportive capabilities of the bishop while being a component promotion for Sword Units. The class mastery skill is from the Saint class in Shadows of Valentia, which restores 5 HP to adjacent allies. War Monk Requirements: A Magic, B Brawl Class Abilities: Fistfaire, Black Magic x2, Black Tomefaire Class Mastery: ? Another offensive magic class, but this one brawls instead of using Axes since we don't have enough brawling Master classes. Not sure what the Mastery ability should be.
  5. Wait, recruited units bases are based on their growths? I was always under the assumption that their base stats were predetermined and not based on any random variables. I guess my Ignatz was just super stat blessed because he had around 23 strength when I recruited him on my first playthrough. In that case, this strategy seems feasible only on Hard since those bases seem way to low to be salvagable on Maddening.
  6. I don't plan on playing Maddening anytime soon, but something I'd like to point out is Ignatz is one of few units able to immediately promote into an advanced class (Assassin) if you recruit him on the last month of part 1. Given that EXP gain is severely cut in maddening, this might be a useful consideration when ranking him.
  7. Cyril- I didn't particularly like this guy, but seeing all the hate he gets made me develop a soft spot for him. The dude grew up in a pretty shitty situation, so his devotion to Lady Rhea for granting him a better, if somewhat difficult life, is understandable. I like his high growth rates and all-around decent weapon proficiency too, letting him slot into a variety of roles rather well. Ignatz- Again, a character I didn't really care for until I saw his low ratings in various polls. If I'm being honest, I really resonate with his philosophy of troubling himself instead of others. His tendencies are rather relatable too, like hiding what he's doing, and feeling indebted to his parents. In-game, I like how versatile he is. I've ran him as an Assassin, Wyvern Lord, and Mortal Savant, and he's done well in every class thanks to personal skill. Annette- As someone who doesn't talk to girls that much, I was surprised by how much I loved Annette's more plain, bubbly, and hard-working attitude and aesthetic compared to other characters in the cast. She's beautiful on the inside, and would be an awesome person to have as a friend. Felix- Thought he was a bit of a jerk honestly, and as someone who takes other people's words at surface value, a lot of his comments to Dimtri and others stung. But I liked him a lot more when I realized his rebellious personality was nothing more than a facade to hide how much he cared for others. On my Golden Deer run, I was shocked to see how regretful he was when Dimitri had died, and throughout my second Blue Lions run, he legitimately gave the impression that he didn't want Dimitri to die. I wish he had more interactions with Rodrigue though. As a unit, he's bonkers. He felt mediocre as a Swordmaster, assassin, and Mortal Savant, but as a Sniper / Bow Knight, he really shines. While the Aegis Shield drastically cuts his AS, he's still able to double reasonably well, and being able to potentially halve damage gives him a solid enemy phase.
  8. That could be the case, but I never got the impression that he particularly cared about being "honorable", especially in his support with Dedue. He's more interested in simply doing the right thing, like Marth, Roy, etc.
  9. These new Hero's in-game sprites look sick. I especially love L'arachel tossing the bottle up and down and the fiery effect on Rolf's bow. Illyana being in the game is a nice treat too.
  10. I liked Claude's paralogue since it was one of the few chapters to feature yellow units, though its a shame they didn't contribute more. Felix's paralogue was cool too since you were helping his father in a middle of the battle, but saving the villagers was annoying. I liked the conversation between him and his father at the end too. The demonic beast paralogues felt uniquely, especially Sothis's paralogue since you had a limited amount of divine pulses, were separated from the rest of your units,, and this was fairly early in the game so you were underleveled. Marianne's paralogue was similarly intense, but the fog of war mechanics annoyed me a lot.
  11. Yeah, defense maps are my favorite as well. Chapter 10 in Conquest specifically is one of my favorites because of how many twists it through onto reinforcements. Haven't played Tharacia or Hector Hard Mode, but the defense maps in those games look really fun too. I'm really disappointed with Chapter 12 in this game, since it set itself up to be a defense map, but ended up not delivering and just ended up being a standard "kill the boss" mission. Outside of defense missions, I'm a fan a big open maps with some difficult to pass through terrain to hinder Cavalry movement and strategically placed reinforcements that give some of the slower units like Armor Knights something to do in the back (no ambush spawns though). Maps in Three houses generally follow this trend, but have a bit too much impassable terrain for infantry and Cavalry units, which is part of the reason that fliers are way too good in this game.
  12. I wasn't comparing them to Lyon, but rather the one-off villains in Sacred Stones like Gheb.
  13. Dimitri x Edelgard All Joking aside, this is the romantic pairing I wish was in the game the most. Other ships I like: Edelgard x Fem!Byleth (fan comics make me love this one a lot) DimItri x Felix (not as a gay pairing, but as a super tight friendship. Their ending together was really heartwarming) Dimitri x Ingrid Bernadetta x Ignatz (surprised these two don't have a support together, their personalities are rather similar) Sylvain x Dorothea Claude x Hilda
  14. The magic system in Three Houses is really fun for similar reasons as in Shadows of Valentia. Every character having different spell lists gives each of them a bit of personal flair. Its way more fun here though since every character can become a mage from the start. My only issue with this system is that Magic and Attack are separate stats, so most physical characters can't easily go into magic classes and vice versa. Even though not every characters' spell list is equal, there are a fair amount of units that make for fun alternatives to the typical mages / healers in your class. Ignatz and Ingrid, for example, have decent Magic and Speed growths, get really decent high crit spells in Blizzard and Fimbulvetr and eventually get Physic.
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