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  1. 1. Make the Fortress Knight's Mastery skill Quick Riposte. 2. Make Fliers unable to use their mount indoors. 3. Grant Mortal Savant the Hexblade Combat art from SoV instead of Warding Blow (Brave effect on sword that deals magical damage).
  2. I'd like a few prequel maps. I mainly want one focusing on Dimitri and Felix suppressing the rebellion in the Western Kingdom. Aside from that, I'd like a few, completely new characters in the game. Something similar to Echoes Cipher DLC.
  3. I'm surprised so many people are calling Rodrigue's death scene bad for the story. I found it to be one of the strongest scenes in the game. Throughout the story, Dimitri had a strong desire to avenge the dead. Worsened by the scars he obtained during the 5-year timeskip, his obsession with satiating the dead led him down a dark path where he was literally killing himself to fulfill something that was ultimately meaningless, and he refused to change because he felt he was too far gone. We see this in the Golden Deer path, where Dimitri dies an unceremonious and pitiful death because of his inability to snap back to the right path. Rodrigue's death is the critical setback Dimitri needed in order to understand that he wasn't doing the right thing. One detail I really love is that Rodrigue's own lingering regret is not fulfilling his promise to Lambert: making Dimitri a respectable ruler. Through this token, I find Dimitri's change more convincing, since he isn't completely thinking for himself, but fulfilling the request of the dead (he mentions he's still haunted by their voices in his S-support w/ Byleth iirc). Also, if I'm being honest, I find that the Blue Lion's story hinging on Rodrigue's death makes the moment even more powerful and tragic because his death was necessary to save Dimitri. I felt it sent a strong message that its never too late to course correct, but its better to do so sooner. Divine Pulse is legitimate criticism for the scene, however.
  4. I think most of the stuff that would be featured in a 3 houses spin off will be delegated to DLC. The game has strong world building, so I don't see them making a full prequel game, but rather prequel DLC like SoV and BS:FE. Multiple paths in this game make a sequel almost impossible unless they add a new happy ending path, and even then, I can't see a sequel being made for this game since one of the main appeals of this game is seeing the characters become adults and mature, which wouldn't be as big of a factor in a sequel. A tharacia style-game that takes place between the 5 year timeskip with some liberties in story-telling is plausible, but I don't think they'll go through with it. Most likely, we will get an enhanced rerelease like Persona 5 Royal or Pokemon USUM.
  5. If we get a remake, it'll definitely be one of the Japanese-exclusive FEs. I'm hoping for an FE6 gets remake and has several features from Three Houses like more customizable characters and several tiers of classes. Some connections to FE7 would be nice to see as well. My biggest fear with a FE6 remake is that it might have a character roster that's a bit too large, between Binding Blade's already massive roster and possible new characters added from the FE7. As such, unit balance and the number of support conversations may be limited, especially since almost all of them will have to be voiced.
  6. Likely just bad luck, the growths in this game are "balanced", so you're more likely to get RNG screwed.
  7. One part of me wants a fifth path to resolve some important plot threads and missing story beats, but I can't see how it'd play out without being a mess. For one thing, TWSITD would have to be this path's main antagonist, and they'd have to have you fight Patricia or at least confront her at some point, but given that they are already destroyed in the GD / Church Route, this wouldn't be as exciting as it could be. Another issue I see is, how are you going to get the three main characters working together Edelgard is the main source of the conflict throughout the story and Dimitri's lust for revenge makes him very difficult to convince as well, espicially if he has to join with edelgard. One possible scenario I could see for a fifth path is that during the battle of Gronder Field, a Javelin of light is launch to the center of the map, and the three main heroes need to work together to overcome this threat. Cornelia and Thales take control of both the Kingdom and the Empire, so you'd have to fight both during the story. Still, this setup is a mess, since Edelgard, despite not liking TWSITD, fundamentally disagrees with the church system and hierarchy it places based on crest. Having her say something like "oh, the fight against the church was a ruse so we could get info on TWSITD by working with them" would really diminish her character for me. I can't see Dimitri working wtih Edelgard either unless he arbitrarily gives up his lust for revenge for the greater good here, despite not doing so beforre when he was asked to aid the kingdom. That would also ruin his character for me.
  8. Can't speak for everyone, but from my experience, getting into Desperation range usually gets in the way of charging Galeforce if Roy kills the opponent. The added Defense from Steady Impact has the potential to open up new strats for him using other skills like Lunge, so he does also benefit in that way.
  9. Rinea's artwork is so pretty and graceful. I'm so glad she's finally in the game. Still, its a bit weird that we've been getting free female units for almost every TT+ in the last year. Not complaining personally, but I'm curious as to why IS is handing more and more free girls. I'm guessing its to attract people to play the game, but that's only conjecture. Don't particularly care about her stats, other than its shockingly similar to OG Azura. I'm disappointed in her base kit however, and will likely swap out everything.
  10. In my two playthroughs of the game, I've noticed several interesting motifs shared among several characters. Here are some I found. Familial Complications and Fulfilling Expectations: Whether it be minor or major, many characters in the game have complications between them and their family. Several characters have either different perspectives from their relatives, have lost a relative or both. Because of tensions among their family, many characters express their need to fulfill obligations or to ignore them entirely. Characters who fill this role: Discovery and Creation: Several characters in the game are also related to discovery in some way, whether it is to learning more about the world, or suppress elements of its existence. A handful of characters also desire to foster the creation of something new. Characters who fill this role: Troubled Love Lives: Love outside of S-rank supports is surprisingly common in three houses, and more than a handful of characters have some trouble with love. Some characters have to deal with one relationship, others have to deal with many. Characters who fill this role: Are there any motifs you found interesting in three houses?
  11. Well, I wouldn't say that. While the sword specialist classes in this game aren't that good, Swords are probably one of the better weapon types in this game in a vacuum due to their low weight and high hit rate. Lacking an easy 1-2 range option isn't as bad here since D Bows are much more useful than Javelins or Hand-Axes
  12. Funnily enough, I kept Ashe a Sniper on my first run of the game since I didn't level up his skill in riding and he ended up carrying me in the last two chapters. That's more a testament of how good hunters volley is rather than Ashe himself, however. Dancer doesn't seem like a bad class for him since he he can also steal, but his lack of proficiency in healing does make it a bit of a turn-off for me.
  13. At the very least, Byleth has some justification for receiving praise Being a teacher and a mentor figure for the students is a position that naturally lends itself to being praised and respected. I don't think the praise Kris got made as much sense since he was just Marth's bodyguard (and leader of the 7th platoon I guess), which is mildly impressive, but doesn't really impact anyone outside of Marth. As a sidenote, I do think Byleth's inclusion was a necessary evil in order to make it easier for the lords of the game to express themselves and their motivations, but I'm getting side-tracked. Anyways, I do agree that intelligent systems more thoroughly understands how important movement is and did a reasonable job at balancing Infantry and cavalier classes. Infantry classes typically have between one to three less movement than cavalier classes on average, but for most maps, I find that my cavalry classes are generally keeping pace with my infantry classes or have them take a more roundabout path to reach their destination. A good portion of the game's maps penalize cavaliers through stairs, forest, and other difficult to traverse terrain, which infantry classes generally have less issues dealing with. While Cavaliers do have difficulty traversing terrain, Canto makes them very proficient at hit-and-run tactics, which is a fair trade-off. I've also found most cavalier units in this game to be pretty slow, only doubling other cavalry and armor units. Where I think IS dropped the ball in-terms of balancing are Flying units since they don't suffer any of the issues that cavalry classes have, yet get all the perks. Wyvern Riders / Lords are pretty ridiculous in this game, as many people have already stated, but I find Falcon Knights and Pegasus Knights to be perhaps the most difficult enemies in the game to face. Their high move, high speed, lancefaire, and decent strength makes them very tricky enemies to survive, since its difficult to run away from them, and easy to get one rounded by them. For some shitty reason, enemy pegasus knights also have higher movement than your own, which makes them trickier encounters than they should be.
  14. Oh, I'm not saying they should re-release the game now, but sometime later. I think between late 2020 or early 2021 would be the best time to re-release it. Also, while some of the features I mentioned can be added through patches, its unlikely that they'd change entire sections of the game, like the repeated maps, through patches alone. I could maybe see them adding an epilogue for each house that contains a few chapters through a patch, but even that seems like a stretch since NG+ means its pretty unlikely that most people have their old save files in-tact to play these maps.
  15. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is quickly growing to be one of my favorite games in the series, featuring a arguably the best balance of gameplay, story, and immersive world-building in the entire series imo. Despite my love for the game, I can't help but feel there are several missed opportunities within the game that prevent it from being as good as it should be. Similar to the Persona and Pokemon series, I think this game's lasting impact would greatly improve if it was given an enhanced re-release, ironing out some of the issues in the game that couldn't be addressed due to the initially limited development time. Some ways an enhanced release could improve the game: greater number of mid-week activities more minigames greater amount of variety for the post-timeskip chapters (several chapters are reused between routes despite not always making sense) exploitable dungeons recruitable NPCs (Judith, Rodrigue, etc.) more post-timeskip chapters that wrap up lose ends (currently, there are 18-22 chapters per route, which makes the game rather short by FE standards) more interaction between classes within pre-timeskip chapters (i.e. Dimitri and Claude being green units in Chapter 12) more supports What are your thoughts? Do you think the game should have an enhanced re-release?
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