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  1. Man Lorenz is a disappointment. His stat spread is about as good as Raigh's, but he doesn't have a prf Owl Tome, so he's worse. At least he looks like he's having a good time. Girls have good artwork, though Byleth might be a bit too busty. I know she has one of the largest chest sizes in 3 houses, but this is a bit much haha. Ingrid's art is perfect though. Very respectably designed and she actually looks pretty cool. Sylvain looks great. With those great abs & shades, he's undoubtedly ready to mingle.
  2. Actually really glad Roy is getting a Resplendent alt. Of the budget Sword Infantry Heroes, I thought he was the one character who'd really benefit from +2 to all stats since most of his stats are teetering on being good, but aren't quite high enough. His stat spread gets bumped up to 47 / 33 / 34 / 28 / 31 (assuming you give him +5 dragon flowers) which is a pretty respectable. Since his speed is workable, I think it would be better to just ditch the QR refine in his weapon and just go for a speed refine with a speed boon. Saves him from getting doubled by a ton of other Heroes and makes his own doubles less conditional. Still, I agree that Elibe and Tellius are getting over-represented (I wish Erika got a Resplendent before Roy). The focus on Red heroes isn't bad however, since gen 1 Red Heroes need buffs the most, especially units that got refines ages ago, like Sanaki and Roy.
  3. Thanks for making this! Arvis could probably work fine with a copy-paste of Lute's weapon refine, but I'm crossing my finger's that his refine effect will just give him Fury 4. Would help him ploy better and would work nicely with his prf B-Skill. I could see Ayra getting a broken refine given Larcei's existence. Changing the weapon's base effect from flashing blade to accelerating special cooldown and making her refine effect give her either innate wrath or Repel could give her an edge over Larcei.
  4. I think the issue is that the devs mentioned it in the first place.
  5. That actually doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Special Spiral synergizes decently well with the HP threshold, and Life & Death 4 + the weapon base effect should theoretically give him enough speed to make use of the avoiding follow-up affect. The only issue I have with this is that attack refine seems arguably better for this type of build.
  6. I do love most of the art this time around. Male Corrin's specifically looks really good. He looks like he's actually gone insane. Its a step up from Fallen Female Corrin's art, which looked less scary and more like a Doujin cover (not that I'm complaining).
  7. Leon's prf is okay (except not giving him +4 res, that's kinda lame) but I don't know if this even gives him a niche given that Norne with a refined Slaying Bow arguably has a better stat spread (noticably less attack and slightly less defense, but higher speed & much higher res). The HP condition also makes it a bit clunky to use in Player Phase builds since it has no synergy with Desperation. Does anyone have any build ideas that can make use of his new weapon?
  8. Haven't played Silver Snow yet, but based on what I've seen online, it seems pretty apparent that the route's main character is Byleth, what with his crest being the new banner of the resistance army, his past being delved into further, & him being crowned king of Fodlan at the end of the route. Edelgard & Rhea are both humanized more, making the points where you fight them more heartbreaking. When I played Golden Deer, a lot of this stuff, like Byleth's crest being the banner of the resistance army seemed weird. Wasn't Claude suppose to be the main character? Why is the resistance army fighting under Byleth's name? As his teacher, I felt Byleth should have been the one to help Claude deal with his struggles like he did for Dimitri or Edelgard. However, there was no point in the story where I felt Claude was sufficiently challenged. He's still a good character, but I wish the devs had delved much more in his secretive past since that's something he's clearly not comfortable about & it would have challenged him more. A confrontation with Count Gloucester in particular would have been a really good way to challenge him about his background, while also help tying up Rapheal, Ignatz, and Lorenz's stories. All that being said, even in its current state, I don't think Verdant Wind's inclusion is bad for the game. Its the closest thing this game has to a golden route & the game ends on a happy note rather than a bittersweet one like in other routes. Even though I felt Claude should have been challenged more, his presence always made the events going on in the route more interesting.
  9. My Idea for a Dire Thunder refine gave it a Giga Excalibur / Vassal Blade effect. The purpose for investing that much into speed is higher damage, not to quad. Desperation is probably still better than lull speed res, but your damage output decreases by 5.
  10. Yeah, I don't think Dire Thunder (or F2P Dragons for that matter) will get refines any time soon. Most casual players I know still cheese most of the in-game content with Reinhardt + other autobattle monsters like merged up Nowi. Given this, I don't think its their highest priority to buff these units in anyway. If I were to buff this weapon for Olwen, I'd just do something like remove the speed penalty and boost damage by difference between unit & foes speed (max +7). The main thing Olwen needs is damage since 26 attack is a joke & a refine like this would make her better than reinhardt in theory because she can quad AND deal the same amount of damage.The thing is this could end up being OP on Reinhardt too with the right setup since he can run double swift sparrow (+11 speed), Lull Spd Res (+3 speed) and Hone Cav Support (+6 speed) to reach 47 speed at +10.
  11. Interested to see what Leon gets. Always wanted to build the dude, but it seemed like a waste given that Norne & Jamke were better units. Having a Slaying Effect + Special Spiral 3 would be a unique effect that differentiates him from other budget archers and would make him a discount Leif. I'm hoping he keeps the slaying base effect & gets a brave effect when near an armor or infantry ally. This wouldn't be unique, or even particularly good on him given his low speed, but it would be cool reference to Hunter's Volley & his mates, Valbar & Kamui.
  12. Predicting an Awakening banner because we've been long overdue for one. I believe the last one was From a Future Past, which was ages ago.
  13. Geez, female byleth outnumbering male Byleth for teacher by over a 2:1 ratio is crazy. I get she's more popular generally, but I expected the vote to be more even.
  14. Yikes, I wasn't even aware that the hit & avoid boosts was affected by the unit's attack range. I thought it was just the standard support bonuses of being 1-3 spaces near an ally & the attack range only affected Gambit hit. Principally, I like the attack range mechanic because its like a neutered version of the pair up attack from Fates. However, I think standard linked bonuses should have increased might by 1-2 to make it easier to get kills w/ weak units & make positioning while attacking more important. It could be seen as OP since you can potentially stack a lot of attack, but I think its balanced out by limited deployment slots.
  15. Good point. I added Leon to Celica's Route (Since I realized I barely included any Archers) & Berkut to Alm's Route.
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