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  1. I was tagged a bit ago but I can't change the title because then it's not a forum game. I'll change the tags.
  2. Bazinga!!!! It's been three weeks but I'm not dead, just very busy and stressed. I put in my notice for moving out, and have to find a place to live for October, and that means I have to deal with a lot of shit at home. I've also taken on more responsibility at school and have to work on a major paper for the end of August. It's a hoot, but it's no excuse for not posting at least small progress. With no further ado, here we go: No preview here because I need to nickname this man and I don't know what to go. Open to any and all suggestions, reply with anything you find interesting. (I don't know if this guy evolves to Kangaskhan or not!)
  3. Yeah I really didn't like that article. I remember reading it though and seeing some stuff at the beginning which was pretty clearly virtue signalling which made me suspicious in the first place, but it was absolutely bait.
  4. Not everything is explicit, reading context is important, dude. Why are you complaining that IS isn't adhering to hard stereotypes? Doing that is kind of harmful, and tied to some of the backlash that Fates got.
  5. I love the taste, but the physical sensation can be unpleasant on my tongue and once it hits my stomach.
  6. It's like I'm playing the Sims over here or something I'm finishing Part 3 of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime today so this post is Jojo themed. ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ A Preview of Things to Come: We've finally made it!
  7. the jays are still playing but we're probably going to lose
  8. I said I wasn't going to update with grinding but then enough stuff happened to warrant a short update instead of putting it at the beginning of the next one.
  9. Happy Canada Day! It's also Monday! Have an update before I go on a run! I don't have a picture of things to come because the level curve in this game absolutely sucks and I am several levels below the entry to the gym so I'm going to grind, as I do. I'm not updating on grinding though, so I'll give a stat recap at the beginning of the next update on how far I went.
  10. I don't think he gave it up, I can't fathom any reason he would given that there's no downside to having duals.
  11. reasonable but also up the jays Molson is good but Alexander Keith's is my hard favorite if you haven't tried it
  12. we're watching the jays!!!
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