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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA! this thread needs more enthusiasm and i am here to provide it
  2. Because its on topic I'm also going to post the streamable here because it's fun. https://streamable.com/9gp15
  3. Likewise, you also can't prove that he didn't say it. We have no mic evidence. I don't think that a black man would lie about a racialized insult being directed towards him, and I believe that Rudolph's personality and background makes him the type of person who absolutely would say something like that. It's not objective who was in the right/wrong here with how much information is flying around, and just as I can't prove anything, you can't either. How do you know Rudolph isn't lying out his ass? It comes down to what I believe vs what you believe at the end of the day, but Rudolph's agents denying it means nothing at all. He'd never admit it in this situation, it would be a PR disaster and possibly the ruin of his career.
  4. I believe Garrett. Of course Rudolph and his agents are gonna deny it, who is gonna go in front of the NFL and say "yeah I called him the n word"? Especially not MAGA Rudolph. He ain't a good guy, and I have no reason to believe him and every reason to believe Garrett. It's a shame there are no mics or anything, because you can't speak up unless you heard it yourself, right? The cards seem in place. The video to me makes it look obvious that Rudolph was pulling the helmet too.
  5. Honestly I don't like the idea of straight up monsters the way its worded. The monsters have never been shown to have any shred of humanity to them and it doesn't feel right to suddenly have them on your side. Plus, there's some merit in having a certain subset of classes be enemy only. If you recruit monsters, how do we know that the ones we're fighting are supposedly the bad guys? I just don't see the narrative working this out. It seems more or less random in a fire emblem game which generally presents itself super seriously. Another thing is that the way you bring it up, I don't know how that would work statwise. Sure, the different stones boost stats in different ways in their current implementations, but having so many drastically different forms just doesn't sound like there'd be consistency to the unit's state, rather it would be primarily based on the boosts/reductions of whatever form it's taking on.
  6. I was tagged a bit ago but I can't change the title because then it's not a forum game. I'll change the tags.
  7. Bazinga!!!! It's been three weeks but I'm not dead, just very busy and stressed. I put in my notice for moving out, and have to find a place to live for October, and that means I have to deal with a lot of shit at home. I've also taken on more responsibility at school and have to work on a major paper for the end of August. It's a hoot, but it's no excuse for not posting at least small progress. With no further ado, here we go: No preview here because I need to nickname this man and I don't know what to go. Open to any and all suggestions, reply with anything you find interesting. (I don't know if this guy evolves to Kangaskhan or not!)
  8. Yeah I really didn't like that article. I remember reading it though and seeing some stuff at the beginning which was pretty clearly virtue signalling which made me suspicious in the first place, but it was absolutely bait.
  9. Not everything is explicit, reading context is important, dude. Why are you complaining that IS isn't adhering to hard stereotypes? Doing that is kind of harmful, and tied to some of the backlash that Fates got.
  10. I love the taste, but the physical sensation can be unpleasant on my tongue and once it hits my stomach.
  11. It's like I'm playing the Sims over here or something I'm finishing Part 3 of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime today so this post is Jojo themed. ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ ゴ A Preview of Things to Come: We've finally made it!
  12. the jays are still playing but we're probably going to lose
  13. I said I wasn't going to update with grinding but then enough stuff happened to warrant a short update instead of putting it at the beginning of the next one.
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