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  1. Rhea is actively leading people into blind faith in her through fear- and just because that's not faith as in 'devout believer' doesn't mean it's not faith as in 'you can keep your world order as it is'. Edelgard is after societal revolution and while I'm still getting through Blue Lions (and don't have Church route), the narrative I have seen so far calls out Edelgard and Dimitri more often than Rhea, who doesn't have a setting of war to explain her actions.
  2. I'm not sure how the game intends to change my mind on her after hearing that. I've heard Golden Deer was supposed to be one of her better showings, and yet that was my first route and I came out of it just as Rhea-negative as I came in.
  3. Cordelia's VA is Julie Ann Taylor, who appears to be missing from Three Houses. On topic, I feel that sort of bias, not only anti-Edelgard, but pro-Rhea. You have to go out of your way (and, without care, sacrifice resources) to allow yourself the chance to side with Edelgard. I have failed to see eye-to-eye on the glorification of Rhea since hearing her views on the Lonato rebellion, and while I still need more time to get to the route to hear the full story from the game, I have what I believe to be a general picture from external sources, and said picture dissatisfies me.
  4. Altina is a female, but she has none of Lehran's ancestral powers ascribed to the office of Begnion- those belong to Lehran, for obvious reasons. Altina would be the first Empress, but it's a minor character point that Apostle and Empress are different titles that are typically held by the same person.
  5. I've been enjoying playing with those two with my Sanaki-focused story inspired by Bridal Sanaki, but I'm not exactly the target audience as both a lapsed player and someone who's literally still thinking about that a year later.
  6. This is why I can't really look at this and think positively, despite Sigrun and Tanith.
  7. I have mixed feelings, mostly negative ones. At least it's not last year's?
  8. Bern (as well as Ostia and Laus) were renamed for the European release. Crimea wasn't, though.
  9. This is one of the gameplay limitations of Supports I'm not fond of. The system that has so many other limitations that I'm surprised so many people get on RD and SD's case for lacking them. In-Castle interactions brings to mind Base Conversations, which have so much more potential for character expansion explored using physical locations and objects as props.
  10. Silvers are A Rank, so they're not even good for that. Especially in Path of Radiance, where they're the end of the line- if you can use a Silver Axe, which Titania would theoretically have given the player access to, you can use any axe you can legitimately obtain, because there's no Urvan. At least Titania does have the Axe rank to use Silver Axes when they come around. Sothe's has a B Rank in Knives, which is what the Kard is, but he doesn't have a good enough rank to have a Silver knife to distribute if anyone even wanted one. Though it does bear mentioning that, in regards to prepromoted units holding Silver Lances, Tauroneo has one. Once Tauroneo leaves the party, this is good for Aran (starts D), Fiona (starts C), promoted Jill (starts D), and promoted Meg (starts E). If we're counting Tauroneo as a Jagen/general prepromote for the purposes of this topic (his contribution as one is debatable), I have indeed used Tauroneo- he even came to the Tower one time. He's... a unit. All his stats are solid, he doesn't really shine in anything. There are prepromotes everywhere and I've given most of them a fair share- I think Volug, Oliver, Giffca and Volke are the only ones left, depending on who you count and why you count them. Radiant Dawn's system in general is a pain to apply terminology and series staples to.
  11. To be honest, I've played so much Tellius compared to other FEs that I forgot Jagens do this. Doesn't help Silver weapons compare almost objectively unfavourably to Steel Heavies in RD and I rarely make the jump to using Silvers in PoR- though to be fair, I so rarely use Silvers in all FEs, so the initial one I got from the Jagen is probably still in the convoy with less than five uses scratched off. With Sothe in FE10, he's got exclusive access to Knives until Part 4, so even if the Kard was a good knife by lategame standards, it's not like anyone else can nick it and start swinging it around. Laguz as 'prepromoted units to get you out of pinches' have the same flaw where their Strikes are non-transferable, and most items they have in their inventories are specifically for laguz barring the occasional Concoction or Elixir.
  12. I have a natural knack for pegasus knights- though no force in the universe can save Sigrun- and Jill usually works out, so I at least get to have them fly around. But for the most part, the Canto effect is used for getting the horses back to safety than pressing them further into danger. And the RD horses are usually the ones struggling to double things come lategame. My Sacred Stones runs were so long ago, and the more memorable ones banned Seth, but somehow I feel like my positive pegasus luck is balanced out by terrible cavalier luck, and I could very well believe I am capable of having a terrible Seth.
  13. ...Honestly, I'm not sure the author of this passage was aware of Micaiah's heritage.
  14. I'm honestly never quite sure whether I don't like using non-Astrid Paladins in FE9 because of their stats or because of their class balance. Probably the former, since the paladins can pretend to be competent (as best they can) in FE10. But it's not like I've had good results with them in my time in other games- though it has been a while.
  15. There is no logical reason a male shouldn't be eligible for the powers of the Apostle. The first one was a male, after all. I just assumed (with evidence I'm sure is probably there somewhere but I wouldn't have the foggiest idea where) that the Apostles tended to turn up female, so listed Mr Altina as the non-Lehran descendant. I'm writing a story that goes into this topic, I need to pick one. She only needs to be about ten or so years older to still be infantile at the time of the Massacre. It's perfectly reasonable for her to be both. But yeah, your first point is spot on.
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