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  1. While not under your command, they don't gain Authority, Movement Ranks or Mastery Skills. There aren't a lot of units where the extra stats are great enough to justify those, mainly Caspar if you're after the Scythe.
  2. ...Now that you mention it... I think I might be in the same boat.
  3. As of Chapter 6, they promote from Beginner Classes to Intermediate Classes and retroactively reap the benefits of all the bonus growths. More specifically, they promote into enemy Intermediate Classes, which usually have higher growths than their player counterparts.
  4. General Tips: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bpVSPRKTXjmQWvldgQiUT81ODS4GHtM1hPgE4FbUAuY Character-specific Tips: https://drive.google.com/open?id=188a31c_HDj4IF_jkSbxN0jBCnVjLdlJtq5QSD2zQi8s I would've shared these on Serenes sooner, but I've been the last to post in this topic until now.
  5. Yeah, I don't know if I ever got that A+. I think more runs I've done have tried to get Byleth in Falcon Knight- and thus, using Seteth/Manuela/Shamir/Jeralt for Lance/Flying instead- than any other class. I've gotten B+ at best- weapon ranks go steep past A. At least it's just some bonus Hit/Avoid/Crit Avoid (10 points total, like) to go from Sword 4 to Sword 5.
  6. Sometimes, I have no idea why people think raising Byleth's Swords is ludicrously easy, and then I realise it's because I actually class into different things. A+ Swords is something Byleth always likes for her Sword of the Creator. You say the dialogue options are a better means of raising Support than gifting as if giving Rhea a Goddess Statuette didn't give four times as many Support Points as a correct dialogue option. I wish I could say for certain how many Support Points Faculty Training gives, but that was beyond the scope of my resource. When I S Supported Rhea myself, I just made sure I did a session every free week anyway. Extra Sword Ranks never go amiss. (If you want to recruit Felix, Sylvain-as-male, Lorenz, Annette or Lysithea, you can also use Rhea's training to double-dip there.)
  7. New information: Boosting your Luck stat through items (Goddess Icon, Miracle Bean) to change the pass chance can turn a pre-rolled fail into a pass.
  8. Well, the display doesn't go over 100%. I imagine it doesn't help for multiple goals (like excess Reason to take a rank off Riding for Dark Knight).
  9. Source: https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=18719117 As translated into English: https://old.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/dbenbm/certification_exam_pass_rate_formula/ Chance = (100-a*b)+(Luck/2) Where a is 40 (Beginner, Intermediate, one skill Advanced), 32 (two skills Advanced) or 20 (Master), and b is the number of weapon ranks you are short of the ones on the paper. a=40 Chances: 1 Rank: 60% 2 Ranks: 20% (needs 20 Luck to be permitted to attempt) a=32 Chances: 1 Rank: 68% 2 Ranks: 36% 3 Ranks: 4% (needs 52 Luck to be permitted to attempt) a=20 Chances: 1 Rank: 80% 2 Ranks: 60% 3 Ranks: 40% 4 Ranks: 20% (needs 20 Luck to be permitted to attempt)
  10. I think the biggest loser in the Black/Dark Magic split is Edelgard- the only character to learn both Black and Dark Magic. This is at least partially because I tried Mortal Savant as her magic class, but Edelgard only gets Dark Magic Range +1, so she only gets that boost to the 2-use Luna and Hades while Fire and Bolganone are stuck where they are.
  11. Renown is retained from playthrough to playthrough, with a sizable lump added per playthrough. I'll confess to not knowing how big that lump is, but I do recall hearing it got bigger after the patch.
  12. If you're talking about Supports between characters, you can't get those with Renown. If you leave them half-finished, you're going to have to grind them up again to finish them next time. If you're doing church route after Black Eagles, Support purchasing will be of limited use. If you're at Chapter 18, you might just be out of opportunities to claim Supports anyway. Asking to recruit them will be an automatic success. Lorenz and Ashe require you have recruited them pre-timeskip, Seteth is pre-timeskip, and Gilbert is first thing post-timeskip. I'm not sure how much they count.
  13. I've also run the numbers on this. If you keep building past B Support to reach B+ Support, anyone who wants Sword/Brawl/Authority should be free, according to the math (I'm wary of the game adding a loophole), and anyone who wants something other than Faith only needs two Activity points worth of Faculty Training to be recruited. Annette and Lysithea are tricky, but if you've been using Choir to raise Support, you've got a start on your Faith levels. (The stat levels are tiny compared to Byleth's bases- at C+ Support, the only characters who may turn you down for insufficient stats are those looking for Charm, since the Charm thresholds are so high, Felix, if you're somehow so speed screwed you haven't gained a single point, and Mercedes/Lysithea, who need 3 Magic growth procs. By B Support, it's just the Charm students left.)
  14. It's a guaranteed recruit at the professor's leisure, rather than an RNG recruit. Depending on what you did on a weekend, resetting for it can take some time and redoing all that week's Instruction. Having control over when you recruit is useful if you want to wait until the student promotes to Intermediate classes for the growths, or you want to get them as soon as possible to make sure you can get all their cross-house Supports or instruction benchmarks in time.
  15. Recruitment is easier because of one or more of the following factors: You have a higher Professor level than the game expects, and you may gain Support, do Faculty Training and roll for the Charm from Tea Time more frequently. You may purchase Supports directly rather than investing in re-raising them. You may purchase Weapon Ranks directly rather than investing in re-raising them. If you have upgraded Saint Statues sufficiently to get EXP faster, you can roll stat-ups more frequently.
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