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  1. I'd like a true ending path, either joining forces later in every route or in a hidden path that unlocks after clearing the other three. I want to play with the full roster. I'll be mad if I can only play with a third of the cast in each gameplay.
  2. Arf, I really like this game but I just finished ch.17 and I notice that I missed Tanya. I'm gonna hang myself. I can't stand missing a character, I just can't. Even if I'd never use him/her. I was soooo happy. I wish there was a guide or something, I only need to see when I miss a character and just reset that chapter to fulfill the conditions. Can anyone post a save with all the characters? Something close to my chapter would be just fine. I really don't want to start all over again. Edit: I didn't see that another user have posted a guide. Bless you * - *
  3. I heard him saying that he only knows about DLC's from the downloadable cards. Nothing else. So, I wouldn't exclude a main path as a DLC right now.
  4. You're right. I've added the twitter below! Thank you so much!
  5. I found this and I hope he looks like that in the post-timeskip artwork 🤩 https://mobile.twitter.com/d4ggerfish/status/1141786737900998657?s=20
  6. I totally agree. They all look great! It took me a while to realize one of them was Caspar. It seems that Lysithea didn't change much, right?
  7. Thank you! I just saw it, twice, and I didn't hear about any of the non-transferables characters. He just showed the mechanic trying to recruit Lysithea but nothing else. The only new thing I learnt from the video is there's a new character called Tomas.
  8. I didn't hear any mention to these characters being non-transferables, considering that I'm native from Spain and I understand everything. In which second did you hear that? BTW, I saw a new character: Tomas. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this.
  9. What? Which video? That doesn't make any sense, right? Hilda should be the unrecruitable character from Golden Deers because she's a retainer of some sort. Edit: I'm from Spain, maybe I can translate the video for you if you want ^^
  10. Claude x M!Byleth F!Byleth x Leonie Ingrid x Dimitri Edelgard x FlameEmperor Sylvain x M!Byleth Lorenz x Hairdresser
  11. Maybe It's Swordmaster and not Hero. I mean, that would make more sense towards Swordfaire and both gender can be Swordmasters.
  12. I personally think that the more the merrier. I could see Black Magic (Thunder, Fire, Wind), Dark Magic (Darkness), White Magic (Light, Healing). We might see Light Magic being offensive like the Thani tome, the Book of Naga, Aura or the Seraph spell in Echoes. I would want some ice spells (Blizzard, separated from wind) and earth spells (Brynhildr). Even water spells could be nice. A man can dream.
  13. I think Flayn is a priest of Seiros and maybe a manakete too. If not, I could see her as a healer or a pegasus knight. I don't know why she recalls me to Florina.
  14. I totally agree with you. I hope that we didn't see the full list and we need to unlock classes to some extend so Hero isn't gender-locked. To limitate Dark Knight, Pegasus Knight and Brawler/Pugilist was a dumb decission. And also, with the weapon triangle out of question, I could see a Kodachi/Wakizashi type of Sword in this game.
  15. I think that's a little bit unfair and I dislike the Archanea approach. At least males can access to wyvern rider without any prior flying class, but I would have prefered the class system to be more linear-based (with branches). I mean, wyvern rider promoting to wyvern lord and malig knight; pegasus knight promoting to falcon knight and sky knight. I hate when your pegasus mount magically turns into a wyvern. Give them separates classes for Naga's sake.
  16. Oh, I saw Gilbert and Shamir but I didn't see Flayn. Who is he/she?
  17. I personally want a Golden Ending. I mean, we have three (maybe four) routes full of death and sorrow. Why not a happy ending? That wouldn't destroy any other path. I'm totally okay with 'earn your true ending' so I'm fine with that one be more difficult. I hope there's a golden path where I can use all of the characters. I want them all in a single run.
  18. Thani didn't draw the eyepatch and the sideburns either. But she/he definitely said that the promotions post-timeskip will get changes. So... I think she/he drew the promotion with the pre-timeskip appearance
  19. I could totally be okay with 'banging' your students if the 5 years timeskip happens. I mean, achieve only A or S ranks post timeskip would be a classy way to calm a vast majority. I personally didn't like the Nowi situation. And IS: Pretty pretty please, don't kill my characters or at least, make avoidable deaths (Kaze style).
  20. I don't really care about FEH. Soldiers and Mercenaries are locked in other games too, same with Clerics. I think that's the only game in the series (with Gaiden) where Archers are only a male class. I don't say that the other genderlocked classes were right because I despised that too. We could discuss Pirates but I used the Archer's example because I think it's more actual. And I believe more people could agree that was a bad decission. I saw less people angry about Mercenaries, Clerics or Soldiers and that didn't contribute to world building or lore in any way. They simply didn't care enough to complain about it or they considered that make sense in a stereotypical way. Or maybe Archers made more noise, idk. I suppose something similar to how some people don't care about genderlocked Dark Mages, Brawlers or Pegasus Knights but they do care about Wyvern Riders. I honestly don't like any type of genderlock.
  21. Archers were genderlocked in Echoes and that doesn't make it right. Same with Fighters and some other classes. I could see Caspar, Ingrid and Marianne with crests. I think Leonie and Annette would be commoners. The photo of Byleth in the cafeteria with students from differents houses makes me wonder if we'll recruit them later in the story. I hope we will or we'll get a revelation-like dlc with all of the students. I want them all in a single playthrough but I prefer not to pay an exorbitant amount of money for that.
  22. I believe she said that her leak was 90% true/10% false and she got the info in early developpement. I can totally see the character death, the promotions for the lords and the spoilery lesbian choices being fake. Otherwise, why does Dimitri have a riding profiency?! The thing I don't get is why IS didn't shut down their posts if her info was gonna be proven right. Maybe did they leak it on purpose to generate hype?
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