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  1. SHINING DUO! The first two, and the others released nearby (Sword of Hajya for Gamegear, or the Shining Force 3 / Book series) are staples. I'd recommend #1 and #2 always
  2. I saw it the other day. Hahn's moustache looks fan-fricken-tastic. Names being longer than 4 characters will take some getting used to tho
  3. That's cool. I'm out of town rn but I'll adjust it when I get back home and to a PC. Thank you for the alert~
  4. Wait, so Elise is always going to have X magic at Y level (Y-You're saying, I can't try to rig shiny green capped def on Elise if I believe hard enough)?
  5. JEDI, YOU KIND DORK YOU How do you think the longevity/replayability/challenge of the game, given that it's been out for nearly a year now? Is it the kind of game that you feel like has grown repetitive? IDK if growth variances make the game replayable to have a real feel for units being all that diverse if they're RNG blessed/cursed
  6. You'll be missed, Tangy! Welcome [back] Balcerbro, and welcome aboard, Jankmastah! Pleasure to work with you~!
  7. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with medical issues that heavily resulted in my abilities to not catch up at all. I won't act like I'm exempt from this call-out, but I was preparing to sub out due to just a sheer inability to participate.
  8. PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM @SFMM5 Players Rein is at work but mafia is surrendering, game is over WrongToday at 12:16 PM Oh uhh GG PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM Dyachei was the final scum ReinfelcheToday at 12:16 PM lmao PaperbladeToday at 12:16 PM congrats to town
  9. Nice (Who was the whole crew; was it you four from the picture I saw in Discord or was there anyone else?). Also, fighting _against_ ridley sounds like a chore and a half, from what I've seen and read about. Can't wait for your summary
  10. Who did you fight against (character-wise)? I'm curious if you noticed anything else that stood out in terms of character differences. Did they change ike's bone-crushing Ragnell SFX? Why didn't you Sonic? AND Meet anyone else from smashboards?
  11. Still don't understand how scum was threatened by Snike's "Can't stop kills" power (but that's not one of your key points).
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