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  1. Beanie please come upstairs dinner is ready and I miss u ;-;
  2. I wanna let you guys know everyone did so good!!! I read every single page!!! I think Sully did really good, considering it was their first game, and I really enjoyed seeing everyone's interactions. However, I think my favorite part was you guys being 100% sure Baldrick was scum, and then the confusion afterwards. Good game to everyone!
  3. I'm young and full of love, how dare u :c
  4. hello friends :) if you are looking for a fun and friendly game of mafia with no violence contact me @cutie-patrol on skype :) absolutely :) nothing :) bad :) will :) happen :) to :) my :) non-allies :) there :) will :) be :) no :) planning :) for :) their :) demise :) if you want to be allies with the nicest and most non-violent person in this game let me know :)
  5. Actually I don't think I'm going to have enough time. I thought I would but my teacher just assigned a project :p. I'll just play the next game!
  6. ^^ I can confirm that zeo wanted to keep you alive n1, we planned together. I should have logs if you're interested, but we also video skyped so I'm not sure how much of that I can support with physical logs. Also I'm no longer super salty about any of this, so I wanna go ahead and congratulate everyone. Everyone did so good! To all of my allies thank you. Kinumi, Gaius, and Sylveon, thank you for playing and congratulations! Sorry the game ended as messily as it did, but I really did have fun planning with you guys throughout the game.
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