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  1. @vanguard333 - "viable" isn't exactly a rare feature for a unit in PoR to have. Rolf is viable. Sure, Zihark and Ike can easily hold their own against the enemies, but compared to the majority of the other playable units, I don't think they can hold up all that well. Fun fact: Ike's base stats are virtually identical to Roy's (+1 HP, Skl / -1 Lck).
  2. I meant 3-6, sorry. But according to @Florete's stat compilation, cats in that chapter are indeed that "slow". For 3-13, the AS is listed as "22.5" or "23", which I assume means "either 22 and 24" with one or t'other being more prevalent (and I'm tagging her in case she remembers if it does ) , in which case Volug would need a single Spd proc (which he can get reliably via BEXP - Spd is his 3rd highest growth) to double them. This would also allow him to double Swordmasters in 3-12, although I don't remember how valuable that is. In any case, Volug is really good in part 3 because without halfshift, he hits some nice benchmarks that few other DB units can reach. Sothe, for example, would need to be Lv.10 to start doubling cats in 3-6 (and Lv.15 to double the ones with 22 AS) and he would have to hit both his HP and Def cap (40 and 20, respectively) to survive two 39-Atk tiger attacks, and unless he supports someone with a +Def affinity (i.e. not Miccy), he will always be 2HKO'ed by the 41-Atk ones. Sure, Laguz gauge sucks, but I find it very much worthwhile to grass up Volug.
  3. Well, those are all pretty bad, except Stefan thanks to his great base level and stats, and even he (afaik) is still quite a ways away from the best. Swords in PoR are just terrible to be locked into.
  4. Flere is making a distinction between things that are linked to a class (weapon choice, movement, promotion item, promotion gains, stat caps, weaknesses to effective weaponry) and those that aren't (base level, base stats, growths). Dorcas and Bartre are bad (well, the former is at least somewhat useful in the earlygame) mostly because of their speed growth and base, respectively - i.e. something that isn't really linked to their class, although the class-linked lack of +Spd upon promotion is indeed making that problem worse. It's more convoluted once reclassing is a Thing, since this does tie stats (and, later, skills) to classes and can lead to stuff like the Warrior class in the DS game which (as far as I know) is almost always inferior to the Hero class. However, it should also be noted that otherwise, pretty much every class has some situational use - even Sniper can be worth picking for a bow user in NMotE thanks to its higher class bases, although I don't think there's ever a good reason to keep a character as an archer before promotion.
  5. Well, in FE6-10, the class is always a detriment to the unit in it. Low movement, often paired with increased terrain penalties, with no advantages whatsoever that are intrinsic to the class. In the GBA games they have to compete with the cavaliers for their promotion item. There's still a couple of decent or even good characters of that class, but in every single case, that's despite their class, not because of it, and it usually makes them bad choices long-term: Oswin is great in the earlygame, but becomes less and less useful as your own units' growths outpace the enemies'. Once it's promotion o'clock, the three cavaliers make better use of the promotion than he does. PoR!Gatrie is definitely a valuable unit before he leaves, but honestly pretty bad once he rejoins, since Horse Emblem is almost in full effect by that time. RD!Gatrie has phantastic growths, but his caps both pre- and post-promotion are awful, which does hamper his combat quite a bit. Gilliam is a weird case in that he actually gains quite a bit from promotion (quite a bit being +2 movement and canto), but is, at least in my experience, not that great in the earlygame. In the DS games, it's actually situationally useful to reclass into General - Wolf/Sedgar make pretty good use of that class, and there's quite a few situations where the bulk is super useful to have. I haven't played either of the games on their highest difficulties, but even on the H1 and H2 level of NMotE, I occasionally found myself reclassing a Falcoknight or Dracoknight into a General - even DK has five less Def than General.
  6. Leif. He's the only one without ridiculously coloured hair.
  7. Volug survives two hits from any enemy in 3-12 - according to the pinned enemy stat list, the tigers reach 41 Atk, which Volug (49 HP, 18 Def) barely survives. I think that's pretty neat. He also doubles enemy cats (who have 20 or 22 AS), which I also find pretty neat. If I'm not mistaken, he even 2HKOs most cats if he reaches S strike (and no, this is not hard to reach before this point of the game). Pretty neat. All on Hard difficulty, of course.
  8. It's not quite as bad ;) There's eight different ways of proccing once in eight tries (Xooooooo , oXoooooo , ooXooooo , etc), each with a chance of 0.5^8 (0.5^7 for the misses, 0.5^1 for the proc), so chance of exactly one Spd proc was 0.0312 = 3.125%. The chance for zero Spd procs is only 0.39%, so she had a chance of 96.5% to proc Spd more than once. Her averages before promotion with the Ava's Drops are the following: 30.4 HP | 14.4 Str | 16.6 Skl | 18 Spd | 14 Lck | 12.4 Def | 14.8 Res vs the actual stats: 29 HP | 15 Str | 17 Skl | 15 Spd | 16 Lck | 14 Def | 15 Res ...so she's doing fairly well except for, y'know, the most important stat. Chapter 28*
  9. It works against them, too, though. The GM have a bunch of units that function with relatively little investment - Haar, Titania, Ike, Shinon... - and are generally strong enough to drag an underleveled (or just plain bad) unit along, so training the likes of Boyd or Neph (or even Ilyana if you really want to) isn't as difficult as feeding kills to Fiona. Generally speaking, I feel that each deployment slot in the DB chapters is worth a lot more than they are for the GM and fielding Meg or Fiona over a better growth unit or even a prepromoted is quite the handicap.
  10. To play devil's advocate a little - Astrid is somewhat BEXP-able, capping Res and HP at level 15 (unpromoted). Her highest remaining growths are Lck (70), Skl (45), and Str/Spd (both 40) - not great because she will most likely only get one out of the two important stats per level-up, but still. And after promotion, she caps Lck fairly quickly (especially if she got some BEXP levels beforehand), which already makes BEXP levels technically worth it, although not really because the most likely level-up is HP/Skl/Res. But it would allow her cap HP and Res a bit earlier than usual, so if you're really willing to put all this investment into her, she should cap Str and Spd quite reliably afterwards. Of course, I'm not saying that this is even remotely worth it. I can actually see Meg > Astrid, at least on Normal difficulty where Meg is at least functional when she joins. Astrid is pretty much a millstone in 2-3, largly irreleant in 2-F and at best contributes some weak chip in part 3. On Hard (which I haven't played in a long while, so bear with me if I misremember this), Meg struggles to reach some not-get-doubled benchmarks, though, so I'd consider her just as bad as Astrid initially and definitely worse in the longterm. Also, Lethe has one chapter in which she's quite good and one where she is still able to contribute if you don't Haar-skip it. Not a whole lot, but still more than Astrid, Fiona or (HM-)Meg have.
  11. Sorry for the delay, but I'm kinda procrastinating with chapter 29. Fuck those status staves. (that and I'm kinda hooked on Europa Universalis IV again, so that's where most of my video game time goes atm). Chapter 27
  12. Fair, but I'm not American, born a long time after Eisenhower died (I'm old, but not that old) and know next to nothing about the man, and I'm still aware of his "I like Ike" campaign. I can't imagine that nobody in the developer crew of Smash was aware of that reference.
  13. I'm sorry, but "exeedingly charming" is not a descriptor that springs to my mind when I think of Peri Aren't most characters pretty weirded out when they interact with her, at least until Fates' fundamental force of Must Produce Offspring kicks in? I can't say that I'm an avid reader of her supports, though, so I might be off target here.
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