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  1. ^literally unwatchable Contrary to popular belief, the Aztecs did develop the wheel, as small clay toys for children prove. However, since there were no large domesticated animals like horses or cows in the Americas to carry them, large carts wouldn't have been much of an improvement over just carrying stuff.
  2. Fir in BinBla's HM. Underleveled, but reasonably good stats for her joining time; sword user joining in an axe-heavy part of the game. Shiida in Shadow Dragon. Forged Wing Spear is just hilarious. Marcus in BinBla's HM. No, really. Great Jeigan-feel, because he can leave basically every enemy in the earlygame at low HP, unlike the Jeigans after him. Obviously not fun in a "fun-to-raise" way.
  3. The Greek spelling of the Egyptian deity Thoth is Θώθ. And while I didn't want to make three Baldur's Gate-related posts in a row, it's fitting to mention that the name of the evil spider goddess of the Drow in the Forgotten Realms, Lolth, sounds a little different in the internet age, too.
  4. Another random Baldur's Gate fact: The only playable character with three different portraits for BG1, BG2, and the 2016 midquel Siege of Dragonspear is Viconia deVir, a Drow (i.e. Dark Elf) Cleric. If you want to be technical, Imoen (the main character's adoptive sister) also counts, but she's only "playable" in Siege's epilogue. This special treatment might be because Viconia has wildly different looks in BG1 and BG2 and looks quite un-drowlike in BG1: BG1 portraits are very directly based on pictures of game developers and their friends and/or spouses, then "fantasyfied" with clothing, face paintings, trinkets, and/or equipment, which can sometimes look a little off. Interestingly enough, Jaheira, who also looks completely different between BG1 and BG2, kept her BG1 portrait for Siege. For BG2, the artist seems to have looked elsewhere for inspiration - for example, Nalia (a new character) resembles Drew Barrymore. More interesting, especially for the Horny Teenager target group, is the inspiration for Viconia's portrait in BG2: Apparently, this is cropped from an old pornographic photograph, back when Horny Teenagers had to find somebody who would provide them with magazines of that sort. (well, BG2 is from 2000, so the internet was already a thing)
  5. The rather excentric Baldur's Gate character Minsc is famously carrying with him his animal companion Boo, who (according to Minsc) says that he is a "Miniature Giant Space Hamster" and not an ordinary rodent. While this is generally played as a joke... Minsc is a Ranger, which means that he can communicate with animals, so Boo talking to him doesn't have to be Minsc's imagination running wild. This is backed by Minsc's voicelines in BG2, where Boo often chimes in. Hamsters and Rangers everywhere, rejoice! Squeak-sqeak! Giant Space Hamsters are actually a thing. Seriously. Although I don't think that the "miniature" variant was ever mentioned before Minsc and Boo.
  6. Great Knight is a good class, but Paladin is better. ...I think that's what it boils down to, right? Gilliam is a better unit for his ability to go GK. Every infantry unit would improve if they had the option to promote to GK (well, you could argue otherwise if it would replace Neimi and Gerik's Ranger choice). Duessel is only "hurt" by his class in the sense that he'd be better as a Paladin, but at that point, Seth is "hurt" by not being a Wyvern Knight. GK!Franz is a good unit, just not as good as Pala!Franz. I'd still have preferred if GK had 7 Move, but we all want a lot of things. A character losing Move upon promotion "feels wrong".
  7. Did he get any transfer bonuses? +2 Spd is pretty big for Boyd, as far as I remember. On normal difficulty, he isn't too far away from doubling. Or RNGeesus is just having his fun with you Your experience with the difficulty curve is pretty spot-on - Radiant Dawn is tough when you have to work with the Dawn Brigade and comparatively easy when you have Greil's Mercenaries on your team. Part 2 is weird, with the constantly swapping rosters and very restricted deployment slots. I still struggle with Brom+Neph vs. the world every time I play RD One miss can be so devestating when you have no back-up to make up for it. There's a handful of Laguz that are strong despite their grass addiction. Fully transformed Volug (you can unequip Wildheart in pt.3) is quite good even in pt.4, Janaff and Ulki are actually excellent while transformed, and a certain hot-headed lion has phantastic stats as well (and lions have a better transformation gauge, too). It helps that you get a couple more Laguz stones for insta-transformation. A lot of the laguz expire very quickly (Lethe, Mordekai) or are never good to begin with (Kyza, Lyre), though, that's for sure.
  8. Luck gives 1:1 Avoid in PoR, so that's around 5-7 points of difference between Zihark and Stefan. If Zihark has any supports, he gets another 5 points per level (w/ Ilyana and Brom) or 7.5 points (w/ Muarim), thanks to Zihark's Earth and Muarim's Thunder affinities. Stefan only gets 2.5 Avoid per support level with Soren, thanks to Soren's Dark affinity. (I personally don't think Zihark is any better than Mia, because she's at least present in a couple maps where you're short on options and they're both not very useful past Zihark's joining time, but that's a matter of perspective) - Speaking of PoR - in a class-by-class case, Soren and Ilyana are better than Calill and Bastian, right? And in BinBla, two of the three best units are not promoted when they join, although for both Rutger and Milady, their base stats carry them quite far, especially Milady.
  9. Not Scottish, but I would offer my condolences to the part of England that doesn't give a shit about football because they'll be forced to hear IT'S COOOOMING HOME on loop for the next couple months.
  10. Oh, just readability, make it easier to recognize what final score belongs to which game. I personally find that a bit difficult (or rather inconvenient), especially when there's fairly large gaps between the numbers in each line. And midway through I thought, "oh, let's broadly group up the games by their 'generation'", but only registered that only Book 1 is highlighted after I already made the screenshot and closed Excel, and didn't deem it important enough to open it again. It's not particularly nifty, btw, just copied the numbers (which took about 98% of the time investment) and did a SUM() at the end.
  11. "Evil, meet my sword! SWORD! MEET! EVIL!" (sorry, my brain immediately goes to Minsc when I see the "introduce to weapon" trope) (actually, I'm not sorry. Minsc is always a good place for a brain to be at) Unless I misread the scores for Awakening twice, it should be at -9 (and tied with Thracia). The rest should be correct, I think.
  12. ?? You can absolutely skip cutscenes by pressing Start in GBA FE. At worst, you have to press it twice because there tends to be story before and after battle preps. Pretty sure it's the same for Tellius, too.
  13. BlaBla and BinBla remakes would be much better suited for Tellius-style safe file transfers. Not the "lv. 20 capped stats" part of it, since there's so few shared characters, there's way more time between the games than between PoR and RD, and you'd have to change the level scaling drastically, but the idea that certain choices or pairings in BlaBla give some modest buffs in the "sequel". Pairing Hector with Farina or Florina gives Lilina a pegasus upon promotion. If Canas and Nino get their A support (in which they, or rather Nino and Canas's wife, realize that they might have family ties), you could unlock conversations (and/or an additional support) between Hugh and Lugh+Raigh. Stuff like that, although I just made those specific examples up on the fly. Putting them in one game simply doesn't make sense, because as @Florete said, unlike Geneology, the stories of the two Elibe games are hardly connected. More isn't automatically better. -- I think that actually might be an unpopular FE opinion of mine. Oftentimes, less is more - in game mechanics as well as in writing.
  14. Been listening to the FF9 soundtrack while typing and uploading my Project Ember stuff. Special mentions to Freya's theme, Forgotten Face, Terra, and of course You Are Not Alone.
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