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  1. Oh, just readability, make it easier to recognize what final score belongs to which game. I personally find that a bit difficult (or rather inconvenient), especially when there's fairly large gaps between the numbers in each line. And midway through I thought, "oh, let's broadly group up the games by their 'generation'", but only registered that only Book 1 is highlighted after I already made the screenshot and closed Excel, and didn't deem it important enough to open it again. It's not particularly nifty, btw, just copied the numbers (which took about 98% of the time investment) and did a SUM() at the end.
  2. "Evil, meet my sword! SWORD! MEET! EVIL!" (sorry, my brain immediately goes to Minsc when I see the "introduce to weapon" trope) (actually, I'm not sorry. Minsc is always a good place for a brain to be at) Unless I misread the scores for Awakening twice, it should be at -9 (and tied with Thracia). The rest should be correct, I think.
  3. ?? You can absolutely skip cutscenes by pressing Start in GBA FE. At worst, you have to press it twice because there tends to be story before and after battle preps. Pretty sure it's the same for Tellius, too.
  4. BlaBla and BinBla remakes would be much better suited for Tellius-style safe file transfers. Not the "lv. 20 capped stats" part of it, since there's so few shared characters, there's way more time between the games than between PoR and RD, and you'd have to change the level scaling drastically, but the idea that certain choices or pairings in BlaBla give some modest buffs in the "sequel". Pairing Hector with Farina or Florina gives Lilina a pegasus upon promotion. If Canas and Nino get their A support (in which they, or rather Nino and Canas's wife, realize that they might have family ties), you could unlock conversations (and/or an additional support) between Hugh and Lugh+Raigh. Stuff like that, although I just made those specific examples up on the fly. Putting them in one game simply doesn't make sense, because as @Florete said, unlike Geneology, the stories of the two Elibe games are hardly connected. More isn't automatically better. -- I think that actually might be an unpopular FE opinion of mine. Oftentimes, less is more - in game mechanics as well as in writing.
  5. Been listening to the FF9 soundtrack while typing and uploading my Project Ember stuff. Special mentions to Freya's theme, Forgotten Face, Terra, and of course You Are Not Alone.
  6. Chapter 11 (Echidna route) - Hero of the West
  7. The modern character design of Harley Quinn, from Batman's villain gallery, is based on (or at the very least heavily inspired by) the character Jeanette Voerman from the 2004 PC RPG Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. Harley's original design is much closer to a classic, well, Harlequin, but these days, her twin pigtail look with the heavy make up that she borrowed from Jeanette seems to be much more iconic for her. In VtMB, Jeanette is a very influential vampire in Los Angeles (or, more specifically, Santa Monica) and part of the Malkavian clan, which is to say that she is completely batshit insane. The player character (a very recently "embraced" vampire) gets caught up in a very nasty conflict between the chaotic, promiscuous Jeanette and her prim and proper (but also Malkavian, i.e. completely batshit insane) sister Therese.
  8. OK, but what IRL conflict should we compare to Fëanor's Kinslaying to? Or the Krillin-Gohan intervention on planet Namek? I'm sure we can fit some nazi comparisons somewhere, for maximum controversity. For real though, the real life comparisons so far seem to serve more as a mean to throw down some !!!Hot Takes!!! because none of them are actually comparable to Marth's journey.
  9. Man, I'm on a streak Chapter 10 (Echidna route) - Western Resistance
  10. He is, actually, by virtue of being the only person in the world who can wield the Falchion. Elice is captured (I don't remember if Marth even knows she's still alive, but probably not), so Marth is the only known descendent of Anri alive, and Elice isn't a trained swordswoman anyway. I don't particularly like the "Chosen because bloodline" trope, but Kaga evidently did, so here we are.
  11. "Mommy's here~~~" "ELDRITCH SMACKDOWN!!" "TEEHEEHEE YAYYYYY" "Ohhhh yessssss" "WE'VE GOT TROUBLE" (groans of increasing discomfort) Related ProZD content.
  12. Apologies for harping on your historical comparisons again, but... why this? I don't want to make a statement on the matter because I'm not qualified to do so, but that's such an absurd comparison to make. Marth losing his kingdom happened two years prior to the start of Dark/Shadow Dragon. If you're basing your argument on the assumption that Medeus is not acting genocidal (1), why do you choose an act of genocide as your IRL example to explain your point? (1) "So if Medeus is planning to genocide or enslave the entire human species, then yes, Marth is absolutely justified in going back to war. But the game doesn't provide us any real reason to believe that, and even more importantly, no reason for the characters to believe that (well beyond draconic racist)." -- On the topic: The narration is pretty consistent in presenting Medeus as evil incarnate (hell, part of his death quote is "So long as the darkness in your hearts continues to sustain me…I cannot be…destroyed…..") and that the Dolunian rule over Altea was tyrannical at best: The Altean population does not accept the Dolunian rule and the occupational forces violently suppress any form of resistance. Everything the game shows (or rather tells, admittedly) indicates that yes, Marth's attempt to reclaim the Altean throne was ethical, even if the fantasy trope of the "rightful king" wasn't in effect. You could wonder "what if that's all propaganda that became a passed-down legend?", because SD does have a certain "Epos" feel, but that would go into the realm of fan fiction.
  13. Chapter 8x - The Blazing Blade
  14. The Pokémon name "Chimecho" was localized to "Palimpalim" in Germany - onomatopoeia for the sound of a typical door bell in a corner shop. This particular word/phrase was popularized by the comedian (and actor, he is said to be a bit annoyed that he's mostly remembered as the former) Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden in a rather silly sketch about two prisoners who are bored out of their minds and decide to play shop. -- The objectively funniest (while still fitting) onomatopoeia, however, comes from Akira Toriyama, who once transcribed the sound of a motor boat as BOAAA---T.
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