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  1. Speaking for Germany, our parliament went from three parties (conservatives, liberals (in a European sense), social democrats) between the 60s and 80s to four (adding the Green party in 1983), to five (adding the Socialists, successor of the SED in the GDR) in 1990, to six right now (adding the totally-not-fascists in 2017). Notably, both the conservatives and the social democrats, the two domineering parties, lost a lot of weight in the past decade or two. For the longest time, the question of who would be chancellor would boil down to "who can persuate the liberals to form a coalition?", although there has been a "big coalition" between 1966 and 1969, with a rather silly majority in parliament. The next coalition without the liberals was formed in 1998 (social democrats + green party), followed by another big coalition in 2005 - due to neither SD+Green nor conservative+liberals having a majority, thanks to the socialists being relatively strong that election. Plus, the liberals were pretty decisively in the conservative's corner, same with the greens and the social democrats, so a triple coalition was more or less out of the question. 2009 went back to conservatives+liberals, but then the liberals were voted out of parliament for the first time in 2013 (so we're back to 4 parties), which lead to the third big coalition, because the socialists still remain pariah. Then, 2017 the liberals came back to parliament and the totally-not-fascists were voted in for the first time as well. Since nobody wanted to continue the big coalition (both members lost a lot of votes compared to 2013) and both socialists and totally-not-fascists were pretty much out of question, it looked like a Social Democrats + Green + Liberals coaltion would emerge. However, the liberals pulled out of negotiations, which forced social democrats and conservatives to continue the big coalition for another four years. The 2021 election was very interesting - with Merkel not candidating again, the conservatives did not find a strong candidate at all, plus a lot of bellyaching about how to position themselves to Merkel's relatively moderate policies, leading to their worst result since 1949. During the electoral campaign, it actually looked like a green chancellor (Annalena Baerbock, who ended up as foreign minister) would be in the cards, but she lost a lot of standing during the campaigns, benefitting the social democrats. This time, the liberals did agree to join a red-green-yellow coalition, so now Olaf Scholz is leading the government. I've ignored the entire time that the conservatives are technically two parties in one parliamentary faction - the Christian Social Union in Bavaria and the Christian Democratic Union everywhere else, including the occasional "WE'LL DO OUR OWN THING!!!" screeching coming out of Munich whenever the Bavarians feel that they aren't sufficiently overrepresented. So technically, parliament went from four parties to seven. Anway, point stands, Germany has not been trending towards a two-party system at all. Quite the opposite, really.
  2. I know what I read And I know the only word that would make any amount of sense in that sentence. --- Summer mood, banhammer under my feet Cold beer, cheap wine Yeah, that's all we need. We got Wraith banned! We got Wraith banned! And everybody's like, "OH FUCK YEAH, LET'S BAN HIM AGAIN!" WE GOT WRAITH BANNED! WE GOT WRAITH BANNED! And everybody's like, "Yesterday we banned to much, let's do it again!" WE GOT WRAITH BANNED! WE GOT WRAITH BANNED! So everybody, put your quotes right up! Tonight is the night!
  3. Banned for misspelling "acclaimed".
  4. In general? Absolutely. I still believe that properly signaled ambush spawns are overall superior to end-of-enemy-phase reinforcement because they can't be trivially farmed. In this specific case, I think I prefer a bit more "localised" spawning areas, like a couple of forts, over declaring the entire edge of the map a danger zone. I do appreciate the straightforward info box, though. Allows for fairly precise information without silly in-script dialogues. "Harhar! Me mateys will arrive IN THREE TURNS from THE FORESTED AREA IN THE SOUTHEAST. I can't wait to see the TOTALLY SURPRISED looks on their faces!"
  5. Banned for a lack of appreciation for music (and cookies).
  6. It's kinda weird. In my LP, I was able to edit the first two posts, even though they weren't exactly short, but not the third. And I'm pretty sure that I've gotten that message trying to edit some shorter posts, too.
  8. Nonnnn, rien de riennnnnnn Nonnnnn, je ne regrette pas le ban Grammar getting in the way of the rhythm... *grumble*
  9. Banni parce que moi non plus.
  10. In an... interesting piece of marketing, the first-person shooter game Daikatana, directed by John Romero, was advertised with the slogan "John Romero's about to make you his bitch." Romero was involved in the development of famous games such as Doom, Quake, and Captain Commander Keen. Daikatana was the first game he worked on after leaving id Software, and unfortunately, it didn't end up particularly well. Until September 2000, it only sold about 40'000 copies, instead of the 2.5 million sales that the developer allegedly was calculating with, and it's sometimes brought up as a "worst game ever" contender, although given what you can find on Steam these days, this surely has to be said with a "compared to expectations" qualifier. Because the game bombed so hard, a Game Boy Color version published by Kemco wasn't even released in the US. However, it was released in Japan and the EU - and actually considered to be quite good. The GBC game was more alike to the Zelda games of that time (top-down action adventure), i.e. quite different from the main title, which was noted to be a very good thing.
  11. Voulez vous ban Wraith avec moi ce soir? (You see, it's funny because it's a sexual proposion in the original song HHAHAHAHAAAAHAHA)
  12. Guy's long-lost brother. Personally, I wouldn't go as far as 'loving' the translator unless he also named Mae 'Girl'.
  13. *ahem* Well, the E in "mess" is short, so if it ever had been "meß", it would've been changed to "mess" in the spelling reform from... the 90s, I think? If it was "meß", the E would be an "ay". Well, not really, but it's how anglophones tend to process it. The French é would be a be closer fit. ẞun?
  14. Ban ban ban the Wraith to a retirement home Merrily merrily merrily ban Rhymes and rhythm are difficult
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