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  1. All Character stats compared to their averages, rounded; .5 rounded up. All promotions done on level 20. Most of the run has been done more than a year ago, so I might not remember some details of how units performed in early- and midgame. And if you're interested, this is the excel sheet with which I kept track of the XP rank. Cut together with Paint, so maybe not 100% pixel perfect, but with Excel shouting at me that this formula (and this, and this, and this, and this...) doesn't use all adjacent cells.
  2. Late answer, obviously, but the XP requirements for some of the later chapters are virtually impossible to reach. Cog of Destiny and Victory or Death in particular have absurd requirements. This means that you can't really tell how well you're actually doing XP-wise just by the ingame readings - you can have 5 stars for the entire game and still be doing badly. In fact, if you're not at 5 stars for XP at any point in the game (past the earlygame, I guess), you can probably just restart. To be honest, I think you might just be screwed, sorry If spamming high-end staves doesn't cut it, you can try to get more XP by chipping unnecessarily, but 3500 XP is a lot.
  3. GODFUCKINGDAMMIT I forgot to change FFO's XP requirement in my Excel sheet from Lloyd's version to Linus'. And 273+10=277 in Pinglandia, apparently. That is going to bother me for a long time -.- OH WELL at least Farina is here to stroke my ego. And I also don't need to bother hacking my inventory into Excel - I actually forgot that the Assets are just layed out here and made screenshots of everybody's inventories right before my final move. I was actually expecting something less enthusiastic for her quote, given that one of her main character quirks is her large ego, but I guess almost every character is at least a little excited when it's an S rank.
  4. Oops, I made a little mistake in the last post (total S rank turn requirement after chapter 32 is 318, not 313). Unfortunately, the forum software doesn't allow me to edit my posts in this topic - no idea, why. Anyway, what's the only logical course of action when you've already reached the XP requirements and you're 50k ahead on funds? Why, to visit the zero-turn requirement Gaiden chapter of course! I guess I don't want to waste my turn bolster? And as we all know, Overkill Good. Right? Chapter 32x*
  5. I reckon the duplicates are still a remnent of Kaga's original idea, i.e. that the player shouldn't reset after non-lord deaths. Treck and Noah are replacements for Allen and Lance - but a little worse to reward the player for keeping the initial duo alive. Although, come to think about it, sometimes the second unit of a class is better than the first (Astore vs. Chad, for example) and I doubt that Lilina is just meant to be a replacement unit (she is actually fairly different from Lugh - the power mage to his speed mage). Still, the roster is so big and with sufficient prepromotes mixed in, player units dying doesn't make the game unwinnable (unless you kill literally all your good units ) and I think that's the point. Speaking of prepromotes, many of them are great (or at least reasonably good) temporary filler units, including Jerrot. It's better to field a prepromote than a growth unit that you're not planning to use long-term and you're definitely not expected to use all the growth units. "Good now" is better than "would maybe become good if I invested more into them". For example, I find that Allen and Lance outclass both Treck and Noah, especially if you don't play at lightning pace. They're among the better units in the first chapters (only really beaten by Marcus and Deke e: and Rutger when he joins), so I tend to have both of them at ~lv 10 when Treck and Noah join. And their growths are better than either Treck's or Noah's, so they're better in the longterm, too. As a result, I will rather deploy Jerrot/Zealot and Marcus than those two, if given the choice - they're both still quite good at this stage of the game. RNG is the same as in FE7-13, it's just that weapons have lower accuracy and enemies have higher stats than in other games. Try to have a backup plan for whiffed attacks whenever possible. FE6 certainly plays differently from newer entries - both because it can be rough around the edges in some areas and because of different design philosophies. I don't think it's a perfect game (if I haven't addressed something in the OP, it's probably because I think that you may have a point there), but I still think it's a lot of fun if you go into it without expecting it to do things like the newer games do. And yes, ch.8 is one of the worse maps in the game.
  6. Chapter 31x* Chapter 32* I was trying to go for a "this unit does these things on PP and EP" format (unless the entire EP could be summarized really quickly) - I hope it's comprehensive. Do tell whether it is or isn't.
  7. I'm fairly confident in saying that for the western audience, PoR is the easiest Fire Emblem game to play on its highest difficulty. This statement excludes FE1-6 and FE9 Maniac, so I don't have to talk about things I'm not familiar with. Compared with Sacred Stones (which I think is the only reasonable contender)... PoR has the easier earlygame. In PoR, some of the earlier maps (ch.4, for example) can be a little tricky because you have to keep characters like Rhys and Soren alive, but FE8 also has ch.5 and ch.6, which I think are more difficult, especially for a new and blind player, than anything PoR can offer. PoR has fewer and less severe difficulty spikes down the line. The Bridge map can be tough when losing a crucial unit's turn, but otherwise, it's sometimes difficult to get all the bonus objetives, but never to finish the map. The Desert map is pretty trivial if you just slow-push your way towards Muarim - getting all the items while keeping all Laguz alive is difficult, but not actually necessary. Similarly, the priest-saving map only becomes a bit tricky if you want to save the priests and get all the chests. Blood Runs Red is easy as pie, but saving all the vigilantes (including the two that are aggro on turn 1) while recruiting Zihark requires some planning. BEXP is more easily available than grinding in FE8. Yes, map battles and the tower are theoretically limitless, but it takes a fair bit of time to grind up units like Amelia, Ewan, or Marisa (not to mention L'Arachel) to your party's average level. As a result, FE8 is more punishing when choosing to use a weak unit. Unless you spend a lot of time grinding, using Marisa and Amelia will make the game more difficult, while bad units in PoR tend to make the game slower instead of tougher because stat-wise, all PoR units are good and a nice BEXP dump will immediately bring an underleveled character up to speed.
  8. Speaking of PoR (and I agree with Stefan and Boyd): Ike's Hero class is practically a Swordmaster with slightly better caps (+2 Str > +2 Skl/Spd), as it still combines the two most horrible fates that a PoR character can face - swordlock and no mount. And while Ike certainly suffers from those two, he's an OK unit thanks to earlygame utility and pretty good stats once he promotes. Not phantastic, but significantly better than Mia and Zihark.
  9. FE6: Chapter 21 is the easy answer. Both epic and interesting to navigate if you want to avoid too many reinforcements. But I think I'll still say Chapter 11L - that one is really tough and one of the few FE6 maps that keep up the pressure. Usually, I find the difficulty very front-heavy, but this one's tough right until you have Echidna recruited. FE7: Battle Before Dawn, which incidently is also my least favourite map of the game. FE8: Victims of War. It made me feel really smart when I finally figured out that you can just go north, ignore the village and not try to use the fort. That aside, I really think this is a well designed Fog of War map - you have the tools to navigate it (Colm, torches and torch staffs) and it even gives a warning when the cavaliers spawn near the starting location. The anti-dawdling incentive is nice, too, and I also felt very smart when I finally figured out that you can just kill the boss instead of having Vanessa rescuing the civilians. FE9: The one with the priests, Solo. I like the puzzle of shoving them and positioning yourself so that you don't accidentally kill any bishop. In general, I like FE9's map design. FE10: 2-E. I never Haar-skip it because I find playing it "legit" and slowly pressing the fontline southwards too much fun. FE11: Too long since I've played it. FE12: Chapter 3 is a nice little walk around the mountain. [/s] The Bridge map is cool. Haven't played this one in a while, too, so I might not think of some other masterpiece.
  10. In a non-ranked context, money isn't much of an issue. And Farina is a fun unit, can get a fair bit of XP by murdering the 74628 monks in her joining chapter and promote into a stronger, tankier, still sufficiently fast (if RNGeesus wills it) falco knight compared to her sisters. I can think of less worthwhile units that some people like to use and invest into. (Maybe, if I'm acting inconspicuous, nobody will notice that it's been not 2, but 14 months since the last chapter... ) (waaait a second, I never posted Cog of Destiny? I already had that done, including the write-up. Good thing I do, I don't recall the finer details of that clear. Apparently Farina got +2 Spd though, so that's nice) Chapter 29* Chapter 30*
  11. Elphin-route Gonzo, insta-promoted, has about the same intrinsic accuracy (12-13 Skl, 6 Lck --> 27-29 acc) as Allen at 15/1 (11-12 Skl, 8-9 Lck --> 26-28 acc). Don't underestimate the power of +5 Skl on promotion. The lategame (chapters 21 and 23 in particular) has a lot of lance users on the enemy's side and against those, axes do not have an accuracy disadvatage compared to swords and lances. Gonzo is bad in the first couple chapters after he joins, but starting in chapter 13, the number of lance-using enemies is large enough for him to make an impact. Just don't take him to Sacae. Nah. Rutger calls dibs on the first one (unless you like spending 10 turns wearing down Henning), but none of the remaining Hero Crest users are pivotal units when the second Crest arrives. Deke's still OK, but not the lifesaver that he was in the earlygame; Fir's fun to use but it's not exactly necessary to train; Wade, Lott, Geese and Ogier are all mediocre at best. Gonzo's got problems, in particular his versatility, but he still has plenty opportunity to shine. Hardly a top tier unit because he's less consistently useful compared to cavs/palas or flyers, but effective if used correctly.
  12. Thanks! Yeah, he's a decent filler unit with zero investment required (beyond fielding Lilina to recruit him, I guess), which really isn't too bad. I was actually considering Bartre for similar reasons, but since Warrior gives access to bows for when you need the hitrate, it's actually a damn good class to be in for a FE6 character. Lategame is pretty lance-heavy and HM!Gonzales' accuracy against those is actually comparable to Allen's after promotion. Gonzales with a Killer Axe on a mountain in chapter 21 is a sight for sore eyes. He certainly has his problems: Things become significantly less glorious once his enemy doesn't have a lance and he's too fat to be carried around; and of course he's really unreliable when he joins because it's still Axe Country then, so it's a bit of a pain to get him to promotion. But once he gets his +5 Skl bonus and as long as he retains weapon triangle advantage, he's pretty fucking bonkers. Awesome Str, awesome Spd, maxed HP, reasonable Def. Really fun unit once he gets rolling. Just don't take him to Sacae.
  13. I like Ike (which i guess isn't completely uncontroversial), but as a character, he's not as good in Radiant Dawn as he was in Path of Radiance. If she's "underrated", then this is a controversial opinion. 😉
  14. I don't think Rutger and the FE10 swordmasters fit the criteria from the OP - while SM is a shitty class in quite a few games of the series, it's not really a detriment in FE6 or FE10. In Binding Blade, if you're locked to a single weapon type, you would want it to be a swordlock (well, Anima's even better, but Swords are the next best thing) because hitrates matter, 1-2 range (other than Anima) is highly unreliable and swords have the best effective weapons among the three main types. And I actually think the +30 crit is a fairly big deal - with 60% crit (i.e. using a killing edge), the risk not to crit at least once in a double attack is only 16%, so it's something you can almost rely on, given the usual numbers you face in FE6. 😉 With the 45% crit you'd have with the usual +15 crit, the risk of failure would almost be doubled (30%). And in Radiant Dawn, while swords are the weakest of the three main weapon types, being locked to them is a lot less damning as it is in FE7-9. I like to bring a TB or two in the tower because they don't need Nasir's help to double Auras. Continuing to be contrary, I don't think Fighter/Warrior is a bad class in many FE games, it's just that the characters in it often suck. Axes tend to be good weapons (starting in FE7, anyway) and Warrior caps are usually quite good. The only fighters that I would say are hindered by their class are Dorcas and Bartre because they don't gain any speed on promotion, which makes their doubling problems even worse. Garcia doesn't have that problem because his Hero promotion does give +2 speed, so I consider him just good (or at least decent) without "despite his class" added. Units that I think do qualify as "good despite their class": Astore. Being a thief means no promotion and therefore no longterm combat potential, but Astore's really quite good on the isles. Gonzales. "Good" might be stretching it, but he's honestly not too shabby if you just get him to level 10-15 and promote him, since the lategame is very lance-heavy. Axelock is still a pretty big deal in FE6, which is why this does not conflict with what I wrote earlier. 😉 Oswin. 4 movement suuuuucks in FE7, but he's really, really good in the earlygame. Jaffar. Swordlocked, no horsie, but very good stats, in particular for Cog of Destiny, one of the few instances where speed and accuracy is a real factor in FE7. Innes. Only on Eirika's route, tbh, but there he's really pretty useful despite Archer/Sniper being the worst class in Sacred Stones. Gatrie. To a lesser degree in PoR where he's similar to Oswin in the earlygame, but nearly worthless when he rejoins. In RD, he's pretty solid despite movement and stat caps (both as General and Marshall) holding him back. Volug. In part 1, it's only the lack of 1-2 range holding him back, but in part 3, he's still great despite that and the constant need to grass up because he needs his full transformation bonuses at that point. Come to think of it, Lethe, Mordecai, and Muarim are all quite good despite the disadvantages that Laguz have in Path of Radiance. It's not quite as bad as in RD, especially since the Demi Band isn't as crippling as the Wildheart skill, but it's still bad to be locked to a 1 range, steel-tier, unforgeable weapon.
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