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  1. ^Answers - Update in a separate post again (and in an hour, give or take).
  2. If somebody says that, they have no fucking idea how science works. -- If Donald and Mickey did a fusion dance, the result would either be appropriately dressed or completely naked. No inbetween.
  3. It is! But the game arguably gets more awkward when you have two classes that are virtually identical but have their own trinket sets. In my current position, for example, I only have a couple Crimson Court trinkets and I'd love to get some more sets of those. But if I activated the Musketeer DLC, there's a chance that I'd get a Musketeer trinket over one that I can actually use with my current roster, or that I'd get one CC trinket from the Musketeer and the other one from the Arbalest, or something like that. If the Musketeer would either be just another skin for the same class or fully distinct from the Arbalest - hell yeah, gimme that free stuff. But I dislike how they're ALMOST the same.
  4. Deltre (when he uploads....) has incredibly high-level gameplay and I like his style of commentary. His CQ run was fantastic and I hope that he'll not only stick around for his 3H playthrough, but maybe also continue his old Awakening playthrough, which I really enjoyed - lunatic difficulty and not a Robin solo at all. Good stuff. Mekkah's non-gameplay stuff is pretty nice as a background noise when I'm doing chores. His LPs are more hit-and-miss, I find, but I do enjoy his current SoV playthrough with Bismix. I'm still behind a couple episodes already, though.
  5. Update 26 - This game is easy, until it isn't There we go. A bit more compressed this time, so that I can squeeze in 4 dungeons without going overboard with the length, but sometimes there just doesn't happen anything too special in a dungeon, so I hope it's alright.
  6. The Chosen One and Prophecies are two tropes that I'm very sceptical about. Things happening "because it is foretold" is a trite way to rationalize a plot. I don't automatically hate it when there's a higher, but hidden power involved in a story (I like how the creater-god is implied to give things a little nudge in LoTR, for example), but I think it's awful when those tropes are used too heavy-handed or with no underlying explaination why someone's chosen or something's foretold. Case in point: I borrowed from a friend and read the first three Wheel of Time novels a couple months ago and I haven't asked for the next batch. The main character is so ultra-chosen that the people around him become chosen just by association. One supporting character keeps foreseeing things that then happen (or start to unfold) later in the book, including her own infatuation with the main character, which I find is the lamest and least subtle form of foreshadowing. I've spent a good time shaking my head while reading.
  7. ^responses, imma start uploading pictures for the next update in a minute though.
  8. List of all stats that Oscar caps on average at Lv.20/20: Skl
  9. Oscar barely catches up to base level Titania before promotion. His stats are a bit better, but Titania's +1 move and weapon triangle control make up for that. The claim that Oscar overtakes her as early as chapter 8-10 is dubious at best.
  10. The Middle-earth character Celeborn (Galadriel's husband) was originally to be called Teleporno, which is funny and I'm twelve years old. Celeborn is "silver tree" in Sindarin ("modern elvish"), Teleporno is "silver-high" in Quenya ("old elvish").
  11. Having played only western HM: 1-3 - Marcia, Titania, Jill (which is the order I would pick, but I can see arguments for any other one) 4 - Oscar 5 - Reyson 6 - Kieran After that, I'm already rather unsure how to weigh things. Boyd and Soren have excellent availability and, after a couple levels, great combat. How does that measure up against Astrid or Makalov, who join in the midgame, with more average combat (which means that they're still able to 1v10 enemies) but are mounted?
  12. In the first generation of the series, Psychic Pokémon were immune to Ghost-type attacks - most likely in error. Not that it matters too much, since two of the three Ghost-type moves of that generation (Night Shade and Confuse Ray) aren't affected by type effectiveness and the third one (Lick) is extremely weak.
  13. "Equal kills" is not a given, though. If Colm is Lv. 5-6 when Joshua joins (I happen to have a save file of ch.6, and he's Lv.5 there, so that seems fair), base Joshua beats him by 2-3 Str, 2 Spd and 2 Con (which means he has a much easier time doubling with Steel), 3-4 HP, 1 Def, 0-1 Res. Joshua can one-round a fair number of enemies that Colm cannot, or would need a KE crit to kill. Except that Colm starts with E Swords and most likely can't even use it yet (he barely hit D Swords during ch.5 in my save). I know that enemy kills are finite, but generally, the way I play, if one unit can't take the kill, there's a good chance that another unit (most likely Seth or Franz) will. Honestly, unless I feel like bringing the shitty early-game archer to the endgame, Neimi is always among the four units that I bench at this point. I'd much rather have Garcia or Gilliam as temporary filler units than have to deal with her weak-ass chip damage. The C support is something you can consider for a couple chapters if you want to use Colm, I guess. -- We're kinda starting to derail the thread though . So, since I haven't spelled out my preferences yet: In terms of usefulness: Ross > Ewan > Amelia In terms of fun to use: Ewan > Ross > Amelia -- (imma promote Joshua to Assassin if/when I continue that save, though. Curious to see how exactly he'll measure up)
  14. Fair. There's a couple opportunities where he can peakwalk (I remember having him tank the reinforcements at your starting position in Saleh's joining chapter in Eirika's route, but it's very possible that I powerleveled and/or arena-abused Ross in that playthough because that seems pretty early for a promoted Ross) and help with rescue/drops (chapter 7, Selena's map), but I'm not going to pretend that it's a gamechanging ability. On the flip side, Joshua's stronger start means that he has an easier time collecting more kills and EP experience I disagree with Colm's stat spread being better than Joshua's. The luck lead isn't even that significant (it's 4.6 at 20/1, for the sake of argument) and apart from that, Joshua is just better in general. +2 Str means 4 Dmg per round of combat, or 8 Dmg for a crit+hit, he's that little bit more tanky (+4-5 HP, although I don't know what kind of survival threshold that lets him reach), he's a fair bit more likely to crit (+9 Skl, so 4-5% more crit). I should add that I think that SM!Joshua is quite a bit better than Assassin!Joshua despite lacking the increased XP gain, which makes this a bit of an academical discussion. My main point is that Ross can do something with the Ocean Seal that is unique and interesting, even if it's not gamebreakingly good; while promoted Colm doesn't really do anything that Joshua (or, in terms of thieving utility, Rennac) can do just as well. Whether Joshua's combat is slightly better or slightly worse than Colm's doesn't really impact that all that much.
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