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  1. Stop spreading this false myth. What’s publicly referred to as “gacha law” forbids two things: so-called “complete gacha” whereunder you are required to pull certain things in order to be allowed to pull for other things; and non-disclosure of draw rates (and by extension not following these rates). This is absolutely it. No such law not allowing rebalancing exists, and no such law has ever existed.
  2. I love how collab characters will suddenly be “fresh air” and not “reskin of OP unit #420”. This isn’t really not an argument to be made at all.
  3. I didn’t know Hans was such a fan of strings. This even more cements his place in my heart as the best villain of Fates. And I’m completely unironical here.
  4. I’d rather we never get a collab in FEH until the FE characters are exhausted.
  5. Not even RTB can stop Celica! Two asshole cavs in the starting location are pretty faithful to source material.
  6. I only wish that the rerun accessories didn’t replace the orbs but were put in along with them holy Naga how is that so difficult damn it Intsys why do you keep taking away stop already geez
  7. So, um, they are finally starting to rerun accessories via tap battle. Very slowly. The newest edition has the base versions of the Ylissean Travellers accessories (Sumia’s flower, Maribelle’s ribbon, Olivia’s mask, and Libra’s mitre) and the spring bunny hat. Is this a sign of things to come?
  8. No playable Greils before the final part. They’ve had their time in the spotlight in PoR already. Remove forced plot promotions. Write the blood pact out forever.
  9. Living Gustav, certainly. No to the undead Gustav.
  10. FFT crossover when Seriously. Goodwill. Really. Goodwill? Goodwill? Come on.
  11. Absolutely so. Infernal accessories (aka gilded crap) return every several months, while the incomparably better and unique FB and TB accessories get lost to the times forever because lol Intsys. It’s not like they provide any gameplay advantages whatsoever, like the seals do.
  12. I like accessories of all kinds that aren’t straight-up silly (ducks, bunny ears, and their kith and kin). I found that Lyn and Gwen (Gwendolyn, lol) work remarkably well with the Kutolah bands because of their colour schemes: ← the orange of the band matches the tabard-thing on Lyn’s horse; ← the orange of the band and the lighter tones match the armour and the highlights of Gwen’s. So yeah, I love these accessories. I’m almost full of regret that I missed the laguz accessories because I went on my month-long hiatus precisely before their release. I’d have loved to have the bands and the feathers, among others.
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