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  1. How do you guys grind for all these feathers? It's insane. I barely have Silas, Leon and Berkut (along w a 4* Marf)
  2. Ohh boy... Lemme just put up a spoiler tag bc this will be long
  3. He's one of the humans but due to the conflict at the time, they never told him
  4. And then they excuse it by "they're not related!" bs, Corn is related to all of them, plus Azura and Lillith Also, main point: Their stepsiblings, even in canon they call it wierd. If it's not Judgral incest, it's not wincest, and even then Judgral's fucked up. (for plot reasons)
  5. Kronya is actually Monica and the Von Ochs house was Agatharian run (they mixed in with normal people over time so they actually are less visible), and based on this, I can safely hc that she's a little bit older than Cethleann but not as old as the other 3 Saints Their technology was actually meant to put less strain on Sothis, in order to thank her but it fucked up bc someone killed some innocents and it all went to shit Sothis actually does have her own preferences that don't align with Byleth, including an extreme obsession with Guac TBH, most of my current headcanons so far are in my fics: https://archiveofourown.org/works/17833226 (starts as heroes, adds 3H later on) and https://archiveofourown.org/works/21611611/chapters/51533626 (a Christmas fic that I'm gonna be updating every year around that time)
  6. Smash: Lyn/Black Knight FE Warriors: Darios 3H: Dedue/Dimitri New Horizons: Biskit Kirby Star Allies: Plugg SwSh: Bede w Gardevoir/Galarian Ponyta Pikachu/Eevee: Arbok My Hero One's Justice: Tenya or Shigaraki Untitled Goose game: The Goose Bayo 1/2: um... idk. Castlevania Anniversary: Trevor with an alt based on his animated appearance Mario Kart 8: Shy Guy Super Kirby Clash: Staff Kirb Pokemon Quest: Block Eevee Deltarune: Haven't played it yet Digimon Cyber Slueth: Not played because I think I'm getting it for my birthday but seeing Stingmon would be super cool (and an alt based on Ken from the same series would be super cool since he's partnered with a wormmon)
  7. MY BOY IS FINALLY DONE. 8 GRAILS SHORT LAST WEEK. OMG Still need to get S rank with Rinea.
  8. Hel!Berkut/Rinea. That's what would turn me from a sardine to a full on whale. Besides Anthony but he's never getting into heroes.
  9. Christmas Marth That's it. That's all I want. Or resplendent Lyn, that works too
  10. I don't know anything about the legality of this so correct me if i'm wrong
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