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  1. I'm just hyped that a Digimon VA is voicing the GHB for 3H's debut banner. That show's my fucking jam and I'm so happy I get to see at least one more VA from my favorite show make it into my favorite game series
  2. Based on appearance I hear Basilio's VA (who's actually the voice director for this game) so I hope it's him, idk.
  3. According to her wikia page, Manuela is Veronica Talyor aka Michiah in Heroes and OG Ash from Pokemon
  4. I think she's gained that role back???? idk but she has some roles back
  5. To me, Sylvain sounds like Owain and Ingrid sounds like Eirika
  6. I love the idea for the first two. Mainly we could get a pirate banner feat those two, Saber, Deen and Shura Throw in either a younger Lon'qu or normal Say'ri/Yenfay and we gucci. Also, I want Halloween Lukas, Christmas and Halloween Berkut, Any Reinhardt and Anthony or No Pants Marth. Hell A throwback banner to Marth, Merric, Alm and Celica's old designs with Elice as the TT. New characters + More male alts +Alm and Merric get alts
  7. Can I just talk about how hype I am for wolt especially his VA who sounds really cool but at the same time i'm still trying to pull Noire since I never got her last year and S!Helbindi but I was cockblocked by a bladehardt with the worst ivs possible (not the bladehardt part, the shitty ivs)
  8. I couldn't tell from the small clip but I think it is him??? Edlegard I can totally pinpoint for her va.
  9. I'm pretty sure it's pushed back due to the tsunami warnings Also damn no wonder Laegarn's the Queen of the Flame Edit: I saw the leaks and I hope to all the fucking gods Helbindi gets an alt. I'm at a 5% w Pent and I hope that'll push me to keep summoning for pent
  10. Wait, I know that.. IS SHULK THE FLAME EMPEROR!?
  11. I hope we hear more of her bc Rinea just impressed me. Also I seriously hope we get some of the Heroes VAs in here, particularly the ones we've just been introduced to (like everyone from the newest laguz banner) I don't have any predictions per say, a lot of VA's in FE are very talented
  12. Sad for Vee as I found her via heroes as Lachesis/Raquesis and I've followed her via Digimon's Meiko. Honestly I'd like to see some of the VA's who debuted in heroes come on board for this game. Heroes has so many great VAs
  13. Bless everyone in those pictures. Especially Reinhardt and Zelgius. Never thought I'd see them
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