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  1. Who would be the best to 5* in my situation? Nino (+Atk) Legion Sharena (who I've wanted to promote for a long time) My current team is Ike, Xander, Reinhardt, and 4* Raven (-atk)
  2. Forgive me for probably touching nerves, but I personally fail to see how people are offended. Sure, it could've been taken in a manner that was meant to offend people of other languages, but honestly the whole keyboard asdfghjkl thing was a joke, and this has spiraled wayyy out of control. Some people need to learn to not say something potentially offensive when you don't know who's around, and others need to learn to take a joke. Simple as that
  3. Think this was posted a page or so back, but it's still worthy of a repost lol
  4. Steps to name weapons, as coined by IS... Step 1 - Set language to Nordic, Swedish, or something that sounds fancy Step 2 - Type random shit Step 3 - Put in vowels Step 3a - Let autocorrect take the wheel Step 4 - ??? Step 5 - Profit!
  5. Alright, this might be a bit of a specific question, but I just want some opinions... What would be a better unit to 5*? Sharena, or Legion? Currently on my team I'm lacking a 5* Green, so Legion seems logical. But at the same time, Sharena has been on my list for a long time, as my current blue unit (Robin) just isn't performing to his best ability (mainly because he's -Atk) Thoughts? [If it affects the decision at all, the rest of my team is Ike and Xander] And is it just me, or is Legion more animated than other units?
  6. I'm assuming that at this point most have at least gotten 4* "Marth"? I wish I could get 5*, but I'm not up for inane loss grinding with my sub-par team. What does everyone think of he-him, i mean? Good bad or ugly? (worth the SI?)
  7. I got 4*star "Marth". I'm done lmao. You guys should consider yourselves lucky, you actually have quality teams. My best is Ike (who admittedly has solo'd quite a few tempest maps lmao), Xander (he's okay), -Atk Robin (soon to be replaced with Sharena, hopefully that will be a breath of fresh air. I went all out to get his damage up, Tri Adept, swordbreaker, and it works alright in arena but in tempest literally every maps there's one cheeky unit with savage blow or poison strike to put him below the threshold) and 4* +1 Raven (to be replaced with Nino. She'll contribute much more, even as a 4*star) Right now what I'm aiming for is Ike, Azura/Ninian, Hector, Reinhardt
  8. Holy shit. All y'all are at 50-75k points!? How much do you play this? And how good is your team lmao? I've just been sitting here, content with grinding failures of the last trial to get 4* Marthcina. I just hit 4K! Idk maybe it's cuz I'm not playing all day lol
  9. Jesus. I have nowhere near enough lvl 40s to complete the last trials lmao So I guess that means I'll be grinding out the first ~3 so I can get Marth!
  10. Holy crap. I wish i had had enough money lying around to worry about IVs Like I'm not even poor I just never like spending that much money on in-apps. As a very musical person I'd rather buy music. Although I still do REALLY want Bridelia. And it's even worse cuz regular Cordelia's art sucks
  11. What if we have Sam L Jackson for Basilio (as mentioned above) and then Morgan Freeman for Robin? i can smell you
  12. Olwen has potential. She's no Reinhardt but she'll probably Quad more sooo holy crap how did you get two spring camillas lmao and im still sitting here with no special units. No bunny Lucina or Chrom. No bridelia. :(
  13. Actually the only Marth clone is Lucina (and by extension Roy but thas really only in Melee, now he plays quite different) While Marth is a fast, low damage character (but he still has lots of KO potential), Ike is a slow heavy damage brute that easily KOs foes. Robin is magic. This probably isn't even needed lmao but I jump at any chance to discuss smash bros. love it
  14. Do defiant skills work to add attack with ____blade weapons? If so, would a defiant attack 3 work better with Nino than Fury 3?
  15. Only cooldown -1 for the first turn. So Bonfire will have 2 cooldown for the first time, and then it will have three. Still pretty scary or ignis *shudders*
  16. I'll contribute to this sports theme. Here's some simple ones I made https://m.imgur.com/4smk00u https://m.imgur.com/2JZlVMR
  17. Distant counter is optimal, but obviously you wouldn't want to sacrifice your only Hector. If you get two hectors give him DC, but otherwise go Triangle Adept or Fury. B skill, if you have DC go for Quick Riposte, if not try Swordbreaker or just keep Vantage if that's your cup of tea. (By the by, at 4* Fae gets Renewal 3.) C skill, probably go for Threaten Attack. At least, that's what I'd do. Others have already mentioned the other thread that this should've been put in. Some extra info would be nice too. What's his nature?
  18. Finished hard first try using no strategy whatsoever. That's usually what happens wth GHBs, and then I don't have the proper units - even for strategy - to beat lunatic. No Hector, no Rein (or Olwen lol) and I couldn't imagine getting 3-stars up to level 40
  19. Oh. I swear I saw his name purple before you edited it. Whoops lol
  20. What about Ursula vs Reinhardt? Idk about anyone else but I consistently see Reinhardt, and I've seen Olwen like once.
  21. Only 3*-4* at most. 20k is way too much for me. It takes weeks to save that up already, and I still have a bunch of heroes on my list to promote.
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