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  1. Matthew happens to share a name with a toxic ex of a family member, I went to school with a Julian and am related to a Boyd.
  2. It's already my 2nd favorite FE game and I haven't finished Verdant Wind or touched Silver Snow yet. I wish replaying White Clouds wasn't such a slog and there was a post-game, though.
  3. I started the beginning of it over a year ago...I'm back to playing now again ofc
  4. lol right? Ike and Titania is one of my favorite supports, so is Hector and Eliwood's B support specifically (I got it right before playing fe6 afterward too...) Tbh one of the things I liked about fe8 was the paired endings that weren't marriage either. I also prefer a lot of family or ones with an older and younger characters to stay that way :V I know I'm forgetting a lot of others
  5. I've tried playing Kingdom Hearts multiple times and couldn't like it much. Also tried playing MGS but had serious issues with it, however this was many years ago and I'm probably slightly better at games now. Tbh I'm out of touch with a lot of big names (or ones I bought but couldn't sit through) but I'd be willing to give them a chance if I had time. ETA This is probably an actually common opinion, but I think Pokemon RGBY is pretty terrible...still appreciate them though.
  6. Gyges

    Shiny pokemon

    I've only started actively looking for shinies in sun/moon after finding out about SOS chaining chances. My haul: I also got a shiny bulbasaur from wonder trade in ORAS and an arbok off the gts
  7. Good videos, pretty much the same impression I have of the info so far. (I'm optimistic it'll be different from the last two (...while also really having my fingers crossed there won't be marriage, etc, again because I'm personally tired of it at this point lol) (This is the first time I've heard of the "Effie/extra character might be MU" theory but rn I'm not convinced either.)
  8. Orson counts as minor, right The whole wife corpse thing is one of the parts I remember the most in fe8.
  9. I think it's a good move but it also makes me sad how people have to do this just to avoid potentially being taken down.
  10. I just checked my game and it's only been... Maria, Merric, and Ephraim, geez. I'm happy with the last one though.
  11. I most definitely have moved on from it after I played each route on vanilla and did a new file after homebrewing my 3ds. I haven't seriously played it since Pokemon Sun/Moon was released. I'm mostly burned out from the shitstorms about it (both rumors/telephone over jpn release and localization), I still managed to look forward to it despite that because I spoiled myself to make sure I wanted to buy it/knew what I was getting into. I was pretty pissy about a lot of things in the game itself but I've chilled out since the last year, my overall view that "It's okay"/"I liked all three routes for what they were but I personally wouldn't recommend it" still stands.
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