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  1. two dancing units, both are flying ranged, and this is not even the dancing banner. also is new year reserved for heroes OC now or what? lastly ugh. kinda want that duo peony to carry me in tier 18.5 (if I decided to skip the banners to come) but this banner's basically is kinda like legendary/mythic hero banner with total of 8% chance, but worse as you can still get nonfocus pitybreaker. Even worse if you consider last year unit as pitybreaker. Ugh.
  2. That I can't open any read more from my in game notif, or any of the costumer support (inquiry & feedback) feature
  3. I'm sorry I asked a lot lately, but where must I inquire FEH about my game's error? I can't open any of the customer support options
  4. I still get the 7 others, but Hector? Leg hector is still good fodder, DC + VF is still good. Yes, there is other DC sources in main, permanent pool like OG Hector, Nagi, or Nailah, as well other VF sources like Idunn, MGrima, or Caineghis, I still think Leg Hector has fodder value.
  5. 1: Get Rika Suzuki herself. 2: Get her to talk to the likes of Yana Toboso, Ayami Kojima or Kiyo Kyujo. Profit . edit: anyone knows when Plumeria is returning? is it April? I can't open read more in any of the in game notifs
  6. Eldigan looks like Castlevania character what the, (specifically Walter from Lament of Innocence), I'm a sucker for EGA I'm so sold sob
  7. Other than her OG version, including this one, Lilina's alt (Summer and Valentine) are all horsies. Interesting.
  8. Can someone give me link to the official survey? I can' t open any read more of the in game notification
  9. The fact that they put Even Follow Up in the 4* unit proves that it's not that good, but hey, guaranteed follow up
  10. Altina being Harmonic instead of more typical duo is silly tbh, they are not from diff worlds..... PoR and RD isn't even separated by decades like Binding and Blazing blade is...
  11. *sees schedule* *sighs* I don't hate Pawns of Loki. I liked it. What I don't like is when IS replaces modes instead of letting them run simultaneously. GC and RS have their own stamina, when PoL have unlimited retries, it's perfectly possible to let them run simultaneously. the game lack contents as there is.....
  12. That sword emblem, is that Vanaheim's or Asgard's ? tho no surprise Nidavellir's seem to be based on gears
  13. fandom: now that goat woman has been taken care of, incest is defe- Otr: IF YOU DIE, I WILL BE THE ONLY FAMILY LEFT FOR DEAR BROTHER! What feeble dream , indeed this is incest emblem. by the way @Ice Dragon , what honorific Otr use to refer to Fafnir? Interesting that Mia's PRF has Atk/Spd Smoke. That as actual inheritable skill when IS?
  14. I wonder when will we ave tier 4 B skill, just so all ABC slot worth 300 SP
  15. if the two bird women are valkyries, does it mean Vanaheim is involved? and that leaves us with Asgard...
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