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  1. so just silver weapon + for them? or other inheritable weapons?
  2. I don' t think any of those house heads has PRF weapon before time skip tho
  3. but weekly year 1 banner isn't put into the schedule tho FB doesn't give orbs anymore, gives free summoning tickets instead
  4. What if the early august banner is the brave heros banner instead?
  5. No summer celebration or Three House release celebration? Also, I didn't see the reruns of the previous year's second summer banners. Still, now we have both GC and RS in same month, more orbs here I come
  6. True, its inferior than dazzling staff, that 1: when a unit with dazzling staff equipped is attacked by the enemy, still can counterattack, but when that unit attack, enemy can't counterattack, but the incapability of counterattack of firesweep weapon is mutual , 2: overall, there is much more units with less res than def in this game, 3: the availability, you can simply refine any inheritable staff to have dazzling effect, when firesweep bow is much harder to get, locked to Faye. I still want it, and short bow too, but it helps me to be more patient and waits for the free or 3/4* version, thank you!
  7. How likely it is one day Firesweep Bow would be in 4* pool/or be in a free unit like Firesweep Lance ?
  8. Yay! I got Wolt in 99 orbs and still have 53 left! Now I already feed my Summer Takumi Swift Sparrow 3, Brazen Atk Spd fodder acquired, now on tier 4 to get list .... Life and Death 4, Atk Spd Bond 4, Atk/Spd Solo 4..... Come at me, tier 4 atk/spd A Skill, heh heh heh~ Maybe Spd/Def Smoke 3 would also on my tier 4 to collect list~
  9. It's the out universe joke actually, if you draw the unit you want to summon in gacha they'll come to you. The thing is, in universe wise, there are many people whose dearest people haven't summoned to Askr and then they draw the people they wanted Summoner to summon. Still, these FEH comics are so meta I can't.
  10. why would a stance/blow skill is just the 6000 score reward.... It's another amazing skill.... Oh well,I will take it. and summer maps keep screamin off bring off the fliers, huh.
  11. Well, my tanks are mostly the armor dragons except Duma , and Caineghis, because they had balanced Def /Res. I also pulled a Fallen Berkut because he has both Def and Res high. Too late, when I pulled 11 copies of him last year I already asked the forum which should be the base, te +atk or the +spd one and most answered +spd so off me to merge the 10 into the +spd one...... He now have Atk/Spd Bond, Solo, Brazen, Swift Sparrow and Life and Death, I already feed him Swift Sparrow 3 and I do plan to feed him the new Brazen Atk Spd 4. I also have a Legendary Azura with Hone Atk 4 to boost his stats further. Still, which smoke skill would be better on him, Def Smoke or Spd Smoke?
  12. Well, the unit in question is Summer Takumi with Brave Bow. well, I don't really like dual phased units and wants the extreme of both sides-glass cannons with no def and res and tanks with almost to no atk and spd, but I have a Fallen Tiki.
  13. My friend is a Saizo fan, and ofc her Saizo is maxed merged at 5* and has his weapon refined. She told me that his dagger also has the Gunnthra effect , unwritted, and I've seen several YT comments about Saizo's dagger also have such effect. With how it stacks with the Bonus Doubler refine, meaning he actually has 30 atk bonus.
  14. Does it mean Speed Smoke is better than Defense Smoke? I'm also totally agree that on enemy phase units +def/+res is more preferable. I also much prefer units with high, balanced def and res, not only spd but atk is a price i'd pay for it, like most glass cannons have both res and def low but both atk and spd are high
  15. Which is better, Atk/Spd Push + Mystic Boost combination or single Brazen Atk Spd /Swift Sparrow?
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