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  1. I noticed that this year, with the exception of 3H and Brave banner, each New Heroes banner has at least one beast or dragon unit. So that's the new plan? They seem to milk all non-humans they had into FEH. In b4 not only Morva or Dheginsea, they'll even make Almedha , Gotoh, and Xane as dragon units. 'cause dragons are easy to make broken of.
  2. I got +spd -def Dancing Ishtar and -atk +res , which should I build for next arena ? Ishtar have lower BST, but she can reliably kill all enemies on the map and get +12 arena score, or Dancing Berkut? What should I put on his weapon , B and C skill to use him as a tank? My aim is simply to get into rank 20 once if I decide to skip the 19th banner so I consistently got 5 orbs per week.
  3. Ble 328 orbs and I got: Dancing Ishtar +spd-def Dancing Nephenee -hp+res Dancing Berkut -atk+res Laegjarn -atk +res Flora -atk+HP Berkut actually was pirtybreaker, but hey, I got what I want, Ishtar of good IV and Nephenee of any IV Now cavalry dancer when
  4. Now i wonder when will the seals catches up with the skills . If only we have two TTs each month.... It's not like all skills are good, but yeah... Introducing new seals in quests or in the forge after an update is also an option.... but its also less likely....
  5. Emulators are not that fun on play on, and buying actual game and consoles can be expensive while FEH is f2p. And not only expensive, but also maybe hard to look for-not only physical copy, but even digital copy is hard to find with emulator sites down.
  6. It's the "star" of the 4 unit, story chapter banner like this banner's main star is Ishtar, and people are already speculating it's likely I honestly am less upset with paralogues and not story chapter. I just wish every paralogue and story chapter is accompanied by TT, TT gives 42 orbs, free unit and seals at one "season".
  7. I hoped for the 4 character banner and 1 free unit as well, so that's 5 unit getting in at once. I also noticed the pattern that each month there will be one paralogue and story chapter , paralogue is paired with TT and story chapter is paired with FB now. And as Farfetched Heroes is tied with paralogue instead of story chapter like Brave/CYL banner, I am expecting the paralogue is accompanied with a TT.
  8. I can see how they think after LAzura, they need to give actual firepower/tank stat to make ppl want to pull . Though, if they want another actual support utllity unit, they can just give a dancer with the weapon effect as LEliwood
  9. Personally, colorless and red for me that is. You can just take off their Dance/Sing or give them another assist skill and then boom. Ishtar and Reinhardt have brave tomes and Nephenee also looks promising.
  10. yall have been asking for Genealogy seasonal, there is Ishtar and she's the banner's star lmao
  11. that effect in her weapons looks more like the opposite of form skill tho btw, you mentioned for player phase units , ranged units are more worthy than melee ones. I already have plenty of flying player phase ranged unit, will pulling for Tibarn be a waste for me?
  12. I agree that Solos are better for player phase units, but we lived in the times of tier 4 skills, which sometimes are 2 in 1 pack skills. Atk/Res bond has been proven to be two in one skill, but we can't say it's definitely the same for Atk/Spd Bond , like for Mirror and Sturdy impact which not only gives the stat boost but also cancels enemy follow up, but the enemy follow up effect wasn't with Swift Sparrow 3. For me, it will depend highly if Atk/Spd Bond 4 is 2 in 1 skill when Atk Spd Solo 4 are not before saying for certain solos are better.
  13. Oh, interesting, I also noticed the pattern in tier 4 skills appearances, starting from Rulers of Laguz banner as early January banner, it's like this: Early January: Yes (Sturdy Impact) Late January: No Early February: Yes (Fury 4) Late February: No Early March: Yes (Hone Speed 4 and Fortress Def Res 3) Late March: No Early April: Yes (Distant Def 3) Late April: No Early May: Yes (Warding Stance 4) Late May: No Early June: No Late June: Yes (Mirror Impact and Swift Sparrow 3) Early July: Yes (Brazen Atk Spd 4) Late July: No Early August: No Late July: Yes (Atk Spd Push 4, Atk Res Bond 4) So probably there is new pattern since June, and the new september special heroes banner may have new tier 4 skills, but also may not. Also, both first year and second year dancer banner were all infantry units, so we may get another all infantry banner this year too-all flying dancers were alts.
  14. btw, did anyone remember if the last year's dancer banner brings new inheritable ABC skill other than the B dance skills?
  15. I am familiar with how the scouting of Lost Lore works, kinda like the expedition mechanic from touken ranbu except it's permanent mechanic and you can always get the summoning currency
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