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  1. I mean, they were open about the alternate continuities. Most Fates units sounds like they were from Revelation ending, but Fallen Takumi certainly is from Conquest path and Brave Camilla is implied that she came from Birthright ending . Other than variations of same character from different times, they are also taken from parallel worlds resulted from different options, that whatever the characters do, you can summon Heroes from different parallel worlds to Askr anyway. So if they made a version of Eliwood who did marry Ninian, doesn't mean the other copies of Eliwood you summon also marry her, so yeah. That being said, it means they can get away with a dragon roy alt about the canon-ness of it.
  2. I don't ship Ninian x Eliwood that hard, but ngl Ninian's reaction of "I WILL get laid even if it kills me" is kinda funny , also if this is an excuse to later give us a dragon Roy alt I'm in
  3. He's good if you like debuff (in contrast of Leg Azura and Peony's buff) , and his B skill seems to made to counter Ophelia in AR.
  4. Just asking, while we doesn't get lead bonus this VG, do we still get weaker/stronger multiplier?
  5. My friend, who plays defensively, actually complained about this.Too but I'm too player phase to relate.
  6. imo it's ok to like the character everyone hates/controversial ones. Everyone has tastes and its ok to have different taste. It's a problem when you try to deny their flaw/controversy. Liking is okay, blinded by the like is what not
  7. Still no schedule yet? or at least the datamine version of the upcoming event/quest?
  8. I wondered if the release of 3H could fix that drop- bring in more players, or actually bringing profit And apparently, sometimes there are mobile games with BETTER plot than the main game. KHUX is better written than KH3, that it actually answered questions it raised instead of giving more questions.Then again, it's, well, Kingdom Hearts , with the convoluted plot and all
  9. oh, wow, the result of CYL4 doesn't make me as upset as I expected myself to be. Still partially upset tho.
  10. Just asking, how much is the max amount of the ingredients from the field that you can have?
  11. That , but also because game devs are still misogynistic boomers who still think men doesn' t sell and girls that 1: too serious to care about fictions 2: too pure to be thirsty. Even manga and anime business were this misogynistic too , that even back then the author of Samurai X were called out for designing a MC too pretty for a shonen series, they don' t want girls in their market. But now manga and anime directors are more open to the idea of selling guys to thirsty women, i mean, why else we have swimming anime about guys and there is a girl who reminds us how gorgeous their muscles are, or magical boys anime. It is indeed beyond me as to why game devs still doesn' t want to admit girls are thirsty too, despite there are clear proofs like how selling Touken Ranbu is, how Lords of Shadows flopped because Castlevania was supported by Alucard' s fangirls , who leaves becuse his redesign wasn' t the pretty boy he was in Ayami Kojima' s design, then Konami tried to lick those fangirls' shoes by using Ayami Kojima' s design back and make gacha, anime and figure based on that design, how selling Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts - you know, FFXV have all-guys party that qualify to be boyband members ? You can argue KH sells because of Disney name, but who buys KH male OCs like Axel or Riku merchs? Why even back from early 2000s KH fics were mostly yaoi? The thirsty fangirls of course! And then those boomers at Nintemdo keep blind eye to all of this.
  12. I sort of like Marth, but I'm happy instead that he doesn't stand that much chance to win CYL because I hate that pantless design, so I'm happy he's spared from that abomination.I'm pleasantly surprised Itsuki made it to top 20, meaning the other TMS casts could rank highly and increases the odds of the next TMS banner with Yashiro and Toma in it.
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