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  1. They don't care about spoilers. Even Death Knight's damaged art has a bit of his hair shown which is huge clue to his identity . It's just it takes time to plan and make a banner. Last year Beyond Darkness banner is already planned at early November, Brave banner comes at August despite the voting was in February, safe to say usually banners are made and planned 6 months ahead. They even fear the switch will flop, so likely they fear 3H will flop and haven't planned much 3H banners yet. January or february is when we can expect more 3H content as they would have analyzed which 3H units are fan faves at that time.
  2. So basically she haven' t talked to other tellius char based on her castle quotes, but if visiting a friend' s castle she' ll say she sensed chaos, like leg lucina senses grima. huh. she explicitly says " dear Lehran" to no one' s surprise, and lv 40 line also shows her sang a song he taught.
  3. Huh.... Bonds are defensive indeed... which is why it got secondary effect when usually offensive skills do not...I also would argue darting breath isn't needed. Enemy phase units don't need speed after all. Which is another question why defensive skills has secondary effects, like dd4 also comes with dull ranges, bonds 4 come with neutralizing penalties, and stances 4 comes with guard but without the HP requisites, but tier 4 offensive skills are on its own , without secondary effects? also, why Fort Def Res only cuts atk by 2 but boosts def res by 6, when LnD 4 cuts def res by 5 ? It looks like from lowered penalties and secondary effects, defensive skills are better than offensive ones, why do they have to make it like this? Well, that is true, but it doesn't explain why they are so rushed in introducing offensive skills when they could also introducing tier 4 skills of B or C skills instead of focusing on offensive skills.
  4. I see, thanks for the info. I can keep hoping for Rajaion to eventually gets in. Him individually and not as Ashnard's mount. And how fitting for a woman who later will marry a bird to be a flying unit in this game.
  5. I have a question, was it even possible to vote for her in past CYLs?
  6. It's just me or lately they are pushing more of offensive tier 4 skills than the defensive ones lately? June we got Swift Sparrow 3, July Brazen Atk Spd 4, August atk spd push 4, october atk spd bond 4, and now life and death 4... I wonder how long it will take them to give us atk spd solo or form 4 or desperation 4. And Tharja/Gordin's PRF refine effect, weakening aura, I wonder if we ever will get that as a C skill on its own.
  7. I just googled Alfador now and apparently it's basically one of Odin's nickname. Lol, when IS realized they fucked up after giving the name Odin to someone else.... As xenologues counts as paralogues, if they want to keep the paralogue-story chapter one each per month pattern, they can just give us xenologue instead of what banner like the bath or the picnic banner... I hope they realize or there is many feedback about this.
  8. Sorry, but how did you get Raigh to get his PRF at 4*?
  9. I thought after they put Phina and Nagi (dancer and dragon respectively) together in one banner, they would be more daring to do it again. Oh well. It means the only refreshers left are: Laylea, Lara, Elphin, Nils, Rafiel, and likely 3H dancer is Dorothea. As for the dragons, those who left are Medeus (Likely mythic), Mila (also likely mythic), Jahn, Nils, Morva, literally all of the dragon Laguz, Lilith, Anankos ( also likely Mythic), Rhea/Seiros (likely as Legendary instead), Apparently we have more dragons left than refreshers. Wow.
  10. rip farfetched, next banner is story chapter and farfetched was never a story chapter, always a paralogue.
  11. I try to set up max rating setup for arena, trying to equip harsh commands+ and aether, but it seems like there is no difference to the unit rating than when I equip them with units with lower SP cost?
  12. I find it weird that the datamine find the data for the Rokkr quest and the lost lore data of which game it is based, but no data about the Rokkr boss or the Lost Lore strike ememies. Did I miss something?
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