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  1. Ok, but do you have info on their stats or at least classes?
  2. do anyona have the datamine for this month' s lost lore enemies?
  3. I got a -HP + Spd Claude pitybreaking me while aiming for Bernadetta, my previous Claude is +atk -res, if I want to merge them, which of them should be the merge base?
  4. Colorless tome sounds inferior to Wrazzle Dazzle, the whole safe damaging mechanic... except if eventually there be colorless blade tome. In the 4* pool or grail shop. Or at least in the manual shop. I wouldn't buy Formal soul myself, but on the other hand I admit it's a better thing than FEH pass. Though if we can use the formas for merge source or as fodder that would mean more ppl would buy it... Silly IS, sleeping on money as always. also, there's not even new Mjolnir Strike this batch?
  5. Will 3670 arena score be enough to get into tier 20? I don't have maximized bonus unit for next season.
  6. No new onsen banner this year, so I'm expecting no picnic banner either, so.... Double new heroes for April maybe?
  7. I mean, they were open about the alternate continuities. Most Fates units sounds like they were from Revelation ending, but Fallen Takumi certainly is from Conquest path and Brave Camilla is implied that she came from Birthright ending . Other than variations of same character from different times, they are also taken from parallel worlds resulted from different options, that whatever the characters do, you can summon Heroes from different parallel worlds to Askr anyway. So if they made a version of Eliwood who did marry Ninian, doesn't mean the other copies of Eliwood you summon also marry her, so yeah. That being said, it means they can get away with a dragon roy alt about the canon-ness of it.
  8. I don't ship Ninian x Eliwood that hard, but ngl Ninian's reaction of "I WILL get laid even if it kills me" is kinda funny , also if this is an excuse to later give us a dragon Roy alt I'm in
  9. He's good if you like debuff (in contrast of Leg Azura and Peony's buff) , and his B skill seems to made to counter Ophelia in AR.
  10. Just asking, while we doesn't get lead bonus this VG, do we still get weaker/stronger multiplier?
  11. My friend, who plays defensively, actually complained about this.Too but I'm too player phase to relate.
  12. imo it's ok to like the character everyone hates/controversial ones. Everyone has tastes and its ok to have different taste. It's a problem when you try to deny their flaw/controversy. Liking is okay, blinded by the like is what not
  13. Still no schedule yet? or at least the datamine version of the upcoming event/quest?
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