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  1. Shinon has 171 BST, Draug has 169.... OG Marth has 158 BST , dancing Lachesis has 157.... Guys, how many years it will be until we have dancing ranged flier with the BST of gen 1 armor (assuming the game last that long) ?
  2. So... basically other than TMS and Awakening banner, we are expected.... chain of multiple three houses banners? What about the top 200? also, if Severa, Inigo, and Owain are different than Selena, Laslow, and Odin and couts as diff char instead of alts, , does it mean the same applies to Valentian Pegasus Sisters? Oh, I see, my bad for mistaking it then. but with tier 4 Stance skills already having built in Guard that feels redundant.....
  3. Aight, now I know how to do it, thanks Well, as I said before, I already plan to max merge Duo Sigurd and Duo Byleth (already have one copy of Duo Sigurd and my Duo Byleth is already +4 ), and I do consider waiting for another bow duo unit, you are saying it's indeed the better option? (I don't want to use Duo marth, that was an armor)
  4. Um, I'm talking about external, non official calculator sites, not about how arena itself work. I've tried calculating using this site https://www.arcticsilverfox.com/score_calc/ and it doesn't have the option to consider duo effect. Do you know any sites that calculates like that do consider duo effects? or I'm missing something as to how use the site? Because when I customize the BST, the calculator automatically equips R Duel Flying on Duo Byleth. Well, first, I don't have that much of budget, secondary, I dont' like using infantries, armor, and close range units, I greatly prefer ranged player phase cavs and fliers with high speed as duo units that have both def and res high are rare, which is why I'm asking should I wait for a ranged physical duo unit or I should just go with Duo Micaiah bc the abundance of armors in higher tier.
  5. lol Crafty Fighter literally is just Vengeful Fighter but with even lower minimum HP, the powercreep is real, at this rate I'm sure we will see Desperation/Vantage with higher maximum HP or QR with lower minimum HP
  6. I have two questions, first, do anyone know arena score calculator that takes the Duo effect into consideration? Also, I plan to make Duo Sigurd and Duo Byleth my merge projects to make them scoring bots, I also have Duo Micaiah, is it wise to make her scoring bot too? I feel like I should get physical unit instead as Duo Sigurd and Duo Byleth are already magic units and no guarantee the next arena bonus unit would be physical, but there is abundance of armors in higher scores, so is it still wise ignoring the need for a physical one among my scoring bot and just go for Duo Micaiah?
  7. me: I kinda want Spd/Def Rein , but I'm not sure it will appear so soon that we just have Atk Spd Rein...And pulling for another copy of Duo Sigurd is a bigger priority.... Is: Ya want Spd Def rein? Here it is! Oh, and possible another inheritable Special too! Me: I'm still poor in orbs IS, just have around 100 or so, sob desire sensor is real
  8. Ok, but do you have info on their stats or at least classes?
  9. do anyona have the datamine for this month' s lost lore enemies?
  10. I got a -HP + Spd Claude pitybreaking me while aiming for Bernadetta, my previous Claude is +atk -res, if I want to merge them, which of them should be the merge base?
  11. Colorless tome sounds inferior to Wrazzle Dazzle, the whole safe damaging mechanic... except if eventually there be colorless blade tome. In the 4* pool or grail shop. Or at least in the manual shop. I wouldn't buy Formal soul myself, but on the other hand I admit it's a better thing than FEH pass. Though if we can use the formas for merge source or as fodder that would mean more ppl would buy it... Silly IS, sleeping on money as always. also, there's not even new Mjolnir Strike this batch?
  12. Will 3670 arena score be enough to get into tier 20? I don't have maximized bonus unit for next season.
  13. No new onsen banner this year, so I'm expecting no picnic banner either, so.... Double new heroes for April maybe?
  14. I mean, they were open about the alternate continuities. Most Fates units sounds like they were from Revelation ending, but Fallen Takumi certainly is from Conquest path and Brave Camilla is implied that she came from Birthright ending . Other than variations of same character from different times, they are also taken from parallel worlds resulted from different options, that whatever the characters do, you can summon Heroes from different parallel worlds to Askr anyway. So if they made a version of Eliwood who did marry Ninian, doesn't mean the other copies of Eliwood you summon also marry her, so yeah. That being said, it means they can get away with a dragon roy alt about the canon-ness of it.
  15. I don't ship Ninian x Eliwood that hard, but ngl Ninian's reaction of "I WILL get laid even if it kills me" is kinda funny , also if this is an excuse to later give us a dragon Roy alt I'm in
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