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  1. I was mainly pertaining to the banner but yeah, I think I might go with her assuming she makes it to round 2 or even finals. I'm joining team Lachesis first for the feathers, though.
  2. Done with all difficulties! Here are my units for Infernal: 5☆ Reinhardt (Deathblow, Vantage, Goad Cavs with Attack +1 Seal) 5☆ Xander (Fury, Renewal 2, Ward Cavs with Breath of Life 1 Seal) 5☆ Nino (Darting Blow, Seal Res, Hone Atk 3 with Quickened Pulse 4☆ Vanilla Olivia with no seal equipped (I could've used Fortify Res seal for Nino's Blade tome... But I forgot lol I just used her mainly for dancing and Hone Atk) It's basically a kill-before-you-get-overwhelmed scenario. I made sure Nino gets the buffs from Olivia, Xander punishes all clones and helps with positioning, Reinhardt can manipulate the AI by baiting and also helps by inflicting small amounts of damage to Legion, and Olivia dances as usual. Having Renewal on Xander really helps so that he could duel every clone. Took some turns running away from the last Legion to replenish his life, but hey at least this ain't Tempest where speed is important This was a really interesting GHB map as it's the first one with Infernal difficulty and reinforcements! I had fun, honestly!
  3. Yeah, it's a sad day indeed. I was kind of upset when I got her because I was really hoping for Roderick. Got even more depressed upon discovering her IV ._. Shame, I really like her art but I won't be using her anytime soon. She's just there to look pretty Oh goodie! More reasons to spend all those Odin's I got from this banner! I personally like Darg Back more since it could create more combos. Yeah Hit and Run can be good, but it's mostly useful for Fliers because of their ability to move over any terrain. It's too bad I don't have any other units that will benefit from Hit and Run though.
  4. Glad to hear that about Mae, but I can still see myself using Reinhardt over her in many circumstances. Guess I'll build her as a Pseudo-Linde build with those IVs. I don't really know what to do with Clair, her stats are weirdly spread out, her Hit and Run is a bit inferior to Drag Back and her weapon ain't anything special... a good description for a bench warmer, basically haha. Oh well. She might be useful one day so I'm holding on to her.
  5. Tried pulling for Roderick and got +Spd/-Def Mae and +Hp/-Atk Clair instead. Are these two any good? I heard good stuff about Mae and a bit hyped for her since I finally have a representative from Rite of Shadows (Fed Genny away sob sob) but Clair, not so much.
  6. Just noticed Christian la Monte and Itagaki Hako together in one character. Roderick here I come! (Then I'll pair him up with Frederick to make a 'Rick' duo lols) Also, more Cavs means a higher chance of Cavalrivalry Voting Gauntlet, perhaps?
  7. Ah that was an unexpected turn of events. Loving the new skills on this banner! Might spend some orbs here and there but not really all that hyped.
  8. Since I've already built an offensive Lucina, I plan to use her/him as a combat medic. Weapon: Falchion Assist: Reciprocal Aid/ Ardent Sacrifice Special: Ehh... Miracle? Lol A: HP+ 5 or something B: Renewal 3 C: Breath of Life 3/ Hone Speed 3 I'm planning to make an all-Luci team with Lucina, Bunny Lucina, and Masked Marth + maybe a dancer so being a support unit would be a good role for her. But this project's not really on my priority list so it may take a while.
  9. World of Sacred when? Please let it be Magvel. I want Myrrh!
  10. I got a bit bored and tried my luck at the brides banner. Pulled bride Lyn on my second orb (Blazing Hype!! Lyn has finally arrived!) With IVs +Atk/-Def, what builds will be good for her? That attack would seem to go well with Wrathful Staff but her current skills aren't bad either. . . Any suggestions please? :)
  11. Could possibly be another copy of her for +1. Or the pulse seal perhaps?
  12. That music be poppin' though. So much hype!
  13. I literally dug my way through the forums just to find and recover this thread LOL! (Better than creating a duplicate thread anyway) Anyway since the Brides Banner is out this June, I've been speculating what the next special event costume banner will contain. My hunch is that we will get a banner that celebrates Natsu Matsuri. Natsu Matsuri is a summer festival that occurs on the first weekend of August and is done to celebrate the creation of Kitakyushu, a city in Japan. With this, I also generated some creative ideas! (As you all know, I'm a die-hard fan of FE GBA installments so expect what's about to come. ) FESTIVE MERCENARY : FESTIVE MONK FESTIVE PRINCESS And of course, a teaser for an unreleased unit. . . JUBILANT PRINCESS ---A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N----M-E-S-S-A-G-E------------
  14. It's completely okay! I was just really amazed at how far the features can get. After all, this game can get really unpredictable at times. Good luck on getting "Marth"!
  15. Is Miracle viable now? I was astounded by how one of my designed seal almost matched this Sacred Seal! And you guys thought it was bonkers. Hmph! Anyway, hype all around, can't wait what deadly techniques this seal can generate.
  16. I'm honestly more excited for Breath of Life seal lol. If it's possible to stack that with C-slot BoL 3, then you'll have a good utility unit who pocket-heals adjacent allies by 10 hp after combat. Pretty good stuff.
  17. Pardon me, but I'm a bit confused. Does this mean you can deploy more units in a single map??? Or is it like the maximum chances you can get per floor? If it's the first one, I'll definitely flip an altar.
  18. Indeed! But sadly, healers still lack the ability to inherit the 'good' A-slot skills and this is what prevents them from being geared for battle. But at least we got one step closer with the implementation of Wrathful Staff which is already enough for me at the moment. And of course! I absolutely appreciate the friendly gesture :) Here's my ID: I am also looking forward to work with you on the next gauntlet. Cheers!
  19. Much appreciated! And I already did transfer Wrathful Staff to him, good sir. :) I am totally excited to see how MKV will once again utilize 3☆s to ace this GHB.
  20. Lol oh God took me an extra potion to finally figure things out on Lunatic. Real shame on me for leaving Roy at level 39 for weeks. He was the missing ingredient all along with that sweet, sweet Triangle Adept (my other fully leveled Red units couldn't OHKO the Axe cavs lol). As for the team that I used, Michalis was also a key unit to get rid of Camus effectively. He has Drag Back so he was able to stay away from the Red Mage's range. I had no problems with dear Ninian and Lucius either, they did very well. I have to admit, this was one of the toughest, if not the toughest GHB so far that for the first time in a long time, I didn't rely on Hector and his dirty work. Anyway, yay Camus ☆
  21. T H A N K Y O U 200% agree; and what also adds to the excitement is that you can personally customize your favorite units to your liking, and giving them the chance to actually become viable in the game despite how most people generally perceive them as puny.
  22. Shh. No one must ever know our secret. Defo agree with these 101%. Please give 'em to us so I can finally die in peace. I'm also willing to share my coffin with other fangirls/fanboys.
  23. Already?? Woopie! Seriously, these GHBs are coming in real fast. I still feel like Lloyd's GHB just ended yesterday. I'm definitely excited for Camus as he is the last puzzle piece for my Horse Emblem. A bit off-topic but I just can't help but wonder who will be on the next GHB. It's a complete blind item now since the all of the Heroes from "Heroes Invade" chapter already made their playable debut (excluding Veronica and Bruno).
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